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Transit of Guru in Dhanur rasi

गणानां त्वा गणपतिं हवामहे कविं कवीनामुपमश्रवस्तमं। ज्येष्ठराजं ब्रह्मणां ब्रह्मणस्पत आ नः शृण्वन्नूतिभिः सीद सादनं॥ (Rigveda Mandala 2-Sukta 23-Rik 1)

"We invoke you, Brahmanaspati, chief leader of the (heavenly) bands, a sage of sages, abounding beyond measure in (every kind of) food, best lord of prayer, hearing our invocations, come with your protections and sit down in the chamber of sacrifice". The above mantra used as avahana mantra for Lord Ganesha is actually the mantra related to Brihaspati also known as Brahmanaspati. Prayers to Brihasptati, His description appear largely in Mandala 1, 2, 7 and 10.  Only one sukata (No. 50) is dedicated to Brihaspati in Mandala 4. In Mandala 5 and 3, the references to Brihaspati can be found at Sukta 43 and sukta 62 respectively. Here are some examples:

अनर्वाणं वृषभं मंद्रजिह्वं बृहस्पतिं वर्धया नव्यमर्कैः। गाथान्यः सुरुचो यस्य देवा आशृण्वंति नवमानस्य मर्ताः॥  [1-190-1] - Priest, augment by your hymns Brihaspati, who deserts not (his worshipper); the showerer (of benefits), the pleasant tongued, the adorable; of whom resplendent, god and men (the ministers) of the institutor of the sacrifice, emulous in sacred songs, proclaim (the praise). 

When guru transited in dhanur rasi, there were many remarkable milestones in history. With Raja Harischandra, first full-length movie of India entered the silver screen industry (3 May 1913); The Gateway of India in Mumbai, was inaugurated (4 December 24); States of Gujarat and Maharashtra were carved from the State of Bombay (1 May 1960); India and Pakisan sign Simla Agreement agreeing to settle their disputes peacefully (2 July 1972); There were good news for the masses - The Sixth Pay Commission recommendations were accepted by the government (24 March 2008). There were sad demise of some luminaries like - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of Transcendental Meditation (5 February 2008); Baba Amte, social activist (9 February 2008); Meena Kumari, renowned actress (31 March 1972); When guru was associated with kuja, there were advances in the field of science, engineering and military. First electric train makes its journey from Victoria Terminus to Kurla (3 February 1925). India test fires nuclear-capable surface-to-surface missile Agni-I having a range of 700 to 900 km (23 March 2008); A world record created by India by sending 10 satellites into orbit in a single launch (28 April 2008). When guru was afflicted we see violent incidents like arms dropping in Purlia dist, WB (17 December 1995).

Have I cherry picked the events, convenient way of devil quoting the scripture? I have not tried to cause any distortion, not a bit. When something happens in the world, there are no bystanders. The ripples engulf whole world in different ways and magnitudes. Likewise, one can hardly isolate the effects of a planet. The properties of a particle can not be understood by sending a beam of light; that will distort the observations. However, for study purposes one has to confine to a limited phenomenon. The observations mentioned above may get distorted subject to other conditions like eclipses, lunation charts and other such conditions. For instance When Geeta Dutt, playback singer passed away (20 July 1972), there was no affliction to guru but cluster of planets is seen in 8th from guru. Between 26th-29th November 2008, in terror attacks in Mumbai (known as 26/11) 175 people were killed and over 308 wounded. Guru was not afflicted. But In lunation chart, drawn on 29.10.2008, no affliction to 4th or 8th or guru is found. Lunation in 2nd, in fact 8th house is aspected kuja, own sign aspect! Total solar eclipse on 01.08.2018 ended in 8th from lagna and the lunar eclipse that followed on 16/17.08.2008 was across 2nd and 8th of the foundation chart of the country. That means, mere presence of guru in dhanus or mere affliction may not define the incidents.

Generally, association of kuja causes engineering advancements. When Prithvi II, a nuclear-capable, 350-km range surface-to-surface ballistic missile was successfully test-fired (23 May 2008), there was no aspect of kuja on guru. I can not explain the planetary conditions for passing away of N. T. Rama Rao, actor, director, producer and politician (18 January 1996) nor passing away of V. P. Singh, Prime Minister of India (27 November 2008). Guru was not afflicted in these two episodes. Perhaps, detailed examination lunations, eclipses and dasha/bhukti in the foundation chart etc., are required. I suffer paucity of time and such studious examination is not possible by a bird-brained (incidentally, my pen name used to be cerebro de pajaro!), small time personal astrologer. Have I cherry picked the events? I picked up some putrid ones, willfully!

Generally speaking guru in own sign bestows good results related to his signification - birth of great personalities, intelligential activities, religious frame of mind, abundance of food & health, prevailing of peace between neighbors and effective judiciary. When guru is afflicted, it causes perverted intelligence, clashes of religious beliefs, famine due to shortage of wheat and rice, water transmitted diseases affecting liver, conflicts with judiciary as well as war-like situation with the neighbors. Unfortunately, during the entire stay of guru in dhanur rasi, he is afflicted either by shani, kuja or ketu.

Guru transits in dhanur rasi from 05.11.2019 to 30.03.2020 and from 30.06.2020 to 20.11.2020. During his stay in dhanur rasi, is own sign, guru is combust from 15.12.2019 to 10.01.2020 and retrograde from 30.06.2020 to 13.09.2020. Guru is overpowered by Ravi during combustion and the results differ, based on the role of Ravi in birth chart. During  moudhya period no auspicious functions like vidyarambha are held. Transit of Guru in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th from chandra rasi goes under the name, Gurubala.  Guru does trigger good events in those houses provided there are no planets in vedha namely in 12th, 4th, 3rd, 10th and 8th respectively from chandra rasi. Converse of this holds good when Guru transits in adverse 12th, 4th, 3rd, 10th and 8th from chandra rasi.  For instance Guru transiting in adverse 8th will not cause any evil phenomenon when a planet is transiting in 11th from rasi. During retrogression, there will not be any good results, but it would not cause adverse results. it is just like stay order of the court of Law. The same can not be said about combustion.  During combustion Guru looses strength and his benefic results.  The results are burnt away and if he is in adverse position, he becomes even more malefic. The end results depend on the functional role of Ravi in the natal chart. If Ravi is the 8th lord or 6th lord, then the benefic results of Ravi are lost due to severe problems and ill health, while this may bring good influence in the office if Ravi is the 10th lord in natal chart. Murti nirnaya and other such methods do not produce consistent and reliable results, in my humble experience and hence these are not considered here. More

During transit of Guru in dhanur rasi, it is the bad transit for vrishabha and kataka persons, they should take up remedial measures like shanti for guru and recitation of guru related mantras, if there are issues related to dasha and bhukti. On the onset itself, shanti for guru is not required. Guru Shanti is the procedure of recitation of guru beeja mantra or gayatri mantra or namaskara mantra (some call it Veda mantra!) 16000+ times. This site offers various mantras that can be used as remedial measures, in Kannada, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Oriya and English.  More

Namaskara mantra and peedahara mantra can be recited any time and any where and they do not require specific dress etc., Gayatri mantra and beeja mantras should be recited in special dress, early in the morning after bath in empty stomach. Minimum recitation may be 21 times but should not exceed 10,000 times a day. Compared to gayatri mantra, the beeja mantra is more powerful but ensure you would not go wrong in pronunciation. Avahana mantras are used to invoke the particular deity  into a picture, kalasha or yantra and conduct pooja. Those people who are accustomed to do pooja procedure will find it easy. Worship of navagrahas is not black magic, you need not harbor any reservations. Indian society suffers great stigma due to reservations in matters of religion and social strata. Asttottara shatanamavali is used to do floral pooja after abhisekha. Mantra, stora, kavacha and asttotttara shatanama stotra are for recitation. These mantras are at par with each other. Out of these kavacha and asttotttara shatanama stotra are easy to recite.

Those who do not relish orthodox religious ways or idolatry should take up service of elements that represent Guru like feeding cows, helping orphans, reading regularly (parayana) of any religious texts like Psalms, Bhagawad geeta, Grantha Saheba, Quran or any biography of a great person you like. It is always better to visit Temples, Churches or Mosques etc.,   People born in makara rasi and meena rasi MUST visit places of worship regularly (say once a week) and also spend some time offering their manual service in temples. It is mandatory for them. People of other signs may also visit temples, surely God will not throw them out! The benefic role played by Guru will increase even more in such people.

Transit of Guru in the houses   from rasi






Vedha by planets  in the houses   from rasi






With reference to independence chart this transit is in the 7th, a favorable transit. There will be more interest in religious practices and intellectual developments. There will be changes in education system imbibing cultural and moral values - saffronization (right-wing Hindu nationalism) cry out the opposition.  Many more states will fall into the fold of BJP.  There will be more concern about animal rights, particularly protection of cows. The government will win in all the matters concerning judiciary. There is no opposition at all - due to this, at times, government may falter by wrong decisions and excesses. When guru is afflicted, many influential persons will pass away.  The government and the country is insulted by defection of some important persons.  Some of the scientists may commit suicide or run away from the country. Patriotism is taken into new heights, until the flag pole go so high to hurt the spirit of patriotism. Government will be embroiled in many issues like NRC, Human Rights.  The government should be wise to use the scepter at proper time. 7th also happens to be maraka staana, there will be some situations when the country is bothered about a nuclear or chemical war breakout. During the period from 30.06.2020 to 13.09.2020, the results promised by Guru are on hold as Guru is retrograde. Guru from dhanur rasi aspects kuja and chandra the 7th and 4th lord and mid points of 2nd and 3rd bhavas in the Foundation Chart, causing comforting effect.  Somebody within the ruling party may get up and will be able to control the damage.

The results described here are from rasi - the place occupied in chandra (moon) at the time of birth, in the chart made in nirayana method. This is independent of your month and day of birth in Gregorian calendar.  I do not apply the results described in ancient texts verbatim without verification. For instance, the transit effect of Guru in the 4th from rasi brings the following results as per classics: "He is falsely implicated, suffers humiliations, has domestic problems, suffers loss of wealth etc.," If you read the predictions in the following paragraphs, you will find that I painted a totally different picture! Similarly for the other transits also, I have deviated from the classical works wherever I find them unsatisfactory. I like my father's garden, it is very beautiful and ancient. But I do not like some weed grown here and there, I throw them out. This does not diminish my respect and love towards my father. My methods are developed since many many years involving extensive hard work - done manually in the days when computers and calculators were unheard of!

Guru gives some benefits no matter whereever he is placed

During the month of November 2017Mesha (Aries): Success, full co-operation from your well wishers, teachers and elders in the family. You get quality guidance from one and all. You are very religious and undertake many pilgrimages during this transit. You will get good recognition and prestige will go up. You are relieved of any chronic problems. Your sphere of activity will expand. Journalists, lawyers, social workers and sports people have excellent days ahead. This period gives good opportunities for further studies. You will come across many reliable friends and you have lot of moral courage. There is good progress in your hobbies. Many people of this sign fall in love and are happily married. Good progress in property matters. There is good health, you will have good name, you are inclined to learn ancient languages, mantras and you are attracted towards religious texts. There are good events related to children. Many people of this sign will take up religious or social activities and increase their punya.

During the month of November 2017Vrishabha (Taurus): This is the worst transit for vrishabha rasi persons as Guru transits in the 8th from rasi. Expect failures and humiliations and be prepared to face them. Do not ignore the advise of your family members and elders, even if you may not like their ideas. There will be considerable interest in religious and occult matters during this transit. It is good time to change your life style and bring good changes into your life. This transit will bring good health, good habits and enhance life span. There will always be help from providence when you think you are at dead end. There is some element of resigned attitude, a blessing during this transit. You will be able to save some coins, too. At times, you have to withdraw from reserve to meet escalating expenditure. Written off amounts will be realized. Inheritance of properties and you will reinvestment such windfall in properties. You should recite beeja mantras / gayatri mantra for guru, minimum 21 times a day during this transit. Regular visits to places of worship, conducting rudrabisheka and satyanarayana pooja will be of great help. It is better to take up some social service like feeding cows and giving donations to educational institutions and orphanages. The problems are intensified  from 15.12.2019 to 10.01.2020 and there is considerable relief from 30.06.2020 to 13.09.2020.

During the month of November 2017Mithuna (Gemini): For Mithuna rasi, this is the benefic transit in the 7th. There will be good health, recognition, clear thinking during this transit. You can expect a happy and successful marital life. Many people of this sign get married during this transit. If your marriage is on rocks, hold back and withdraw from disputes, this is the time for reconciliation and new beginning. Eligible couples are blessed with second child. Many people of this sign adopt pets or there will be no inclusions to the family. There is success in all walks of life. Your intellectual faculties are at their best. This is the time for expansion of business and social contacts. Pilgrimages to holly places. Association with men of repute and initiation in mantras. Students succeed in all their activities and come out with flying colors. If you are trying to settle abroad, this is the most favorable time. You will be able to save more and turn few extra coins in to properties. There are several successful travels and tours. Professional progress is remarkable. Financial transactions go on well. Excellent relationship with brothers, sisters and friends. You have lot of moral courage.

During the month of November 2017Kataka  (Cancer): This is the 6th sign transit  and there are no vedha for this transit. You should be extremely careful in your spending habits particularly, when Guru is combust. Generally, you have good health and sound sleep. You should take care of your health as you are susceptible to diseases in lower back and upper chest. Curing is also at hand, like malefic planets, Guru does not strike you unawares! He gives you sufficient warnings and opportunities to correct your course. You can hit a balance between health and ill health or even tilt the balance on your side! Some people are transferred or banished from their place and living becomes most difficult. You are assured of loans for development purposes on easy terms. It is easy to secure loans. Litigations are settled and you do not loose in the bargain. Though the courts may not agree with you completely, the judgment will not go against you. You will win over your competitors.

People in government service get promotions. There will be great achievements in professional field, you will gain lot of respect and projects that help you in a long run give you good exposure. Your monthly income will also go up, just enough to keep your head floating! Due to sheer manipulation of loans, you are able to hit profitable transactions. Be careful that you do not fall into false prestige and incur loans. When Guru becomes combust, the severity of the problems are doubled. During this transit you should recite guru kavacha once a day and give donations to poor students. You will have some health problems that will set you to take up exercises and change your life style.  It is better to do shanti for guru at the start of the transit, if you are running adverse dasha / bhukti. Regular visit to Shiva temple is desirable, in addition to dana, particularly annadana -feeding orphans, cows and needy.

During the month of November 2017Simha (Leo): This is a favorable transit in the 5th. You will turn out to be very orthodox and religious person during this transit. You are initiated in mantras and master the subjects of your choice. Your intellectual faculties are very high. There is good progress of children during this transit, you will be very happy with them. This time is good for students, particularly for students of Indology, law and social sciences. You have opportunities to interact with eminent people in your field of activity. Investments fetch good results. Many belonging to kataka rasi settle down in life by marriage, job and child birth. There is good progress in your hobbies and your popularity goes up steadily. Your father, teachers and well wishers are of great help, when you are in crisis. All your problems will be solved easily. You will make some money, wealth and properties. You have excellent health. You can look forward for rewards in recognition for your services. There will be increased expenditure as well as investments, as the cash flow is also good, nothing to worry about. There will be in good health, your name and fame will spread far and wide. You will discover new areas where you can excel. Chronic problems, how difficult they may appear, will simply disappear into think air. Very successful and profitable business transactions. This transit promotes religious mentality and you will be fond of frequent worships, pilgrimages and religious discourses. There will be excellent relationship with higher officers, parents and elders in the family. If you are contemplating of furthering your educational accomplishments, this is the best time.

During the month of November 2017Kanya (Virgo): Guru in 4th is treated as a malefic transit. This is an unfavorable transit in the sense the above good results are not served on a plate, ready for your pleasure. You will have to put considerable amount of work and then the success is assured. In the beginning, any task will seem to be impossible. The learning curve is very steep. However, it is practically seen that transit in 4th sign favors excellent education, acquisition of properties and fulfilment of all desires. You will be able to purchase vehicles, ornaments, gold etc., during this transit. You will branch out and start living separately. This is the time when married girls start living with their husbands. Students excel in their academics but they have to put great efforts. Journalists, lawyers and social workers are quite happy. All the success do not come simply on a plate, you have to put extra efforts. The efforts put in towards education will pave the way for a good job later on.

Similarly, properties acquired during this transit bring you a position in the society. You are never under pressure or tension to perform better, best performance happens automatically, if you put hard work. Chronic health problems, litigation etc., are settled in your favor. Marital discord will disappear and those whose married was delayed inordinately, will get married. God will put some tests now and then to see your commitment towards your goals when Guru is combust. You are worried about lack of proper guidance and your tools, equipments and plans break down when Guru is combust. There will be some minor problems in professional area. All the work will be put on your shoulders, because you are willing! You will take up study of religious scriptures, occult sciences and health promoting hobbies. You will relish giving donations secretly.

During the month of November 2017Tula  (Libra): Being transit in the 3rd from rasi, this is the period of communication, expansion and acquiring new contacts. I should say, this is not a favorable transit - it causes problems in relationship with brothers, sisters, friends and partners. Expansion of business of influence does not happen easily. Successful tours and business trips are possible. You will strive hard to excel in your life. You come across good friends who are advantageous later on. You develop some religious zeal suddenly and that gives lot of moral courage. You will take up membership of elite clubs and organizations. Writers and broadcasters of travelogues and sports events have good time. When Guru is combust, reverse of this happens, close friends pick up quarrels and part their ways with you. Caution is required to play it cool, than picking up fights. It is also possible that your closest friend or god-father goes away from you due his professional reasons. Any marriage discard is settled and you can look forward for happy married life. You will also take up pilgrimage and there are religious functions in your house like brother's or sister's marriage, child birth etc., You are able to save few coins, though the monthly income level stays the same. Financial situation is not a bother at all during this transit. You have lot of expenditure on pilgrimages, religious functions at home or shouldering the expenditure of some distant relative.

During the month of November 2017Vrischika (Scorpio): Guru transits in favorable 2nd house. This transit brings increased money power. There is less expenditure and more income. There will be great increase in monthly income. But you should ensure that you save some of it. Familial happiness is assured. Your mind is clear and is always in a happy mood. Many tula rasi people get married or settle in life. This is a good time for initiation to mantras and study of occult subjects. Singers, particularly vocal singers achieve perfection in their endeavors. You will clear old outstanding loans. You can expect for cures for diseases. Service problems, if any, are solved to your satisfaction. There is increase in your influence and popularity. Promotions and all the benefits from the employer sure to happen. There will also be expansion of family. When Guru is combust, there is heavy expenditure and dwindling income. The relationship with children will improve considerably. You should take care, you are likely to be cheated in financial transactions. There will be lot of interest in occult and spiritual sciences.

During the month of November 2017Dhanus  (Sagittarius): Guru transits over your rasi. There are no vedha points for this transit. Many people of this sign get married during this transit. Transit over your rasi brings popularity, good health and status. This is not a favorable position for Guru and so these benefic results will not come spontaneously but you have to work hard for these. You are more conscious of your health due to some fear of impending health disaster. Such health problems are expected when Guru is combust. You are prone to certain diseases in upper chest like cold effects. Due to this, you will take up various precautions voluntarily like yoga, fitness training, meditation and change of eating habits. You have lot of patience and religious interest. There are good events related to children. Child birth is possible to eligible couple. You are assured of happy married life. You will undertake many religious trips or take interest in doing pooja, learning mantras etc., Other than combustion period, the rest of the period promises excellent health. You are considering entering public life like social service, this is the time.

During the month of November 2017Makara (Capricorn): Guru is transiting in 12th from your rasi is bad transit. Adverse effects of Guru in 12th is reduced whenever a planet transits in 2nd from your rasi. You can expect clearance of outstanding dues, sound sleep and also you will be able to make some savings. You will learn to come out of day to day tensions. You are able to grab some peaceful moments, this way. This period comes as a boon for those recovering from diseases and problems. When Guru is combust, you will experience losses in investments, rifts with children and disappointments. Hence, caution is required during the period of combustion. The education of children causes deflation of savings. Health is quite good. For students, it is a good period as they get good co-operation from their teachers. Service problems, if any, is resolved in your favor. There is good development in hobbies.  You have lot of religious mentality. You can expect small inheritance also. You tend to be busy but not knowing purpose of it! Regular visit to Shiva temple is desirable, in addition to dana, particularly annadana -feeding orphans, cows and needy. Ensure that every thing is in moderation. Be prudent in your spending.

During the month of November 2017Kumbha (Aquarius): This is beneficial 11th house transit. This is a great time indeed. All your dreams will come true and you have a contented and successful life. You will find solutions to your problems. Monthly income will go up considerably and also there is no wasteful expenditure - you are able to save considerable amount. A good period for investments. Progress of children is remarkable. Marriage, employment, acquisition of wealth etc., occur with considerable ease. During this transit, you have excellent relationship with your brothers, sisters and friends. You have lot of moral courage and venturesome attitude.

During the month of November 2017Meena (Pisces): Transit in 10th can not be said as a favorable transit as it does not give you pay rise nor help you in any tangible ways. On the other hand, this is the favorable transit as it gives you many opportunities to prove your talent and capacities! You will have to work hard, you will have to organize, conduct workshops and see till end of it, single handedly. You will discover you have several hidden talents. Your popularity rises, your knowledge base expands. You are at the centre stage and you are known to many people. All your ventures, negotiations become successful. By the end of this transit, You will become more wise and matured. For students, this is the period when they are at the top of class. Your stamina and enthusiasm would never dry up. Financial position is also good as some of your expenditure is met by your employer! This can not be said as increase in monthly income but you will enjoy the extra benefits. This is neither a kick back nor bribery. The extra expenditure spent on you is authorized one. Company is happy to spend for you! You get loans for developmental activities like education, purchase of properties, very easily. You have excellent health and no amount of work will tire you at all.

Placement holds the key!

Bhagawan Sri Adishankara bless us all

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