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During December 2020
Ravi transits in vrischika rasi till 15th of December and thereafter in dhanur rasi. At the start of the month kuja is in meena rasi and enters his own sign mesha on 25th. Budha in vrischika till 17th December and enters dhanur rasi on 18th. Budha is combust throughout the month. Shukra is in his own sign tula till 10th December and on 11th of the month enters vrischika. Guru  is neecha in makara for the entire month along with shani in own sign. Rahu and ketu continue their journeys in vrishabha and vrischika. Total solar eclipse on 14.12.2020 (not visible in India) occurs in vrischika rasi,  jyesta star.
The month of December witnesses heightening of infection rate. There is always a doubt whether it is the same virus or a different one. Peers express doubt regarding statistics. It may be that virus become more inactive but throws up different symptoms. Role of an insect like housefly or poultry/animal waste in spreading of disease is noticed. Further, such findings are ambiguous. The survival rate is excellent, shani transits in 8th in own sign. Government may find new ways to increase taxes or may seek loans by floating bounds and sureties. Large chunk of income will go towards clearing loans. Solar eclipse on 14th happens in the 6th from rasi, escalating such problems. Till 10th of the month, the spread of the disease is under check, shukra is in own sign in 5th. Ruling party is immensely happy that the main opposition further decays. A part of the opposition comes in support of the ruling government. Ruling government will give some lenient concessions to the opposition parties. It does not mean everything is good with them. Government persons will peck the opposition leaders frequently. There is lot of business activities, very tiresome and unrewarding. However from 25th of the month these ventures turnout to make profits.
Rasi wise forecast for December, 2020
Mesha: You are vulnerable to cuts, wounds and accidents during the month of December, solar eclipse on 14th occurs in the 8th from your rasi.  However, there is no danger to life; a bit of caution can avoid such episodes altogether - budha and shukra are in 8th. You can expect inheritance and also favorable settlement of disputes. You may have to face bad weather in profession during the first fortnight. In the second half there will be severe misunderstandings with your father. It is better to conduct pooja for your ista daiva during this month.

You should avoid arguments with elders and influential people from 18th. There may also be severe health problems. You are subjected to unreasonable fears and financial insecurity. Though profession is secure there are bound to be some problems due to guru in neecha position.
Vrishabha: The month sees marital problems and also you are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents in the second half. There may be humiliating circumstances in the second half. Your dues are not realized in time; they are held up from 18th of the month. The month till 24th, is good for property transactions, thanks to kuja in 11th.

You are restless and agitated from 25th but you are able to sleep well, kuja is in own sign. You should avoid arguments with your spouse in the entire month, particularly till 17th. There are good events related to father and there are no financial problems. Pimples, boils and blackheads are quite common. 
Mithuna: The solar eclipse occurs in the 6th from your rasi. You are prone to cuts, wounds and marital problems during this month. You can avoid such incidents with some caution, shani is in own sign in 8th. You can expect sudden health problems. It is better to conduct pooja for your ista daiva during this month. Loans are available as per your terms and conditions but you have to wait for the second half. Heavy expenditure and financial strains are more.

You should control your spending habits, rahu in 12th causes heavy expenditure. There are good events related to children till 10th of the month. You should consider some investments or purchase of gold, even if it is difficult. There are lot of professional tensions till 24th as kuja is in 10th. Explore possibility of investment in immovable properties from 25th. It is difficult to find resources, consider disposal of old properties.
Kataka: There will be some issues related to your children that bother you most. You may loose temper with them during the first half. Avoid unnecessary clashes with children budha is bad till 17th. Expected good news regarding children will not come. There are minor misgivings with higher officers till 24th.

Professional life is good and there are increased responsibilities from 25th. Marital life is excellent. You are sure to purchase properties, gold and vehicles till 10th of the month. Most of these events happen quite swiftly. However, you should read small print, you are likely to be deceived easily.
Simha: Setbacks in property matters till 10th of the month. There will be heated arguments with family members particularly mother during the first fortnight. There is always an under current of domestic problems due to adverse ketu in 4th. However, property matters are great from 11th to 17th. Purchase of costly items is not possible from 11th but you will purchase something worthwhile in the first half, thanks to shukra. You should be careful about your belongings, you may loose due to oversight or due to theft.

You are prone to cuts and wounds till 24th of December due to adverse kuja. Caution is required. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra minimum 21 times a day. There is great relief from your problems from 25th. There are ebbs and tides in education. You are likely to take foolish decisions in the second half of the month due to bad ravi and budha. There are frustrations due to children. Avoid unnecessary arguments. Good progress in job and also sudden tensions due to rahu. Relationship with close relatives is terribly strained due to eclipse in 4th from your rasi. 
Kanya: Expected help from friends and relatives does not come in time. Situation in this regard is better from 11th. You are not happy with these people. Education has problems in the second half. The results or openings of schools are held up.

You will loose temper with your children as well as your father and well wishers, though there are good vibs and events till 14th. Good investments till 14th but thereafter situations is not bad but is not flourishing.
Tula: A mixed month of good and bad. The month is mainly concerned about finances and relationship with brothers, sisters and friends. There are financial problems of considerable severity in the first half. There is always some fear that you may be heading to a bad situation, financially. This is the feeling of insecurity but there are no reasons for worries.

There is good inflow to meet financial needs  - budha and shukra are good. Loans are available due to benefic kuja in 6th. The relationship with brothers, sisters and friends is good and also bad with some. Students are not able to do well in education. The situation is difficult but not bad. You are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents in the first half. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra minimum 21 times a day.
Vrischika:  You are unnecessarily worried about your prestige. There may be events that cast doubt on your personality and integrity till 17th of the month. You will go pillar to pillar explaining your stance. You need not have to worry; From 11th the situation will improve and your concerns are taken care of. There will be some financial problems due to taxes in the second half.

Exorbitant expenditure from 18th to 24th. Relationship with friends and relatives is excellent. These friends stand beside you in trouble from 13th. Some have already lined against you since beginning of the month, guru is neecha in 3rd. Some friction with children till 24th. Loans are available to meet your needs from 25th. Short tempered arguments with spouse due to rahu in 7th. 
Dhanus: You should be careful about finances; there is lot of expenditure incoming days. You are able to make investments or purchases that slightly exceed your capacity from 11th to 19th of the month. This calls for all the resources you have. Restlessness, unnecessary arguments and lack of sleep in the entire month. There are rifts with close family members till 24th.

You should be cautions in investment matters from 25th - some are good and some are bad. Kuja is bad in 5th in own sign. Loans are available whenever you need. You should be careful to protect your personality. You may be falsely accused for a wrong doing or you are trapped by your own words and deeds. Nevertheless, you have a strong  will power to fight it off, you are not deterred, thanks to rahu and shukra.
Makara: A good month for makara rasi persons. Though there are some setbacks due to change in policy matters by the government, you are successful in acquisition of properties of high value, gold and vehicles. There will be some setbacks in property matters in the first half. Restlessness, heavy expenditure and heat related problems are seen in the second half due to adverse ravi.

Relationship with brothers, sisters and friends is excellent. There are mixed feelings with some of them in the second half. You are overtly curious of what people think of you! There are some problems in the office till 10th. You should contain your annoyance with children than bursting out. Stay away from any speculative transactions, you may incur sudden losses. 
Kumbha:There are professional problems in the entire month and also professional gains. You are more focused about profession. Whether it is for advancement of profession or some snags in the office, the domestic life is affected. You tend to get angry with anybody in the house, including your pet.

There is always mild amount of professional frustration due to ketu in 10th. The workload is heavy and unrewarding in the first half. Yes, you will set new records and receive accolades till 17th. Professional problems are seen from 11th, particularly so if you have financial role. Watch out for good investments. There is great amount of help from your elders and peers till 10th of December.
Meena: Compared to last two months, this is a good month indeed. There are rifts with higher authorities, teachers, peers and your parents in the entire month. This is more so during first half. There is a possibility of a  religious ceremony being put off, benefic shukra is under check. Or the religiousness is taken off the religious ceremony!

There is remarkable professional advancement in the second half. Lot of physical strains in the entire month. Minor financial strains are seen from 24th. During this month, there is acquisition of properties, inheritance and enjoyment of life in full measure. Relationship with brothers, sisters and friends is not strained till 12th but you can not expect much. However, in consequent days relationship improves considerably.