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During the month of October, 2017 ravi is in kanya rasi till 17th and is debilitated in tula from 18th. kuja transits in simha and on 14th enter kanya rasi. Budha transits in his own sign kanya till 13th and from 14th in tula rasi and is combust in the entire month. Guru transits in tula rasi and is combust from 13th of the month. Shukra is in simha enters kanya, his sign of debilitation on 10th of the month. Shani, rahu and ketu continue their transits in vrischika, kataka and makara respectively.


Mesha Kataka Tula Makara
Vrishabha Simha Vrischika Kumbha
Mithuna Kanya Dhanus Meena

During the month of October 2017Mesha: Good professional growth due to benefic ravi, budha and kuja. Many people of this sign will get married and eligible couples are blessed with birth of children. There will be good progress in education and investment maters till 9th of the month. Likely, you are tempted to spend more from 10th of the month, shukra is adverse in 6th and is debilitated. Some strained relationship with spouse is seen in the second half of the month, due to adverse ravi, neecha and adverse budha. As guru is benefic in 7th, with some good sense, you are able to triumph over such situations. Domestic problems, increasing expenditure, ill health and mild amount of professional dissatisfaction. Long distance transfer and separation from the family is seen due to adverse shani in the 8th and rahu in the 4th. It is better to recite any mantras of your choice for shani.

During the month of October 2017Vrishabha: Bitterness with children and close relatives. Always worried about loans. Small amount of loans cause you enormous worries. You are not able to avail loans during the second half of the month. Professional advancement in second half of the month. Prone to blunt wounds. Marital discord due to adverse budha and shani. Anti religious feelings. You are not able to purchase the things you want. To tide over the situation, you have immense raw courage, thanks to benefic rahu.

During the month of October 2017Mithuna: Sound financial position, purchase of properties and good period for investments. Travel is in the air till 13th of the month. There are some problems in property matter till 13th of October. Education is good. You will do well in competitions. However, the progress in studies is not up to the mark in the first half as budha in 4th is under check. Rifts with family members and close relatives. There lurks some fear which you can not define. Should be careful about infectious diseases, pets and strange looking vehicles like autorikshas, trucks and bulldozers. You should try to keep yourself calm and cool as adverse nodes and ravi cause sudden agitations.

During the month of October 2017Kataka: Very courageous and venturesome attitude in the entire month, thanks to ravi and kuja. The dues are not realized in time. Sporting activities in full swing. The person who has promised financial help, does not turn up. Not able to purchase the things you wanted. Minor under currents misgivings with close relatives. Financial constrains till 13th of the month. Strained relationship with children. Boils and wounds of minor kind. Not happy relationship with spouse but not bad either.

During the month of October 2017Simha: Excellent financial situation. Purchases and investments in entire month, thanks to shukra over your rasi and benefic budha. You may over do you investments plans from 10th. Domestic problems. Purchase of immovable properties are stalled. You have to pay heavy taxes and penalties in the first half of the month. Loans are not easily available. Promotions and favourable postings are seen during the second half.

During the month of October 2017Kanya: A bad month indeed. ravi, kuja and ketu are adverse and remaining planets are under check for most of the month. Benefic shukra over your rasi is neecha. You will be able to purchase the costly things but you will pay high price. Financial position is excellent in the second half while the first half has some strains. Heavy expenditure is seen due to adverse ravi in 2nd in the second half of the month. There will be minor misunderstandings with children. Physical strains should be avoided as they may lead to some minor health problems, kuja is adverse in the entire month.

During the month of October 2017Tula: A mixed month of good and bad. Financial position is excellent for investments and purchase of properties but when it comes to day to day financial needs, there is shortage, due to adverse shani in 2nd. Heavy expenditure and heat related problems. Always craving for respect and recognition. Sudden professional problems due to adverse rahu. Some misunderstandings with close relatives. You should be careful in property matters, you are likely to be cheated.

During the month of October 2017Vrischika: Good period for investments and property matters. Professional problems are seen during the first half due to adverse kuja and adverse shukra. Laziness and lack of interest in life. Severe misunderstandings with father and elders in the family. Long distance stressful and futile journeys. Good co-cooperation from friends and strangeness. 

During the month of October 2017Dhanus: Other than professional front and investments the rest of the things are too bad. You are likely to get promotion and awards this month. Professional problems are seen from 10th of the month, due to adverse shukra. Wasteful expenditure. Financial constrains. You are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents due to adverse rahu in 8th. Caution is required. You should recite any mantra for rahu during this month. Expected gains do not arrive in time, benefic budha and guru are under check. Consider investing in gold and central government bonds.

During the month of October 2017Makara: Promotional aspects are good in the second half. Sudden raptures with spouse. Boils and small wounds. You are able to purchase immovable properties, thanks to benefic shani in 11th. You will purchase costly things till 8th of the month. Professional problems are also seen due to guru in 10th. You are pitted with workload of others. You should be careful in sports area, kuja in adverse 8th may cause wounds till 13th of the month.

During the month of October 2017Kumbha: Passing away of an old and influential relative during the first half. There will be severe headaches, humiliations and eye related problems during this time. Realisation of some written off amounts till 13th of the month, budha is favourable in 8th. Shukra in benefic 8th from 10th also gives you properties and wealth. Shani in 10th causes professional problems. Under any circumstances, you should not quit the job, unless and until you have another clear appointment order. You are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents due to avers ravi, kuja and ketu. You should recite maha mrutyunja mantra during this month.

During the month of October 2017Meena: Except for budha in benefic 8th from 14th of the month, the remaining planets are not helpful. Most of them in adverse situations. Benefic ketu in 11th is under check. You are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents as ravi, kuja and guru are in adverse 7th or 8th. However, no serious injuries. These can be avoided totally with caution and remedial measures. To beat boredom, you will purchase things during the second half of the month. There will be misunderstandings with children due to adverse rahu. Marital life is not up to the mark. You should recite maha mrutyunja mantra during this month.

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