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During April, 2021
At the start of the month, ravi is in meena rasi and moves to his exaltation in mesha on 14th April.  Kuja transits in vrishabha at the start of the month and moves into mithuna from 15.04.2021. Budha is debilitated in meena till 16th of the month and moves into mesha on 17.04.2021. Budha is combust from 06.04.2021 till the end of the month. Guru in makara and enters kumbha on 07.04.2021. Guru transits in kumbha from 7-Apr-2021 to 14-Sep-2021 & from 21-Nov-2021 to 13-Apr-2022. The effects of this transit on various rasis are depicted here.  Shukra exalted in meena till 10.04.2021 and thereafter shukra is in mesha rasi.  Shukra is combust during the entire month. Ugadi of Plava naama samvatsara is celebrated on 13th April or 12th April depending on the panchanga you use.  Actually, Plava naama samvatsara dawns on 12th April 07.59 am at New Delhi. Ugadi predictions for the lunar year are brought out here. Shani, rahu and ketu continue their transits in makara, vrishabha and vrischika respectively.

The month is concerned about religious attitude, judiciary, influence on other countries and winning elections. Success particularly in wealth mattes does not come easily.  So far, country ignored the impact of corona epidemic but due to transit of guru in 8th, we start feeling the impact now. This is enough, we want to come out of the clutches.  There is lot of restlessness due to uncertainty about spreading and various vaccines. Clear picture of vaccines will emerge only after October of this year.  Of course, due to guru, the morality rate is greatly under check. In the elections, the results indicate trends on both sides - both the ruling and opposition parties have reason to rejoice. Well, the BJP has more to rejoice. The successes of opposition parties shows that there are still round the corner but far far away from centre stage. However, the results do not have any affect on central government - it is solid as a rock and opposition parties are just doing some monkey business. They are disoriented as a drunken monkey! The prestige of the country goes up due to some awards, appreciations after 14th April when ravi is exalted in 10th from rasi. Business is not as usual benefic kuja in 11th is under check. Schools get closed down and children suffer withdrawal symptoms, ketu is in 5th. Sudden ebbs and tides in fortune. There will be some scam in certain banks.
Rasi wise forecast for April 2021
Mesha: Friends and relatives visit and give their support from 14th of the month. You will received some wealth but you have not decided what to do with it. You will spend considerable amounts till 10th of April for domestic articles, vehicles etc., Professional frustrations and not able to change the job. Sudden financial problems and horrible dreams. Good development of children, creative hobbies and great influence on others. Avoid unnecessary arguments in the office.

During this month, you have dreams and it is time to find the ways. Like a boy with a puzzle cube, you will turn and turn for right combinations. There are horrible fears that past mistake may repeat. This is a kind of rebirth, giving new dimension to life. There may be a new birth in the family or adoption of pets.
Vrishabha: Financially a successful month. You have more than needed; you will be able to invest and purchase assets of good value. There will be enjoyment of life. During the first half there is great success in professional matters.

You are likely to be pampered and misused during the second half. There is lot of work in the office and no compensatory benefits. Religious practices like meditation attract you much. Finance, relationship, health and entertainment all go in good direction.
Mithuna: In the first half you have considerable professional growth. Overall this is a good month. In the second half, you are able to turn them into gold. You will do all kinds of investments and purchase of gold. There is lot of activities in the office and you are at every scene, creating history so to say! If the office is relocating, just shout the orders and limit your physical strains.

Though there are great change in your fortunes, you will maintain simple life. You are afraid of lifestyle disorders! Your disciplined life will add some more years to your lifespan. Loans are easily available for developmental purposes. There is intuition, visions and spiritual progress. Such experiences usually cause fear but you will wonder what they meant to your life.
Kataka: This is a mixed month of good and bad. The bad element is more in the first half. You should not pick up quarrels with higher authorities in the first half. The scene completely change in second half. You are a successful person in your profession. All appreciations come to you. There will be some marital problems running in the background. You have a sense of being let down.

There is also some temptation to make quick money. Be careful in financial mattes. Though you are having money, you are not able to purchase immovable properties. You have clear thoughts but you do not have skills to convey your thoughts. In the second half, you will have to meet very influential persons. Just make humble suggestions and do not delve how it had gone wrong earlier.
Simha: In wealth matters, this is a very good month. But you do not have influence and charisma. You may suffer some rebukes and insults in the first half. Marital life is excellent. You will realize some dues before 16th of the month. This is substantial amount.

You will spend them all on domestic articles, costly things, gold and vehicles. You are able to clear loans and also you can take new ones. Suddenly you may loose your cool in the office. There is a desire to be away from your house, sit at the beach and be alone. There are always friends and co-workers toi help you, you are not alone. There could be a marriage or a big celebration.
Kanya : There is good amount of financial benefits from 17th of the month. Other than finance other concepts are bad during this month. Rifts with spouse in the first half. You may suffer some insults in the second half. There will be lot of tensions related to job.

There is good and gradual development of your children. Relationship with your father is not up to the mark. You are aware that you are a special person. In due course you will be recognized, rewarded and appreciated. Now, the things are bad, you have to trust yourself and every thing will fall in place.
Tula: Professional life is good, you are able to clear loans and also you can take new ones, if you wish. That is it, remaining things are not going good. There will be arguments with your spouse in second half. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse kuja, till 14th April.

Rahu is also in the 8th. You should be careful while handling sharp objects. You should recite any sloka of your choice for durga mata. You are moving from one place or situation to other. This is the time of reinvesting. The cost is not much but the fear factor is more.
Vrischika:  Excellent progress in job in second half. There will some misgivings with your children. You will get loans in time easily. Domestic life has some problems. You will purchase vehicles, costly tools for your children. You have lot of courage and that is the driving force.

Sudden short tempered arguments with wife. You look more aged than your real age. You are fond of being alone. There is some glitter in your eyes and people come to you for guidance.
Dhanus: Wealth, vehicles, costly dress and properties, thanks to shukra. Education takes off very well. You are know for your intelligence and knowledge. Yet, the Head Master is not impressed. He thinks you are substandard and his assistants did not gauge you properly. Just leave it at that, do not challenge the Head Master.

You will get all the loans needed in the entire month. There are many changes in the air. These are neither good nor bad. These just confuse you. You should be wise in spending. This is the month of joyful new beginnings. There is abundance in air and many pastures to graze.
Makara: A good month indeed with small amount of discomforts. In the first half, there are good friends around you and you are full of new ideas. Second half has problems related to education and there are botherations about health of mother. Loans are available whenever you want. There will be purchase of some thins that makes you happy like subscription to a costly magazine or admittance to a prestigious institution.

Financial position is excellent, thanks to guru. You will purchase domestic articles, vehicles and educational tools. Some people may purchase domestic house also. Though you are happy, you look sickly and unhappy. There will be some disagreements with children. If you are not well prepared, you may walk away from the opportunities, with a heavy heart. There is a feeling of isolation as you are not able to bridge the gap.
Kumbha: Not particularly a good month but the life goes on. Finance is good in the first half and it is not good in the second half. But in the second half you have plentiful courage that helps you a lot. You are able to influence others. You may purchase some costly things before 10th of the month. Domestic articles break down and there are issues with family members. Professional as mild amount of dissatisfaction.
Meena: Wealth wise the whole month is excellent, thanks to shukra. Shani too is in 11th in own sign. You will gain more wealth and there is stability in life. There is always some courage or is there? This courage may desert you at the last minute! Religious interests are more. In your fondness for cleaning and honesty, you may damage relationship with family members. In the second half, there may be some health issues related to your mother.