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During November, 2020
Ravi is debilitated in tula rasi till 16th and thereafter transits in vrischika.  During the entire month,  kuja transits in meena rasi and assumes direct motion from 15th November.  At the start of the month budha is retrograde in tula rasi and assumes direction motion from 4th of the month.  On 29th, he enters vrischika rasi.  Shukra is debilitated in kanya rasi and enters his own sign tula on 17th. Guru transits in his own sign dhanus and moves into his debilitation sign makara on 21st of November.  Shani is in his own sign, makara while rahu and ketu transit in vrishabha and vrischika rasis.
Month of November sees increase of infection rate from mid of the month. The causalities due to infection may rise from 20th.  The schools and colleges may not be opened as decided earlier by the government. The schools, colleges and entertainment places may be shut down again.  Next three months will be more decisive in battle against the virus. The intellectuals are rethinking their strategies till 28th of the month and then start to criticize the government.  Industry does not take off well.  Housing sector and education suffer most. However, majority of the population is not affected.  It is the young people and children that are most affected than elderly people. There is no festive mood in the air but bewilderment and despair.  Opposition parties have an edge over the ruling party.
Rasi wise forecast for November, 2020
Mesha: During the month of November, there will be severe strains in marital life and more in the first half of the month. These are due to egocentric behavior and differences in wealth matters. You are more argumentative with your spouse due to adverse budha. You are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents in the entire month, particularly during the second half. Some good events are seen during last two days of the month. There will be increased expenditure, restlessness and losses in financial transactions. Due to physical strains, you have disturbed sleep pattern.

Relationship with your father, elders in the family and superior officers is not good till 20th of November. Professional life is bad, you have to do all the extra work and you will get good name. In the beginning it is goes on well but becomes burdensome task afterwards. You are likely to take loans to clear other loans or to meet expenditure towards health. You will spend more to please your spouse from 17th but these escapades do not improve the situation. There is stability in job;  even if you want to change, you are not able to! Sudden short tempered arguments, ebbs and tides in finances and a fear of some thing going terribly wrong (due to bad ketu in 8th) run in the background. 
Mithuna: In November, relationship with your children becomes quite strained; you are imposing and intolerant. You will not miss any opportunity to sermonize even on small lapses. It is better to talk less and think of aftereffects. You are on livewire till 16th of the month. You should not think of any investments during entire month. Your partners and subordinates are very much helpful while the boss just promises the stars but you do not know whether association with him is advantageous. Yes, it is good, he has not made up his mind or the situations are not congenial.

At the start of the month itself you will know you are chosen to do a hard work in the office. The planning throws you back to square one very often. This revision of plans is frustrating resulting in constipation and leg pain.  After 15th of the month, things start happening in real sense. The mind is relaxed yet the physical consequences continue. Marital life is excellent till 20th November. Success does not come easily,  you have to struggle hard but it comes slowly, guru and shani are adverse in 8th. Restlessness and lack of sleep bother you constantly. Many of mithuna persons may relocate to other places.
Effects of Guru in Makara Take me there
Vrishabha: Professional problems, loans and strained relationship with your spouse & business associates occur during the month of November. Expected loans are not accorded, promotions are delayed leading to frustrations. Health problems concerning middle and lower stomach predominate. The first half of the month is better, though you are subjected to discomforts. There is mild misgivings with your spouse in the entire month due to adverse ketu. But during the second half of the month, such misgivings intensify. There is good progress in land properties, a good time for such purchases and investments, more so after 17th November.

All your projects and proposals are held up till 20th of the month. There will be religious trips and luck starts to dawn again from 21st. You are more attracted towards occult sciences. The time is not good till 16th of November for investments. You should avoid any risky games and investments. From 17th, you will take credit facility to acquire costly things. It is good, you are not overstepping your limits and there is no wastage. There are some long term plans you have; they will emerge as main elements in coming days. Due to adverse rahu over you rasi, you may have minor health problems due to toxins in the blood.
Kataka:  During the entire moth there are certain issues with your children; you are unhappy with them to some degree and this is expressed in outbursts from 17th. You can not hold it any longer. Students have ebbs and tides in education and it will be so in property matters. There is good progress in education and wealth matters from 17th November. Till 16th the situation is very horrible but it is excellent thereafter. Take care you don't have a tiff with government agencies during the first half of the month.

There will be some misunderstandings with elders, your father or higher officers from 15th. The warning of this is given to you at the start of the month. You should maintain certain distance from these people. Loans bother you till 20th and thereafter it is good. Nevertheless thanks to shukra, in the entire month financial position is excellent. Marital life is excellent from 21st though there are some issues due to adverse shani in 7th. You will come across profitable proposals. You will purchase vehicles and domestic properties spread over the entire month. You should not be impulsive in your business transactions.
Simha: Excellent relationship with friends, brothers/sisters and neighbors during the first half of the month. Yet, as ravi is neecha you may fall apart in relationship with some government officials. Due to adverse budha in 3rd, you have problems with some of these people. In the entire month, there are problems in property matters and education. You do not have much interest in the subjects you cherished a while ago. You will get easily confused. The setbacks are more in the second half. You are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents in the entire month due to adverse kuja. The possibility and intensity is more during the second half. You should be careful while driving and handling hazardous objects. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day till the end of the month.

You will be able to clear your dues in time but it causes some difficulties from 21st. Financial position is excellent in the entire month; there will be purchases of various kinds and pleasure trips. You should be careful not to loose your temper in the office; professional frustrations are hard to contain. You feel restless inside the house, there is some misunderstandings with family members and you are not able to express yourself.
Kanya: There is excellent inflow of wealth and yet there are financial strains. This is caused by commitments towards family members. Expected dues do not arrive in time, benefic budha in 2nd is under check. There is no help from friends and you may have rifts with some during the second half.

Marital life has setbacks due to adverse kuja in 7th. Education is not up to the mark till 20th. Due to benefic shukra over your rasi but neecha, you may spend on consumer durables which are beyond your reach. Minor misgivings with your children and elders in the family are due to adverse shani in 5th and rahu in 9th.
Vrischika: There is restlessness and you are not able to invest or save as you wish. This causes frustrations in the entire month. You have to work hard and there will be lot of tensions; you are compelled to set new records. The days are not good for investments. Relationship with children is strained. There are minor strains in monthly income and expenditure.

Yet, you are able to make grand purchases till 16th, thanks to shukra. These are not straight dealings, there is something unethical in these like purchasing stolen articles! Expected help from friends does not come in time. nonetheless, you can not blame them. Marital life is good but you are short tempered with your spouse. Pimples, black spots around the eyes and allergy are due to adverse ketu over your rasi.
Tula: You should be thick skinned and should not react to provocations. This will further complicate the matters. You are likely to be slighted. These possibilities are more during the first half of the month. Despite this, you can expect a promotion from 15th of the month. You will hear about this at the start of the month itself.

There will be financial strains due to unavoidable expenditure and it is more so in the second half. There are setbacks and reverses in property matters. You are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents. You should be careful while driving vehicles, handling sharp objects and also with cattle. These create lot of fear but the physical effects are not much. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day till the end of the month.
Dhanus: The odds are stocked up against you during the month of November. However, the brighter side is that you have financial stability. It is due to your skills in planning to the last component. There is success, purchase of properties, wealth and happiness during the first half. This is more of a show off. You want to show off to the world how happy you are, more than you are! Budha and shukra in benefic 11th are under check.

There is sleeplessness and anxiety due to adverse ketu in 12th. The second half of the month sways more towards this. There are some problems in property matters, your close relatives don't cooperate and you are sick with these people. You have a feeling that all the people in the world (minus you) are putting you down. You should be a bit careful in professional matters till 16th of the month as you have some tricky situations in the office. Loans and advances are not available, you should be discreet in financial matters.
Makara:This month is entirely about your profession and property matters. You have great leap in professional field. In the first half, you are pitted against your officers and this causes some tensions and back hand dealings. Ravi is debilitated in benefic 10th and shukra is bad from 17th. You have success and property matters go on well during the first half. You are lazy and bored, you are not inclined to meet your friends.

There will be lot of expenditure and most of it is due to your false prestige. On promotion, you are supposed to dispose off old car and purchase a big one! From 21st of November, there is more concern of what the people speak of you. There is no religious feelings. You thick religion is a ruse devised by hypocrites. There is stability and you are able to control your emotions. Read small print before you embark on any financial plans.
Kumbha:There is lot of wealth, inheritance, purchase of costly items all through the month, thanks to shukra. Consider 17th to 20th November for purchase of properties and vehicles. Relationship with your father, elders in the family and higher officers is very bad. You tend to be argumentative and the more you argue, you will loose more, budha is bad in 9th. This tendency is more pronounced in the first half.

You may get into argument with some government official, say a traffic cop and land in trouble. Good events you anticipated in the office do not happen. There are rifts with family members and your mother. Monthly finance is wild, expenditure increases. Professional frustrations run the background. Students find it difficult to cope with their educational tools but  are interested in electronic gadgets.
Meena: The month of November is mainly about properties, inheritance and wealth. You are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents in the first half of the month. There are warnings of this but you may ignore and land in trouble, budha in benefic 8th is under check. You know you are likely to get some dues but it takes some more days.

You will surely get considerable amount after 17th. This will be spent on good causes, there is no wastage. Lot of physical activities make you strained. Marital life is not up to the mark. You have some anti religious feelings particularly from 17th of November. Friends and relatives are not on your side.
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