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DURING THE YEAR 2018......

New Year, Ugadi, culture and national pride

Eclipses, Combustion and Retrogression

National scenario

You said something?

Forecast for all moon signs

Remedial measures

Calendars is signature of time  and the shows the arrow of time in all the three dimensions - past, present and future. A nomadic tribe in  Afghanistan does not have a calendar. Only two incidents mark the differences in their lives - the winter, when they climb down the mountains and  the summer when they go up hill along with their animals. They need not have to plan anything at all and hence there no need of a calendar. They throw away their dead in the icy rivers.  They do not have history, culture (samskara), purana or anything to identify with. Calendars give inheritance and also identity crisis. In my younger days, Yagnavalkya and Maitrei samvada (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad) was enchantingly delightful. I perceived, I belong to the culture of this great rishi.  Then, one day I discovered Yagnavalkya, the eater of soft flesh of cows!  The source can not be disputed - I discovered this through the works of Sanskrit maha mahopadyaya, supreme court lawyer Shri Kane, in his books History of Dharmasutras!

My grandfather wore uattariya and dhoti; he never forgave my father for giving up Brahmanism by wearing shirts, pump shoes and Mysore peta (cap). I identify with my linage but do not wear uttariya, pump shoes or peta. My grandfather proclaimed, there were neither a drunkard, a meat eater, a thief or a cheat in my linage. Of course, there were some references to my ancestors' penchant in eating [ब्राह्मणो भोजन प्रियः - Brahmin likes eating.  There are other versions:  ब्राह्मणो बहुजन प्रियः and  ब्राह्मणो बहु जनप्रियः].  When you say, I  belong to the linage of these purohits - the incarnates of honesty, dignity and devotion, I feel immensely happy.  But when you say,  I belong to the linage of  Yagnavalkya, the meat eater, I am at unease. Yet, Yagnavalkya and maitrei belong to me!  We have given up meat eating since my great great and the greatest grandfather's time. By the way, the liberals quote from selected works only.  There are several dharma sutras that lay down meat eating as improper. The liberals obviously suffer selective amnesia. Gregorian calendar causes schizophrenia in me. Am I a British to follow the calendar of our former colonial rulers, who still have not given up their pounds and gallons for kilograms and liters? The national calendar is chandramana and the national gazette only uses this date. Hindus take birth and live the whole life in Gregorian calendar. The first death anniversary is on shukla paksha dwiteeya, kartika masa and not on 24th November! Paradox - Eye specialist can not see.

National pride is not reflected in celebration of New Years Day.  There is nothing inappropriate in a "Happy New Year" but let us not forget to wish each other on Ugadi too. You can not close your windows, even if you are a fundamentalist or a Marxist. Culture too blows like wind across Atlantic to Asia. There are always cultural collisions, modifications and mutations.  Like the British, let us be proud of our culture, let us not forget  Tol, Sr, Ratti and Ugadi. I would not brag, I practice vedic astrology!  I am engaged in study of Vedas since my childhood. Several times I have gone through Atherva and many mandalas of Rigveda. Nowhere, I could find references to predictive or election astrology. Use of astrology was restricted to fixing the dates festivals, though there are mentions to predictive astrology and muhurta in puranas.  That means, predictive astrology is not vedic! To be a religious Hindu, you need not have to believe in astrology, it is not a part of vedanga.  Vedanga jyotishya is a calendar with solar months like madhu, madhava etc.,!  Let world famous astrologers in Delhi, Noida and Bangalore say, they practice the sacrosanct vedic astrology (Lord Vinayaka bless their ignorance). Generally, astrology is laced with fatalism. Birth of Jesus is linked to the prophecy, 'This was to fulfil the passage in Prophet Isaiah' (Mathew 4:14).  Ashariravani revealed to Kamsa that the 7th child of his sister would kill him! But the great Greeks were not to accept such fatalistic view and maintained "astra inclinant, non necessitant " (star incline, do not determine). Be Greek heros and not fatalistic ravens. Like school children who have certain restrictions yet are free within the school compound, we are free and also governed by the environment, indicated by the planets. फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः। को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना॥ - फलदीपिक  "With the help of planetary movements, mortals can only give indications of what is to happen; who else other than BRAHMA can tell with certainty as to what will definitely happen" - Phladeepika. Only God almighty knows for certain and astrological analysis is mere human effort to understand infinitesimally huge uncertainty. Remedial measures help us to improvise on the given birth but will not altogether change the life.

On the last day of the year, mid night strikes and no star falls from the sky leading to Bethlehem. Men and women, without reservation loaded of alcohol are on the ground and nobody is awake when the new year chimes. Mundane charts in ancient India are done for lunation - Hindu month is not merely a numbered day but a day that lives with phases of moon. When poornima (full moon) does not occur in the month, the moth is extended and when poornima happens early, it is cut short. The corrections are done every month and not once in four years as in Gregorian colander.

There is always a misconception created by the popular astrologers on TV that eclipses shadow you down and create havoc. Some astrologers even predict good luck due to eclipses -"ಲಾಭಸ್ಥಾನದಲ್ಲಿ ಗ್ರಹಣ ಆಗಿದೆ. ನಿಮಗೆ ತುಂಬಾ ಧನ ಲಾಭ" [The eclipse is in 11th, you will have lot of money"- yells a Kannada channel. In the astrological classics, no where such results are mentioned. There are another set of scientists who force food down my throat to prove one can dine and wine during eclipse. There is of course, a class of people who abstain food during eclipse. In case you do so on religious grounds because you have to give tarpana, the scientist flocks in all colours like kencha, kariya or the western biliya have no say in that. If you are afraid that eclipse will poison your food, I should say, there is no iota of truth. Similarly, the effects of eclipse are felt only for a few days and then they disappear. Some accidents - like your dress catching fire, could be quite distressing. Eclipses can tarnish your image and cause humiliations. But they simply can not over rule your dasha / bhukti or transit, they will not snatch away your plate of meals. So, four times this year, the two sets of people say the same things again and again and create much noise. Much ado about nothing!  The rituals are observed only if the eclipse occurs in that part of the world, whether physically visible or clouded.  Total lunar eclipse on 31.01.2018 (16:21 to 21:39 IST) occurs in Cancer in pushya and aslesha stars. Partial solar eclipse on 11.08.2018 also occurs in Cancer in Aslesha star. The lunar eclipse on 31.01.2018 is visible in India. Partial solar eclipse on 16.02.2018 happens in Aquarius, dhanista star. Partial solar eclipse on 13.07.2018 is witnessed in Gemini in punarvasu star. Total lunar eclipse on 27.07.2018 (22:44 to 04:58 of 28th) is visible in India and happens in uttarashadha and sravana stars situated in Capricorn.

It is obvious, you should not to look at the eclipse directly with naked eyes, you are off guard when the bight light will flash into your retina, causing damage. Suppose you know the exact end time and you watch is not deceptive, you just can have a direct look.  Well, nothing happens - I have done that in my college days.  The eclipses are used to measure the bent of space (gravitational pull), density of constituent gasses on the planets, surface temperature, speed and vacillation. Infringement of light occurs when a light source is obstructed - the resulting light is broken into various light rays of different frequencies, that was the hot topic in 70s. Not much research is done in this field. 

Food for thought - "Convulsive thresholds were measured in 26 psychiatric patients who were receiving electroconvulsive treatment and in 8 rats subjected to electroconvulsive shocks, during the recent total solar eclipse day (February 16th, 1980) and on control days. Our results showed that there was a significant reduction in the convulsive thresholds of both humans and rats at the time of solar eclipse, probably occurring due to the observed geomagnetic field variation of 19 Gammas". [M.S.Keshavan, B.N.Gangadhar, R.U.Gautam, V.B.Ajit &  R.L.Kapur;  Neuroscience Letters Volume 22, Issue 2, 10 March 1981]. "Both the quantitative and qualitative variations in the airspora were observed during different phases of the eclipse. The number of fungal colonies were higher during the pre- and post-eclipse phase. There was a decrease at contact phase, total/partial or diamond ring eclipse phase. Thus, very minor changes were observed during the eclipse period. Bacterial colonies were higher at the post-eclipse phase. Most of the fungal species are organic matter decomposers, while some of them are known to cause allergies in humans and also cause plant diseases. Aspergillus species were dominant. Both A. fumigatus (causing allergy and asthma) and A. flavus (producing aflatoxin) were the dominant species and they showed a definite trend in their occurrence". [Microorganisms collected during a solar eclipse in India - Jayashree Deshpande & Laxman V. Gangawane; Aerobiologia December 1997].

There are fasting and rituals associated with eclipses. It is advised to be on empty stomach, you will stop eating and drinking (the beverages and juices, water exempted) 3 hours before start of eclipse. Some people start  fasting for 9 hours or 12 hours before eclipse. Three hours is reasonable considering present day life style.  As the food prepared earlier to eclipse is discarded, you should ensure that your fridge is empty.  After eclipse you will have a full bath - head to toes and put light in pooja room.  When the eclipse is in progress water also is not taken.  Little children, patients and old persons are exempted due to inability. Liberated scientifically advanced souls claim immunity! After the eclipse the house and house hold articles as well as clothes that were on the body are washed.  If the eclipse has occurred in your rasi or in 6th, 8th or 12th from your rasi or in your star, then you should recite mantras (any simple mantra will do) for ravi or chandra, depending on whether it is Solar or Lunar eclipse. You may also recite mantra for your favorite God (Istadaiva) or use any mantra, instead. Eclipses have effect on your mind and moods than physical body - suppose you eat, drink and dance, you may not find any noticeable effect, immediately. The effects of eclipses are very short lived, that will not override the influences of your natal chart. We can also use this time for mantra siddhi (perfection), take a mantra and recite during eclipse.  If you want to test the effect of of eclipse of mind, just keep quite and observe your thoughts - you will have sound proof. In my younger days, I used to take advantage of eclipses to recite mantras.

Reputed pulmonologists at Buffalo Hospital told that the young boy needs to take medications on daily basis and additional ones when he has spasms. Parents were about to start the treatment but the wise old grandfather prevailed. The refrigerator was shut down, the boy ate and drank only fresh things. He would not eat outside.  Now, the boy is great singer, he can sing continuously for an hour.  Of course, refrigerators preserve food efficiently but we know not of harmful side effects, due to temperature variance. Research into this area may harm refrigerator manufacturers. Research on effects of eclipses on humans will saffronise the country and will render greatest harm to our secular credentials!  Consider recitation of your favorite mantra during eclipse - it is a worthy try.        ...............As Jesus said this, He called out, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear." [Luke 8:8].

Combustion of a planet is caused due to nearness to Sun and combustion is deemed to be bad at it would rob away the effects of the planet. Uttara Kalamrita says, " (Natural) Benefic planets if combust, lose their potency, while (natural) malefics become more mischievous. Retrogression merely causes status quo  - it freezes the scenario while result of combustion varies, depending on the role of Sun in the chart. During this year, Mars is retrograde from 27.06.2018 to 26.08.2018.  Jupiter is retrograde from 10.03.2018 to 10.07.2018.  Venus and Saturn are retrograde  from 06.10.2018 to 15.11.2018  and from 18.04.2018 to 05.09.2018, respectively. Mercury being near to Sun will suffers combustion most frequently (23.03.2018 to 14.04.2018; 26.07.2018 to 18.08.2018; 17.11.2018 to 06.12.2018. In the entire year, Saturn transits in Sagittarius while Rahu and Ketu transit in Cancer and Capricorn respectively. Jupiter transits in Libra till 11h October and thereafter moves into to Scorpio. At the beginning of the year Mars is in Libra and traverses into Pisces towards the end of the year. During the year 2018, eclipses occur in Gemini, Cancer (there are two eclipses in this sign), Capricorn and Aquarius. 

Wish you happy new year

In the chart made at the start of Ugadi of Vilambi nama samvat that begins on 17.03.2018 18.41 IST at Delhi, we have ascendant lord Mercury in the 7th along with luminaries and Venus.  Exalted Venus cancels the debilitation of Mercury, at this cost, Mercury and Venus have rapt conjunction.  That means the power of Venus to give fruitful results as 9th and 2nd lord is restricted while the power of Mercury as ascendant and 10th lord is redeemed. Fortunately, Mars and Saturn in the 4th have considerable distance between them. During the year 2018, the ruling party will fall into the hands of the opposition, it is able to dictate terms to the ruling government in various ways. As the debilitation of ascendant lord (who is also 10th lord) is cancelled, the ruling government has some face saving mechanisms.  In the election to come, the image of ruling party is tarnished and it has to put hard efforts to stay afloat. Luminaries, in this case the 12th and 11th lord in the 7th indicates that the wealth, investments and also expenditure is clouded with secrecy.  Statistics is liberally employed to prove a point and also to disprove.  The government will not make  good impact on the people.  The success it fosters is crowded in ambiguity. Democratic set ups like parliament will not function properly. But not often, government will use brute force against opposition which is obviously undemocratic with relentless enthusiasm and added to this the opposition parties behave like bandits and bandicoots.   At times, there will be some good developments and the government will make use of great rhetoric to outsmart the opposition. It is possible only at times, as guru is retrograde. This time, donations will flow more towards the opposition. There is always some annoyances by the neighbouring countries but that is effectively used by the government to kindle patriotism and also some fear. The war lord Mars in 4th implies there will be war like situation - border attacks and also the inimical countries use academics and opposition parties  for their advantages. There will also be some rifts within the ruling partners as Mars and Saturn are in 4th, but this will not cause any problem to governing.  Ketu in the 5th implies that the government will take some wrong decisions that causes harm to teachers, children and the investments as well as prestige will go down. It is usual that the intellectuals are divided but this year, they are not able to make any impact. The population will suffer rheumatoid arthritis and disorders of  throat, upper chest, lungs and the incidents of heard and brain cancer will shoot up. Universities at times become battlegrounds as two malefics Mars and Saturn are in the 4th house. There will be fire accidents, earthquakes, forest fires and terrorist assaults  in South and Southwest regions of the country. Mars and Saturn in 4th is a potent dangerous combination for such episodes. As Jupiter aspects 6th, government will tackle the situation well. Nobody is religious - we merely worship Money God - in various forms.  There is no solution to vexed Ayodhya problem in sight during 2018. Press freedom is trampled at times by the government,  3rd lord himself is the 8th lord in the 4th.  Of course, you can not compare this to the atrocities of national emergency! These wrangles are bound to happen when smaller splinter groups want to play upstage - they have to create lot of noise and commotion, that India is not a safe country!  They do not know the situation in Syria, Turkey and Jordon.  No wealth is brought from Swiss banks not more black money unearthed. In such a conflicting scenario, the opposition gets stronger while the ruling party plays into the hands of the opposition, ascendant lord Mercury is debilitated in 7th.

For the Republic, Rahu bhukti of Moon dasha ends on 10-08-2018. Moon dasha till 09-09-2025 is the period of changes, great developments, winning over enemies and emotional problems. By the end of chandra dasha, the country will emerge as a strong stake holder in world scene. Till the end of Rahu bhukti, the opposition party leader will be going on making strange and insignificant remarks on the ruling party and policies and belittle himself - he is already microscopic. Fear of war and decay grip the air. But come Jupiter bhukti (10-08-2018 to 10-12-2019), religion, culture and consideration is in abundance. Ayodhya crisis may be solved through negotiations - a win-win situation for all. The issues will be deliberated with opposition and all the concerned parties concerned. With slight reservations from minorities, the issue will be settled forever. It is like claiming some inheritance, 8th lord Jupiter in the 7th. Also, the opposition will have even more health, it is reduced to ashes. Religious mentality, nationalism, moral values impact even court judgments. Courts may revisit the judgments such as decorum of national anthem. As Jupiter, the 11th lord is in 7th, the opposition will be coaxed and coerced. There will be some secret understanding between the ruling and opposition parties. Let you son-in-law be happy and so let my son also be happy, are the  principles of national justice! There will be general elections during Jupiter bhukti. The strength of ruling government will come down while the opposition slightly improves. Overall, the ruling party will repeat the story and through diplomacy will browbeat the opposition at every corner. But the congress is like phoenix, it would rise again, it takes years for the young leader to learn lessons and till 2025 congress will go downhill super fast! The heavy handedness of government with oppositions parties and media draws severe criticism during Feb. 2018. Parliament does not function properly. International humanitarian agencies express concern and warn the government to darn the socks. Financial front is bad and there is more of totalitarian approach for the problems during July and this leads to war or words.  The prestige of the government goes down and relationship with neighbors is strained.

Yes, you said something? Speak up aloud, do not be afraid (That is what I say to my daughter - my hearing is less than 70%!).  Now, you know why I do not receive mobile calls. I used to listen to shortwave (DXing) hours together since my childhood and hence tinnitus. You said, "Man, what are your credentials? Or did you make up the story?". I am not in research nor I can roll out statistics. Nor,  I do examine 24 charts in 24 hours to propound a new formula. Nor  I am wise in spherical astronomy or astrology.  I do not have any proficiency in mundane astrology. Nor I am world famous.  Daniel Craig and other Hollywood stars are not my clients. Nor Indian political bigwigs. I confess, one central minister of prominence had consulted me long back - I have a 'thank you' letter from his private secretary.  I would not show that letter without his consent - it is against professional ethics. This gentleman has not acknowledged consulting me or any astrologers in public. I am like any ordinary plumber, you find countless in street corners. Then, how do I describe myself? A humble astrologer of ordinary intelligence and infinitesimal knowledge but hard working, faithful and deeply religious - here in the web world, to make few coins. Shops, web sites, hospitals, schools and temples are here to make some business.  Have you seen a temple without a hundi (Money box)?

There is very little a common men like you and me, can do in national and international events. I am aware you have nothing to do with national events, it was just he curiosity. You are more concerned of your life and there is always room for improvisations.  So, let the show begin......... now

Show presented by astrovidya

By rasi (moon sign), I am not referring to your sun sign, i.e. sun's position in your natal chart.  Sun remains in the same sign for nearly 30 days. For example people born between 15.01.2014 to 12.02.2014 belong to the sun sign Capricorn. This method is followed in Kerala, in some parts of Tamil Nadu and Malabar as well as in portions of  North East India. According to Western astrology which does not consider precession of equinox (ayanamsha) people born between 22.12.2013 to 20.01.2014 belong to sun sign Capricorn. In Hindu astrology the transit effects are considered from the sign occupied by moon (nirayana position) at the time of birth, called rasi. On this page, the predictions are interpreted based on the cannons of Hindu astrology. English notations are used as the site has numerous readers in Latin America and  Western Europe. 

During the year 2018Mesha (Aries):  Saturn is in adverse 9th and the nodes are in  hostile 4th and 10th respectively. Jupiter transits in favorable 7th till 11th of October and thereafter in adverse 8th. There are eclipses in 3rd, 4th, 10th from your moon sign. There will be misunderstandings with your father and elders in the family.  Your bosses will not extend their help. You are highly critical of religious practices. At times, luck sees to run out. During March to May, 2018 the relationship suffers more. You will be able to purchase immovable properties.  Your friends go away from you and you feel isolated at times.  You are full of abundance courage. You are able to clear long outstanding loans and also you can avail long term loans for development purposes.  You have an edge over your enemies and competitors in the entire year.  You will also embark on activities and hobbies which improve your life and general health. Sudden fall out from mother and close relatives.  Electronics gadgets break down.  You are likely to be cheated in property matters.  Students has problems in education due to distraction. Many people may pick up quarrels with main family and are happy to go out. There is always a sense of frustration.  In the work place, you have high pensive situations.  There will be some comic person in the office, you will be put you in tight spot with your boss, inadvertently. Though there is nothing seriously wrong in professional field, you are not happy, some frustration, uncertainty and disappointments linger in the air. Many people of this sign get married before October of the year. There is always some possibility of cuts, wounds and sudden health problems like constipation and loose bowls. You should be careful of water transmitted diseases. You should go to bed in time otherwise you are force to stay awake all night. Though there are no financial constraints, there is bound to be some mild worries. The element of success comes down from October as Jupiter transits in adverse 8th. There will be some financial problems and worries. You are likely to overdo your investments and land in trouble.  It is better to do shanti for guru and also to recite guru beeja mantra / gayatri mantra, minimum 21 times a day from October. Donations to orphanages and the organizations who look after abandoned cows is also desirable.

There will be some temporary frictions with mother and close relatives during January  and August of the year, as the eclipses occurs in the 4th. During February, the eclipse in 11th causes some losses in financial matters. Eclipses in July cause loss of courage, some friction with brothers, sisters and friends and also mild professional frustration. No special remedial measures are required in this regard.

During the year 2018Vrishabha (Taurus): For Taurus moon-sign, Saturn transits in adverse 8th called astama shani in the entire year. This causes severe problems in life. Heavy expenditure, losses, humiliations and acute health problems are noticed during this transit. Some persons may get a job that involves heavy work and all sorts of hardships but finally gives the benefit. There will be extreme financial problems. You should stay away from any speculative transactions. Journalists, novelists and theatre artists have emptiness in their grey cells and monotony haunts persistently.  There will be some disappointments with children. Jupiter transits in adverse 6th till 11th October, 2018. This predisposes you for loan related problems. There will be health problems as well as professional problems. The relationship with own brothers and sisters is taxed while the same with cousins and others will increase. From 12th of October Jupiter in 7th is good but it is of no use, as Jupiter is checked in transit. However, the adverse effects faced due to Jupiter in 6th will cease. Benefic Rahu in 3rd is under check throughout the year while Ketu transits in averse 9th. Expected help and support from your own relative is hard to come by. There will be mild amount of misunderstandings with elders in the family. The element of religiousness is down and you prefer to suffer than taking up any remedial measures. You are prone to cuts and wounds during March to early May as Mars is also bad. Eclipses in January and August merely cause some misunderstanding with brother and sisters but does not have much impact. The eclipse during February implies that you are falsely implicated in the office and your image is tarnished for brief period. Eclipse in July bring some bad news and sudden financial strains.

Remedial measures for shani and guru (when he transits in Libra) are of utmost importance in turbulent times. Shanti for shani and guru must be done and every day you should recite either beeja mantras or gayatri mantras for shani and guru minimum 21 times each in the morning, after bath. Rudrabishekha may be conducted either in the house or in temples as often as possible.


During the year 2018Mithuna (Gemini): Gemini persons Saturn transits in adverse 7th in the entire year and this transit is called saptama shani. There will be sudden problems in all walks of life. Success rate in any venture is limited. There will be cuts, wounds and accidents, as the nodes are also bad in 2nd and 8th from your moon sign. Sudden financial ups and downs, rift with family members and sudden attacks of cold diseases is seen. Marital life is horrible. There may be health problems to the spouse. There will be tiresome long distance travels. Many people of this sign may be transferred to long distances causing separation from main family. All these suffering will reinforce you faith in God. You will surely to take up remedial measures to reduce the problems considerably. There will always be help from elders and well wishers. You are gripped by pessimism and lethargic attitude. You will loose interest in dressing, ornaments and it is hard to continue your hobbies. Mother's health causes concern and there will be an element of misgivings with close relatives. Due to insistence of your spouse, you will embark on acquisition of properties. It is difficult but not impossible. There are financial problems but finally, you will acquire properties. Jupiter transits in benefic 5th till 11th of October. Due to your interest in hobbies, involvement in development of children and also deep religious interest, you are able to overcome the problems posed by Saturn till 11th of October. When Jupiter transits in the adverse 6th, the predicaments will torture you to the maximum. Nonetheless, other planets like Mercury, Venus and Sun are well disposed. That means with some precaution, you will be able come out of the problems unscathed. It is difficult to keep interest in life, you are troubled by horrible dreams and unreasonable fears. Eclipse in July occur on your sign and also in the 8th from your moon sign. This will predispose you to cuts and wounds. There will be some humiliations too. You should take up remedial measures in this regard. Eclipses during January ad August occur in 2nd house causing ripples in financial matters. There will be minor misunderstandings with elders and superior officers during February, 2018.

Remedial measures for shani and guru (when he transits in Scorpio) are of utmost importance in turbulent times. Shanti for shani and guru must be done and every day you should recite either beeja mantras or gayatri mantras for shani and guru minimum 21 times each in the morning, after bath. Rudrabishekha may be conducted either in the house or in temples as often as possible.

During the year 2018Kataka  (Cancer): During the entire year, Saturn transits in favourable 6th. However, Saturn will not produce any favourable results from March to early May, he yields to vedha. During the favourable transit of Saturn, you will be able to clear long outstanding loans and consolidate your financial position. You are going to win over your enemies and competitors. There will be remarkable improvement in health condition. The persons in service sectors (and not executives) will get promotions. Due to consistence healthy habits you will increase your life span and lead a better trouble free life. Nevertheless, there will be some concerns related to spouse, marriage and inheritance. You are full of courage and you will not care for minor misunderstandings with your brothers, sisters and friends. Rahu and Ketu are adverse in your moon sign and in the 7th. Minor cuts, wounds and allergic reactions are possible. The relationship with spouse is not up to the mark. There may be some health problems to the spouse or some cause for worries. Jupiter transits in 4th till 11th October and this is not considered as gurubala. There will be problems related properties. Students have some problems in education. You have some dissatisfaction. Jupiter being first grade benefic, with some difficulty you can sort out these problems. Investments do not appreciate as per your expectations but there are no losses. Expenditure is under control. Novelists, social activists have good period. A promotion is expected during the transit of Jupiter in the 4th. Thereafter Jupiter transits in favourable 5th till the year end. Unfortunately, this transit does not impact you favourably as Jupiter is checked. Good results related to children elude you, though there are not big disappointments. It is difficult to have a sound sleep unless you cease your unsettled feelings by evening. During this transit, you are full of moral courage and religious fervour runs high. Financial position is excellent. In the entire year, there are no 'worst months', the life goes on well.

The eclipse in January and August occur on your moon sign. This will tarnish your image for brief period. It is better to take up remedial measures, particularly if you are born in the stars Pushya and Aslesha. The eclipses in July in the 7th and in 12th from your moon sign will cause problems in marital life and lack of sleep. Also, the eclipse in the month of February in Capricorn predisposed you to cuts, wounds and accidents. Remedial measures are required in this instance also.

During the year 2018Simha (Leo): Transit of Saturn throughout the year in adverse 5th is bad. This causes bitterness with children. Novelists, journalists and creative artists bear the brunt of this transit. The grey cells seems to have gone powerless. Marriage is in the air particularly for those who were afflicted with delays. The marital discord and rifts in partnership, if any will melt away into thin air. There will be some delay in realisation of money due to you. Element of profit will come down and there will be some labour unrest and insubordination. Some element of strains in financial matters and heavy expenditure due to children are seen. Thanks to positions of Mercury and Venus, you are on good steed. Finance will not a big concern in the entire year, you are able to meet any sudden increase in expenditure. Rahu transits in adverse 12th while Ketu is favourable in the 6th. You are able to meet all the committed expenses and liabilities in the entire month, except in the month of August. Restlessness, infections like cough and cold become quite common. You need to take care of health, there are only minor problems. Whenever you require some funds, a sudden stranger will be available to help you out, thanks to favourable Ketu. Jupiter transits in adverse 3rd from your moon sign till 11th October. Thereafter he is adverse in 4th. You are full of moral courage. Short distance journeys cause physical strains. There is love and hate relationship with your brothers and sisters.

The eclipses during January and August occur in the 12th and this will increase expenditure for brief period. Eclipses during July occur in 6th and 11th, which will cause some minor health problems and sudden fall in profit ratio. The eclipse in February is in the 7th from your moon sign. There will be some friction with your spouse or business partner.

During the year 2018Kanya (Virgo): Throughout the year, Saturn transits in adverse 4th which is called ardastama shani transit. This transit is equally bad as astama shani. There will be humiliations from close relatives. A sense of despair grips you due to domestic problems. If you are contemplating purchase of properties, be warned it is most difficult. Ensure that you do not entangle in legal hurdles, as these have a tendency to go on forever. Even outstanding students become dull in their studies. You are able to avail loans and also you are able to consolidate your financial position. In the entire year, professional problems are seen, you are pitted against almost impossible tasks. There will not be co-operation from your subordinates. Promotions and transfers are delayed. You should take care that your official world does not overlap with personal life. Most often, you have to stay in the office or be away from your house on official duties. Rahu transits in favourable 11th and you can expect a sound financial status during the year, except in July and August. Ketu transits in adverse 5th and this implies problems related to children to some degree. This year is not good for speculative transactions. Jupiter in 2nd till 11th October promises an excellent financial position. Also, this transit is able to diminish the ardastama problems caused by Saturn. Jupiter in adverse 3rd does not have much impact on your life. There will be minor misunderstandings with your brothers, sisters and friends.

Eclipses during January, July and August predispose you to gambling and risky business proposals. Further, during the month of July, you may have to face rifts in the office. Sudden health problems like sprains and increased blood pressure and heavy expenditure is seen during February.

Remedial measures for shani is of utmost importance in turbulent times. Shanti for shani must be done and every day you should recite either beeja mantra or gayatri mantra for shani, minimum 21 times each in the morning, after bath. Rudrabishekha may be conducted either in the house or in temples as often as possible.

During the year 2018Tula  (Libra): For Libra persons, Saturn bestows immense courage, profits, expansion of business and name any thing under the Sun! This has relieved you from financial strains you suffered so far during adverse transit in 2nd. You will be able to broaden your horizon by good contacts and you are able to branch out, except in the month of August. You have lot of convection and concentration. Students perform very well. You are very religious and you will take to meditation as well as ritual worship. There will however be some worries, tensions and anxieties that keep you awake till mid night. Rahu and Ketu transit in adverse 10th and 4th respectively. Sudden raptures in the workplace become quite common. You need to keep your nerves cool. There will be hidden enemies in the form of colleagues and relative who cause havoc in your life. These will not be quite often but sporadic and sudden. They do not have any reverberations in professional sphere. Electric and electronic gadgets break down suddenly causing anguish and frustration. There is not much of money involved, though. Be extremely careful while you buy gadgets. Mother's health causes botheration. There will be some misgivings with relatives. However, there is no direct fight only border clashes and it is better to ignore them. Do not depend on heresies and gossips, they will land you in trouble. Even if you know these people are against you, better ignore them. Jupiter transits over your moon sign which provides ample prudence to steer clear of problems. From 12th of October, Jupiter in 2nd gives you clear vision over you plans and projects. Financial position improves considerably. You are able to clear loans and there will be remarkable improvement in health. During this transit, you can expect favorable court judgments and realization of written off amounts. Professional problems caused by adverse Rahu are contained due to this transit.

Eclipses during January and August cause tarnished image at the work place. You may be falsely implicated in some episodes. The eclipse in February causes strained relation with children and also some losses in financial transactions. Eclipses during July causes domestic upheavals. There will be concern regarding health of parents and close relatives.

During the year 2018Vrischika (Scorpio): For people born in Scorpio, Saturn transits in adverse 2nd which is the final phase of seven and half years' cycle. There will be acute financial problems, even day to day expenditure becomes difficult to meet, at times. It does not mean all 365 days of the year are bad. There will be gold coins raining down now and then, thanks to benefic disposition of Venus. Only, you should be prudent in your spending and when it rains, you should be wise to set some coins aside. Balanced and cautious spending is the key, particularly during March and April. Strained relationship with family members is seen. You seem to be isolated, talking less and always brooding. However, this is the good time to avail long term loans and purchase properties. Loans are easily available as per your requirements. Due to paucity of funds, you are forced to be on healthy habits - you can not afford frequent visits to hotels, beverage rooms and entertainment centers. Also, your mind is set in economizing and channeling the funds towards procurement of properties. There will be success in property matters but the processes is very slow. Rahu transits in adverse 9th in the entire year. It is either, you are filled with anti-religious feelings or will fall pray to gullible babas and swamijis. You may loose some amount due to them. Ketu transits in favorable 3rd which means there will be help from friends and neighbors. You are courageous to tackle any situation. Jupiter in 12th at the start of the year, protects you from severe problems and losses. You are able to relax and sleep well during this transit. From 12th of October brings good health. But you are too conscious of what the others speak about you, which is not good.

Eclipses during January and August give you even more anti-religious feelings. Also, you may be cheated from tantriks, swamijis, astrologers and the like. Eclipse during February cause problems in property matters. Eclipses during July cause cuts, wounds and accidents as well as strained relationship with your brothers, sisters and friends. Remedial measures are required during July, as one of the eclipse occurs in 8th from your moon sign.

Remedial measures for shani and guru are of utmost importance in turbulent times. Shanti for shani and guru must be done and every day you should recite either beeja mantras or gayatri mantras for shani and guru minimum 21 times each in the morning, after bath. Rudrabishekha may be conducted either in the house or in temples as often as possible. 

During the year 2018Dhanus  (Sagittarius): Saturn is over your moon sign for the entire year. This is the mid phase of seven and half years' cycle of Saturn. Laziness, lack of interest in life, solitude are the effects of this transit. There will be health problems like dental problems, muscular pains and cold diseases. You are full of courage and there will always be help from you relatives ad friends. Marital as well as professional problems are seen during this transit. There may be hard work in the office while others may simply enjoy. You are humiliated and sidelined; under any circumstances, you should quit your job, unless and until you have another appointment order in hand. Do not enter into ego centric arguments, with clenched teeth put up your best foot forward. Be patient whatever the humiliations be - Pandavas, Nala maharaja, Rana Pratapa Simha too suffered like this. Rahu and ketu are adverse in 8th and 2nd respectively. You are prone to cuts, wounds and sudden health problems, particularly during January and August of the year. Extreme caution is required in this regard. Stay away from water bodies and water tankers. It is not the life wholesome bad in the entire year. You are able to purchase gold and vehicles. There are happy events at home. Students have good progress and will come out with colours. You should consider purchase of house properties. There are no serious financial problems but for no reason at all, you tend to worry about finances. Relationship with family members is slightly strained. Jupiter transits in favourable 11th at the start of the month, unfortunately he yields to vedha till August. From 12th of October, Jupiter transits in 12th from your moon sign. This transit increases expenditure but will be able to give you relaxed mind.

Eclipses during January and August predispose you to severe health problems, cuts and wounds, as these two eclipses happen in 8th from your moon sign. There will be loss of courage and strained relationship during February. Eclipses during July also have tendency to cause cuts and wounds but the intensity and possibility is less.

You should be careful while driving and handling sharp objects. You may have an electric shock - remember water and electricity are intimate friends.  Rahu in kataka identical with 7th or 8th predisposes for such eventualities. During the entire year, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are hostile. Added to this the eclipses during January, July and August occur in 7th and 8th from your moon sign. Every day you should recite maha mrutyunjya mantra, minimum 21 times each in the morning, after bath. It is better to recite Durga Sukta or Durga saptashati. Rudrabishekha may be conducted either in the house or in temples as often as possible.

During the year 2018Makara (Capricorn): For Capricorns, Saturn, their lord transits in the adverse 12th and this is the first phase of seven and half years' cycle. Lost distance transfer, separation from family, increased expenditure and humiliations are the results of this transit. However, this is the time of change, you are going to resurrect in another form.  The personality will undergo a change.  It is not a total loss or failure but you will shun old habits to acquire new ones. At times, the change is forced on you and the change happens very slowly, you will not notice at all. You will acquire good health, increase your savings due to fear of loosing them. You will be able to clear long terms loans and consolidate financial position. There will be bitter fall out from your father, elders in the family, teachers and the guide - either due to misunderstandings or living away from them.  This will give you new experiences and you will find them in you. This is the time, you discover yourself. You have clear convictions and a stone heart to deal with the problems. That means Saturn does not trouble you much, rejoice!  If the imposition becomes more strenuous then recite any mantras of your choice for shani or Lord Shiva.  You do not require any elaborate remedial measures for shani. Rahu and Ketu are adverse in 7th and over your moon sign.  This causes some strains in marital life. You are prone to allergic reactions, food poisoning and insect bites. There is some possibilities of cuts and wounds due to adverse positioning of Rahu and Mars. Jupiter transits in adverse 10th at the start of the year. Many people of this sign get new jobs and change of jobs. As you happen to be junior, all bade miyas, chote miyas, assistants, deputies, additionals and joints (including loose joints) as well as friends, neighbors and coworkers put their part of work on you.  You are laden with such horrible load that you repent your politeness. Be courteous, learn the work (that you can spread your wings and push these people off the nest!) but ensure some energy is left at the end of the day for your development.  This tendency will end during October 2018 and your hard work put in so far and it is harvest-time.

Eclipses during January and August occur in the 7th causing rifts with spouse and partners or co-workers. The eclipse during February causes some ebbs and tides in financial maters and some cuts and wounds, it is better to avoid air-travel during February. Eclipses during July cause sudden health problems in the upper chest.  More than that, you will have some very upsetting situations in the office. You image becomes tarnished and personality questioned. As the eclipses occur in your moon-sign and in the 6th, you should take up remedial measures particularly so, if you are born under the stars Uttarashada and Sravana.  If you find the life strenuous then recite any mantra of your choice for shani or Lord Shiva.  You do not require any elaborate remedial measures for shani. You should be careful while driving and handling sharp objects. You may have an electric shock - remember water and electricity are intimate friends.  Rahu in kataka identical with 7th or 8th predisposes for such eventualities.


During the year 2018Kumbha (Aquarius): Happy day are here again. For the last two and half years, you had severe professional problems and humiliations as well as domestic problems. Transit of Saturn in benefic 11th puts an end all these tabulations. You will be able to purchase properties, saving a lot and also make investments. There will be wholesome improvement in all the areas of life, particularly in health and prestige. You are likely to have great advancements in professional area. Your vigour and confidence will reappear in full measure. There will also be religious inclination. Students are able to perform well. There will be good development in respect of children, though there will be some expenditure and delays. You are able to consolidate your fiscal resources. You can expect some inheritance or written off dues. Above good results will be kept on hold during May and June when benefic Saturn is under check. Rahu transits in benefic 6th in the entire year and Ketu is adverse in 12th. You will be able to clear outstanding loans with whatever sudden financial benefits you get. There will be minor health problems related to lower back and thighs. Some undefined fears haunt at times, due to adverse Ketu. Jupiter is benefic in 9th till 11th of October, 2018. There will be pilgrimages and good events in the house like marriage, child birth etc., from Mid March. Transit of Jupiter in the 10th is adverse and this causes lot of work in the office without any financial benefits associated with it. However, it brings good name and recognition to your judiciousness and skills. But, ensure that your goodness is not exploited. You should learn to say "No I am busy but will tell you how to do it" right from October. During most of the months other planets - budha and shukra are also well disposed. You can look forward for a really happy new year!

Eclipses in January and August happen in the 6th from your moon sign. This will dispose you to some official problems and water born diseases. The eclipse during February 2018 is in you moon sign and this is a cause for concern. You may be falsely implicated in deeds, you did not do. There may be some humiliating episodes, too. It is better to take up remedial measures particularly if you are born in the star, Dhanista. The eclipses during July affect the 5th and 12th houses - there will be minor health problems, great expenditure and misgivings with children. You should be careful in financial matters.

During the year 2018Meena (Pisces): Saturn transits in adverse 10th in the entire year. Professional problems, humiliations and severe frustrations are caused due to this. Some persons of this sign may get promotions and heavy work related to this but financial benefits are far less than expected. If you are under adverse dasha or bhukti the problems are multiplied. There is a possibility of suspension, redundancy and dismissal. It is also possible that you may quit the job or take retirement due to ill treatment in the work place. Under any circumstances, you should not resign the job, in the hope of getting one in future. You should not put your papers unless and until you have another job. There lurks the danger of total loss of job. You will be able to save some amount with some difficulty. There are no financial problems in the year ahead. There will of cause of concern regarding mother's heath. Property matters will not go well, inordinate delay is expected. Marital problems surface during this transit. Rahu is unfavourable in the 5th while benefic ketu in 11th abdicates to vedha in the entire year. Expect sudden disappointment in this regard. You should control your temper with children. Speculative transactions should be strictly avoided. Jupiter transits in adverse 8th till 11th of October. Success rate in any ventures in very less. Remedial measures are required for shani and guru. Transit of guru in 9th is good, unfortunately this transit is checked for the remaining months of the year. March, July and November are the worst months of the year.

Eclipse during January and August cause severe problems with children and also you are subjected to some losses in financial transactions. Eclipse during February falls in the 12th causing some heath problems and confinement to bed. Eclipses during July are in the 4th and 11th which means there will be problems related to properties. There is not much to worry about eclipses for Pisceans.

As shani and guru are adverse and supportive (when guru is favourable he is checked), you should take up remedial measures for shani and guru. However, the problems will ease out a bit, after October, 2018. Shanti for shani and guru is desirable and every day you should recite either beeja mantras or gayatri mantras for shani and guru minimum 21 times each in the morning, after bath. Rudrabishekha may be conducted either in the house or in temples as often as possible.

Well, there is very little a common man like you and me, can do in national and international events. You are more concerned of your life and there is always room for improvisations. उद्दरेदात्मनात्मानम् नात्मानमवसादयेत्। आत्मैव ह्यात्मनो बंधुः आत्मैव रिपुरात्मनः॥ - 5, atma samyama yoga, Srimadbhagawad geeta.  [Let man raise by himself, let him not lower himself, for he alone is his friend, he alone is  enemy of himself]. Running after Shri Sriman,  Shri Srimathi, Durbash Chatri or Jugheads is futile! You are your own guru (durguru or sadguru).  As Jiddu krishanma murthy (truly, he is the enlightened and modest) implores to find your own truth. In present day world, it is not merely waste of time, it is wasting your soul and the venture is wrought with dangers. Do whatever possible by yourself, as laid down in your religion and ask for divine help. Remedial measures as mentioned for your moon-sign should be taken up.  Any shanti kriya need not be done every month nor in a particular temple or place. Shanti once in a year will suffice.  Intervention of priests should be kept at the minimum. ಗ್ರಹಗತಿಯ ತಿದ್ದುವನೆ ಜೋಯಿಸನು ಜಾತಕದಿ| ವಿಹಿತವಾಗಿಹುದದರ ಗತಿ ಸೃಷ್ಟಿವಿಧಿಯಿಂ|| ಸಹಿಸಿದಲ್ಲದೆ ಮುಗಿಯದಾವ ದಶೆ ಬಂದೊಡಂ| ಸಹನೆ ವಜ್ರದ ಕವಚ - ಮಂಕುತಿಮ್ಮ|| - DVG. [Does the astrologer change the horoscope? Trends happen as per natural procedures. Whatever the event, one should endure. Patience is the armor of diamond]. First of all, one should not commit sins - there is no excuse when a scholar kills his wife.  As T P Kailasam said, "All the world is the stage but there are no side wings to rest for a while!" If one is in difficulty, one look at the horoscope by an astrologer is ample. Then one should take up remedial measures seriously. There is no point in visiting all the world famous astrologers in Delhi, Noida and Bangalore.

Remedial measures for shani, guru, rahu or ketu are indicated for each moon-sign, if need be.  Such remedial measures should be taken up without any delay.

 If the eclipses take place in adverse signs from your moon sign,  remedial measures like rudrabhesekha, recitation of mantras for ravi and chandra is desirable. Special pooja for your ista or kula daiva will suffice. There is no need for महारुद्र महाकाळ कालभैरव राहु तथा केतुग्रस्त ग्रहण  विपत्विमोचन सकलश्रेष्ठ होम or any such elaborate measure.  Even if you do not take up remedial measures, no sky will fall down on your head, there will be some discomfort and some sudden snags for some time!

Placement holds the key!

Bhagawan Sri Adishankara bless us all

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