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At the start of the month, ravi is neecha and from 17th moves into vrischika rasi. Budha transits in his own sign kanya for the first two days of the month.  From 3rd to 20th he transits in tula rasi and finally moves into vrischika on 21st. Budha is combust from 6th till 24th of next month. Guru is neecha till 20th and moves into kumbha rasi on 21st. Shani transits in his own sign makara in the entire month. Shukra transits in dhanus, while rahu is in vrishabha and ketu in vrischika; Kuja transits in tula rasi throughout the month and is combust till 29th November. Partial Lunar Eclipse on 19th occurs in kritika star - vrishabha rasi and is not visible in India.
A month of many troubles and worries. Other than war, all other predicaments are seen. Partners in the government have some ego issues and accuse BJP of despotic attitude. These spurs are effectively managed with diplomatic skills at the higher level. This month caucuses fear and lack of trust with the neighbors. At times, there is war cry and a sensation of grandeur about the might of Indian Forces. 'None in the universe can match us' feeling is short lived. There is a strong doubt that our riveted friends may be distancing us, considering their own benefits - be it backer Russia, cousin UK, friend France or Uncle Sam. The relationship with these countries causes conflicts between opposition and ruling parties, in the first half of the month. Nothing to gain, they will abandon their hot pursuits. In the second half, the intelligentsia and highbrows start to make headlines. This in turn helps to bury the fear; Population is confused whether they should be afraid of communists within or outside.

Government gets bad name - due to high handedness of some of the ministers. The international agencies try to prod India for human rights violation in J&K, against poor farmers and the journalists. Patriotism seems to be a misjudgment. Resentment within the ruling party grows strong. Kuja in 4th from rasi and combust is the potential situation for earthquakes, plane and rail accidents and fire. Patriotism, religious fervors goes away and even the stench supporters start to question the motives of the government. People do not care whether a temple is built or pulled down. That means the grass root party workers and all the whatsup veterans should work double time to keep BJP floating - otherwise it would go down in the score. But nobody can beat congress speed in decline with this man or that man or no man as president. The instances of covid infection in metros will rise while interior places are not much affected. Those who have some health hazards suffer most. However, the death rate is less, it falls short of another wave. Financial situation is going from bad to worse. God seems to have deserted. Danger bells start ringing as many states go to polls early next year. There will be more directives from the judiciary and government finds it difficult to deal with. Lunar eclipse in the11th from rasi is not good. It exposes some scandals, bank scams; another variant rogue may surface.
Rasi wise forecast for November, 2021
Mesha:  Marital life not up to the mark; Always worried about job and loans. Prone to cuts and wounds as ravi, kuja and ketu are bad in the entire month. Caution is required in this regard. From 21st of the month, there will be good amount of income and also purchase of costly things. Professional frustrations. There may be religious trips or functions in the house till 20th of the month.

Financial position swings up and down. You are likely to suffer lack of sleep and horrible dreams. You should be careful in financial matters, as eclipse occurs in 2nd from your rasi. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra minimum 21 times a day during this month to reduce the possibility and intensity of cuts and wounds.
Vrishabha: A month of professional achievements. You will be able to secure promotions, clear loans and take new ones, if you need for development. Marital life from 21st is quite bad. You will realize old dues and benefits. You will purchase whatever you set yours on, shukra is benefic in 8th.

Some friction with your father and peers but you will be benefited by their guidance. People in higher studies have success but this is a slow process. You may be falsely accused of a mistake or your stance questioned. Have patience, the air will be come clear by its own.  
Mithuna: A troublesome month. You are not happy with your investments and with your children. Try not to loose your temper with them, that will not help. In a month or two, the clouds will fly away. Caution is required in financial matters. Good events, religious trips begin from 21st. Marital life is not up to the mark but not bad. You will be able to save; you need not have to be afraid if you have shifted to a far away place or made a costly investment.

You will be able to withstand the problems, shani in 8th is in own sign. You have some trouble in sleep pattern due to anxiety and worries. You should have patience and optimism, as remedial measure. Your relationship with close relatives has become cause of concern.
Kataka: A month of happiness and unhappiness going hand in hand. There are issues with close relatives, mother and property matters. Also, thanks to budha, you are going to acquire properties, vehicles etc from 3rd to 20th of the month. But it is not easy, ravi and kuja are bad. There are many events that make you happy.

Marital life is excellent in the first half. Loans bother you from 21st. Sudden success and sudden reversals. Quantum of happiness predominate unhappiness. Be careful in financial matters, you are likely to be cheated.
Simha: A great month for expansion of business, your influence and friends. Sports persons have excellent progress. You are full of courage and will take the horns on with your competitors. Budha is bad in 3rd, you should contain your raw strength and camouflage in diplomatic skills. There are concerns about mother's health in the second half.

There is excellent progress of children - many will be blessed with children, their settlement or marriage of children. Loans are easily available for purchase of properties, consider long term loans. There is professional frustrations and some relationship issues with close relatives. You may be accused of some inappropriate decisions in the office. Just wait for some time, the gossips will disappear.
Kanya: The main feature of the month is purchase of vehicles, gold and great enjoyment like pleasure trips. The rest of the concepts beat a retreat. There is sever financial strains in the entire month, particularly in the fist half. Friends who promised help are nowhere to be seen. Expected amounts just remain on the horizon but do not reach you.

You are afraid that you may not be a good parent with your existing resources. This makes you same more and more. There is interest in religious matters. You may question your guru and thereby thrown out! At times you loose courage to face the world, the blunders you committed in the past come and haunt you. This will not cause problems but they guide you towards a better future.
Tula: I should say, this is a month of horror stories! Many planets are adverse and those on your side like budha, guru and shukra suffer vedha to help you. Only one good things is shani though in ardastama is in own sign. Short tempered nature, financial problems, health problems, physical strains. You are likely to be misunderstood and so talk less. There are problems in education and property purchases. The friend on whom you depend is very undependable, you will find out.

You have just purchase immovable property or planning to. Just go ahead even if there are problems from your relatives. To top the lsit, the eclipse on 19th happens in the 8th from our rasi. There will be humiliations, accusations as well as cuts and wounds. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra minimum 21 times a day and wait for the dark clouds to pass away.  
Vrischika: There may be a foreign travel in the first half that paves a way for further development in life. Lack of sleep and relaxation. You have some mysterious fear that withholds your progress. Students have horrible time, they need to concentrate on their studies. Short tempered arguments with spouse.

Be careful in this regard, eclipse on 19th occurs in the 7th from your rasi. Only raw courage and optimism will keep you afloat.
Dhanus: A good month of enjoyment and wealth. The wealth matters top the happenings particularly in the first half. A good time to invest in gold and immovable properties. Consider agricultural or stretch of barren land. There will also be purchase of consumer durables, gold and vehicles, thanks to shukra in your rasi. There are certain financial sanctions or plans you have made. Due to this, there is self imposed shortage of funds.

While taking loans read small you should not be trapped in the tentacles of misery, eclipse occurs in the 6th from your rasi. Towards night fall, clear you mind, have a hot bath and leave off your worries. Otherwise sleep will flee away from you.
Makara: Great professional progress in the entire month. You will enjoy the status and importance in the first half. Soon you will realize it has tensions too. You should learn to be cool and calm. Of course, thanks to budha favorable in 10th, you have good skills to contain the situations. You are likely to spend more on fanciful purchases.

The first thing you should do is to same few coins at the start of the month. This will help you a lot. Be careful in financial matters. There are problems related to children, you may see some disappointments.
Kumbha: You will enjoy your life with many acquisitions, luxury trips and purchase of vehicles, gold etc., Do not purchase electronic gadgets impulsively. The eclipse occurs in the 4th from your rasi.  This may cause strains in relationship with your mother and close relatives. Professional life is good from 21st.

There are worries about father and the teachers behave quite harsh towards you. Many people of kumbha rasi may go abroad. There are certain issues with close relatives. There is deep professional frustrations.
Meena: There is no specific achievement during this month. You will enjoy the power of wealth, the properties, the vehicle etc., you have acquired. This has given you a good standing in society. Still are able to acquire more wealth. There will be some sudden inflow of money of considerable value from 3rd to 20th.

Professional life is not up to the mark. Due to adverse ravi and kuja in the 8th, in the entire month, particularly in the first half, you are prone to cuts and wounds. Extreme caution is required. You should not forget to recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day. The eclipse in 3rd causes some friction with brothers, sisters, friends and neighbors. 
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