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Transit of Guru (Jupiter) and Tula (Libra) rasi
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Planets were being worshipped by the Hindus since vedic culture. Purusha sukta, Navagraha sukta and Nakshatra sukta stand as examples to this. भूरिति वा अयं लोकः। भुव इत्यन्तरिक्षम्। सुवरित्यसौ लोकः। मह इत्यादित्यः। आदित्येन वाव सर्वे लॊका महीयन्ते। भूरिति वा अग्निः। भुव इति वायुः। सुवरित्यादित्यः। मह इति चंद्रमाः। चंद्रमसा वाव सर्वाणि ज्योतिषि महीयन्ते। अनुवाक ५, शिक्षावल्लि, तैत्तरीयॊपनिषत् "Bhu is this world; Bhuva is the sky, Suva, the other world and Maha the sun, because by the sun all the worlds are nourished. Bhu is fire, Bhuva the air, Suva the sun and Maha the moon. Verily by the moon are all the luminaries maintained." - Anuvaka 5, Shikshavalli, Taittariyopanishad.

Bhagawadgeeta, cream of all vedas and upanishads makes reference to the planets several times. यदादित्यगतं तेजो जगद्भासयतेखिलम्। यच्चंद्रमसि यच्चाग्नौतत्तेजो विद्धि मामकम्॥ ---श्लोक १२, पुरुषोत्तम योग, श्रीमद्भगवद्गीत "I am the light in sun, moon and fire." -sloka 12, Purushottamaprapti yoga. In Islam planets are regarded as the objects that glorify the Creator. See ye not How God has created The seven heavens one above another And made the moon A light in their midst And made the sun As a (glorious) lamp. -Ayat 15,16-sura 71.(Holy Qur'an).  Sura 91 Shams (sun) begins with description of sun and moon. Though there are no mention of planets either as Gods or the objects that glorify the Creator in old and new testaments, the Book of Solomon contains reference to planets but this Book is not recognized as a part of official Bible.

Hevalambi nama samvatsara Ugadi

Shani in Vrischika

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