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Shani transits in 4th from your sign, which is called ardastama shani. It is difficult to get your talents and achievements recognized in a gathering. You seem to an almost  invisible man without any adjectives. You should accept this deficiency and patiently bid for your good time. Heavy work in the office but you are going to gain good things from this. You have strong liking for solitude. Long walks in silence is more appealing. There could be separation from family members due to transfer. Any attempt to purchase properties land up in delay and you are successful at the end. Your mother's health causes worries. Minor misunderstandings with mother and her relatives. Some may have to leave their native places (or the place of longest residence) under humiliating circumstances. Your prestige in your relatives goes down and mother-side relatives will humiliate you but his leads to strong and firm relationship with some. Students have minor set backs in their studies. Hard work will pay off well.  When Shani is combust you are subjected to heavy expenditure, long distance transfer and losses in property transactions. There will be some minor problems in the office and also regarding loans. You are slothful and somber but it is not bad you are establishing a steady life. Extreme caution is required in professional matters. Do not put your papers, even if you are humiliated or ignored for promotion. Have patience, good days will come - after two and half years.

Fortunately, the hardships described above are there but less as shani is in his own sign. Not many remedial measures are required but they are very much essential. You MUST conduct shanti for shani in a temple or in your house. When done in a temple you can share the expenditure with others. It is the process of reciting shani beeja / gayatri or namaskara mantras 19000+ times. You should also recite shani gayatri mantra
[ओं शनैश्चराय विद्महे छायापुत्राय धीमही। तन्नो मंदः प्रचोदयात्॥ or beeja mantra [ओं प्रां प्रीं प्रौं सः शनैश्चराय नमः॥ minimum 18 times a day. You should do shiva pooja on Saturdays and Maasa shivaratri days. Whether you believe in God or whether you believe in the remedial measures is the consideration now.
TULA [Chitra 3, 4; Swathi & Vishakha 1,2,3]
॥ओं शनैश्चराय विद्महे छायापुत्राय धीमही। तन्नो मंदः प्रचोदया्॥