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Shani transits in 2nd from your sign. This is the last phase of seven and half years' adverse transit. There are no respite other than retrogression period as there are no vedha points for this transit. During the last two and half years, the problems were intensively focused about marital life, prestige and health. Now the scene will change. Rifts in family circles are expected. You will become rude with bad speech. There will be severe financial problems and also you will receive written off amounts, arrears of your dues etc., You are prone to accidents and injuries. There is stability in financial matters. Due to heavy investments in properties, you are facing shortage of finance to meet monthly needs. At times you will have to withdraw from your savings to meet commitments. Suddenly you will realize you should more and more to meet some investments in years to come by. You will impose strict austerity measures in your spending and slowly you savings go up. You will be able to purchase immovable property and there is good support by your friends and relatives. You can expect a favorable placement or transfer. Combustion causes work related tensions and displeasure of higher officers.

Fortunately, the hardships described above are there but less as shani is in his own sign. You should also recite shani kavacha/ mantra/ shatanaama stotra (whichever you find easy).
DHANUS [Moola, Poorvashada & Uttarashadha 1st pada]:
॥ओं शनैश्चराय विद्महे छायापुत्राय धीमही। तन्नो मंदः प्रचोदया्॥