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Shani transits in 3rd from your sign. The adverse transit of Shani, you had since last seven and half years ends now. You have courage and good support from others. You will gain an influential position in society and everybody starts noticing you. You will become popular among higher circles as well as with ordinary people. With this transit, you have moved away from financial problems. Happy days are here again! Birth of children, good hobbies, religious mentality and also adopt pets occur during this transit. Your relationship with your brothers, sisters and friends goes up considerably. You have good measure of courage and strength to face the world. Sports persons set new records and are able to settle in life. There are changes in residence or the work place. You perform frequent journeys at short notices. Students have good time. If you are doing any specialization like PhD, you are assured of grand success. Exceptional achievements are seen as shani transits in his own sign.

There is improvement in business - opening new branches, purchase of accessories to the existing machines, acquisition of articles of comforts and also vehicles. If you are in the farming activity, it is an excellent transit which gives you lot of farm animals, tools and machines. Promotions, outstanding commendations and awards await you. Make hay when the Sun (I should say, Shani) shines! Your influence goes up and the opponents beat a hasty retreat. The aspiring couple with be blessed which children. There will be good progress of children and also you are able to make good investments. Your religious quest and dedication are unmatched. If you are trying to go abroad for further studies and employment, you are sure to achieve them. When Shani is retrograde, the benefic effects are withheld for the time being. Combust shani causes minor rifts with brothers, sisters and friends.
VRISCHIKA [Vishakha 4th pada; Anuradha & Jyesta]
॥ओं शनैश्चराय विद्महे छायापुत्राय धीमही। तन्नो मंदः प्रचोदया्॥