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गणानां त्वा गणपतिं हवामहे कविं कवीनामुपमश्रवस्तमं। ज्येष्ठराजं ब्रह्मणां ब्रह्मणस्पत आ नः शृण्वन्नूतिभिः सीद सादनं॥ (Rigveda Mandala 2-Sukta 23-Rik 1). We invoke you, Brahmanaspati, chief leader of the (heavenly) bands, a sage of sages, abounding beyond measure in (every kind of) food, best lord of prayer, hearing our invocations, come with your protections and sit down in the chamber of sacrifice". The above mantra used as avahana mantra for Lord Ganesha is actually the mantra related to Brihaspati also known as Brahmanaspati. Prayers to Brihasptati, His description appear largely in Mandala 1, 2, 7 and 10.  Only one sukata (No. 50) is dedicated to Brihaspati in Mandala 4. In Mandala 5 and 3, the references to Brihaspati can be found at Sukta 43 and sukta 62 respectively.

Here are some examples: अनर्वाणं वृषभं मंद्रजिह्वं बृहस्पतिं वर्धया नव्यमर्कैः। गाथान्यः सुरुचो यस्य देवा आशृण्वंति नवमानस्य मर्ताः॥  [1-190-1] - Priest, augment by your hymns Brihaspati, who deserts not (his worshipper); the showerer (of benefits), the pleasant tongued, the adorable; of whom resplendent, god and men (the ministers) of the institutor of the sacrifice, emulous in sacred songs, proclaim (the praise).
Guru transits in kumbha from 7-Apr-2021 to 14-Sep-2021 & from 21-Nov-2021 to  13-Apr-2022. During his stay in kumbha guru is combust from 20.02.2022 to 20.03.2022. Guru is retrograde  from 21.06.2021 (and in retrogression till to 18.10.2021, retraces into makara rasi). Guru is overpowered by Ravi during combustion and the results differ, based on the role of Ravi in birth chart. During moudhya no auspicious functions like vidyarambha are held. Transit of Guru in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th from chandra rasi goes under the name, Gurubala. Guru does trigger good events in those houses provided there are no planets in vedha namely in 12th, 4th, 3rd, 10th and 8th respectively from chandra rasi. Converse of this holds good when Guru transits in adverse 12th, 4th, 3rd, 10th and 8th from chandra rasi. For instance Guru transiting in adverse 8th will not cause any evil phenomenon when a planet is transiting in 11th from rasi. As guru is neecha in this rasi, even the benefits causes when he is in good houses (from your rasi) are not massive. In the meantime, the adverse results become huge. More

Guru in kumbha is the worst transit for kataka and kanya rasi persons, they should take up remedial measures like shanti for guru and recitation of guru beeja mantra or gayatri mantra (any one of these, depending on time available and inclination), minimum 21 times a day. This site offers various mantras that can be used as remedial measures, in Kannada, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Oriya and English.  More 
Namaskara mantra and peedahara mantra can be recited any time and any where and they do not require specific dress etc., Gayatri mantra and beeja mantras should be recited in special dress, early in the morning after bath in empty stomach. Minimum recitation may be 21 times but should not exceed 10,000 times a day. Compared to gayatri mantra, the beeja mantra is more powerful but ensure you would not go wrong in pronunciation. Avahana mantras are used to invoke the particular deity into a picture, kalasha or yantra and conduct pooja. Those people who are accustomed to do pooja procedure will find it easy. Worship of navagrahas is not black magic, you need not harbor any reservations. Indian society suffers great stigma due to reservations in matters of religion and social strata. Asttottara shatanamavali is used to do floral pooja after abhisekha. Mantra, stora, kavacha and asttotttara shatanama stotra are for recitation. These mantras are at par with each other. Out of these kavacha and asttotttara shatanama stotra are easy to recite.

Those who do not relish orthodox religious ways or idolatry should take up service of elements that represent Guru like feeding cows, helping orphans, reading regularly (parayana) of any religious texts like Psalms, Bhagawad geeta, Grantha Saheba, Quran or any biography of a great person they like. It is always better to visit temples, churches or mosques etc., People born in kataka and kanya rasis MUST visit places of worship regularly (say once a week) and also spend some time offering their manual service in temples. It is mandatory for them. People of other rasis may also visit temples, surely God will not throw them out! The benefic role played by Guru will increase even more ( atishaya pala praptyartham, as in navagraha sankapa).
With reference to independence chart, this is favorable transit which has long term effects.  The fears of some that democracy is overshadowed by autocratic style of functioning is purged.  The government becomes more tolerant towards opposition but there is also high degree of patriotism which is approved by common man. The liberators automatically fall silent while appreciations for effective governance is showered worldwide. There is effective governance and whatever happens during this transit has everlasting effects in building the face of the country. There is lot of courage and firm handed assertiveness in dealing with the neighbors - be it big brother China, cousin Russia, our regular dushmans or Uncle Sam. The intellectual persons will clearly see where the country is heading and fall in the line.  Sloganeering for new found ideas will not be tolerated, not by the grain. This is not perverted nationalism that Mouryas were great or manu vadis should be brought back to frontage.  It is well thought, balanced and carefully considered love for the nation that naturally drowns the voices of dissidence. There is intellectual development, many new waves movies. The education is no longer disturbed by pandemics and natural disasters. Religious mentality in masses is promoted.  Government will take more decisive stand on some crucial issues like common civil code, citizenship, agriculture laws and family status. The situation is not bad for opposition; it is only that they do not find any issues and the leadership issues are still remain unresolved.
The results are based on rasi (placement of chandra in birth chart) and has nothing to do  with ascendant (lagna) or sun sign.  It should be noted that the results remarked here are general in nature.  For better comprehension, the dasha and bhukti in the natal chart in consideration to status of planets should be investigated. 
Rasi wise forecast
Mesha: This is the transit in favorable 11th from your rasi. Success, full co-operation from your well wishers, teachers and elders in the family. You get quality guidance from one and all. You will get good recognition and your standing in society will go up. There is good health and you are relieved of any chronic problems. Your sphere of activity will expand. In order to achieve your dreams you should he proper action plans in time. This is the time to focus on your aims, properties and wealth.

Journalists, lawyers, social workers and sports people have excellent days ahead. You will come across many reliable friends and you have lot of moral courage. There is good progress in your hobbies. Many people of this sign fall in love and are happily married. Good progress in property matters. There are good events related to children.
Vrishabha : Transit in 10th is not a favourable transit; does not give you pay rise but makes you important in the office. You will have to work hard, you will have to organize, conduct workshops and see till end of it, all alone. You are supposed to give discourses on one's duties while you want to elaborate on rights! You are put on a wild goose chase and you know it would not work.  You should ensure that your dealings are honest, make a record that comes useful.

Financial position is excellent. Good progress in education, purchase of properties and happiness of all sorts. Learn to say NO when your work load becomes too heavy. Just do not take over others' work for the pleasure of it,  you may have to repent by the end of the transit. There are health problems related to stomach and feet. In order to achieve your professional dreams you should he proper action plans in time.
Mithuna: You are on the winning horse in many fields during this transit. There is good help from friends, family members and peers. You get guidance from one and all. You will get good recognition and prestige will go up. Your sphere of activity will expand.

Journalists, lawyers, social workers and sports people have good days ahead. This period gives good opportunities for further studies. Many people of this sign fall in love and are happily married. There is progress in property matters. There are good events related to children. Guru in 9th is very good, you problems are solved.
Kataka: This is the worst transit in the 8th from rasi. Expect failures and humiliations and be prepared to face them. Do not ignore the advise of your family members and elders, even if you may not like their ideas. There is some element of resigned attitude, a blessing during this transit. You will not be able to save some coins, too. Despite problems in life, you are dependable, honorable and trustworthy.  With incredible determination and various skills as well as patience you can solve most of the problems

At times, you have to withdraw from reserve to meet escalating expenditure. Written off amounts are not realized. You should recite beeja mantras / gayatri mantra for guru, minimum 21 times a day during this transit. Regular visits to places of worship, conducting rudrabisheka and satyanarayana pooja will be of great help. It is better to take up some social service like feeding cows and giving donations to educational institutions and orphanages.
Simha: This is the benefic transit in the 7th. There will be good health and recognition during this transit. You can expect a happy and successful marital life. Many people of this sign get married during this transit. There is success in many walks of life.  The projects that suffered delays during last year will yield good results. There is stability, prosperity and overall good luck during this transit.  You have rewarding close relationships and gifts and rewards await you.

Pilgrimages to holly places are on the cards. Association with men of  repute and initiation in mantras. Students succeed in all their activities and there are  joyful experiences  in life.  Excellent relationship with brothers, sisters and friends. New hobbies, sporting events and trekking more frequently. A most gratifying period ahead.
Kanya: This is the 6th sign transit and there are no vedha for this transit. You should be extremely careful in your spending habits particularly, when Guru is combust. You have some health problems related to lower back and blood pressure.  Though the courts may not agree with you completely, the judgment will not go against you. The judgment comes with a rider, subject to outcome of another dispute. You should concentrate on improvement of your skills and studiousness. This transit favors acquiring new skills and balanced approach.

People in government service get assured promotions. There will be achievements in professional field, you will gain lot of respect.  Projects that help you in a long run give you good exposure. Your monthly income is just enough to keep your head floating! Due to sheer manipulation of loans, you are able to hit profitable transactions.  Be careful that you do not fall into false prestige and incur loans. When Guru ie combust, the severity of the problems are doubled. During this transit you should recite guru kavacha once a day and give donations to poor students.  It is better to do shanti for guru at the start of the transit, if you are running adverse dasha / bhukti. Regular visit to Shiva temple is desirable, in addition to dana, particularly annadana -feeding orphans, cows and needy.
Tula: This is a favorable transit in the 5th. Your intellectual faculties are very high, you are able to settle score with your opponents. There is progress of children during this transit, you will be very happy with them to full measure. This time is good for students, you have opportunities to interact with eminent people in your field of activity. Investments fetch good results.  You have to win over anger, frustrations, violence, temptation, fears and doubts. At the beginning of the transit there are so much desires and uncertainties and in due course you are able to put your cards in order.

Many belonging to tula rasi settle down in life due to marriage and/or job. Those persons in familial way should take proper medication and remedial measures. All your problems are solved. There will be increased expenditure as well as investments, as the cash flow is excellent, nothing to worry about. There will be in good health, your name and fame will spread far and wide. You will discover new areas where you can excel. Very successful and profitable business transactions. There will be good relationship with higher officers, parents and elders in the family.
Vrischika: Guru in 4th is said to be a malefic transit.  However, this transit has the potentiality to turn into an excellent transit. You will have to put considerable amount of work and then the limited success comes. The learning curve is very steep, you should put lot of efforts. You will be able to purchase vehicles, ornaments, gold etc., during this transit. Domestic life is excellent. Students have to put considerable efforts. All the success do not come simply on a plate. There will be triumph, victory and success in all your endeavors despite fears that somebody may rob away the fruits. You feel exalted and honored and at the same time suffer fears that you may loose the face.

You are under pressure to perform better; best performance happens automatically, if you put hard work. Chronic health problems are reduced; Marital discord will just disappear and marriage may happen too. You are worried about lack of proper guidance and your tools, equipments and plans break down when Guru is combust. There will be some problems in professional area. You should shoulder all the responsibilities in the office, because you are willing!
Dhanus: Being transit in the 3rd from rasi, this is the period of communication, expansion and acquiring new contacts. There may be minor problems in relationship with brothers, sisters, friends and partners. Expansion of business. Lot of tours and business trips are possible. You will strive hard to excel in your life. You come across good friends who are advantageous later on. You will take up membership of elite clubs and organizations. Marriage may happen with great ease. If you have lost in a race, do not brood over failures make a fresh start. You should focus on business expansion, positive partnerships.  The same people who disdained your projects, realize you are on the right path.

Writers and broadcasters of travelogues and sports events have good time. When Guru is combust, reverse of this happens, close friends pick up quarrels and part their ways with you. Caution is required to play it cool, than picking up fights. There is professional help from friends, peers. You may start a new hobby or try learning mantras. Suddenly your interest in philosophy, history and culture grows.  Excellent monthly income. You should concentrate on acquisition of wealth and properties.
Makara: Guru transits in favorable 2nd house. This transit solves existing financial problems and greatly increases money power. Familial happiness is assured.  A period for expansion of family - adoption of pet and new arrivals in the family.   Many makara rasi persons get married or settle in life. You will clear old outstanding loans. During this transit, you are busy putting your house in order. There is rest, order, cleanliness and healing touch.  You will stop fighting but you will focus in fortification.

You can expect cures for diseases. Service problems, if any, are solved. There is increase in your influence and popularity. Promotions and all the benefits from the employer are sure to happen.  When Guru is combust, there is heavy expenditure and dwindling income. The relationship with children will improve considerably.
Kumbha: Guru transits over your rasi. There are no vedha points for this transit. Many people of this sign get married during this transit. Transit over your rasi brings popularity, good health and status. Other than in combustion period, the rest of the period promises excellent health. There is lot of melancholic mood, scarifying nature, sadness rather boredom and fatalism. This is the period of building your character.  Temptations are around to make wealth but you have firm principles.

Religious trips and great interest in religious matters. Though this transit is not said to give gurubala, this is the transit of contentment, peace and happiness as well as relaxation.
Meena : Guru transits in 12th from your rasi is bad transit. Adverse effects of Guru in 12th is reduced whenever a planet transits in 2nd from your rasi. You can expect clearance of outstanding dues. You will learn to come out of day to day tensions. You are able to grab some peaceful moments, this way. This period comes as a boon for those recovering from diseases and problems. When Guru is combust, you will experience losses in investments, rifts with children and disappointments. Hence, caution is required during the period of combustion. For some reason, you are forced to spend some more amounts for properties. During this transit you will fall in love with life - anything with life seems beautiful and belonging. There is no sense of selfishness of possession. Sheer enjoyment of creation without being covetous.

The education of children causes deflation of savings. You can expect small inheritance too. You tend to be busy but not knowing purpose of it! Regular visit to Shiva temple is desirable, in addition to dana, particularly annadana - feeding orphans, cows and needy. Ensure that every thing is in moderation. Be prudent in your spending.