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During September, 2020
During the month of September 2020, Ravi transits in simha rasi his own sign, till 16th and thereafter in kanya.  In the entire month, kuja is in his own sign, mesha and is retrograde from 11th of the month. At the start of the month, budha is in simha  for only two days and from 3rd to 22nd of September, he is in kanya, his own sign.  Budha moves into tula on 23rd. Guru is in his own sign, dhanur rasi and assumes direct motion from 14th September.  Shukra transits in kataka till 27th September and in simha thereafter. Shani is direct from the last day of the month and transits in own sign makara.  Rahu and ketu are in mithuna-dhanus at the start of the month and on 24th move into vrishabha and vrischika. Transit effects for rahu and ketu for next one and half years, are dealt with comprehensive in separate article. More.
The recovery rate from recent epidemic has not been quite encouraging though at times it seemed inspiring.  Compared to other countries, the nation has displayed great vigor and passion to bounce back. Situation did not improve though it did not degenerate.  However, from the end of this month, shani assumes direct motion in makara his own sign which is 8th from rasi of Republic. There will be remarkable improvement in health condition from next month.  From 24th of September, ketu transits in 6th and this changes the scenario.  The conflicts with neighbors does not bother any more. Direct confrontation with the virus begins now!  Ketu as malefic in 6th is good, in a bad house. It will be established that certain people engaged in earth work or mining, certain people associated with insects like bee farmers, worm culturists and bakers are immune to the infection. This is a sure sign that remarkable milestones are accomplished before ketu moves into tula. So far, the government displayed some restraint towards the opposition. From  mid of the month, the ruling party will start offering kind advices! The wealth and success of the government is in tact, kuja is in his own sign and house.  His aspect on vrischika will give some triumph over the infection. But again, reversals are seen from 11th September, kuja becomes retrograde. From 3rd of the month to 22nd of the month, some prestigious educational institutions will start functioning. There is happiness and festive mood around. Nobody is bothered about virology, DNA or RNA strands; populace is inclined to build houses and seek education.  Internal trade, construction work and market for domestic articles will expand, promising a new beginning. The name and fame of the government particularly ruling party will spread, new friendship treaties are signed. Some of the neighbors will reconsider their relationship.
Rasi wise forecast for September, 2020
Mesha: The entire month of August for mesha rasi persons concerns education, happiness, relationship with close relatives and property matters. There will be setbacks in education in the first fortnight of the month. Some of the seemingly favorable events  turn out to be damp squibs. There is no progress in property matters and no happiness. During the second part of the month, you have certain issues with your children; many uncertainties and many variants result in strained relationship. Yet, this will not go beyond limit, ravi is in his own sign. You are subjected to restlessness and loss of stamina till 16th and there is improvement in health condition after 17th. You may suffer physical strains due to extravagance in physical activities. Property matters do not go well.

There are always some annoyance in life. You are very religious but your plans for pilgrimage or some religious function will not work out. Melancholic mood lingers in the air. Financial situation is excellent in the entire month. You will be able to purchase whatever things you need. Dues are not easily realized from 17th. There are professional problems lurking in the background. This is the period of reconsolidation; take care you do not put down your papers in haste. Sudden visitors who bring joy and fond memories. Health is excellent barring intermittent gastro intestinal disgrace, your followers may long for fresh air!
Vrishabha: For vrishabha rasi persons, the month offers good progress in property matters and education. There will be good events related to children and also some minor generation gap. During first half, there is good progress in property matters. You will acquire gold, vehicles and properties. Education is excellent, you are very happy in many ways. Yet, you are aware that your success has put additional responsibilities on your shoulder. There is some strained relationship with your children from 3rd of the month and  increases during the second half. Thanks to budha in own sign, you have sufficient prudence to tackle the situation. There is love and hate relationship with your children. You should be careful in financial matters, you tend to jump into conclusions.

This is a good time to invest in land properties. It seems  a futile exercise but it is not waste of money. By being lazy, you are getting into good health, kuja is in his own sign! There will be minor problems regarding loans from 23rd September. Your health will increase; you can expect some inheritance or realization of your long pending dues, guru is in his own sign in 8th. Influential friends come calling on you in the entire month, there are pleasure trips and great associations. In the last four days of the month, you are busy visiting all the market places. Good help and understandings from higher authorities and peers; you are religiously inclined due to favorable shani. Minor misgivings with wife is seen from 24th September.

September is mainly about venturesome attitude, expansion of business, excellent relationship with friends and also setbacks in property matters and education. The relationship with brothers, sisters and friends is excellent during the first half of the month. You will come across persons of great influence in government circles. Property matters are withheld, education suffers particularly in second half. Benefic budha in 4th is under check, but in own sign. Education is not up to the mark. There will be minor misgivings with children from 23rd of the month.

Agriculturists, sports persons have great time ahead. The month is quite good for immovable property transactions, kuja is favorable in 11th in own sign.  Marital situation is good but is tedious till 17th, guru is under check. Financial situation is not up to the mark though no severe problems are foreseen. Your dues are not realized in time. Though for mithuna rasi, astama shani transit is going on, the perplexities are not much bothersome, he is in his own sign. Loans and advances are easily available from 6th of the month. seen from 24th September.

Main events during September are related to finance and relationship. There are financial strains during the first half. Rather, you have some fear of impending requirement and you are in economy mode, though there are no such financial discomforts at all. Ravi is in own sign in 2nd. You will be in a position to expand your influence, this is the great time to open up branches.  Consider membership in prestigious clubs. There will be lot of activities related to business, kuja is in own sign in adverse 10th.

Take some time of the day off to relax. Sports persons should exercise with restraint. There may be some misunderstandings with some friends, budha is adverse. You are able to tide over such events. Loans and advances are available but cause some discomfort. You will purchase what all the things you need and just fancy till 27th of the month. Marital life is slightly strained and so is relationship with children from 24th.
Simha: The month of September is concerned about your fears to save your face. You will put extra efforts to make a mark on your superiors. You are successful in that; this causes lot of undue stress. Stress is bad but your efforts are very good. Just try to relax for some time everyday. Financial position appears to be excellent but it is not so. You will get dues but not in time. Do not act, before your pockets are full.  In the first half of the month, there is considerable tension to keep up with the professional demands. You are afraid, you may loose the face, somebody may snatch your promotion but no such events occurs. You should be extremely careful in financial matters during the second half of the month.

Peer pressure is more during the entire month, kuja though in own sign is adverse in 9th. There will be somewhat strained relationship with brothers, sisters and friends from 23rd of the month. Relationship with children is good and it is a very good time for investment for hem. From 22nd such possibilities come down, guru yields to vedha. There are sufficient funds to purchase the things you need like mattress, pillows, air-conditioners etc., for the pleasure of it. You will not be inclined to purchase after 20th of September. You can not clear loans and this causes concern, shani in 6th is checked. From 24th of the month, you have professional frustrations. Take care not to pick up fights.
Kanya: Other than property matters like purchase of vehicles, houses, gold and remaining concepts of life are almost nil for kanya rasi persons during September.  You are able to save and make investments in central government bonds and gold during the first half.  Such investments are made with great reluctance or due to some schemes to reduced the tax burden. You talk a lot about what you propose to do but you will not do any of these! You will enjoy excellent health, delicious meals and importance in society, budha is in his own sign. Kuja in 8th is bad, you are prone to cuts and wounds. As he is in his own sign, these become false alarms only.

Due to fear of a debacle, you will get busy to regain health! Education is challenging but you will be successful, guru is in his own sign. The main essence of the month is the transit of shukra in benefic 11th. There are no financial strains at all, you are always busy shopping. Many people of this sign get married or settle in life. Purchase of articles of immense monetary value is seen. Though there are some issues with children, the situation does not turn sour, shani transits in own sign. Anti religious feelings and strained relationship with friends is seen from 24th of the month.
Tula: For tula rasi persons September is a mixed month of good and bad. There are good measure of success, contentment, achievements and wealth matters during the first half of the month. In the second half, there is shortage of funds due to over investments (budha is adverse in 12th in own sign). Well, rest of life is having certain setbacks. 

Marital life is good, promises stability; it is bad, there are sudden raptures. You have lot of moral courage and banking heavily on that, you tend to be quarrelsome! Profession has some misgivings in the entire month. You desire to be reunited with family, your desire to acquire properties is still a dream. Relationship with your mother  and close relatives is severely strained. You are prone to cuts and wounds from 24th due to adverse transit of rahu. You should recite rahu kavacha once a day.
Vrischika: A great month of opportunities, wealth and accomplishments. Excellent professional life during the first half. You can expect a fabulous promotion. You have great time in the office, always at the centre of happenings. Many people get the highest promotion during their careers.  In the second half, your focus shifts towards acquiring properties, wealth and gold. You will never look back, you are busy making purchases and investments. Gold, vehicles and immovable properties are acquired with considerable ease
In this speculative month, you are not inclined to clear old loans, it is not your priority at all. Fresh loans are also available but with some delay, kuja in own sign in benefic 6th is under check. There will be income and wealth from various sources from 3rd to 22nd of the month. Financial position is excellent in the entire month, thanks to guru. Pilgrimages and happy events get postponed, shukra yields to vedha. You are full of adventurous and enterprising. From 24th of the month, you are no longer susceptible for cuts and wounds. 
Dhanus: For dhanur rasi persons, the month of September revolves around religious functions, luck to some extent, pilgrimages and religious pursuits. After a long time you will find some meaning in your life from 17th September. A new life starts unfolding, ravi is benefic in 10th. Yet, you will not find immediate results, budha is under check though in benefic 10th in own sign. During the first half there may be some strains in relationship with your father and teachers. But, you tend to gain from them, ravi is in his own sign.

It is difficult to put good habits and health but you will be able to do this, kuja is adverse in 5th but in own sign. Guru over your rasi gives you good prestige and name but you will have to work for this, this is not a favorable transit for guru. Benefic shukra in 8th is checked. You will not be able to find the desired items you need. It is simply going around the market place. You will not compromise and you are more specific. Financially, you are very prudent. Just be kind to others; do not be harsh in the name of frankness. From 24th of the month, you are able to make progress in your job and general life. You should go to bed in time or else you get horrible dreams and disturbed sleep.
Makara: This is the month of realization of old dues, reclamation of lost empire and consolidation of resources. And also there will be noteworthy support from elders and higher authorities. In the first half of the month, you will realize old dues and receive arbitration awards. During the second half, there will be some strains in relationship with elders, higher officers and peers. Yet, you stand to gain from them, budha is in his own sign.

In the entire month, there will be struggles in the field of education and properties. The success comes to you, kuja is in own sign but you have to toil a lot. You are able to sleep and relax well. Marital life is not up to the mark in the whole month. You are going to achieve stability in finances and other areas of life, shani is over your rasi in own sign. This is the time of investing in new values of life. From 24th, you are likely to suffer minor losses due to impulsive purchases.
Kumbha: By and large, September turns out to be good month for you. This month revolves around marriage, happy marital life, inheritance and spending in luxurious life style. During the first half of the month, the marital life gets priority. Many people of this sign get married during this time. There is success in many walks of life. In the second half, you will received inheritance, old dues are realized and you get maturity value of some deposits. But, you are subjected to insults and humiliations due to adverse ravi in 8th.

You are busy with trekking, friends and sports. But expected help and support from friends is nowhere seen. Till 22nd of the month, you will purchase many costly articles that you cherished for a long time. However, you can not mould wealth or make long lasting investments, guru in 11th is under check. It is prudent to leave some funds in the bank account than spend 'em all. You have a tendency to take loans for consumer durables, shukra in 6t is not good. You have laziness a blessing to make you relax. There will be worries regarding your mother and close relatives from 24th of the month. You are subjected to mild amount of professional frustrations too.
Meena: This month is about loans, regaining health, settling scores with opponents as well as unsteady marital life. In the first half of the month, you are on the winning horse, you get respect from all the people around you. You have sense of satisfaction and achievement. Marital life is good but bad at times; the contradictory results are due to ravi in 7th while budha is not good in 7th (but in own sign). Yet, at times you have good relationship with your spouse, shukra is good in 5th. You are given to anger and frustration.

Kuja is in his own sign, it is better to spend extra energy in sporting activities. Guru transits in adverse 10th but in own sign. You are over cautions of what people think about you. You are able to purchase all the things you need, finance is not the criteria. You are not spend thrift also. It is not possible to make investments in land holdings, shani is under check, yet there is some progress. Suddenly, you have outgrown your friends and there are some frustrations due to changes in your lifestyle. You will develop fair amount of spiritual quest, due to ketu, from 24th of the month.