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Ravi transits in kataka at the start of  August and enters simha, his own sign on 17th. Kuja in simha  for the entire month of August and is combust from 18th. Budha is in kataka at the beginning of the August and enters simha on 9th. He transits into his exaltation sign kanya on 27th August.  Budha is combust till 10th of August.  Guru and shani are retrograde in the entire month of August.  Guru transits in kumbha while shani transits in his own sign makara. Shukra is in simha rasi and moves into kanya, his debilitation sign on 12th. Rahu and ketu continue their transits in vrishabha and vrischika rasis respectively. 
The month is one of various turmoil. During the first half the pandemic is controlled but in the second fortnight it may raise its hood again.  The death rate may increase for some time and will fall consequently, guru is retrograde in 8th. There is improvement in financial condition in second half. Government will not be tarnished by the opposition allegations and agitations. In the entire month of August, government exhibits lot of patience and is resolute in dealing with the issues. Intellectuals and judiciary and foreign nationals in the country behave in a strange fashion. There are no problems from them, they are firmly dealt with in the second half. Opposing parties are united - shani is in 7th from rasi but retrograde - instead of stepping forward they move back! Government has lot of strength and conviction in its working. Sudden crash in stock market, sudden reversals in prosecutions cases and some sudden disappointments are possible due to rahu in 11th.
Rasi wise forecast for August, 2021
Mesha: Good progress in education and property matters during first week of August. Rifts with close relatives. Good development in hobbies, investments and well being of children, particularly till 11th August. You can expect settlement of children by way of getting jobs or marriages, though there are some angry situations due to adverse kuja and budha.

Financial problems linger in the background. Profession seems to suffer stagnation. You are not able to change the job or move forward in your plans. Be careful of infections and insect bites. You should recite any mantra, sloka or stotra for durga, chamundi or such fierce female gods during this August.
Vrishabha:First half is the best part of the month. You are full of courage and there are many people around you to extend their collaboration, unconditionally. There are some domestic disturbances but situation eases from 17th of August. You will purchase gold and make deposits during second half of August.

Heavy work in the office; the situation is utter confusion - nobody knows how to resolve the issues and look for your guidance. You are not able to purchase properties and vehicles. Lot of religious feelings and you will start meditation or such practices. A bit strained relationship with your spouse due to ketu in 7th. You should recite any mantra, sloka or stotra for durga, chamundi or such fierce female gods during this month.  
Mithuna: There are some financial imbalances though not constrains during the first half. Good inflow till 8th will help you out of this. Good relationship with your friends and relatives. Expected help will not come from them, ravi, kuja are under vedha and budha is bad. There is lot of religious mentality.

Tours and pilgrimages are possible. You will purchase vehicles, properties like dwelling house, costly dress in the entire August. You are able to save more money. Litigations and court cases are deferred and it turns out to benefit you. Restlessness and lack of sleep. Good time to avail loans and advances from 17th of August.
Kataka: A month of exasperations and worries. The silver lining is that there is excellent financial growth in the second half and also in the first week of  August. This is the month when nothing grows and nothing dies.

A bit of strained relationship with your spouse. Disappointments with children. Not a good period for investments. You are very resolute in your efforts but you should control your irritability.
Simha: Heavy expenditure in the first half due to hosting of costly functions. Excellent relationship and willing all contracts and privileges. Your dignity raises beyond expectations during the second half. Purchase costly things like gold and vehicles till 11th August.

You will avail long term loans but the process has some delays. Professional frustrations and you should control your indignations. Education has some uncertainties, a cloud of haziness and confusion surrounds.
Kanya: A profitable and successful month. Wealth, success and popularity in the first half. Savings and investments during the second half of  August. You should not be carried away by fitness kriyas! Do not exceed your limits. Purchase of costly domestic articles from 12th of August.

Steady progress of children but some reversals now and then as shani is retrograde. Anti-religious feelings and misunderstandings with parents and elders in the family. Sudden confusion and loss of courage at the eleventh hour.
Tula: Mostly a good month! Professional progress in the first half. You can expect a promotion in the first week itself. There are good gains but the fruit is not realized, ravi, kuja and budha in benefic 11th are all under vedha.

Expected good news from children is held up. You will purchase luxurious things like car, gold, ornaments, costly dress and domestic articles, thanks to shukra in 11th and 12th. An element of strained relationship with mother and close relatives. You are prone to cuts and wounds. You should recite rahu kavacha during this month.
Vrischika: Good relationship with friends and relatives but the relationship with spouse is slightly strained. Purchase of costly articles from 12th August.

Strained relationship with elders and bosses during the first half. Despite some problems, professional life goes on well. Ravi though under check transits in benefic 10th, in own sign. Property matters are on back seat. Education is not up to the expectations. 
Dhanus:  Loans and advances are available as per your terms. This is the month when you are winning over the enemies. Excellent health. Love and hate relationship with peers. The relationship is good till 11th of August. You are prone to cuts and wounds during the first half, however there is no danger, budha is favorable in 8th.

You can expect inheritance and good gains in the first week of August. The higher officers are more demanding. There are no financial strains but you are in mood for economizing. It is better to recite ravi kavacha during the first half.
Makara: Strained relationship with spouse. Excellent financial gains in the entire August. However, domestic life is excellent. Strained relationship with higher authorities.

Not a good month for investments. You should be careful while playing sports and games. You should control your anger with your children.
Kumbha: Excellent financial position from 12th August and you are able to purchase anything under the sun! Professional frustrations continue in the background. You can expect promotions and good positing particularly in the first half.

Love and hate relationship with your spouse. Sudden anger with family members. You should control your rage and avoid angry scenes, kuja in 7th in simha is bad.
Meena: Other than financial stability, you can not expect much during August. Strained relationship and your children during the first half and also elders in the family in the entire August. You are more focused on health in the second half. You are full of courage and willing to implement changes.

You should restrain from overuse of plastic cards. It is better to talk less on ideological subjects as you are likely to be misunderstood.
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