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Qualitative Predictions & Potential Remedies

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Transit of Guru (Jupiter) and Tula (Libra) rasi
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Astrology is indicative, based on planetary positions and movements. Hence the predictions given are to be understood as trend of events and should not be taken in a deterministic sense. Hence one should not be a fatalist, but understand the predictions to imbibe confidence in oneself, so that we are equipped to face the future fairly and squarely. Phaladeepika says, "फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः। को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य नमेकं वेधसं विना॥" "With the help of planetary movements, mortals can only give indications of what is to happen; who else other than BRAHMA can tell with certainty as to what will definitely happen".  This stanza endows the limitations of predictive astrology. It is to be noted that two or more persons, do not react to a given set of situations in the same manner and that the same person also does not react to a similar situation in the same manner at different times. Hence free will of an individual plays a very important part and exerts considerable influence in our lives.  


In order to make astrology work positively for our good, it may be necessary to take up remedial measures. We should also avoid negative traits in our lives like Ėunwanted talks; stealing; hurting others; covet others' wealth etc., We should  not make fun of others' lapses nor judge them from only our view point. It will be necessary to listen to the advice of elders, well wishers and seers. In order to lessen the burden of negative impact of accumulated karma of previous births, it is imperative that we should do pooja, japa, tapa, dhyana and dana, as is necessary.







As a humble servant of MIGHTY ALMIGHTY, I  extrapolate the  predictions in all humility without any pride and prejudice. The  astrological predictions are not guesswork, but are based on time tested principles of Astrology. The accuracy depends on birth data provided. I always strive hard to eliminate errors on my part and to offer you the best services. I do not intend to exploit your anxiety, worries, guilt and your social standing for my own benefits. Hence, I sincerely pray God - whatever good I foresee should happen a THOUSAND FOLD MORE and whatever bad I see should never happen.









॥ यान्ति न्यायप्रवृत्तस्य तिर्यग्ञोपि सहायताम् ॥

(For the righteous men even birds and animals bring help)


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 Qualitative Predicitons & Potential Remedies 


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