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During January 2021
During January 2021, ravi is in dhanus at the start of the month and on 15th moves into his enemy sign, makara.  For the entire month, kuja is in mesha in own sign. Budha transits in dhanur rasi for the first four days of the month and enters makara on 5th and enters kumbha on 26th. Shukra is in vrischika for first three days of the month.  Till 27th January shukra transits in dhanur rasi and transits in makara for last four days of the month. Shani transits in his own sign makara for the entire month. Rahu and ketu continue their transit in vrishabha and vrischika respectively. Budha is combust til 12th January and retrograde from the last day of the month.  Shani is combust from 8th.
January 2021 is not going to be a challenging month for the country.  Shani in 8th in own house is combust and this causes heavy toll of life due to earthquakes, fire accidents or such natural calamities.  There will be brutality by the police force unleashed without any consideration for human rights. The government will do all that is required to tumble the statistics regarding government loans and insults it suffers at times. The way the agitations and protests are handled is not admired by its own ranks. Investments in the country is good, the country gets more credibility and there will be some achievements in sports. Government is able quench the opposition with great diplomatic skills. There are people who cause conflicts within the ruling party towards the end of the month. Teachers, elders and culture is not respected by the public, adverse effects of debilitated of guru is not lessened, as shani is combust. Financial position is good from 28th. There are still problems due to viral infections but they are not of much consequence.  New strains or newer ones will not impact the country.
Rasi wise forecast for January, 2021
Mesha: Excellent professional advancement in the entire month, particularly from 10th. Pilgrimage and religious functions in the house though there are some issues to be sorted out in the first half of the month. Your name and fame spread far and wide. Procurement of land properties.

You may have to help your colleagues in the office, constantly. You are in the good books of your employer. It is very difficult to change the job. You need to control anger with family members. Recitation of any mantra for Durga maata is good and that takes care of your fears.
Vrishabha: You need to take care of your ego. You should be thick skinned as you are likely to loose your temper. Religious mentality but at times. Love and hate relationship with elders, parents and bosses. There may be long distance travels.

Excellent financial position as your dues are paid. You should not be over conscious about yourself and do not expect others to be idealists like you.
Mithuna:  You should keep your cool with your spouse and opponents. You are in economical mood to save more and more for future needs. You need to put extra efforts to achieve targets. You are aware how to use adverse conditions.

There is large amount of inheritance or maturity of deposits. Consider acquisition of land properties. Sports persons set new records. Visit ashrams and temples to get courage and strength. Recite mantras for ravi, guru and shani during this month.
Kataka:  You should hold on to your view points but without loosing your patience with your business partner and spouse. Loans and advances are available as per your needs in the first half. Lot of tensions in the office but you will surely reach your targets. Success in many areas of life.

Consider availing long terms loans. There may be marginal losses in financial transactions, try to be a bit careful. Be considerate towards children.
Simha: Have patience with your children. Second half of the month is better. Likely you have some issues with your parents but these are resolved easily. Good events related to children is postponed and during the first half.

If you are in need of loans and advances, second half is better. Professional anxiety has adverse impact on relationships. Be careful while purchasing electronic gadgets. Take care of your health. Recite mantras for ravi and guru this month.
Kanya: Your dreams of owning property, vehicles, ornaments etc., with come true. Due to adverse ravi, there are some issues related to government rules and polices. But these do not blow off you property plans.

You need to be more considerate towards your children. Excellent progress in education. You are likely to sell off some old properties to acquire new ones.
Tula: Excellent communication aptitude and you will excel in diplomatic skills. This is more so in the first half. Love and hate relationship with your spouse, love is more. There are problems in purchase of properties and vehicles.

Students have to put more efforts. You are more worried about finances than necessary. There is fear of one or the other sort. You MUST recite rahu beeja mantra, minimum 21 times a day during this month.
Vrischika:  You have friends, relatives visiting you in the entire month. Finance is just below your expectations. You should think well before you talk or put it down.

Take care to be on the right side of the law, you may have to pay some fines during first half. Likely, you tend to loose temper with your spouse and you are more bothered about your looks.
Dhanus: You are honored and rewarded for your excellent performance in the past. Well, there are some who do not like this, you will have to ignore such people.

Take care to spend your coins with proper planning. Expected amounts may not come in time. You have great love for your children but you need to be patient in dealing with them.
Makara: You should kindle your spirits with good hobbies to beat the boredom and unreasonable fears that you may loose your position and status. You should try to acquire land properties. There is purchase of gold, vehicles and ornaments.

You have laid back attitude and able to relax. Should be careful with investments; do not engage yourself in chance games. Do not be verbose, speak from your heart in a gathering.
Kumbha:Very profitable and successful month particularly in the first half. However, it is not possible to purchase vehicles, dwelling house or ornaments.

This months is excellent for investments. Finance is in marvelous condition. Mild amount of professional misgivings. Take care of your possessions while traveling.
Meena: You are very lucky and the trend is excellent in profession and finances. A month of success, contentment and happiness as never seen before. You are very religious but not quite so, you have some resentments. You do not like ritualistic approach.

A good time for investments and purchases. Long time disputes with friends and brothers/sisters are resolved in your favor. Think before you renew your friendship with people of opposite gender.