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Stage one: Study the effect of the lords of houses in different houses in the bhava chakra; Stage two: study the effects of planets

Generally, in panchangas only the combustion of only Jupiter and Venus are published. It is understandable that combustion of Mercury is not given much importance by panchanga makers, it happens quite often!

In ancient times recording of birth time was not so accurate and so rectification techniques as propounded in Khanda I of Uttarkalamrita and Nastajatakadhyaya of Brihat Jataka were used.

Greeks were not willing to accept such fatalistic viewpoint and they coined the phrase - "astra inclinant, non necessitant " (star incline, do not determine). This is also Hindu way of looking at the future.

WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A GEM STONE? - As far as possible, do not consult a resident astrologer in the jeweler shop or the one who uses the letter pad supplied by dealers! Yet, NO DEALER CHEATS YOU WHEN YOU PURCHASE BLUE SAPPHIRE