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Solar eclipse occurs on 10th June in the star Mrigasira, vrishabha rasi which is not visible in India. As such, no rituals associated with eclipses need to be followed. This eclipse causes some subsidiary problems to the persons born in vrishabha (particularly born the the star Mrigasira 1st and 2nd padas) and tula rasis.  The adverse effects in case of  dhanur rasi and mithuna rasis are very minimal.

At the start of the month, ravi is in vrishabha and on 15th enters mithuna. kuja transits in mithuna for the first two days of the month and enters his debilitation sign, kataka on 3rd June. Retrograde Budha too transits in mithuna own sign during first two days of the month; In retrogression enters vrishabha on 3rd and assumes direct motion from 24th. Further, Further, budha is combust from 3rd to 19th of June. Guru in kumbha for the entire month and he retrogrades from 21st. Shukra in mithuna till 22nd of June enters kataka on 23rd. Retrograde shani, rahu and ketu transit in makara (own sign transit for shani), vrishabha and vrischika respectively.
During the month of June the tall claims of the government regarding the achievements will fall through. Even if there is success in certain areas, the spokesperson is not able to impress upon. All the government policies are shrouded in suspicions due to twisting and twirling of statistics. This is during the first half and in the second half, the common man is certain that the government has laid him! During the second half, the ruling party is not able to contain the defiance within the party.  There are some intellect people to drive the point as budha is in favorable 11th. Kuja being neecha over the rasi makes the working more difficult to the government. There are other drugs, vaccines and doctors saints and it is a mad mad rush to outwit the virus. Seems the Providence has forsaken the country.  Guru in 8th causes failures and failures mounting on one another. Yet, the death toll is under control and it has been.  Final figures of the match will emerge in 2025. Financial position is good.

Lock down is relaxed in the beginning of the month but is re-imposed in several parts of the country. 6th lord guru in 8th gives the Indians unsurpassable sprit to spring back. Opposition becomes stronger and vocal but they do not achieve anything, shani is retrograde in own sign.  Regarding cure or prevention many strange theories like peacock feathers or dogs curing or spreading the diseases. Even in scientific communities, the opinion about the efficacy of vaccines vary from -80% to +80%. As long as ketu is in vrischika (till 11.04.2022), it is wild goose chase for the cure!  Government exhibits lot of patience towards any outlandish comments by magistrate but does not tolerate any rational remarks by the magazines. Government exhibits high handedness against the opposition; Democracy does not seem to function effectively, 10th lord is neecha in rasi and there is the eclipse in 11th from rasi.
Hang on, hang on. It will be over soon......vax and medicines around. But do not forget your mask and sanitizer.
Rasi wise forecast for June, 2021
Mesha: The month of June is mainly about finances and relationships. There is considerable income from various sources in the entire month. Yet, you do not know how the money evaporated. You will spend more than your income with great impulse. There will also be unavoidable expenditure during the first half. Students do not perform well. Problems concerning close relatives and friends come up again and again.

Mild amount of professional tensions. You are finding it difficult to work out how to change your job. Horrible dreams and unreasonable fears due to ketu in the 8th. Take care of your health; keep away from pets others and while handling your own be on guard. In a surge of love, you are likely to hug your dog tight till he shows his smiling teeth! It is better to recite any sloka or stotra of your choice for Durga mata.
Vrishabha: Entire month of June has one or the other problems but there is good news. None of these problems can pester you, you are able to win over them. You have courage and also help from others. There is always some fear complex that you may be sidelined. In the second half of the month the finances become scare. Expected due will not come, shukra though benefic in 2nd is under check.

You may land up in trouble due to your over confidence or loose talks. Lot of work in the office and you boss will pamper you to extract your talents. Be on guard, in the name of skill transfer do not become redundant! Love and hate relationship with elders and your spouse.
Mithuna: Many people of this sign are forced to leave their cozy dwelling in search of green pastures. There may be some misunderstandings with the main family. You have decided to try your luck elsewhere than rot in the same place. There is an element of financial problems and also great fear whether you will survive in a strange land. Such things are due to eclipse in 12th from your rasi. You are protected and God will send timely help. There will be help from unexpected corner.

The problems that everybody is facing becomes a boon to you. You will see a ray of hope. There are horrible dreams and you are not able to sleep and relax due to rahu in 12th. It is better to recite any sloka or stotra of your choice for Durga mata.
Kataka: There is fear whether you are going to be successful in your ventures. For the time being the results are withheld. There is no help from providence and your plans are stalled. The financial position is good in the entire month but there may be some penalties in the second half. Relationship with your spouse is not up to the mark, though not bad.

Ensure you are within your limits in physical training and sports. You are likely to get hurt in sports arena. Avoid any kind of chance games and be patient with your children.
Simha: Professional setback in the entire month particularly in the first half. You should be calm and cool in the office. Rahu in the 10th causes sudden outbursts. Excellent finances, in fact, more than your expectations. Happy days with your spouse. Success in many ventures.

Loans are easily available as per your terms. Minor worries about your mother and close relatives. Property matters have set backs. Check the title of the property before you proceed further.
Kanya :  Ebbs and tides in professional matters. Love and hate relationship with your father and higher officers. In the second half of the month, relationship with these people will improve and professional advancements are seen. Health problems related to digestive systems.

Expenditure due to children such as further education. Loss of courage when you need it and help from your friends does not arrive in time.
Tula: There may be health problems in the first half of the month. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to eclipse in the 8th from your rasi. In the second half there are misgivings with elders in the family. Though profession is not bad, there is lot of work and you do not know where you are heading. Good gains from various sources.

You can expect some inheritance or realization of some deposits. You will take up some religious services also. Property matters go on slowly with all kinds of delays. There is always some concern about financial condition. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day during this month.
Vrischika: There is lot of money to purchase costly things. You are full of courage and this is the time to open new branches. Remaining areas of life are quite normal or below normal. Frequent frictions with your spouse.

In the second half of the month, there will be humiliations and insults in the work placed. With caution such scenes can be avoided, thanks to shukra in 8th. Property matters are not good.
Dhanus:   There is a fear that you may loose the battle. However, you are coming out successful. Eclipse in 6th causes health problems, loans and job related problems. Marital life is not good. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to eclipse in 7th and kuja in the 8th. Loans are easily available for developments. 
Makara: Excellent monetary gains and you are able to purchase properties, tools, vehicles etc., There is remarkable success in profession in the second half. Relationship with spouse and children is not up to the mark. You should take care of your health. You are frustrated due to slow progress in life. Read the small print before making investments.
Kumbha: Eclipse in the 4th gives you warning about property matters. You should stay away from any chance games. You will get desired loans for purchase of properties. Good progress of children. Mild amount of professional frustrations and concerns about health of your mothers. Good progress in education. Long distance transfer.
Meena: There is great fear that you life may have gone berserk. You can not comprehend where you are standing. You are not able to preserve your future plans, situation is quite fluid. Yet, when it comes to day to day life, you have courage. Lack of interest in religious practices. Excellent financial condition and you will purchase whatever things you want. Not happy with children.
Oxytocin (known as hug hormone) causes social bonding, empathy and joy in social behavior. Distancing, face masks, closure of cinema halls and tourist spots can not go on forever. It is against evolutionary principles. These are purely temporary necessities.  I am a die hard optimist - oxytocin can not be put down. Earlier influenza epidemic began in February 1918 but ended in April 1920.  We had forgotten of Spanish flu till his brother came up on the scene. Some of the lung material were extracted from the bodies of victims of Spanish flu - the virus was but dead wood!  Some experiments were done to bring them back to life for research purposes.  There is no life in them (if Wuhan has not made a copy of DNA!).

Recovery of permanent kind without sanitizers and masks begins with the transit of guru into meena rasi (14-Apr-2022). Virus looses the venomous teeth and effective procedures are established during late July to early September, 2021. By the time guru comes into kataka rasi (19-Oct-2025), Mr.Carona will be totally dead - kick him, pour water on him, remove your mask and spit of his face; Do not be afraid, he will not come back to life!  (say, for next hundred years!)