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गणानां त्वा गणपतिं हवामहे कविं कवीनामुपमश्रवस्तमं। ज्येष्ठराजं ब्रह्मणां ब्रह्मणस्पत आ नः शृण्वन्नूतिभिः सीद सादनं॥ (Rigveda Mandala 2-Sukta 23-Rik 1). We invoke you, Brahmanaspati, chief leader of the (heavenly) bands, a sage of sages, abounding beyond measure in (every kind of) food, best lord of prayer, hearing our invocations, come with your protections and sit down in the chamber of sacrifice". The above mantra used as avahana mantra for Lord Ganesha is actually the mantra related to Brihaspati also known as Brahmanaspati. Prayers to Brihasptati, His description appear largely in Mandala 1, 2, 7 and 10.  Only one sukata (No. 50) is dedicated to Brihaspati in Mandala 4. In Mandala 5 and 3, the references to Brihaspati can be found at Sukta 43 and sukta 62 respectively.

Here are some examples: अनर्वाणं वृषभं मंद्रजिह्वं बृहस्पतिं वर्धया नव्यमर्कैः। गाथान्यः सुरुचो यस्य देवा आशृण्वंति नवमानस्य मर्ताः॥  [1-190-1] - Priest, augment by your hymns Brihaspati, who deserts not (his worshipper); the showerer (of benefits), the pleasant tongued, the adorable; of whom resplendent, god and men (the ministers) of the institutor of the sacrifice, emulous in sacred songs, proclaim (the praise).
During transit of Guru in makara rasi wherein it is the worst transit for mithuna and simha rasi persons, they should take up remedial measures like shanti for guru and recitation of guru beeja mantra or gayatri mantra (any one of these, depending on time available and inclination), minimum 21 times a day.  As guru is debilitated in this sign, the benefic results promised by the good transit in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th become less. Shanti for guru is not required but it is better to recite namaskara mantra (some call it Veda mantra!) or any other mantras for guru, minimum 21 times a day. This site offers various mantras that can be used as remedial measures, in Kannada, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Oriya and English.  More

Namaskara mantra and peedahara mantra can be recited any time and any where and they do not require specific dress etc., Gayatri mantra and beeja mantras should be recited in special dress, early in the morning after bath in empty stomach. Minimum recitation may be 21 times but should not exceed 10,000 times a day. Compared to gayatri mantra, the beeja mantra is more powerful but ensure you would not go wrong in pronunciation. Avahana mantras are used to invoke the particular deity into a picture, kalasha or yantra and conduct pooja. Those people who are accustomed to do pooja procedure will find it easy. Worship of navagrahas is not black magic, you need not harbor any reservations. Indian society suffers great stigma due to reservations in matters of religion and social strata. Asttottara shatanamavali is used to do floral pooja after abhisekha. Mantra, stora, kavacha and asttotttara shatanama stotra are for recitation. These mantras are at par with each other. Out of these kavacha and asttotttara shatanama stotra are easy to recite.

Those who do not relish orthodox religious ways or idolatry should take up service of elements that represent Guru like feeding cows, helping orphans, reading regularly (parayana) of any religious texts like Psalms, Bhagawad geeta, Grantha Saheba, Quran or any biography of a great person you like. It is always better to visit Temples, Churches or Mosques etc., People born in mithuna rasi and simha rasis MUST visit places of worship regularly (say once a week) and also spend some time offering their manual service in temples. It is mandatory for them. People of other signs may also visit temples, surely God will not throw them out! The benefic role played by Guru will increase even more in such people.
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Guru in makara
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Guru in 8th for the country
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Generally speaking guru in own sign bestows good results related to his signification - birth of great personalities, intelligential activities, religious frame of mind, abundance of food & health, prevailing of peace between neighbors and effective judiciary. When guru is afflicted, it causes perverted intelligence, clashes of religious beliefs, famine due to shortage of wheat and rice, water transmitted diseases affecting liver, conflicts with judiciary as well as war-like situation with the neighbors. Unfortunately, during the entire stay of guru in dhanur rasi, he is afflicted either by shani, kuja or ketu.
Guru transits in makara rasi, his debilitation sign from 21-Nov-2020 to 6-Apr-2021 and from 15-Sep-2021 to 20-Nov-2021. Earlier when guru transited for a brief period from 31-Mar-2020 to 29-Jun-2020. During his stay in makara guru is combust from 15.01.2021 to 11.02.2021 and retrograde (in makara rasi) from 15.09.20201 to 17.10.2021. Guru is overpowered by Ravi during combustion and the results differ, based on the role of Ravi in birth chart. During moudhya period no auspicious functions like vidyarambha are held. Transit of Guru in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th from chandra rasi goes under the name, Gurubala. Guru does trigger good events in those houses provided there are no planets in vedha namely in 12th, 4th, 3rd, 10th and 8th respectively from chandra rasi. Converse of this holds good when Guru transits in adverse 12th, 4th, 3rd, 10th and 8th from chandra rasi. For instance Guru transiting in adverse 8th will not cause any evil phenomenon when a planet is transiting in 11th from rasi. As guru is neecha in this rasi, even the benefits causes when he is in good houses (from your rasi) are not massive.  In the meantime, the adverse results become huge.  More
With reference to independence chart this transit is in the 8th, the worst transit. The country is likely to suffer malnutrition, famine, floods and such natural disasters and constant health problems. There will be increase in cancer and glandular related health problems. The number of people suffering from psychological problems, drug addiction will be on the rise. The number of people particularly young children committing suicide increases. The death rate will increases but it is not due to corona virus but due to other diseases. People indulge in making quick money -  gullible banks, gold makers will put the society at great peril.
An important person of social importance or a religious teacher will pass away due to assassination or accident. The cases in the courts will be pending for a long time as many more cases will make considerable time. People become touchy - no sense of humor. While giving examples or quoting a joke, you should give due thought for the height, weight, skin colour, caste, religion etc., and the list is very long!  There may be macabre accidents involving little children, cows and other animals. There will be clashes on religious or sectarian grounds.  Intellectuals will provoke common man and vigilantes will try to deliver justice in their own ways. There is great sense of insecurity.  There will be many petitions in the highest court for euthanasia. Everybody becomes poor, there is  money neither in market nor the bank. There will not be any development in construction sector.  All states are engaged  in some kind of tantrum to gain lead over others. In other words, the transit of guru in makara epitomizes various problems for the country.  When a planet transits in 11th from rasi i.e. in mesha rasi, the adverse effects mentioned above above will not take place.
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