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Shani transits in 5th from your sign. Transit of Shani in 5th from moon sign is not a good position, though it can not be termed as completely bad.  You wish to be alone and do not welcome guests and relatives. Your faith in God and flair for fine arts will increase. Your nerves become weak and for small things you will suffer anxiety. At times, you have dental problems and mouth ulcers. Your reasoning ability goes down and you are likely to make mistakes in your decisions.  There is some unhappiness from children. Heavy expenditure, losses, worries due to children and misunderstandings with them are possible. All these, though seem adverse for the time being, will shape more advantageous things in future. You have bitter misunderstandings with your spouse. You do not find much love or time for wife. Young people may suffer disappointment in love affairs. Marriage happens but after some delay. You will be able to acquire immovable properties. You are subjected to arrogant higher officers which adversely reflects on your family members. There will be some element of financial strains also. When Shani is combust you land in problems due to over sized self confidence.

Fortunately, the hardships described above are there but less as shani is in his own sign. You should also recite shani kavacha/ mantra/ shatanaama stotra (whichever you find easy).
KANYA [Uttaraphalguni 2,3,4; Hasta & Chitra 1, 2 padas]
॥ओं शनैश्चराय विद्महे छायापुत्राय धीमही। तन्नो मंदः प्रचोदया्॥