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During February 2021
At the beginning of the month, ravi is in makara rasi  and enters kumbha on 13th.  Kuja transits in his own sign mesha and enters vrishabha on 22nd.  Retrogressive budha is in kumbha at the start of the month and enters makara on 5th.  In the entire month budha is retrograde. Guru transits in his debilitation sign, makara. Shani continues his journey in makara, his own sign and is combust till 11th. Rahu and ketu are in vrishabha and vrischika respectively while shukra is in makara and transits in kumbha from 21st February. Shukra is combust from 15th of the month.
Government receives a brunt from courts and certain sections of the society in the first half. The prestige of the country is tarnished in international levels. This is merely a temporary phase. In the second half, the country will entreat the government for decisive action. Patience runs out, democracy can not be held hostage on the pretext of protection of democratic rights! There will be more religious fervor in the country.  The popularity of the Prime Minister will go up. Till 21st of the month, there is considerable excitement that the elixir for the epidemic works well.  But thereafter the queue for receiving vaccination dwindles. The cost of administration also becomes a botheration. However, people are not deterred by the rumors of supposed side effects. Due to opening up of schools and public places, the incidents of infection, nevertheless goes up being prologue for the problems that we face in June.

Opposition parties, liberals, savers of democracy and super seculars falter and quail in disorganized shrill voices and thereby do great service to the ruling party. Well, same thing is true in respect of people who support the government during the first four days! Recovery from the debacle is not easy, it is merely survival of economy that is going on now. One has to wait more than a quarter to see the effects. Financial situation is not bad but it is not an ideal situation. The health of the people is bad but mortality rates are under check. There is a kind of fear and uncertainty in the air, as well as a kind of raw courage - it is possible to kill black panther in the dark room by blindly hitting at random!
Rasi wise forecast for February, 2021
Mesha: A good period of professional advances and investments. You are in for physical training and sports. New records are set till 21st. Take care you do not over do after 22nd. Well, there are some issues with subordinates to take care off. 

There are some backlogs and delays. This is the month of  journeys, travels are in the air. The events and opportunities unfold quite surprisingly. Achieving goals is not so easy. You need to understand and appreciate others. There is always some confusion in your long term plans. Do not spend impulsively.
Vrishabha: A blend of good and bad, where the good is remarkably more. Professional progress, luck in your dealing in the entire month. Avoid frication with elders, your father and higher authorities.

There is sadness, sense of loss and despondency due to this. Considering saving more so as to purchase land and buildings or at least sports tools. There is great interest in learning modern science and languages.
Mithuna: A mixed month where extremes make the balance sheet difficult to tally. You will exhibit your great qualities of a practical, organized and reliable person. There is heavy expenditure and also influx of wealth. Nothings seems to be successful, as there are always some delays.

You require ability to respect yourself and should not be afraid of changes in the wind. Yet, you are able to accumulate wealth. You do not have any plans for investments. Consider purchase of land. Focus on physical excesses, you will greatly benefit. .
Kataka: A period of obstacles and challenges. Hectic activities in the office keep you busy. You will suitably awarded for this in due course. Do not go too close to your boss in the second half, you get burnt out.

Love and hate relationship with wife. There is more of positive relationship and togetherness. Any friction will lead to better understandings. Suddenly joy, sudden trips. Do not be impulsive in your purchases, plan properly.
Simha: First half of the month promises most favorable events. You will be able to consolidate your financial position. A promotion or favorable posting is in pipe line. In the entire month, your boss is very obstinate but in the event you are undecided he comes your help. He demands more and more hard work.

Marital life is not up to the mark in the second half. Domestic articles may break down and you do not have time to fix them. There is a kind of suspense and self-discovery of your power and strength.
Kanya :  Love and hate relationship with your children. Suddenly, you will pick up the hobbies you left behind; true, there is good progress. In second half of the month, there is remarkable improvement in your finances. There are opportunities that come your way suddenly.

But some of your tours are cancelled at the last moment. You are likely to receive some written off dues before 20th of the month. Avoid unnecessary arguments with higher officers. Be prepared to agree with them readily; Once you start arguments, you will not be able to let it go!
Tula: Happiness in and around; purchase of vehicles, properties and ornaments. Good events in the house, that were overdue since a long time. Be careful while purchasing shares and bonds.

Ensure such companies are in good books with the government. Love and hate relationship with your spouse. Do not carry much cash than needed, likely you may loose inadvertently.
Vrischika:  Happy trips, association with influential person are seen in the entire month. You will make an impressive impressions on them in the first half. You are heading for a good posting or promotion. You will be able to consolidate your finances.

Friends coming calling. There is forgetfulness and a bit of confusion in the air. The period is not good for purchase of properties or investments. You should control your temper. Your dreams regarding travels and professional goals will come true. 
Dhanus: Ebbs and tides in financial matters. Income is good but there is a mismatch with expenditure. This is good time to open branches and expand business in the second half of the month. Though the income is good, you have prudence in spending.

You have great control over your experiences and aspirations. There is an element of fatalistic attitude paired with anxiety that you may loose control. Relationship with children is good but you have to spend more for them.
Makara: There is a feeling that you are ignored by others. Only solace is that you are able to fancy your worldly achievements, properties and a shining new vehicle. There is luck and changes in air. You will find new directions in wealth matters.

In your zeal to make more and more money, you may ignore risk factors. With some difficulty you can invest in land properties. Frequent trips to native place and interaction with relatives brings both delight and despair. You are more concerned about financial matters. 
Kumbha: Not a promising month. There are lot of frustrations, anger, fear and doubt. You feel trapped for the falsehood you made inadvertently. Do not plan anything just relax and enjoy laziness in the first half.

Anyway, your spouse as well as boss will make you work hard in the second half! Kick start some old hobbies like gardening, fitness or trekking. The month favors on savings; daily count cash you have saved!  
Meena: The month has more promises, fulfillments and more desires! There is lot of respect and love for you. In the second half, you relax as the anxiety levels are high. You get tensed for no reasons at all. Though your spending habits cause some fears, you will of course. There is no wastage. The past events has made you reluctant to spend. There are no financial problems at all. If you are a journalist or a novelist, this is the time to re launch your projects.

Purchase of costly things, gold, vehicles and all such things in the air. Though there are lots of worldly achievements, you are afraid of your future due to pessimism and unknown opponents, imagined and real. You desire to make a run than stay put and fight. Do not pack off imagining injuries but stay put and fight. It is not going to be as difficult as you thought. Do not talk much about your religious beliefs, you are likely to be misunderstood.