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On the first day of December 2021, ravi is in vrischika and enters dhanur rasi on 16th.  At the start of the month, kuja in tula and from 5th transits in his own sign, vrischika. Budha who is in vrischika in the beginning of the month moves into dhanur rasi on 10th and in the last two days of the month transits in makara.  Budha is combust from 24th December. Guru, rahu and ketu continue their transits in kumbha, vrishabha and vrischika rasis respectively while shani transits in his own sign, makara. Shukra at the start of the month is in dhanur rasi. From 9th to 29th of the month he transits in makara rasi and retraces back to dhanur rasi on 30th. Shukra is retrograde from 20th of December.
During December 2021, most of the events of the month are focused on child welfare, child mortality and intellectual disorientation.  Many cinema directors, actors, thinkers get into conflict with the masses due to provocative statements. In their own policies, the government is also in disarray.

Nobody is able to decide the way out. The situation leads out staggering heights of misunderstandings with the opposition parties, in the first fortnight. The government has upper hand and exhibits dexterity in maneuvering from such situations. Position of shani in the 7th in own sign makes it difficult for the government to deal with opposition. There is the possibility of backlash of covid, thanks to guru in 8th the mortality is under control. The pandemic would affect cities and affluent population with lifestyle disorders. The parliament does not function well 9th lord is in 8th. Guru in 8th also causes failures on the part of the government on many fronts. Sudden turn of events is the specialty of this month. Government is pondering some kind of agricultural, land, sports reforms.
Rasi wise forecast for December, 2021
Mesha: The month features misunderstandings with higher officers and peers int he second half. You are prone to cuts, wounds and humiliations at the work place in the first half due to ravi in the 8th and kuja also being adverse. A bit of caution is required in this regard. You will get some inheritance or written off amounts after 5th of the month. There will be income from various sources of considerable magnitude in the first nine days. Though money is not the problem, you are yet to locate appropriate investments. There will be some problems in the work place from 9th.

Keep your prestige aside and be accommodative. Under any circumstances, you should quite your job unless and until you have another firm offer. However, such situations do not come to all the mesha persons as shani is in the 10th in own sign. Those who have shani in 10th in the natal chart should be extremely careful. Horrible dreams and undefined fears are due to ketu in the 8th. Rahu transiting in 2nd causes some sudden anger with family members.
Vrishabha:This month gives you lot of wealth and pleasures of life. Happy tours, acquaintance with elite, grand happenings at your club as well as purchase of costly things for enjoyment of life are sure to happen. You are prone to cuts and wounds in the whole month and so you should be extremely careful in playground. Do not challenge your limits in sports.

Marital life is not up to the mark till 10th of the month. Lot of work in the office and most of these go without proper rewards. You are fond of appreciations and a few appreciations can make you work extra hours. You may have to go an extra mile in helping others and at the end, you will fall flat due to exhaustion and boredom. Many persons of this sign will get married or get a well paid job. Pimples, dark circles around the eyes bother you.   
Mithuna: A very good month indeed. Though income is good you are not willing or will not be able to clear dues in time. There are marital problems from 11th of December. You should avoid unnecessary arguments with your spouse. Religious trips, functions are on card. Many people can expect new additions to the family. Purchase of something grand is eminent from 9th.

Despite this, you are always troubled by thoughts that there could be an impending debacle requiring large sums of money. This feeling makes you save more. The fears keep you awake at night some times. You are aware that none of your relatives and friends can be of any help. This way shani in adverse 8th but in own sign will teach you lessons. You are able to take long term loans.
Kataka:  Financial conditions is excellent from 11th. You are of course short coins but it does not bother you - you will be able to garner sufficient timely funds from others sources. The month is not good for investments and purchase of properties.

Ravi, kuja and ketu tempt you to make wrong decisions. Extreme caution is required in financial matters. The success rate in any venture is limited due to adverse guru in 8th. You should be careful with children as you tend to be extremely critical. If you are in some property transactions already, this is the time to avail long term loans to the best advantage. You will enjoy excellent health in the entire month.
Simha: December is going to a mixed period of happiness and conflicts. Students find it difficult to concentrate. If you are about to purchase properties, ensure that the government is not a party for that property. You may have go pay some penalties and dues to government. Do not brush on the wrong side of government officials. Teachers and peers are more demanding. There is sudden problems, tensions and time bound projects that keep you on live wire. You are not happy about the domestic scenario.

Do not purchase gold from unknown persons, it may not be gold at all! There will be strained relationship with your children from 11th of December. But it is excellent till 8th of the month. Farmers have to work hard, there is sudden urgency and surge of work. Loans are available to suite your needs. Those in service sector are very happy, they will get promotions and timely advances from the government.
Kanya: Other than friends, raw courage and venturesome attitude, you do not have any special gains during this month of December. There is a glimpse of happiness, purchase of properties till 8th of December. You have abundant courage all most entire month. Your friends, brothers and sisters stand by your side at the time of need. The relationship with children as well as your parents is not up to the mark. Sports persons have excellent days while students find the month difficult from 17th.
Tula: December is a month of happiness, properties, and all joyful things. As shani is also in ardastama position, you are able to cap your expenditure and inclination for pleasures. You are bent upon saving for future and this is a good time to avail loans for this purpose.

Entire month, particularly the first half has financial tensions due to adverse kuja nd ketu. Expected amounts can not be expected. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to rahu in 8th. Caution is required while handling electric gadgets and heavy objects.
Vrischika:  Financial position is excellent from 11th of December. But you should be careful as you tend to donate heavy amounts to get a good name! Do not be a victim of false prestige. You are full of courage and this is the time to open up branches. Marital life has some strains.

You may overdo your fitness program and land in trouble. Students have bad time as the volume of studies grows more and more. Pimples and dark circles around the eyes, forgetfulness and confusion are quite common.
Dhanus: The outstanding features of the month are excellent finances, pleasure trips, happy events and also availability of loans. Many people of this sign will get promotions and also long distance transfer. You are able to clear long outstanding loans.

You are always afraid that somebody may throw insults at you and damage your reputation. There are many friends by you side and you feel alone. Be careful of fair weather friends. First five days of the month are good for property transactions, particularly for purchase of agricultural land.
Makara:  There will be strained relationship with children and you tend to loose temper with them easily, which should be avoided. Whole month has excellent wealth. You are able to invest in many ways. However, there is will be some change in government policies that make you ponder during the first half. Though there is lot of wealth, the money in your purse is not enough.

You are somewhat successful in life - some people say this way and others do not concur. There is lot of wealth for enjoyment and purchase of consumer durables. Shani in rasi in own sign gives a stable mind that is not carried away by the wealth factor. Your investment abroad works wonders.
Kumbha:  Professional goals, targets and projects keep you engaged. There is mild amount of professional frustration. The job involves lot of tour or physical strains. Putting all the people together on a single job becomes even more difficult. There is grand success, promotions and also paid holidays. You can expect promotions and considerable increase in monthly income.

Due to favorable shukra, you will be able to purchase properties, vehicles, gold and also make investments. You tend to loose temper with family members due to professional problems. Despite all these tensions, targets and busy schedule you are able to have a peaceful and rewarding sleep. 
Meena: Compared to last two months, this is a fabulous month. Your bad luck has disappeared leading to happy days again. Your prestige and social image will go up. You have no financial problems at all. You are full of courage and in the name of courage, you should not loose temper!

During the first fortnight, there will be some problems related to parents and you can expect a bit of strains. Religious mentality goes up. Many people will get promotions and rewards, thanks to ravi and budha. You are always afraid whether the money you have is sufficient to meet future needs. This is the time you purchase costly things and enjoy life.
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