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During August, 2020
During August 2020, Ravi is in kataka rasi at the start of the month and enters his own sign, simha on 17.08.2020.  Kuja is in meena rasi till 16th and thereafter he transits in his own sign mesha. From 2nd August to 17th, he journeys in kataka rasi.  From 18th of August he is in simha.  Budha is combust in the entire month. Guru and shani are retrograde and transit in their own signs - dhanus and makara. Shukra is in mithuna rasi throughout the month. Rahu and ketu continue their transits in mithuna and dhanur rasis.
On the first day of the month, there is joyful news that concerns well being of all but this ecstasy is very short lived. It may be about fuel extract from green leafs or two pepper pods of Wrongdev to cure Corona. In the entire month, there is a sense of financial security and people desire that entertainment spots are reopened; There is boredom and carelessness. The virus does not hold the masses for ransom. Government spends a lot for well being but there is also infighting on who should get the benefit. There is a feeling that wealth is being generated but it is not actually so. Some internal squabble may come to surface during the first half of the month. The country is appreciated for his efforts in controlling the epidemic. The neighbors like Nepal, Pakistan or Big Brother China are not able to dent the country's image and prosperity. The government will achieve breakthrough in relationship with neighbors. Till 16th of the month, there is lot of work but not focused. That means the infection drives the people to madness. But thereafter there is some focus and some concrete plan in place to deal with. This plan is not much costly but more effective. There will be some discovery that fumigation, fire, certain degree of heat or an oil extract from barks of a tree can deter the virus. Shani retrograde in 8th from rasi of foundation chart shows that there will be fear for life but also natural desire to surge forward, shani is in own sign. Virus and well as welfare measures do not precipitate as major fiascos. From 17th of August, there is hope that corona virus can not vanquish mankind. It is not living together but mankind has upper hand! The government will pay more attention to the agriculture and tries to renew the sports. Opposition parties do not have any voice and can not find any reasons to oppose the government. Even silent lambs bleat and thereafter naturally fall in the line! 
Rasi wise forecast for August, 2020
Mesha: The entire month of August for mesha rasi persons concerns education, happiness, relationship with close relatives and property matters. There will be setbacks in education in the first fortnight of the month. Some of the seemingly favorable events  turn out to be damp squibs. There is no progress in property matters and no happiness. During the second part of the month, you have certain issues with your children; many uncertainties and many variants result in strained relationship. Yet, this will not go beyond limit, ravi is in his own sign. You are subjected to restlessness and loss of stamina till 16th and there is improvement in health condition after 17th. You may suffer physical strains due to extravagance in physical activities. Property matters do not go well.

There are always some annoyance in life. You are very religious but your plans for pilgrimage or some religious function will not work out. Melancholic mood lingers in the air. Financial situation is excellent in the entire month. You will be able to purchase whatever things you need. Dues are not easily realized from 17th. There are professional problems lurking in the background. This is the period of reconsolidation; take care you do not put down your papers in haste. Sudden visitors who bring joy and fond memories. Health is excellent barring intermittent gastro intestinal disgrace, your followers may long for fresh air!
Vrishabha:The month of August is altogether about friends, sporting events, travels and accomplishments. There are good events related to friends, travels and success in the first half of the month. These do not come easily, there are few people who take a dig and upset you, due to adverse budha. There are concerns about mother's health, strained relationship with close relatives and worries related to properties in the second half. The policies and decisions of the government will come to your rescue, even without your efforts. Of course, you will have to keep aside some dividends for the government.

There is good progress in education and in property matters from 18th. You should concentrate on investments in immovable properties, thanks to kuja, than house properties. There is certain failures and setbacks which work for your benefit! You will come in touch with influential persons who offer timely guidance. It takes time for you to make good use of their words. Lawyers, astrologers and tax consultants have good business. Good income and also sudden expenditure due to adverse rahu. Fear of thieves, sudden infections and bad dreams haunt now and then. 
Mithuna: During the month of August, you can expect strains in relationship with brothers, sisters and friends. At times, it is good; there are visits to them and they visit you. Finance too has good inflow but you may have to spend a lot. Till 17th of August, there is lot of income from various sources and relationship with family members is excellent. But till 16th, there will also be expenditure as if your wallet is on fire and also heated arguments with family members.  You will come across good and influential persons in government circles. This is the time, you get a good posting or a promotion; a good time to branch out, ravi is benefic in 3rd in own sign.  From 17th August, there will be good events related to friends; The other side of it - from 18th, there will be strained relationship with some friends and discomfort in travels.

Profession is horrible till 16th, lot of work and work but no profits and no success, it would drive you crazy. But from 17th, thanks to kuja benefic and in his own sign, you will see wholesome success and profits soaring high. Consider acquiring immovable properties. Marital life is good but with minor dejections. From 17th, the relationship with your spouse is slightly tarnished, benefic guru in own sign in 7th yields to vedha. Not to forget about astama shani. There is heavy expenditure and stressful long distance travel. However, as shani is in own sign and retrograde, these work for your benefit. Pimples, allergic reactions and fondness to western culture as well as distress due to wife are spread throughout the month. 
Kataka:The month of August is mainly about health and finances. Health is likely to be bad till 17th due to adverse ravi and budha. Financial position is good, there will be income from different sources and a comfortable position. Purchase of gold and government deposits.  At the moment, you would think there are mere losses but these turn out to be good investments later on. Though ravi is bad in 2nd, he transits in own sign. Relationship with higher authorities and your parents takes the beat. It is better you avoid any sullen situations with them. From 17th, the scene changes, kuja now troubles your profession. Lot of work and no recognition.

You should limit your physical activities and restore normalcy, you are likely to exert more energy beyond your capacity till 17th. Your loan applications and SOS for financial assistances for investments are rejected. And after sometime, you realize it is for your good! Your financial requirement, if any, will be met from unexpected sources. There is lot of money and you will purchase all the things you need. Still, it is not possible after 21st; things you are looking for,  are not available in the market. Rahu in 12th is bad, do not be impulsive in your purchases. There are some issues with your spouse, it seems the marital life is on rocks but not so much, it is on solid rock. The misgivings will give rise to understandings, shani transits in own sign and is retrograde. You need not be afraid of cuts and wounds, they are very insignificant. 
Simha: The month is more about tensions, sleepless nights and great labor to gain name and fame. You are successful and your energies are renewed. There are lot of strains in both professional as well as domestic areas that cause tensions and sleep deprivation. There are no plans, worries but it is your tendency to get tensed! Take up to meditation and relaxation at least towards bed time. You are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents during the first half of the month. Extreme caution is required. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21  times a day during the first half of the month. Such events may happen inside the house or outside. It is better to avoid any water sports.

You may contract some water borne infections and confined to bed, both budha and kuja are bad in the first half. There are good events related to children during this month. There are some resentments too due to children, ketu is bad in 5th. Your intellectual faculties are at there best. You are able to restrict the damages caused due to cuts, wounds or sickness. Guru transits in favorable 5th in own sign. Minor gastro intestinal discomforts are possible due to overeating raw veg delicacies. There are no financial constraints at all. Yet, you are not able to invest or purchase properties, the market does not do well. You will be able to purchase several costly electronic gadgets in the first half of the month, rahu is favorable without vedha.
Kanya: The month of August is mainly concerned about profits, success and investments. There are considerable achievements and accolades in professional area till 17th of the month. Of course, it is not bad afterwards and you are able to encash such credentials. You will meet people of importance in secrecy. Take care that a person of opposite gender does not stand in your way, shukra is bad in the 10th during the entire month. Rahu in 10th causes professional frustrations and so, do not loose your cool when opposed. Property matters are very bright. You will acquire many articles, properties and gold during the first half of the month. It is not adverse in the second half, though.

You will invest in oil, gold and central government bonds. But ensure you will not overstep your capacity. Relationship with your spouse is not good till 16th. You are prone to cuts and wounds in the first half of the month. There is no danger to life, kuja transits in his own sign from 18th. You should be careful while driving and handling hazardous objects. It is better to recite kuja kavacha once a day during the first half of the month. Your best diplomatic skills are at work till 17th of the month. You may land in trouble from 18th due to some loose talk, hold your tongue and close your ears. Students find it difficult to focus on their studies due to adverse transit of guru and ketu. However, as guru is in his own sign, the situation is not too bad. There are certain issues related to children which cause concern. Nonetheless, by and large there are good trends as shani is in his own sign in 5th. Relationship with close relatives and your mother is not up to the mark in the entire month.
Tula: For tula rasi persons, this is a very good month, indeed. There are considerable developments in profession and wealth matters. You are assured of assistance from elders, peers and higher authorities. You can expect a good positing or a promotion during the first half of the month - ravi and budha transit in favorable 10th, unchecked. You will purchase gold, properties, vehicles and your long cherished dreams will come true during the second half as ravi is in own sign in 11th and budha too is fantastic.

Shukra in benefic 9th in the entire month bestows all the articles of luxury on you. From 17th August, shukra yields to vedha; The items you desire are not found in the market. Your petitions for loans and advances are held up during the first half of the month. Marital life is not bad but there will be some minor border clashes, kuja transits in adverse 7th but in own sign. You can not expect help and cooperation from your friends and relatives though they are not against you. Students need extra efforts and they are successful. There will be some misgivings with your father and elders in the family. You can expect a successful trip and help from total strangers, ketu is in benefic 3rd.
Vrischika: During the month of August, there are frictions with your father, elders and higher authorities. There will also be good progress in professional matters.  Till 17th August, there are misunderstandings with your father, elders and higher authorities. This is more aggravated by your head strong mentality, be level headed. There are lot of anti social and anti religious sentiments in you.  In the second half of the month, there is excellent progress in your profession. No more anti social or anti religious feelings but you exhibit great diplomatic skills. You will receive awards and appreciations. 
There are some misgivings with children till 16th of the month. You will get loans and advances as per your terms from 17th. Financial position is excellent in the entire month but with minor setbacks now and then, guru is favorable in 2nd in his own sign, retrograde. There will be purchases of domestic articles and luxury goods particularly from 17th. Shukra though benefic in 8th is under check till 16th. There is good cooperation from brothers, sisters and friends. Rahu in 8th and ketu in 2nd are adverse. You are prone to minor cuts and wounds and some caution is required in this regard.
Dhanus: The month of August is first and foremost about keeping your head high, fear of insults and being molded by 'stubborn to the core' boss. You should be careful in your relationship with you boss in the entire month. There are no dangers to your profession but you get lot of tension due to changed working conditions. You are prone to cuts and wounds during the first half due to adverse ravi, shukra and rahu. However, due to benefic budha in 8th and shani in own sign in 2nd no unfortunate events occur. In the second half there is fieriness heaped on you due to tight official schedules. You should avoid topics of disagreement as you tend to drag it along without any reasons, budha is adverse in 9th.

No harm is done due to charged atmosphere and susceptibility towards cuts and wounds as guru transits over your rasi (a bad position) but in own sign.  There are setbacks in property matters, some minor clashes with mother and close relatives till 16th. From 17th, there will be some issues with your children but overall you are happy with them, kuja is in his own sign though in 5th from your rasi. Consider gardening and sports activities after 17th, you will get good returns. You dues are not realized in time, benefic budha in 8th is under vedha. In the entire moth there are strained relationship with your spouse due to adverse shukra, shani and rahu. It is better to recite ravi kavacha till 16th of August.
Makara: Other than the professional advancement of trivial kind, August slides towards counter productive events. You should avoid arguments with your spouse and business partners till 17th. There is marital discord of severe nature till 17th of the month due to adverse ravi and budha. You may receive court settlement in your favor but the dues are not immediately realized, ravi is bad in 8th but in own sign and favorable budha is under vedha. In the entire month you are prone to cuts and wounds but these can be limited with due caution. It is better to recite ravi kavacha once a day during the month.

Expected collaboration from friends and co workers does not arrive in time and if it does, it will be of no consequence at all. Farmers and sportsmen have good time till 16th but there are some obstacles from 17th, kuja is adverse in 4th. Property matters do not go well. Though the period is not good for purchases, you are able to keep few coins aside and also you are willing to give donations for common causes.  There is temptation to purchase costly things like vehicles and ornaments on loans. You are fond of barking orders at your subordinates and also sports. You will enjoy excellent health in the entire month. 
Kumbha: This is a mixed month of good and evil. There is superb professional progress till 17th of the month. Loans and advances are easily available as per your terms. However, the only drawback during the month is - strained relationship with your spouse and business partners. You should avoid unnecessary wrangles in the second half of the month.

Financial position is excellent during the whole month; It is very bizarre scenario - you have problems in monthly income and expenditure but there is whole lot of money for purchase of properties, enjoyment, school admission, marriage and the like. There will be shortage of liquid cash till 16th August. Expected help from brothers, sisters and friends will not be readily available from 17th. Due to benefic positions of guru and shukra, you have wholesome profitable month. There are good events like marriage, admission to prestigious school or employment in respect of your children. The whole month is excellent for investment. Nevertheless, be careful rahu in 5th is bad, you may be taken for a ride - read the small print. There are some issues with children due to generation gap.
Meena: For meena rasi persons, this is a mixed month - it is a fair blend, surely. In the entire month, ravi is good from 17th and budha from 18th. Benefic shukra and shani (till 18th of August) are under check. Nonetheless, kuja and guru are in own signs. Sudden distress due to children till 17th of the month. From 18th of August, loans and advances are easily available and your charisma increases by leaps and bounds (and you deserve this!). You have decisive victory over your enemies. Health returns to normalcy. Your skills in administration and oratory are at the best from 18th. Ensure you are within your limit, considering your age and energy and practice, in physical training till 16th. You are likely to suffer sports injuries.

Financial situation is not bad but expenditure is beyond your control. Kuja though in own sign from 17th is bad in 2nd house. There is a feeling in your bones you are not getting reverence you deserve rightfully. At times, you will enjoy living incognito! Though you may be having gold coins under your belt, you are not able to purchase the things you desire - they are neither available nor you are not happy with other alternatives. Despite this, consider investment in land properties and making deposits from 19th. Even small amount of investment will be fine. they will grow considerably in due course. Shani in 11th in own sign surely favors you. Professional frustrations and disputes with close relatives particularly with mother will continue in the background.