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DURING THE YEAR 2019 - Opposition party does not have any new idea to offer and hence not able to take the opportunity. Congress does whatever BJP does, they too have great Shivbhakts! Religion, construction of Ram temple etc., is just an eyewash by the BJP government for the present. More

TRANSIT OF GURU IN VRISCHIKA - Jupiter transits in Scorpio from 12.10.2018 to 29.03.2019 and from 23.04.2019 to 04.11.2019. Jupiter succumbs to combustion from 13.11.2018 to 10.12.2018 and is retrograde from 11.04.2019 to 11.08.2019.   More

TRANSIT RESULTS OF SHANI IN DHANUS - In my humble experience, the planets in retrogression give 'stay' order! Nothing happens - neither good nor bad - but the issues are kept on low flame. They do not go away either. For those having benefic transit, the results will be withheld. There will be respite from evil transit for those who suffer evil effects. Shani's transit in 3rd, 6th and 11th from rasi (moon-sign) brings good results, provided there are no planet/s (other than Sun) transiting in the 12th, 9th and 5th respectively from moon-sign. More

TRANSIT OF RAHU - KETU IN MITHUNA AND DHANUR RASIS - These are shadow planets and represent other planets and do not have any specific characteristic of own. Suddenness of any event, whether good or bad is represented by rahu while ketu causes mild problems. So, there are elusive and faint differences in the results of rahu in 5th and ketu in 5th! And any result offered by rahu and ketu are not distinctive but are assimilated in the results of other transiting planets....... More

PERSONALITY- WHO AM I ?? -  Generally speaking, the person born in Kumbha rasi is philosophic in nature. Does it mean that there are no jail birds born in this sign? Does it mean all Taurus people are employed in Hotels, Night clubs and Banks? Just because we have a leader we can not say he is born in Mesha. He could have been born in any other sign, with influence of kuja, ravi, guru, shukra or shani on rasi or the 10th house. Mesha person robust movements and loud voice. He is very jovial and seems to be very happy. He is always meticulous in his planning. He will not say, "I do this", but would say, "Let's do this", even without your consent. He is forceful and will make you say 'yes' for his plan! He is fond of eating various hot dishes but eats very little.  More

WHY DO PEOPLE BELIEVE IN ASTROLOGY? - What the client wants - not only in India but world wide - is to know whether the future is good or not? What are his choices? How to plan to over come the problems? Whether this selection of a girl/job/partnership etc., is beneficial. What remedial measures like reading the holy books, recitation of slokas, mantras or wearing of some precious stones he should undertake? These questions are based on dwelling into the future and NOT CRAVING for some understanding. This is the MAIN reason for astrological consultations.  More

Qualitative Predictions and Potential RemediesCAN DEATH BE PREDICTED? - Death may strike any time.  Have not we heard of young just married couple killed in accidents? 2nd and 7th significators are capable of giving marriage but being negative houses to life governing houses, they can also cause death. If the lifespan is less, then death takes away them. All the houses indicate end of life in one way or the other as the matter ends there. Similarly, all the houses in the horoscope indicate thriving life. More

SPECIALTY  OF  INDIAN  ASTROLOGY - In western system the annual chart used to find the results of  a year from birth day to next birth day is merely a simple mathematical progression of natal chart.  But, the Hindu system uses different charts as on birth day, a chart is made for the time when Sun enter the same position as in the natal chart and position of other planets are found out.  Even a dasha system is used. More  

Alan Turing the man machineIS ASTROLOGY A SCIENCE? - This narrative is given by the daughter of Turing's friend, aged 17 years then. "Turing was very friendly, he entertained me very much. We went to a carnival one day. He was very jovial all along. We came across a gypsy fortune teller and Turing explained permutations and combinations how future projections are given. For fun sake, Turing entered the gypsy's tent. He came out after sometime, downcast and uncommunicative. All the way back he had fallen silent. My father did not bother him by asking what came out of gypsy" (Witness, on BBC World Service).  More

MUNDANE ASTROLOGY  - On 13.10.1999, the acting head of Pakistan, Nawaz Sheriff was ousted by Gen. Parwez Mushrraf.  Lunation occurred in the 8th house.  Whenever lunation is in the 8th, some horrible incidents like assassinations, massacres, violent overthrows, macabre accidents occur.  Kuja is in the 10th in own house but not in own sign. There were no external disturbances like war on the country and government was stable. More

DOES AN ASTROLOGER KNOW HIS OWN FATE? -  Doctor takes precautions for his sickness; likewise, astrologer will also conduct remedial measures in time. Yet, astrologer is no God! He is only a stenographer! He can interpret the future, make certain corrections but cannot completely change his own luck.  More

WHAT ARE THE SKEPTICS UP TO? - Skeptics firmly believe that they are enlightened mass and term others' beliefs as blind. One rationalist of Bangalore says, "Even if you shout at the top of your voice, that you have personal experience where the predictions came true by 100%, we can not take it. The claim has to be tested and endorsed by rationalists".  More

TWINS & VALIDITY OF ASTROLOGY - The best method to examine would be to take 'astral twins' i.e. babies born to different people (where DNA are dissimilar, naturally) at the same time, and place. It should be noted here that astrologer merely uses the calendar to trace the position of heavenly bodies. More

WHY THE CHART IS MADE FOR THE BIRTH TIME? - One of my learned readers has suggested that the vedas and Upanishads hold the key to rectification of birth time. In all the four vedas, I have not come across any rough or indirect reference to rectification of birth time. As  matter of fact, predictive astrology is not featured in the vedas. Did you see the logo? - 'the source of Indian astrology', I did not say, vedic astrology!  More

EVER INCREASING SCIENTIFIC TEMPER - We should stop looking at our heritage, values and culture through the eyes of westerners. Let there be any scientific reason for achamana, shraddha or not, it is my way of life, my samskara, handed down for many generations. More

SOCIAL RELEVANCE OF ASTROLOGERS - The example of an auto driver who returned $2000 (his 20 months' earnings) to the tourist- is deliberately brushed aside. He refused the gift saying it was his duty. You see, auto driver lacked worldly wisdom! One need not know all that are in the scriptures. In school days did not we read parables from the Gospel? Did not we pray, "Lord give us the daily bread....('Don't mention all these, I feel crying' said one of my friends). We picked the evil while growing up. More

MATCHING OF HOROSCOPES  - Manu smruthi catalogues various types of marriages including rakshasa vivaha (abducting the girl for marriage). Maharshi Manu has mentioned about single women and separated women but he does not classify types of divorces.  There is only one type - and that certainly brings sorrow. It is worthy to be slow and patient in marriage and also in divorce. So  called love-proposals are made by young fellows to each other, without much thought, these days. Young generation has great sense of love, though they don't read Abhignan Shakuntala or Romeo & Juliet!  But, they know how to throw an acid bulb. More

TRANSIT FROM MOON SIGN AND VEDHA - Ready made Lees, Levis, Flying Machines or Sinking Ships will not fit as good as tailor made trousers. These general predictions are not substitute for individual analysis of the chart based on dasha / bhuktis, position and influence of all the planets. However, compared to western system of sun sign (sayana ravi) or of west coast system of sun sign (nirayana ravi), I find more accuracy in rasi (moon sign) method.  More

ASTROLOGY, NUMEROLOGY, PALMISTRY & TAROT - As these subjects are not interdependent, it is not possible to peruse all at the same time for each one will take at least 10 years to master. If he were another Albert Einstein, he would have learnt one more subject profoundly. When you come across a futurologist who is "astrologer -neumoro-palmist, graphologist, namologist, tarot and face reader, tantrik, etc., etc.," be on guard as it is possible he has mastered none! More

PROPHECIES IN SCRIPTURES & PRACTICE OF DIVINATION - We met a slave-girl who was possessed by an oracular spirit and brought large profits to her owners by telling fortunes. She followed Paul and rest of us shouting, these men are servants of God and are declaring to you a way of salvation. She did this day after day, until Paul could bear it no longer. Rounding on the spirit he said, 'I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to come out of her and it went out there and then.  More

SOME MORE PLANETS IN OUTER ORBIT -  Uranus takes 84 years, Neptune 168 years and Pluto 248 years and Sedna 10,500 years to go round the sun. This means these planets at most may (or may not) transit through two houses in one's lifetime. As such, these influence the generations together and the impact on a particular person is not much. More

INACCURACIES IN PANCHANGA - We Hindus conveniently adopt double standard. I will not take a donation of Rs.5 on amavasya but if I am offered Rs. 50000 will I refuse? Will the student skip the annual examination being held on amavasya?  Suppose large number of people do not  attend examinations on amavasya, would not the government take notice and reschedule, at least not to hurt the religious feelings? We do not believe in full and also we do not disbelieve in full. Depending on convenience, like the electron in the orbit, we can be anywhere!  More

WAS NOBODY BORN ON THAT DAY?  - Gajakesari yoga indicates possession of vehicles. A person born in the USA has private plane. The person under the same combination in the African countries would own a bicycle. Similarly, the same yoga gives slightly different results in the times of war or prosperity of the nation. Patra (vessel) indicates the status of parents, native's will power. Mere birth in elite family gives good footage to the individual. Richman is indeed blessed as all the adjectives are for him! More

PRALAYA - DOOMS DAY  - The rationalists are convinced that with the cremation of the mortal remains, the story ends, there is no reincarnation at all. When a quark can retain / remember the information, can not a cluster of many molecules in my body remember and pass on to next janma?  When the unimaginably high temperature at the rim of black hole (called event horizon) can not destroy the information in quarks, can a cool earthy fire destroy the memory of previous janma? More

PLACEMENT HOLDS THE KEY! - Stage one: Study the effect of the lords of houses in different houses in the bhava chakra; Stage two: study the effects of planets in different houses (ravi in lagna etc) in the bhava chakra; Stage three: study the effects of planets in signs in the rasi chart More

COMBUSTION & ITS IMPLICATIONS - Generally, in panchangas only the combustion of only Jupiter and Venus  are published. It is understandable that combustion of Mercury is not given much importance by panchanga makers, it happens quite often!  I suggest to avoid combustion period of other planets, Mars, Mercury and Saturn for the muhurta for the events signified by these planets. More

WHAT IS THE TIME OF BIRTH?  -  In ancient times recording of birth time was not so accurate and so rectification techniques as propounded in Khanda I of Uttarkalamrita and Nastajatakadhyaya of Brihat Jataka were used. But in my humble experience spread over 20 years and more, I do not find these methods much dependable. The rectification of birth SHOULD only be employed in the doubtful cases - to draw nearer to the birth time and should not be used to correct every birth time.  More

HISTORY OF ASTROLOGY -  Greeks were not willing to accept such fatalistic viewpoint and they coined the phrase - "astra inclinant, non necessitant " (star incline, do not determine). This is also Hindu way of looking at the future. Just like school children who have certain restrictions yet are free within the school compound, we are free and also governed by the situation, environment indicated by the planets. Remedial measures help us to improvise on the given birth but will not altogether change the life. (5, atma samyama yoga) More

WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A GEM STONE?   - As far as possible, do not consult a resident astrologer in the jeweler shop or the one who uses the letter pad supplied by dealers! Yet, NO DEALER CHEATS YOU WHEN YOU PURCHASE BLUE SAPPHIRE More

Placement holds the key!

Bhagawan Sri Adishankara bless us all

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