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The state assembly election results in five states Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Punjab, Manipur and Goa will come out on 10th of this month. The ruling party will make an unimpressive performance. Congress is not ripped out, it is still round in the form of a regional party. TMC and AAP are just bye-standers but AAP will emerge as more powerful. SP leads in Uttar Pradesh but can not form the government. Goa has uncertain situations same as last time. By narrow margin and diplomatic skills, BJP is retain its position in UP, Uttarakhand and Manipur. In Punjab and Goa clear mandate will not emerge.  But it is clear only that Congress assumes the role of a microbe in national politics! The way BJP tries hard to form the government comes under severe reproof from the public. Lunation occurs in the 8th from rasi of foundation chart. This is not a good month, there will be more violence, loss of life and humiliations to government. Even the government spokes persons, prominent leaders of all parties go crazy like blood starved raven. On the day of results there is initial euphoria in BJP but this will melt down in few days and retrospection begins and this becomes bickering issue next month for the party bosses.
Behind closed doors the ruling party rue about their performance and considering lokasabha elections in two years time, BJP sees the dangers ahead. From 18th of the month, there is lot of frustration in government circles and people are not happy with its scorecard. In the first half of the month, the government secretly plans something. Religious vehemence is seen and there is talk about common rules, regulations, concessions etc., Government policies will go wrong and when they are right, government is not able to project itself, guru is in 8th from rasi and is combust.
During the month of March, ravi is in kumbha till 14th of the month and thereafter transits in meena rasi. Kuja transits in his exaltation sign makara for the entire month. Budha transits in makara rasi till 6th March.  From 7th March to 24th he is in kumbha and enters the debilitation sign, meena from 25th.  Rahu and ketu transit in vrishabha and vrischika rasis during this month. Guru and shukra transit in kumbha and makara rasis for the whole month while shani is in makara rasi, his own sign. Guru combust till 20th of the month while Budha combust from 19th March to 16th is in 8th from rasi and is combust.
Rasi wise forecast for March 2022

A good month of professional progress. You excel in professional skills, diplomacy and there is assured success in the first half. In the second half, as budha is under check, success in your ventures can not be demonstrated immediately. There is lot of work in the office and most of the time, you have to deal with adverse elements.

You should be more careful if you handle financial responsibilities. There is steady professional growth but if you are trying to change your job, it is not possible. Financial position has ebbs and tides. As rahu transits in adverse 8th, you should be careful of cuts and wounds.

March is the month of unprecedented professional advantages. This is more pronounced in the first half. During the second half, there is wealth, success and great recognition. Luck is on your side, your dreams will come true. You will purchase costly things, take luxurious tours and enjoy the life, every bit of it.

As shani is in his own sign, you will be able to purchase immovable properties also. If you are appreciated, take it but ensure that your skills, knowledge and helpful nature is not taken undue advantage. There will be some minor clashes with higher authorities that requires nimble wits to steer out of fixes. Marital life has some setbacks like boredom but shukra will help to overcome such issues.

There is more benefits, pleasures and achievements during this month. There is windfall of gold coins and you are able to save, invest and enjoy your life in full measure. If you are careless you may loose all the wealth due to bad planning. Loans, if you want are available easily, thanks to benefic ketu.

Written off amounts, inheritance and long outstanding dues will land on your doorstep, particularly during first five days of the month. Relationship with elders in the family is both good and bad at times. You are prone to cuts and wounds and extreme caution is required. You should recite kuja kavacha once a day, as kuja is uccha in the adverse 8th. Restlessness, lack of sleep are due to adverse rahu in 12th.

This month is not for partying, expansion of business and contact with higher officials. There will not be success in your efforts. You are prone to cuts and wounds in the first half but nothing serious to worry, thanks to guru. A bit of caution is all that is needed. Do not rub on the wrong shoulders of your boss. You should avoid situations that are awkward using your diplomatic skills.

Relationship with higher officers and elders in the family is strained in the second half. Marital life is horrible. You better avoid the conflicting areas. Do not embark on any partnership. You can expect sudden gains from 6th to 23rd of the month. Stay away from any risky investments. Relationship with children is not up to the mark.

Excellent marital life but sudden violent angry situations in th first half. You are prone to cuts and wounds in the second half. You should be extremely careful about sharp objects, hot and shiny things that may cause hurt. You should recite ravi kavacha during the second half of the month.

Loans are easily available. You are in mood for sports and games. Sudden windfall may happen from 24th of March. You should avoid angry scenes in the office. It is better not to purchase anything and if essential, you should be very careful in checking small print.
Kanya :

Not an ideal month. Be focused in professional goal in the first half. First half of the month is better. Schedule all important events before 14th March. Disappointments with children and health problems bother you.

This month may be utilized to learn a new language or coding skills. There will be lot of expenditure due to children but you are sure these will assure a good future for your child.

A mixed month of good and bad. You are angry with your children and no matter whatever they do, will not make you happy! You should have patience with them. Professional life is very good in the second half. If you are proposing purchase of agricultural land, you will not succeed.

But, this is the month for purchase of dwelling house, vehicles and domestic articles. Also, you can make long term investments for such properties. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse rahu in the 8th. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra during this month.

This month is for trips, trekking and meeting friends. You have lot of courage and friends come calling in. Stable, profitable and long term friendships are formed. Relationship with mother and close relatives is not up to mark. Do not try to purchase properties during this month.

Relationship with children is not good in the second half. Restrict your oratory skills from 24th. Students find this month a very challenging one. Relationship with spouse is not bad but you tend to loose temper. For all your travel plans, spouse is the checkmate; you will have to depend on your old pals.

This months is concerned about pleasure trips, meeting friends and expansion of your contacts. There will be good amount of income but same is spent to clear loans and make investments. Hence, money matters do not make you happy. Strained relationship with close relatives during second half.

Students have tough time in the second half. You are not able to purchase whatever you need from 24th. Loans are available as and when you need but till the last minute you do not know, this keeps on tenterhooks.

A good month indeed. March has good amount of income and also your prestige goes up. Yet, the element of physical activities will make you tired, kuja exalted over your rasi makes you tense. Many people of this sign get married during March. You should stay away from any risky investments.

There will be success in grand scale when you expect set backs and vice versa! In the second half you will take a lot about how courageous you are but it is merely a show off. Do not count on your courage, it will not stay for long.

Not a good month. Every things seems to go wrong. There is deep rooted professional frustration. Sudden developments in property matters will upset you.

Financial situation is excellent from 24th of the month. Due to exhaustion you are not able to sleep well nor relax. You are able to save more and also spend more. This is the only concept that keeps you ticking during March.

There are concerns and worries about finances; you feel there is greater needs for funds during second half of the month. This months is excellent for sports persons and agriculturists. You are going to purchase immovable properties for great value.

Your dreams come true and you are able to make new friends. You will purchase all the things you need and you are full of courage. Despite lot of worldly achievements, you are hooked on to spiritual progress. But this element is very less now.
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