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During March, 2021
At the start of the month, ravi is in kumbha and from 15th March transits in meena rasi. Budha transits into kumbha rasi from 12th and at the start of the month is in makara. Shukra enters his exaltation sign, meena on 17th March from kumbha rasi. Shukra is combust in the entire month.  Kuja and rahu transit in vrishabha rasi while ketu is in vrischika rasi. Shani and guru continue their transit in makara rasi.

There is lot of patriotism and religious fervour in the air during the first half of the month. The pandemic still causes worry to government agencies and public at large. There may be another variant or a hospital becoming hotspot itself. It is also possible that the virus may find ways to transmit through insects, honey or dead meat. The mortality is under control, shani is in his own sign in 8th from rasi. Land value will go down and factories do not perform well.  There will be huge losses due to strikes and fire accidents. Government will talk in two ways - but the opposition has no idea how this can be encashed.  Due to over enthusiasm, civil liberties are compressed of some elements.  However, people in large number support the government - splinter groups could not hijack the voice of democracy. Financial position is excellent in the entire month, shukra is exalted in the 10th.  In the second half of the month, there are some bad situations for the government when one of their men are caught in some scandal or is sacked due to in competency. This will further help the government to improve the image.
Rasi wise forecast for March, 2021
Mesha: A lively, passionate month, career oriented. You are honest, logical and confident. Success and happiness as well as acquisition of properties, gold etc., are seen in the entire month, particularly in the first half. In the second half you are having some anxiety regarding investments and children. You are more concerned about earning and saving money.

Human relationships will become meaningless and insignificant. There is constant worries about monthly finance, you want to save every coin. Professional life is good till 11th of the month and thereafter there are some problems. You should control your temper with family members. Unreasonable fears and horrifying dreams are quite common.
Vrishabha: Improvement in your skills and there is balanced approach between wealth matters and personality development. Entire month is most promising career wise. There will be great success in property matters as well in the second half. You should have patience regarding your fitness regimen, you may suddenly suffer some acute pain in neck and shoulders. Do not argue with your elders, parents and bosses.

Though they seem to be against you, they are truly helpful. Likely you are confused in your professional matters and need their guidance in the second half. Religious trips and favorable posting are postponed. Be careful not to mix with all persons without discretion. Purchase of costly items is on the card from 17th. Minor misunderstandings with your spouse. 
Mithuna: A mixed month of good and bad. There are certain issues to worry about regarding your parents and elders. You are highly critical of these people. Inheritance or dues from the employer are received till 11th of March. Professional growth is excellent in second half of the month. You are subjected to strains  and anxiety and you take care of sleep and relaxation. There is great interest in occult sciences and it is possible you will enroll for such an instant course and loose money! Good financial situation till 16th and thereafter it is not bad. There is always some fear due to loans, health situation and opponents.

This fear is good, it makes you feel importance of such concepts and to fortify your body and mind. You exhibit diplomatic skills - smooth talker and good at all concepts of communication. You have strong will power and optimism in this month. 
Kataka: There are obstacles in profession in the first half of the month. Your relationship with your bosses depends on how you behave in the first half. Have patience in professional matters, even if you feel utmost discomfort. It is better to pretend you have not heard some portion of the dialogue.

Significant amount of inheritance of dues are received from 12th of March. This is only part of it, some portion is yet due. Excellent conjugal life. Sudden ebbs and tides in finances.  Be careful in investment matters, you are likely to be taken for a ride. 
Simha: There are new beginners in may areas. You are filled with immense curiosity to explore things, at times it may seem foolishness. A challenging month, indeed. You be focused on your professional growth, fitness, spots and clearing loans. These are the advantageous areas during this month. Lot of work, frequent travels and tensions.

There will be severe strains in marital life. You are prone to cuts and wounds as well as taunts and ridicules. There were worries regarding properties and mother. The work situation is tense and you need to withdraw and relax. You are taking important decisions regarding loans and investments during this month. 
Kanya : A blend of good and bad events. There is great success in profession in the first half. But such success does not come ready to eat. There will be some obstacles to your elevations. Marital life is bad in the second half. Great success in investment matters. You are happy with your children.

You are not religious and you will herald this by liberally criticizing others' beliefs. This brings down your image. You believe in yourself, rather more than needed! Be diplomatic in your views. You are very ambitious, entertaining and more focused during this month.
Tula: Good profession in second half. Love and hate relationship with children. You are happy with your children, they do well. Marriage or settlement of children is seen before 16th of the month. You tend to be more over critical of your children in the first half. Property matters should be kept in abeyance this month.

There are good offers till 11th and these deals hit dead ends. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse rahu in 8th. There are always some concerns about finances. In the first half, there is a sense of despondency, indifference and escapism. It is better to take a break and proceed on a sight seeing trip. 
Vrischika:  The month is all about properties, happy trips, purchase of costly items and happiness from children. There will be added taxes on your purchases due to change in government policies. Marital life is not up to the mark. Friends may cause extra expenditure or losses.

But there there are other friends who are truly helpful. Be careful about skin infections and minor cuts. You are well disciplined and focused during this month. You may acquire a new house, an enjoyable hobby or plainly be blessed with a child. 
Dhanus: You are full of courage and venturesome attitude. Your confidence is exuberant and infectious! Everybody enjoys your company. There are some property related issues and mother's ill health that cause concerns in the second half. It rains gold coins till 11th of March. Despite this you are worried about finances due to adverse shani in 2nd.

You are able to clear loans and also you can take new ones for developmental proposes. There are purchases of gold, vehicles, costly dress etc., thanks to shukra. There is perfect harmony, abundance and happiness during this month. Your long standing dreams come true.
Makara: The great assets during this month are your dependable friends, wealth and relentless courage. There are concerns about finances in the first half though the income is excellent. Relationship with children is not good. It is not a good time for investments in properties.

There are always some unreasonable fears that you are loosing your face. There is victory though your mental strength. There is sense of justice, clarity and creativity in this month. A bright idea could be around the corner.
Kumbha: I should say, this is going to be an unpleasant month. Only shukra is on your side while all other planets are transiting in unfavorable positions. You are able to structure your life, put the things in order. Within the given environment, you should focus on personal developments than worrying about wealth.

You should be mentally prepared for insults and being side lined in the first half. There are financial worries in the second half. Several misgivings with mother and close relatives. There are obstructions in property matters. Mild amount of professional frustrations. You have lot of money and to beat boredom will go on purchasing things. Of course, there is no wastage of money.  
Meena: Do not put lot of mental and physical activities on your schedule. You are not able to complete and overcrowded timetable causes exasperation. Enjoy the way you are, at least for some moments of the day. You are well respected by others and this restores strength in you. Love and hate relationship with brothers and sisters.

Property matters go well. You will purchase many costly things. Due to contentment in life, you are more spiritually incline. You look attractive, cool and composed wise person. People seek your views on their personal matters.