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Kumbha (Aquarius): There are eclipses in 4th, 5th, 10th and 11th houses which are not of much concern. Lunar eclipse in November causes sudden rifts with close relatives and worries due to mother's health. There will be mistiness in property transactions, you should invariably read the small print, rahu also transits in 4th. The eclipses in January, June and July cause losses in speculation and also some minor misgivings with children. The eclipses in June and December cause professional problems. No special remedial measures are required but caution is desirable.

From 25th January shani transits over your rasi, in own sign in 12th from your rasi. Shani transits in 12th from your sign, which is the first phase of seven and half adverse transit. However, as shani is your rasi lord and his transits in 12th and over your rasi is in owns signs, you need not least bothered about this. Minor disappointments that are inflicted on you make you firm and hardworking to obtained great success. You will develop some resigned attitude towards life. Students should be more focused otherwise, loose interest in studies. But with some efforts they will be able to score good marks. Any health problem or weakness in the chart, that already exists in the chart, will surface and with proper treatment will go away forever. Long distance transfers are seen. This transit stabilizes the financial front. You are prone to health problems that affect upper chest and lower back. You have an inclination to spend more on religious duties, pilgrimages and such functions. When Shani is retrograde the problems are halted for some time. When Shani is combust, you have the hell falling on you. Heavy expenditure, increased blood pressure, eye or head related problems, imposition of fines and terrible wrath of higher officers. No remedial measures are required at all.

Till 23.09.2020, for kumbha rasi persons rahu transits in adverse 5th while ketu is benefic in 11th. There will be misunderstandings with children and you are not at all happy with them. Losses and heavy expenditure due to children. The expectant couples should conduct Naga Pooja. You should keep away from any chance games and dubious investments, the temptation to make fast buck is ever more. You should be careful in purchase of electronic gadgets, as they may break down. Though you have financially stability, you are not able to invest the way you want. You will become unorthodox and a non conformist.
For last three months of the year, rahu and ketu transit in adverse 4th and 10th. Problems from or due to mother, close relatives and properties. Restlessness and sudden turn of events. Untimely meals, lack of sleep and relaxation. You may have to live away from your people, due to long distance transfer or bitter misunderstandings. There will be problems from house owners or neighbors which cause frequent shifting. Loss of gold, vehicles, properties and grains due to theft and negligence. Destruction or loss of ancestral property due to risky business transactions, gambling or accidents. Students are not able to concentrate on their studies. Students are worried about their careers and are discouraged. However, students in electronics will fare well. Ketu in 10th causes mild amount of professional frustrations. Your friends put you in tight spots, even without their knowledge. There are eclipses in 10th from your rasi during June and December. You should recite ketu kavacha / mantra / stotra etc., (any one of them once a day) during this transit, particularly during June and December of the year.

During the year 2020, guru transits in dhanur rasi in own sign (from 01.01.2020 to 30.03.2020 & from 30.06.2020 to 20.11.2020) and makara rasis (from 01.04.2020 to 29.06.2020 & from 21.11.2020 to 31.12.2020). Transit in dhanur rasi is beneficial 11th house transit in own sign. This is a great time indeed. All your dreams will come true and you have a contented and successful life. You will find solutions to your problems. Monthly income will go up considerably and also there is no wasteful expenditure - you are able to save considerable amount. A good period for investments. Neecha guru is transiting in 12th from your rasi is very bad transit. Heavy expenditure and failures in all walks of life. You are not able to save despite your best efforts. There may be frictions and hidden animosity with elders in the family. Such incidents are more intensified when kuja is neecha (from 23.03.2020 to 04.05.2020). You have venturesome attitude and full of courage and sport person will set new records when kuja transits in mesha rasi (from 17.08.2020 to 04.10.2020 & from 25.12.2020 to 22.02.2021). Transit of kuja in vrischika (from 01.01.2020 to 07.02.2020) gives rise to great professional progress.
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