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During the month of October 2021, ravi is in kanya at the start of the month and enters tula his debilitation sign on 18th.  Kuja is in kanya and on 22nd transits into tula rasi. From the second day of the month budha transits in kanya his own sign and is retrograde till 18th. Shukra transits in vrischika rasi from 3rd to 30th of the month. Rahu and ketu continue their transit in vrishabha and vrischika rasis. Guru progresses in makara rasi, his debilitation sign and resumes direct motion from 19th October. Shani transits in his own sign makara and restarts direct motion from 12th.
During this month, the image of the country is more enhanced as a harbinger of democratic rights in the region. This requires more of diplomatic skills, courage and conviction. As Afghanistan and Pakistan slide towards treatment of human values and spurt terrorism. India stands tall in handling such situations.  Indian stance is clear - it does not blame US, France or Russia but a firm no to be drawn into whirlpool.  You will know the issues and consequences and impact on Indian politics in a year! During the second half, there are internal squabbles that bring down the prestige of ruling party.  All these are due to false prestige. There are instances of rise in the rate of infection - this time it hits at the people with diabetes, blood pressure and the like. Universities are at logger heads with the government. Till 21st of the month, the government is busy engaging the opposition parties for a dialogue. From 22nd, some tug of war between state and central government will break out.  Towards the end of the month, the financial prospects of the country become dim. There will be increase in the infection rate but it is successfully contained. Still we are not sure whether the vaccinations are working full time and how long.  Due to sudden spur, doubts are cast against the efficacy of some vaccines. The debilitation of guru in the 7th is cancelled by shani. Opposition stands guard on its post. Some more people from an old party will drift away, leaving petite inexperienced children lurching in their drunken state of indecisiveness. The ruling party does neither gain nor lose due to these people. The greed for money in the population increases - many will dig the ground for treasures and deposit in fancy banks that fold up.
Rasi wise forecast for October, 2021
Mesha: Excellent professional progress though you feel restless. You wish to change the job but it is not possible. There is progress but not up to your expectations. You will be able to reach new heights in the entire month, budha is exalted is in favorable 6th, Loans and advances are available for developmental purposes with ease.

You will get some inheritance, arbitration awards and huge amount of arrears. Consider putting such amounts for property renovation.

You can avail loans too. There are some sudden ebbs and tides in finances but with proper planning such things can be overcome. In the second half, there are strains in marital life. You may overdo your fitness regimen and land ind trouble from 22nd of October. Before helping anybody, just check up whether they deserve such help.
Mithuna: Students have good time. You will acquire properties, vehicles and gold. You will get loans and advances for purchase of such costly items. In the first half, there are certain setbacks in property matters. You have certain fear of loosing the things close to your heart.

However, you will not loose and this will fortify your plans. Somebody trying to help you causes problems to you. You better be on your own. It is easy to purchase the house than building the house, kuja is adverse in 4th.
Vrishabha: You should be careful in investments matters. Relationship with children is strained till 17th October. There is always help from elders, peers in the entire month and also some pinpricks. You will be able to clear loans consolidate finances in the second half.

You should avoid any arguments with children. You may have to spend more on consumer goods to make your spouse happy. Sudden reversals in your plans, as the partners will not be of much help.
Kataka:  October is going to be a good month with minor problems. You are full of courage and skills of a good HR. This month is good for club memberships and expanding of your business. Property related problems and misgivings with relatives is seen from 18th. You will come across many friends till 21st.

It is possible that your friends try to misuse your goodness but in turn you stand to gain. Marital life is not up to the mark. Excellent relationship with children though there are some issues due to generation gap. Sudden gains and losses in business.
Simha: A mixed month though the element of goodness overweighs. There are financial strains till 21st. There is also excellent inflow of money in the entire month thanks to exalted budha in 2nd. Despite your best efforts, you are not able to purchase properties. Good help and cooperation from your friends in the second half. There are many such meetings from 22nd.

Health is excellent in a long run but at certain times you are afraid that some thing may go wrong. This fear is the driving force to keep good health. There is also deep rooted professional frustrations and you need to keep calm and cool. There is always one or the other predicament with relatives.
Kanya: Guru transits in benefic 5th but is neecha here. As he is with shani in own sign, the debilitation is cancelled. There is good progress of children. At the start, you are uncertain but later on you will realize the concepts. Expected help from peers and friends does not come.

You are subjected to heat related disorders during the first half and thereafter sudden financial strains. You need to manage finances carefully.
Vrischika:  An excellent month of wealth indeed. You have considerable amount of money flow in the entire month, particularly till 21st. There is income from various sources. You are likely to purchase immovable properties of high value. There are many pleasure trips and enjoyment of life.

There are some friends on your side but some will fly away, guru is adverse and debilitated in 3rd. Many persons of this sign get married during the month. There are some marital problems due to adverse rahu in 7th. You are prone to cuts and wounds. It is better to recite rahu kavacha once a day.
Tula: Excellent financial conditions though certain long terms commitments lurk in the background. You are able to purchase costly domestic articles. You suffer low esteem in the first half and a fear that you may be wrongly judged thereafter. There is mounting expenditure.

Property matters suffer considerable delay. You are prone to cuts and wounds as rahu transits in adverse 8th. Caution is required in this regard. You should recite rahu kavacha once a day.
Dhanus: Excellent professional progress and also good gains during the second half. You are at best in your skills in the entire month. Good amount of wealth, purchase of costly articles, vehicles, gold and properties. You will be able to make investments. In all these, clearing of old dues is not your priority.

It is possible that due to additional responsibilities conferred on you, you will have to run an extra mile superfast. This causes lot of physical strains. Take care of health till 21st. Consider purchase of immovable properties from 22nd.
Makara: Not a good month as a whole. But there is good professional progress in the second half and great amount of wealth from 3rd of the month. You will purchase costly things vehicles, gold and domestic articles. Not a good time for investments.

There is religious quest and you will attend all religious meetings in the city. Relationship with elders, your guru and peers is not good. You should exercise patience when you talk your children.
Kumbha: A great month of material gains which go a long way. Stable, consistent and considerable wealth. Good relationship with friends, relatives and co-workers. Strained relationship with your father, guru and peers. Not to speak of marital life - it has gone worse in the entire month.

You may be humiliated or insulted in the second half which causes considerable pains. You should recite aaditya hridaya during this month.
Meena: You are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents in the entire month. You should recite additya hridaya during thi month. Marital life is but horrible, avoid arguments.

There is good amount of wealth, you are able to make deposits or acquire many things of high value. You have ample courage to hit on the adversaries. Relationship with peers and elders is not up to the mark.
Covids can not hold you hostage forever. 
Love prevails.