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During October, 2020
During October 2020, Ravi transits in kanya rasi till 17th and thereafter he moves into his debilitation sign, tula. Kuja transits in his own sign, mesha for first four days of the month and is retrograde in the entire month. Thereafter kuja transits in meena. Budha transits in tula rasi throughout the month.  He is retrograde from 15th and is combust from 21st.  Shukra transits in simha rasi at the start of the month; enters his debilitation sign, kanya from 24th of October. Guru and shani transit in their own signs dhanus and makara while rahu and ketu transit in vrishabha and vrischika, respectively.
Month of October sees opening of schools, start of education era, happiness due to less restriction on travel, trade and gatherings. The government opens up museums, zoo parks and boosts seminars on economy. Government tries hard to make some money in this but it does not work.  Good amount of resources are put in till 23rd and thereafter, stopped as the schemes do not work.  Intellectuals make lot of noise about freedom of expression and entertainment industry.  The schools that were opened will be closed while the closed ones will be opened and reopened! There is lot of perplexity Light transmits in particles and waves. The schools are both opened and closed at the same time!  Budha is retrograde from 15th and combust from 21st. The government will try to open entertainment centers subject to conditions but this does not go well, ravi is neecha from 18th.  There are always ebbs and tides in financial sector - nobody knows what numbers are reliable. Ketu transits in 6th from the rasi of the country while kuja aspects his own sign for first four days of the month. A new dimension is added to the existing health problem. It is either the virus teams with another one or a clear link is established with diabetes, tonsillitis, urinary infections or thyroidal disorders. The fright caused by the big shadow on the wall is more than the small mice in front of the bulb. The rate of infections will increase hugely from 5th of the month. Any hope of vaccine for the mankind and any hope of the virus to conquer the world are thwarted - shukra is neecha from 24th while kuja is retrograde from 5th. Ketu in 6th indicates opposition leaders cuddled in a smoky den somewhere near Shangri-La! The opposition parties cause some irritation to the mammoth elephant and nobody in the government bothers about it.  Relationship with neighbor countries causes financial complexities from 24th of October. The government is in happy mood to celebrate victory, particularly for its moral and religious stands. The population is no longer afraid of any epidemic and nobody talks about china or its supposed virus factories. Yet, due to rahu in 12th, there is  a dread that one may not get out of the bed, no one knows what the virus can do by next morning! Country is only on maintenance mood and is not able to create any long term assets. There seems to be some employment generation and in the end it is generation of unemployment.
Rasi wise forecast for October, 2020
Mesha: In the entire month, there will be problems related to loans and profession.  Loans will not be available as and when required. You may take loans and spend them all on some other unworthy causes. Health goes terribly bad from 24th. Marital life is horrible throughout the month. It increases and decreases now and then. The situation turns out to be more fierce from 18th, ravi is bad in his debilitation, identical with 7th.

This is one of the bad months. Well placed planets ravi, guru and shukra are under check while the remaining planets are transmitting in adverse situations. Your interest in sports and games will decline after first four days of the month. You have problems in falling asleep due to tensions and fears of various kinds. Relationship with your father is not good; he is less obliging and there will be frequent arguments. Nevertheless, the relationship is not bad. Good events, convocations and programs are put off. You can not invest for your child, shukra in 5th is under check. Professional problems continue but these are not able to shake you off. Short tempered arguments with family members, mouth sores and horrible dreams are rather common.
Mithuna: Domestic problems, strained relationship with close relatives and setbacks in property matters as well as in education are seen during this month. Relationship with children is not up to the mark. Property problems, domestic disharmony and setbacks in education are seen during the first week of the month. Relationship with children goes very bad with angry situations in the second half.  In the entire month, there are words flying high due to adverse budha.

Marital life is so-so only but leads to great happiness from 24th of the month. Money power is great and it gives you solace and courage. You are keen on taking up remedial measures, yoga etc., to improve your health. This is a good time to reinvest and discover new life. You should be extremely careful in the office as there is likelihood of some clashes, budha is bad in the 10th. There are no health problems and your are able to thrive  despite adverse situations. Rahu in 12th causes restlessness and lack of sleep.
Effects of Rahu & Ketu in Vrishabha and Vrischika rasis. Take me there
Vrishabha:Some frictions and misgivings with children, losses in speculation, reluctance to follow the advice of doctors, good professional progress and some stalemate situations in the office are the highlights of the month. During the first fortnight of the month, there will be some problems related to children, heavy expenditure due to them and some disappointments. However during the second half,  these problems completely stop. In the entire month there will be some stalemate situations in the profession.  Loans are not readily available. However, from 18th of the month, you have good progress in the job and loan situation improves. There will be some discomforts too like insults and ill health, ravi is neecha in the 6th. There will be minor problems related to expenditure and sleep for the first four days but that does not bother you, kuja is in his own sign.

Investment matters do not work well till 17th of the month. Focus on property transactions from 18th of the month; some delays and hurdles and expected,  though. There is resigned attitude that protects you from disappointments. This is the time to take up yoga, meditation etc., guru transits in adverse 8th but in own sign. You are sure to spend on purchase of vehicles and housing properties as shukra is favorable in 4th till 23rd.  Minor marital problems, pimples and skin infections are regular visitors.  Relationship with higher officers and your father is good, you stand to gain from them, though at times relationship goes sour.
Kataka: The month of October is all about relationship issues and properties. This is a mixed month of good and bad. Expected help and co-operation from friends and relatives does not dock in time, you are left to fend for yourself. However, there is good help from the very same persons from 24th. There will be some ups and downs in property matters. Budha in 4th is beneficial from 18th while ravi is neecha. Ensure you are not on the wrong side with the law - you may have to pay some penalties. There will be health problems to your mother in the second half. Relationship with your parents is bad in the entire month. You are argumentative and lack skills in management.

You should be careful about your health. Amounts due to you are not realized in time. Financial position is good towards the end of the month. You are able to save a lot but you should be careful in your investments. There should not be any impulsive purchases. Relationship with your spouse is stable but not a bit unexciting. You are a slightly annoyed by idiosyncrasies of your children.
Simha: The main features of the month are financial strains due to unplanned spending and good relationship with friends and relatives. There will be financial strains during the first half of the month. The relationship with family members is slightly bad. During the second half, you have good relationship with friends, particularly those in high circles of the government.  Due to adverse budha, not all the friends are good to you. You may land into some torment due to your unethical activities. It is always good to protect dharma that it will surely protect you.

Almost throughout the month, you are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse kuja in 8th. You need to be careful while handling hazardous things. Expected progress of children does not happen; even then nothing goes wrong, fortunately. For the pleasure of it, you may spend considerable money on impulsive purchases. Expected amounts may not arrive in time. There will always be some fretful moments in the office due to adverse rahu in 10th. You should be careful in purchase of vehicles and properties as you are very much undecided.
Kanya: During the month of October you have lot of tensions as you want to prove your metal in the office. During the second half of the month, there will be financial strains. In the entire month, the amounts due to you may not come in time, both budha and shukra are under check. Lot of money will simply evaporate and you do not know where all the coins have gone. Relationship with your spouse is not good in the entire month.

Property matters suffer some setbacks. There is stable and considerable development of children. Relationship with your father and elders is strained. Expected help from friends and relatives does not come in time.
Vrischika: One of the bad months expect for first four days of the month. You need to keep calm and bid for good time. During the first half of the month there will be complications regarding immovable properties and investment plans.  In the second half, you are restless and agitated. You are subjected to financial strains due to heavy savings plans. You are not happy with your children and frequently loose temper with them.

Expected dues are not realized in time. Financial situation is not up to the mark though not bad. You have some professional problems caused by persons of opposite gender. You have lot of courage to face the world but at times want run away. Relationship with your spouse is strained due to adverse rahu in 7th. 
Tula: You are very sportive and there is lot of fighting spirit. You are hopelessly optimistic! You refuse to be defeated. This is the only positive factor during the month of October.  Considerable expenditure is seen during the first half while in the second half there are lot of forebodings to keep your head high. You are always afraid that you may be sidelined in your profession. Despite such fears, professional  growth is excellent from 5th October.

Friends offer lip sympathy to your problems and nothing else. Your plans for purchase of properties and investments take back seat. Litigation or such fear regarding properties bother you a lot. Students need to concentrate a lot on their studies and surely they will meet success, shani transits in adverse 4th but in own sign. The strained relationship with close relatives will lead you greater heights in life. You are prone to cuts and wounds due adverse rahu and ketu. There will be some worries regarding finances. It is better to recite any sloka or mantra for rahu / Hanuman / Durga maata.
Dhanus: For dhanur rasi persons this is a mixed month of good and bad. This is not a pleasant blend, it is in extremes. First half of the month is bad while the second half is good. Profession does not go well. It is not bad but expected good things do not come by. In the second half, you will see success, somewhat. There are some show downs too, ravi is neecha. You should exercise good control over your moods and tongue.

There will be problems in the house resulting in unhappiness. Guru transmitting over your rasi but in own house shows that you have to put more efforts to carve a good image for yourself. You will experience that the luck has run out in wealth matters. You have lot of concentration and stability in your behavior. This is the time to invest  your precious time in yoga, meditation and the like. Ketu transiting in 12th causes sleep related problems. 
Makara: For makara rasi persons, this is the month of professional gains. The entire month has excellent professional advantage, particularly in second half of the month. Not surprising, you will be forced to do some thing inappropriate to please others. Expected help from brothers and friends does not arrive at all. There is lack of valor considerably. You will donate for common causes and to temples liberally, though it does not bring you any returns now.

You wish to start a new life but is not possible, you are undecided. You are stuck up, not possible to change the house or the job. This is not a good time for investments as you are likely to bet on the wrong horse. You should control your anger  and behave agreeably with your children. .
Kumbha: Only guru is on your side from 18th of the month while all the other planets transit in bad houses. Guru yields to vedha in benefic 11th in own sign till 17th October. You are prone to cuts, wounds, accidents and humiliations during the first half. In the second half, you will tend to humiliate your father and elders. Severe financial problems and anti religious sentiments are seen.

Marital life has problems, there is increased expenditure, misunderstandings with close relatives, setbacks in education and mild amount of professional frustration. You should recite mantras and ravi and shukra during this month.  Despite all these, you will be able to control the situation, thanks to guru.
Meena: This month is alright when it comes to wealth, properties and success. But there is a big problem - you are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents in the entire month, particularly in the second half.  Marital life is disastrous in the first half. You may have to face some insults and humiliations in the second half. Kuja over rasi increases anxiety and tensions. You need to stay calm and cool. Benefic budha in 8th is under check.

Guru in adverse 10th in own sign shows that you will have to struggle hard to achieve or protect your good name. Ensure you will not go on loans for flimsy reasons. Take care of health, particularly so, if you have problems related to blood and glands. There is no courage, rahu is under vedha. Anti religious feelings go high. Or you are religious but people do not understand your thoughts! Whether you like it or not, you MUST recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day during this month.