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During May, 2021
By rasi (moon sign), I am not referring to your sun sign, i.e. sun's position in your natal chart.  Sun remains in the same sign for nearly 30 days. For example people born between 15.01.2014 to 12.02.2014 belong to the sun sign Capricorn. (makara rasi). This method is followed in Kerala, in some parts of Tamil Nadu and Malabar as well as in portions of  North East India. According to Western astrology which does not consider precession of equinox (ayanamsha) people born between 22.12.2013 to 20.01.2014 belong to sun sign Capricorn. In Hindu astrology the transit effects are considered from the sign occupied by moon (nirayana position) at the time of birth, called rasi.

On this page, the predictions are interpreted based on the cannons of Hindu astrology.  I would not say, Vedic astrology as in times of the vedas, ancient being Rigveda, astrology was used as calendar to perform specific religious duties and was not used for elections or predictive purposes.  However, we can find references to muhurta and predictive nature of astrology in grahya sutras and puranas.
Rasi wise forecast for May, 2021
At the start of the month, ravi is exalted in mesha and enters vrishabha rasi on 15th May. Budha transits in vrishabha rasi till 26th and transits in his own sign mithuna from 27th. Budha is combust on the first day of the month and is retrograde on the last day of the month. For the first four days shukra is retrograde in mesha rasi and from 5th to 28th May, he is in his own sign vrishabha, in direct motion.  Shukra transits in mithuna rasi for last three days of May. Shani transits in his own sign makara in the entire month and is retrograde from 24th. Kuja and guru transit in mithuna and kumbha rasis respectively.  Rahu transits in vrishabha while his obverse ketu transits in vrischika rasis. 

May is the month for the government to rejoice. They always knew they were going to win - there was whole hearted hard work with great dedication. First half of the month will reconsolidate government's standing. The second half indicates success and time for rejoicing. Financial position is excellent. There is an attempt to reopen theaters, schools  and conduct examinations between 5th to 28th of the month, but it would not work. Again back to square one. There is lot of strain on government machinery. Many people in administrative services, railways and communication departments quit. There is no sports and no new records. Government men do not talk any sense and in turn cause damage to the ruling party. Ketu is in 5th causing confusion about the cure - which vaccination is good or bad as there are too many. People wonder whether honey or bee wax or some insects or a mud bath would be protective against the disease. Despite reservations, people willing go for the vaccination, ketu in 5th is not bad. 6th lord in 8th shows there will be mortality but it comes down. Guru protects from large scale debacles but there will not be remarkable success. Opposition parties are further weakened from 24th of May. The highest authorities like President and Governors are not happy with government functioning. Judiciary will take the government to task. It does not mean government is not working efficiently but there is a difference of opinion between them.
Mesha: Financial constraints in the entire month, though there is considerable income from various sources till 26th of the month. However, it is a bit better in the first half. You feel that your boss and your father dominate and you will struggle hard to keep your freedom. There is good lot of travel, meeting friends and opening new ventures, despite the travel restrictions in the country. Such travel constrains cause annoyance in your as your are not able to sped extra energy. This impacts on your familial life.

At times, you have to call off a plan at the last moment. You will priority to fitness. Property matters will not be successful. You will not call this a fortunate month, there is always a desire left behind. Professional stagnation and fear of not able to upgrade the job requirements. Sudden anger with family members and constant fear that you may have to bundle your stock and runaway somewhere. It is better to recite any mantras related to rahu and ravi during this month.
Vrishabha: During the month of May, the financial front is more than excellent. You are able to make grand purchases, acquire properties and vehicles. There is enjoyment of various kinds. Many people of this sign get settled in life. The expenditure is not planned but impulsive and hence there will be some strains on day to day expenditure. Heat related problems and frequent headaches during the first half. There will be various income from 27th of the month. Lot of work and no job satisfaction.

You are more religiously inclined. It is possible you will take a religious trip. Marital life is not up to the mark though it is not bad. You are able to take control over your financial status and impulsive expenditure by the middle of the month and you will overcome your fears about profession. By the end of the month you are too bored about spending and you are in search of challenges.
Mithuna: A mixed month of profits and losses. Well, profits outweigh losses. First fortnight brings excellent profits, success and zeal for life. In the second half, there will be wastage if you do not make proper investments. Lot of physical activities tire you out. You should keep a watch how much exercises you need. Many interests in life will rob the pleasure - you protect yourself from onslaught of information. Great religious interest, pilgrimages. There will be good help and support from your peers and guides.

Finance is not a botheration at all. There are some problems like misunderstandings with close family members. You may realize some written off dues. You are able to save more. Students in advanced stages like Ph.D and Masters do well. Loans are readily available for development purposes. The trends are good, you are on the right track to realize your dreams. At the moment, you should prioritize your action plans.
Kataka: A very good month of success and gains. First half of the month brings promotions, good standing with boss and a good status in society. Second half is not so good but not bad too. Due to unforeseen activities, there is lot of physical pain, restlessness and irritation. It is better to talk less and less. You are likely to make mistakes. Strains in relationship with your father and higher officers. Financial gains are good, the most important feature of the month! Marital life is not good, thee is cold war but nothing big happens. There will be sudden ups and downs in financial matters. There are concerns about health of your children.

You always knew your past work will pay. This is the time to rejoice your success. There are new plans to accomplish, new lands to conquer. Your sprits and rejoicing should be under limit - you may be heading for confrontation in your head strong attitude.
Simha: This is the great month financially. You are able to get loans, if you are looking for, as per your terms and conditions. Such long term loans benefit you a lot. You are able to purchase land properties of considerable value. However, it is not possible to purchase vehicles, gold or domestic house. Marital life is excellent. Relationship with mother and close relatives is bad. Strained relationship with bosses and there are some professional setbacks.

You should not loose your cool with subordinates, despite tensions. This month is about fights, struggles and victory than contentment and satisfaction.
Kanya: The best part of the month is excellent financial growth. You are lucky in this area indeed. There will be some inheritance and unexpected gains in th first four days. You will purchase costly items and it is a good time for investments. However, purchase of dwelling house is not possible, you are not decided. You will realize some awards, settlement of court disputes during first half. You re very energetic, lively and fearless. You are eager to expand your business and influence.  But be careful about cuts and wounds involving hot objects and flying glass.

There will lot of activities in the office and struggles to gain supremacy. Profession is good during last four days. You should not take loans without substantial reasons. There will be some misgivings with children that will lead to good understandings! Shani is adverse in 5th but in own sign. Love and hate relationship with elders in the family and with peers in the office.
Tula: The best part of the month is the enjoyment, acquisition of wealth and investments. However, you are not much inclined to make purchases of domestic articles, gold, vehicles or houses. It is just you want to see a fat figure in your books. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse ravi, and rahu. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra during this month, minimum 21 times a day. Marital life is not up to the mark during the first half, particularly in the first four days.

You should not provoke government men during the second half, they are very touchy towards you. It is wise to postpone the meeting of second half if possible. Relationship with your father is not good. It is not possible to take long distance travel. There are minor misunderstandings with your children. Investments are made towards land, shani is in own sing in 4th. But is is not easy - inordinate delays and disappointments. There are always some concerns about finances; yet, you do not know the cause of such worries.
Vrischika: Not particularly a favorable month. There is outstanding growth in professional matters during the first half. Those people in government service particularly central government, will get promotions. You have lot of courage and you will take the bull by horns, without harm! Immense patience and un-put-down-able spirit! There are lot of old friends and contacts ready at your beck and call. Marital life is horrible, yes that is the word, particularly in second half.

Extreme caution is required, you are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse kuja in 8th and budha, shukra and rahu in 7th. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra during this month, minimum 21 times a day. You are prone to infections and there will be deep rooted disturbances with mother and close relatives. Many people will serve their relationship with close relatives and migrate to new pastures. If you take proper care and precaution it is metamorphosis to a new life other wise a way to hell!