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By rasi (moon sign), I am not referring to your sun sign, i.e. sun's position in your natal chart.  Sun remains in the same sign for nearly 30 days. For example people born between 15.01.2014 to 12.02.2014 belong to the sun sign Capricorn. (makara rasi). This method is followed in Kerala, in some parts of Tamil Nadu and Malabar as well as in portions of  North East India. According to Western astrology which does not consider precession of equinox (ayanamsha) people born between 22.12.2013 to 20.01.2014 belong to sun sign Capricorn. In Hindu astrology the transit effects are considered from the sign occupied by moon (nirayana position) at the time of birth, called rasi.

On this page, the predictions are interpreted based on the cannons of Hindu astrology.  I would not say, Vedic astrology as in times of the vedas, ancient being Rigveda, astrology was used as calendar to perform specific religious duties and was not used for elections or predictive purposes.  However, we can find references to muhurta and predictive nature of astrology in grahya sutras and puranas.
Ravi is in mithuna till 16th July  and thereafter transits in kataka.  Debilitated kuja is in kataka at the start of the month and moves into simha on 21st. For the first seven days of the month, budha in vrishabha and from 8th to 25th transits in own sign mithuna. On 26th of July, he moves into kataka.  Further, budha is combust from 21st of the month. Guru and shani are retrograde in the entire month.  Guru transits in kumbha while shani transits in his own sign makara. Shukra is in kataka rasi till 17th and move into simha on 18th of the month. Rahu and ketu transit in vrishabha and vrischika respectively.
July is one of the most troublesome phase in the country's history. There may be some labor unrest and losses. Most of the planets are in adverse positions. Those in good positions such as budha (till 7th), shukra and rahu are under vedha. However, budha and shani are in own signs while kuja is neecha till 20th. During this month, the country passes from the stage of uncertainty. There is lot of expenditure and tarnished image during first half of the month. During second half, the image of the country is restored.  The anger that it did not do much during second wave of corona, will vanish.  Population will understand the complexities of the issues and the scheme by the opposition parties to pester the ruling government. There are attempts for unification of all opposition parties will fail, as there is no broader spectrum and no focus. Opposition parties can not be taken as deadwood and it is not good for democracy. The opposition parties are in the ICU for now.
Rasi wise forecast for July, 2021
There is financial growth particularly in the second half.  Factories work full time and sport events are held. Relationship with other countries is good. There will be opening of schools, colleagues and cinema houses at the start of the month or a week or so but then closing continues till month end. From 26th of the month, there are promising developments in containing the epidemic and all the public places are thrown open. There is this brief pause before another wave, guru is retrograde, the 6th lord in 8th. The government is firm on Kashmir issue and the stalemate with regional parties continues. The judicial directives and intervention causes greater annoyance to the government. Yet, it will find ways to tackle the situation, without being on war patch with judiciary.
Mesha: Not a good time for investments and purchase of properties. There is good amount of respect, achievements in professional area during the first half. But glooms descends in the second half. The professional life is uncertain. You move depends on external factors. For the time being status quo continues, shani is retrograde in own sign. Financial problems are seen except for the first seven days at the start and at the end of the month.

Horrible dreams, unreasonable fears and you do not know how is on your side as ketu transits in adverse 8th. There are some misunderstanding with mother and close relatives. Students are having horrible time. You should exercise calm and wait patiently for a good time. Under any circumstances, you should not quit your job unless and until you have another appointment order on hand.
Vrishabha: Severe financial strains for the first seven days. Thereafter the situation eases out a bit. Complete recovery from 17th. Good help and support from friends and relatives. This is the time to branch out. Travelers, sports persons and formers have good time. There will be recognition to your work from 17th. There will be lot of work and the juniors look for your approval and guidance.

At times, it becomes a burdensome task. Religious mentality and you are involved in religious functions. Marital life has some minor unease. You are prone to infections and sudden pain due to that. There is no danger to life.
Mithuna: Excellent financial growth in till 17th of the month. You will purchase all the things you wish to. However, during the second half of the month, there are concerns about finances. Lot of strain due to physical work in the first half. You have a tendency for impulsive purchases which should be avoided.

Relationship issues go very bad. Religious mentality and great help from peers. Many people are bulldoze to migrate to a new place. There is pain associated but it for your benefit in a long run. Each one should find a place and branch out. Do not spend all the amounts, you need to keep some for many rainy days in foreign land.
Kataka: A month where bad things are more, boredom most of the times. There may be penalties by the government and also physical strains. Many of the projects do not take off and if they do they will hit a wall. There will be physicals trains beyond your endurance.

You may land in trouble due to inadvertent comments. Expected amounts do not come in time. Marital life has some strains but there is stability in marriage. Minor worries related to children. 
Simha:  A period of success, contentment and achievements. Property matters, investments are great in the whole month, particularly in the first half. You have some problems related to sleep. There is undue pressure to rise your standards from 21st. Expected money do not arrive in time till 25th.

Marital life is excellent. You have lot of money to spend and some still remains! Loans are cleared and enemies vanquished. There are minor setbacks and discouragements in property matters. You should keep cool and clam in the office. You are likely to loose your temper and land in disgraceful situations.
Kanya :  The specialty of the month is professional growth in the entire month. You will be ble to make some investments in gold in the second half. Attempts to purchase immovable properties does not go further. Even investment in banks and funds will be put off. There is always some fear of health problems.

Children have good progress. You have some anti-religious feelings and you resentment towards any socially recognized behavior. Expected help and support does not come from friends.
Tula: Other than professional advancement from 17th, other than good investments from 18th, the remaining areas of life have bad things. However, you can expect some sudden wealth like inheritance during first week of the month. Relationship with your father is not good.

There will be physical strains due to official trips. You are keen and able to make investments in properties but it is a slow process. Relationship with family members if not good. You are prone to cuts and wounds. You should recite rahu kavacha once a day.
Vrischika: You are prone to cuts and wounds in the first half of the month. You should recite aditya hridaya during this month. Marital problems are more. Bad effects are more than the good ones.

Property matters are very bad. Students have bad time. You should avoid arguments with elders and influential persons.
Dhanus: There is inheritance, outstanding inflow of wealth and money as well as considerable expenditure during the month. You will purchase gold, vehicles and properties in large scale. Marital life is horrible particularly in the first half.

You will aggravate the situation by talking more. You are not argumentative but you are misunderstood. Prone to cuts and wounds. Thanks to benefic shukra there is no danger. Loans are easily available and first seven days are perfectly suitable to take or clear loans. There is always some friction with close relatives but that will stabilize the relationships and works for your benefit.
Makara: There is professional growth, particularly for those in government sector. Financial situation is excellent. You will benefic most in trading transactions though there are marginal losses.

Marital life is not up to the mark. Strained relationship with children. You will gain health, prestige and settle long standing disputes.
Kumbha: There is professional growth, particularly for those in government sector. There is money for investments. First seven days are best suited for purchase of properties like flats, dwelling houses as well as investments. Sudden problems may crop up from mother or close relatives. Read the small print, you are likely to be cheated.

Strained relationship with children. Mild amount of professional frustrations run in the background. You have to tread carefully only three planets are on your side. You are not inclined to visit temples or recite mantras.
Meena: There are domestic problems in the first half. Friction with children in the entire month, this increases in the second half. Not able to purchase anything. You are not happy with the things you purchases. Laziness. But only raw courage will see you through! You should recite mantras for ravi and kuja during this month.