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Shani transits in 8th from your sign, which is called astama shani transit. Three will be severe problems during this transit in all walks of life. Profession suffers set backs. You will be humiliated and side tracked. Some people who have a bad Shani in natal chart may be suspended or dismissed. There will be severe financial strains. The misunderstandings with family members run high. There will not be any peace of mind during this transit. Artists suffer lethargy and mental dullness. Speculations should be strictly avoided. You are prone to cuts, wounds, accidents and severe health problems and consequent hospitalization for brief period. Caution is required while driving and in sports field. Worries related to children and misunderstandings with them are seen during this transit. When Shani is retrograde, the above results are temporary halted but they never go off. You will be just licking the wounds. However, it gives you ample time to retrospect and plan your next moves.

Fortunately, the hardships described above are there but less as shani is in his own sign. Not many remedial measures are required but they are very much essential. You MUST conduct shanti for shani in a temple or in your house. When done in a temple you can share the expenditure with others. It is the process of reciting shani beeja / gayatri or namaskara mantras 19000+ times. You should also recite shani gayatri mantra
[ओं शनैश्चराय विद्महे छायापुत्राय धीमही। तन्नो मंदः प्रचोदयात्॥ or beeja mantra [ओं प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनैश्चराय नमः॥ minimum 18 times a day. You should do shiva pooja on Saturdays and Maasa shivaratri days. Whether you believe in God or whether you believe in the remedial measures is the consideration now. You just take the remedial measures seriously, think just in case these will help you out! Extreme caution is required in professional matters. Do not put your papers, even if you are humiliated or ignored for promotion. Have patience, good days will come - after two and half years.
MITHUNA [Mrigasira 3,4; Arudhra & Punarvasu 1,2,3]
॥ओं शनैश्चराय विद्महे छायापुत्राय धीमही। तन्नो मंदः प्रचोदया्॥