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During November 2022, ravi is debilitated in tula rasi at the start of the month and leaves for vrischika rasi on 17th November. Kuja is retrograde in the entire month. At the start of the month, kuja is in mithuna rasi and on 13th retraces into vrishabha. Budha moves to vrischika rasi from tula on 14th November. Guru transits in his own sign meena and is retrograde till 24th of the month. Shukra is in his own sign tula and moves to vrischika on 12th. Shani transits in own sign makara while rahu and ketu continue their passage in mesha and tula respectively.
For the country, it is period when the eminence of the country is questioned. International community is divided whether India is leading or misleading in a conflict topic.  Well intended taciturnity is misunderstood. Religious intentions, patriotism and cultural awareness takes a retrospection.  Financial position is fluctuating. Like minded countries and neighbors take a different route leaving India alone to grapple with burning issues. This turns out to be a blessing in disguise.  India is able to save some money while Europe and America pull their belts. There are some domestic violence here and there. The partners of the government come to the rescue whenever needed. There will be outbreak of a disease or some kind of health issue will surface. Lunation in the worst 8th indicates accidents, arson, looting, violence and such untoward incidents.  However, the damage is limited as shukra is in his own house and sign being 8th lord. Government may announce a sudden change in fiscal policy.
Rasi wise forecast for November, 2022

Marital life goes bad beyond your imagination, particularly in the first half of the month. Avoid all kinds of assertions, directives to wife. You will suffer uncontrollable anger and this aggravates the gap. You are prone to cuts and wounds in the second half. Thanks to shukra, there are no untoward incidents.

A bit of caution is needed when you handle hot and sharp objects and this is not related to driving or trekking. Financial constraints till 11th of the month. You wish to make good investments but it is not possible till14th. Your dues are held up. Professional problems like heavy work and boredom are common.

High handed officer causes lot of work to be revised in the first half. There is martial discord in the second half due to badly placed ravi, budha and shukra. There is good amount of funds to make investments. Teachers, lawyers and workers in social welfare organizations make name for themselves.

Many people of this sign get promotions. Success in wealth matters, though there is some problem now and then in day to day financial management. You may be attracted towards sports that causes severe exhaustion in second half of the month. You should not go for loans, there are some raiders. The strict boss is hard to please in your training. Lack of sleep and horrible dreams.

As the eclipse occurs on your rasi, caution is required in financial matters. Should be watchful while driving. You should recite any mantra for Chandra or any mantras for your favourite God (Istadaiva), instead.  This is more essential, if your birth star is Bharani.

Extremes in relationship with your children. There is immense joy due to them till 11th of November. You are highly critical of their progress and behavior in the first half of the month. There are never ending arguments till 13th. You may not secure government loans or from your employer but there are banks that led you handsome amount, try in the second half of the month.

Lot of work in the office and the burden of instructing others falls on you. Slowly you are able to make a fortune but the small deposits now go unnoticed. A good time to save and change your life, if you wish. There is no progress in property matters in the first half and sudden developments are seen in second half.

A mixed month of good and bad regarding education, properties, happiness, investments and children. Property matters suffer setbacks due to some government policies. Yet, there is success, thanks to budha. In the second half, there are problems related to children. Avoid arguments with them.

Physical strains are more till 13th of November. No investments or purchase of immovable properties or lands are possible. There are some friction with father and promised help is held up. Many people whose marriage was delayed will get married. Profession has too much time bound activities causing tensions due to rahu in 10th. It it not time to purchase domestic gadgets, you may suffer disappointments due to them.

Severe misunderstandings with some friends while others are helpful. And some who have promised to stand by you are no where at all! Education is good but in the second half, it becomes more burdensome. Property matters do not go forward, despite your best efforts.

The time is good for purchase of agricultural land, tools, vehicles till 13th of the month. Professional problems are seen from 14th. Success in any venture is hard to come by but success is still seen. If you think project A is going to be successful, project B will. Guru though in worst 8th, is in his own sign. There are some friction with parents and higher officers.

A very good month in respects and very bad in some other areas. Severe financial strains in the first half, despite income from various sources while excellent marital life as seen never before. Sudden improvement in finances in the second half. But the fear of shortage does not go away from our mind. You are full of courage, there is ample funds to purchase things and enjoy life.

Professional life causes physical strains and sickness. Relationship with bosses is also not good. You should start investing/saving for your children. You are prone to cuts and wounds. Extreme caution is needed. You should recite rahu kavacha once a day during this month. If you are undergoing 8th lord's bhukti, shanti for rahu becomes essential.

As the eclipse occurs in the 8th from your rasi, caution is required in financial matters. Should be watchful while driving. You should recite any mantra for Chandra or any mantras for your favourite God (Istadaiva), instead. 

This month has more on ill health and loans. You may be sidelined in the office that causes considerable despair. You are prone to cuts and wounds particularly in second half. It is better to recite kuja and rahu kavacha during this month.

There is good amount of income in the second half but also financial strains. Nevertheless, you will purchase domestic articles and vehicles. There is success in purchase of house property but the process is long drawn. Sudden friction with spouse is possible due to rahu in 7th.

A very good month which gives excellent progress of children; investments fetch good returns. You will take up religious practices for the sake of your children. There is enjoyment of life in all ways.

Friends are not much helpful but you do not mind! Loans are available for development purposes, as per your terms. Despite all these, due to hyperactivities, you are not able to sleep well nor relax. In the second half, there is undesirable inquisitiveness to know what people think of you!

November signifies securing loans as well as clearing old dues. This month favors large scale investments. Many persons of this sign will get married, secure good jobs or go abroad. Your files and claims pending will the government will not move forward in the first half. In the second half you will be disappointed with the developments in this regard. You tend to loose temper with your spouse in the first half. Property matters have some stumbling blocks and do not go well. Do not try to surge ahead but let it go. It is difficult to fight and you do not achieve any great success.

Students should work hard; there are several external forces against you - it is not lack of confidence and so do not blame yourself. Watch out for best loan options, you are going to market place in a big way. Other than a dwelling house, you can purchase anything you hold dear to your heart. Finance is not bad, but you are very cautions. Even if you have swollen money bag, you will not unzip. Not that you are a miser but very prudent in spending, thanks to shani in 2nd in own sign. While making investments or purchases be cautious, do not be tempted by 'one more free' or '2% more interest', rahu is bad in the 5th. Avoid any arguments with your children.

The month revolves around professional progress, promotions and properties of high value. A very good month indeed. There is excellent professional progress, promotions and good postings. But there are some government agencies and affluent people who set up spikes to your car. This causes mild amount of frustrations in life. Loans are easily available for developmental projects. There is good progress in investments like shares, deposits and also purchase of properties like land and buildings.

Purchase of gold, vehicles is merely a child's play! Do not be impulsive in your purchases, rahu in 4th is adverse. You are fed up with lip sympathizers and fair weather friends but you have learnt to live with them. Despite all these there is a despondency in your heart that your are not held in high regard by others in society. 'Should not a common man raise to high ranks?' Forget it, false ceiling looks stunning but leaky after some time!

Extremes in relationship with elders in the family, particularly your father as well as the big boss in the office. They are demanding and highly critical but they will certainly help you to solve your problems. The boss scolds in choicest words but recommends your promotion! Father will chide you but gives keys to his cash chest. Profession goes on well, you may hit a promotion or increase in salary but you are over burdened by daunting administrative and financial responsibilities. These feeling for only two or three months.

Relationship with children is not up to the mark. Property transactions do not go on well. Though there are no eminent financial strains, there is some shortage which you handle with ease - guru is under check. There may be long distance transfer or employment abroad. Help comes from unexpected quarters, like strangers and long forgotten friends. You are religiously inclined and it is time to take up yoga and meditation.

Two precisely unrelated threads of events take you to cloud 9 and there after another cloud of 9 times more despondency. You are likely to demeaned and humbled. Expected meeting with a distinguished person will not take place. There is so much pain in your heart, for the entire month, you will ask your god, why he has deserted you. There is no more faith in God or in you. You tend to be a fatalist, resigned to be tossed and kicked around. The more important task is to hold yourself together and do not let anyone know what is happening in your mind.

Students have bad time in the first half. Despite the adversities, there is raw courage. 'Let me see how my story ends. I will never ever give up'. You have excellent health and resolute mind to compliment. Expected arbitration award does not arrive in time. You have lot of money to invest and purchase anything under the sun. You are able to stabilize and also foresee future investments. You are prone to cuts and wounds. But it is not serious component of the month, shukra in 8th will reduce such possibilities. It is better to recite Aditya hridaya till 16th of the month.
Himachal pradesh goes to polls in November. The conglomerate of opposition forces is very strong and united. Ruling BJP is equally strong but is no match to the opposition. Lunar eclipse on 8th happens in Bharani star, mesha rasi, which is 10th from rasi of foundation chart. The adversary has no  common agenda but only to replace the BJP.  BJP comes up with many development schemes, equality and common welfare in the manifesto. BJP falls short of few numbers, in lunation chart guru is lagna lord in lagna, own sign but retrograde.  BJP has to do some magic to retain power! This election works as deterrent to BJP kindling rethinking of goals and roadmaps.

Lunar eclipse on 08.11.2022 occurs in Bharani star mesha rasi and is visible in some places in India. Eclipse begins at 13.32 and ends at 19.26. As the moonrise is at 17.49 the eclipse is visible from 17.49 only. People born in mesha rasi, particularly bharani nakshatra and kanya rasi persons should be careful regarding health matters.  Caution is required in financial matters. Should be watchful while driving. Persons of mesha and kanya rasis should recite any mantra for Chandra or any mantras for your favourite God (Istadaiva), instead.  And this is imperative if your birth star is Bharani.