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Those who do not relish orthodox religious ways or idolatry should take up service of elements that represent Guru like feeding cows, helping orphans, reading regularly (parayana) of any religious texts like Psalms, Bhagawad geeta, Grantha Saheba, Quran or any biography of a great person you like. It is always better to visit Temples, Churches or Mosques etc.,   People born in makara rasi and meena rasi MUST visit places of worship regularly (say once a week) and also spend some time offering their manual service in temples. It is mandatory for them. People of other signs may also visit temples, surely God will not throw them out! The benefic role played by Guru will increase even more in such people. 
Transit of Guru in the houses from rasi 2 5 7 9 11
Vedha by planets in the houses from rasi 12 4 3 10 8
With reference to independence chart this transit is in the 7th, a favorable transit. There will be more interest in religious practices and intellectual developments. There will be changes in education system imbibing cultural and moral values - saffronization (right-wing Hindu nationalism) cry out the opposition.  Many more states will fall into the fold of BJP.  There will be more concern about animal rights, particularly protection of cows. The government will win in all the matters concerning judiciary. There is no opposition at all - due to this, at times, government may falter by wrong decisions and excesses. When guru is afflicted, many influential persons will pass away.  The government and the country is insulted by defection of some important persons.  Some of the scientists may commit suicide or run away from the country. Patriotism is taken into new heights, until the flag pole go so high to hurt the spirit of patriotism. Government will be embroiled in many issues like NRC, Human Rights.  The government should be wise to use the scepter at proper time. 7th also happens to be maraka staana, there will be some situations when the country is bothered about a nuclear or chemical war breakout. During the period from 30.06.2020 to 13.09.2020, the results promised by Guru are on hold as Guru is retrograde. Guru from dhanur rasi aspects kuja and chandra the 7th and 4th lord and mid points of 2nd and 3rd bhavas in the Foundation Chart, causing comforting effect.  Somebody within the ruling party may get up and will be able to control the damage.

The results described here are from rasi - the place occupied in chandra (moon) at the time of birth, in the chart made in nirayana method. This is independent of your month and day of birth in Gregorian calendar.  I do not apply the results described in ancient texts verbatim without verification. For instance, the transit effect of Guru in the 4th from rasi brings the following results as per classics: "He is falsely implicated, suffers humiliations, has domestic problems, suffers loss of wealth etc.," If you read the predictions in the following paragraphs, you will find that I painted a totally different picture! Similarly for the other transits also, I have deviated from the classical works wherever I find them unsatisfactory. I like my father's garden, it is very beautiful and ancient. But I do not like some weed grown here and there, I throw them out. This does not diminish my respect and love towards my father. My methods are developed since many many years involving extensive hard work - done manually in the days when computers and calculators were unheard of!