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DURING THE YEAR 2019......

Happy New year 2018 from astrovidya

New Year, Ugadi, culture and national pride

Eclipses, Combustion, Transit and Retrogression

National scenario

You said something?

Forecast for all moon signs

Remedial measures

Calendars is signature of time  and the shows the arrow of time in all the three dimensions - past, present and future. A nomadic tribe in  Afghanistan does not have a calendar. Only two incidents mark the differences in their lives - the winter, when they climb down the mountains and  the summer when they go up hill along with their animals. They need not have to plan anything at all and hence there no need of a calendar. They throw away their dead in the icy rivers.  They do not have history, culture (samskara), purana or anything to identify with. Calendars give inheritance and also identity crisis. In my younger days, Yagnavalkya and Maitrei samvada (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad) was enchantingly delightful. I perceived, I belong to the culture of this great rishi.  Then, one day I discovered Yagnavalkya, the eater of soft flesh of cows!  The source can not be disputed - I discovered this through the works of Sanskrit maha mahopadyaya, supreme court lawyer Shri Kane, in his books History of Dharmasutras!

My grandfather wore uattariya and dhoti; he never forgave my father for giving up Brahmanism by wearing shirts, pump shoes and Mysore peta (cap). I identify with my linage but do not wear uttariya, pump shoes or peta. My grandfather proclaimed, there were neither a drunkard, a meat eater, a thief or a cheat in my linage. Of course, there were some references to my ancestors' penchant in eating [ब्राह्मणो भोजन प्रियः - Brahmin likes eating.  There are other versions:  ब्राह्मणो बहुजन प्रियः and  ब्राह्मणो बहु जनप्रियः].  When you say, I  belong to the linage of these purohits - the incarnates of honesty, dignity and devotion, I feel immensely happy.  But when you say,  I belong to the linage of  Yagnavalkya, the meat eater, I am at unease. Yet, Yagnavalkya and maitrei belong to me!  We have given up meat eating since my great great and the greatest grandfather's time. By the way, the liberals quote from selected works only.  There are several dharma sutras that lay down meat eating as improper. The liberals obviously suffer selective amnesia. Gregorian calendar causes schizophrenia in me. Am I a British to follow the calendar of our former colonial rulers, who still have not given up their pounds and gallons for kilograms and liters? The national calendar is chandramana and the national gazette only uses this date. Hindus take birth and live the whole life in Gregorian calendar. The first death anniversary is on shukla paksha dwiteeya, kartika masa and not on 24th November! Paradox - Eye specialist can not see.

National pride is not reflected in celebration of New Years Day.  There is nothing inappropriate in a "Happy New Year" but let us not forget to wish each other on Ugadi too. You can not close your windows, even if you are a fundamentalist or a Marxist. Culture too blows like wind across Atlantic to Asia. There are always cultural collisions, modifications and mutations.  Like the British, let us be proud of our culture, let us not forget  Tol, Sr, Ratti and Ugadi. I would not brag, I practice vedic astrology!  I am engaged in study of Vedas since my childhood. Several times I have gone through Atherva and many mandalas of Rigveda. Nowhere, I could find references to predictive or election astrology. Use of astrology was restricted to fixing the dates festivals, though there are mentions to predictive astrology and muhurta in puranas.  That means, predictive astrology is not vedic! To be a religious Hindu, you need not have to believe in astrology, it is not a part of vedanga.  Vedanga jyotishya is a calendar with solar months like madhu, madhava etc.,!  Let world famous astrologers in Delhi, Noida and Bangalore say, they practice the sacrosanct vedic astrology (Lord Vinayaka bless their ignorance). Generally, astrology is laced with fatalism. Birth of Jesus is linked to the prophecy, 'This was to fulfil the passage in Prophet Isaiah' (Mathew 4:14).  Ashariravani revealed to Kamsa that the 7th child of his sister would kill him! But the great Greeks were not to accept such fatalistic view and maintained "astra inclinant, non necessitant " (star incline, do not determine). Be Greek heros and not fatalistic ravens. Like school children who have certain restrictions yet are free within the school compound, we are free and also governed by the environment, indicated by the planets. फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः। को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना॥ - फलदीपिक  "With the help of planetary movements, mortals can only give indications of what is to happen; who else other than BRAHMA can tell with certainty as to what will definitely happen" - Phladeepika. Only God almighty knows for certain and astrological analysis is mere human effort to understand infinitesimally huge uncertainty. Remedial measures help us to improvise on the given birth but will not altogether change the life.

On the last day of the year, mid night strikes and no star falls from the sky leading to Bethlehem. Men and women, without reservation loaded of alcohol are on the ground and nobody is awake when the new year chimes. Mundane charts in ancient India are done for lunation - Hindu month is not merely a numbered day but a day that lives with phases of moon. When poornima (full moon) does not occur in the month, the moth is extended and when poornima happens early, it is cut short. The corrections are done every month and not once in four years as in Gregorian colander.

There is always a misconception created by the popular astrologers on TV that eclipses shadow you down and create havoc. Some astrologers even predict good luck due to eclipses -"ಲಾಭಸ್ಥಾನದಲ್ಲಿ ಗ್ರಹಣ ಆಗಿದೆ. ನಿಮಗೆ ತುಂಬಾ ಧನ ಲಾಭ" [The eclipse is in 11th, you will have lot of money"- yells a Kannada channel. In the astrological classics, no where such results are mentioned. There are another set of scientists who force food down my throat to prove one can dine and wine during eclipse. There is of course, a class of people who abstain food during eclipse. In case you do so on religious grounds because you have to give tarpana, the scientist flocks in all colours like kencha, kariya or the western biliya have no say in that. If you are afraid that eclipse will poison your food, I should say, there is no iota of truth. Similarly, the effects of eclipse are felt only for a few days and then they disappear. Some accidents - like your dress catching fire, could be quite distressing. Eclipses can tarnish your image and cause humiliations. But they simply can not over rule your dasha / bhukti or transit, they will not snatch away your plate of meals. So, four times this year, the two sets of people say the same things again and again and create much noise. Much ado about nothing!  The rituals are observed only if the eclipse occurs in that part of the world, whether physically visible or clouded. 

Eclipse Type Date  Time IST Rasi Star
Partial Solar Eclipse 06.01.2019 05.04 to 09.19 Dhanus Poorvashadha
Total Lunar Eclipse 21.01.2019 08.06 to 13.18 Kataka Pushya
Total Solar Eclipse 02/03.07.2019 22.25 of 2nd to 03.21 of 3rd Mithuna  Arudhra
Partial Lunar Eclipse (Visible in India) 17.07.2019 00.14 to 05.48  Dhanus & Makara Uttarashadha
Annular Solar Eclipse (Visible in India) 26.12.2019 07.59 to 13.35 Dhanus Moola

It is obvious, you should not to look at the eclipse directly with naked eyes, you are off guard when the bight light will flash into your retina, causing damage. Suppose you know the exact end time and you watch is not deceptive, you just can have a direct look.  Well, nothing happens - I have done that in my college days.  The eclipses are used to measure the bent of space (gravitational pull), density of constituent gasses on the planets, surface temperature, speed and vacillation. Infringement of light occurs when a light source is obstructed - the resulting light is broken into various light rays of different frequencies, that was the hot topic in 70s. Not much research is done in this field.

Food for thought - "Convulsive thresholds were measured in 26 psychiatric patients who were receiving electroconvulsive treatment and in 8 rats subjected to electroconvulsive shocks, during the recent total solar eclipse day (February 16th, 1980) and on control days. Our results showed that there was a significant reduction in the convulsive thresholds of both humans and rats at the time of solar eclipse, probably occurring due to the observed geomagnetic field variation of 19 Gammas". [M.S.Keshavan, B.N.Gangadhar, R.U.Gautam, V.B.Ajit &  R.L.Kapur;  Neuroscience Letters Volume 22, Issue 2, 10 March 1981]. "Both the quantitative and qualitative variations in the airspora were observed during different phases of the eclipse. The number of fungal colonies were higher during the pre- and post-eclipse phase. There was a decrease at contact phase, total/partial or diamond ring eclipse phase. Thus, very minor changes were observed during the eclipse period. Bacterial colonies were higher at the post-eclipse phase. Most of the fungal species are organic matter decomposers, while some of them are known to cause allergies in humans and also cause plant diseases. Aspergillus species were dominant. Both A. fumigatus (causing allergy and asthma) and A. flavus (producing aflatoxin) were the dominant species and they showed a definite trend in their occurrence". [Microorganisms collected during a solar eclipse in India - Jayashree Deshpande & Laxman V. Gangawane; Aerobiologia December 1997].

There are fasting and rituals associated with eclipses. It is advised to be on empty stomach, you will stop eating and drinking (the beverages and juices, water exempted) 3 hours before start of eclipse. Some people start  fasting for 9 hours or 12 hours before eclipse. Three hours is reasonable considering present day life style.  As the food prepared earlier to eclipse is discarded, you should ensure that your fridge is empty.  After eclipse you will have a full bath - head to toes and put light in pooja room.  When the eclipse is in progress water also is not taken.  Little children, patients and old persons are exempted due to inability. Liberated scientifically advanced souls claim immunity! After the eclipse the house and house hold articles as well as clothes that were on the body are washed.  If the eclipse has occurred in your rasi or in 6th, 8th or 12th from your rasi or in your star, then you should recite mantras (any simple mantra will do) for ravi or chandra, depending on whether it is Solar or Lunar eclipse. You may also recite mantra for your favorite God (Istadaiva), Ravi or Chandra as the case may be or use any mantra, instead. Eclipses have effect on your mind and moods than physical body - suppose you eat, drink and dance, you may not find any noticeable effect, immediately. The effects of eclipses are very short lived, that will not override the influences of your natal chart. We can also use this time for mantra siddhi (perfection), take a mantra and recite during eclipse.  If you want to test the effect of of eclipse of mind, just keep quite and observe your thoughts - you will have sound proof. In my younger days, I used to take advantage of eclipses to recite mantras.

Reputed pulmonologists at Buffalo Hospital told that the young boy needs to take medications on daily basis and additional ones when he has spasms. Parents were about to start the treatment but the wise old grandfather prevailed. The refrigerator was shut down, the boy ate and drank only fresh things. He would not eat outside.  Now, the boy is great singer, he can sing continuously for an hour.  Of course, refrigerators preserve food efficiently but we know not of harmful side effects, due to temperature variance. Research into this area may harm refrigerator manufacturers. Research on effects of eclipses on humans will saffronise the country and will render greatest harm to our secular credentials!  Consider recitation of your favorite mantra during eclipse - it is a worthy try.        ...............As Jesus said this, He called out, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear." [Luke 8:8].

Combustion (also known as astangata or moudhya) of a planet is caused due to nearness to ravi and is deemed to be bad at it would rob away the effects of the planet. Uttara Kalamrita says, " (Natural) Benefic planets if combust, lose their potency, while (natural) malefics become more mischievous. Retrogression merely causes status quo  - it freezes the scenario while result of combustion varies, depending on the role of Sun in the chart. Auspicious events are not conduced when mainly guru and shukra suffer combustion. Budha suffers combustion more frequently as he is the inner planet in the solar system, very close to the earth. The results of this will be covered in monthly predictions.  Combustion of chandra is nothing but Amavasya. At the start of the year kuja transits in meena rasi and traverses  till his transit into tula rasi by the end of the year. For most part of the year, guru transits in vrischika rasi till he moves into his own sign dhanur rasi on 05.11.2019. Due to aticharya (unusually fast motion), he transits in dhanur rasi for a brief period from 30.03.2019 to 22.04.2019.  Shani transits in dhanur rasi for the entire year. At the start of the year,  Rahu and Ketu are in kataka and makara rasis respectively and enter into mithuna - dhanur  on 08.03.2019. Budha and shukra are very fast moving planets.  The effects these two planets cause will be featured in monthly forecasts. 

Planets Combustion Retrogression
From  To  From  To 
Kuja 13-Jul-19 22-Oct-19 --- ---
Guru 15-Dec-19 10-Jan-20 11-Apr-19 11-Aug-19
Shukra --- --- 10-Jul-19 20-Sep-19
Shani 17-Dec-18 19-Jan-19 1-May-19 18-Sep-19
29-Dec-19 30-Jan-20 --- ---

In the chart made for the year year, we have kanya lagna rising with tula rasi. In this chart shukra is in his own sign while shani is combust. Aspect of 8th lord kuja on lagna is not good. The chart does not hold much strength, there is lot of clutter and noise.  10th lord budha in 3rd shows that the government has to depend on multiple factors to rule. Every day lot of confusion and noise is created.  Financial position is good, 11th lord chandra in 2nd with shukra 2nd lord in own sign. There is more of moral and religious gusto in the government. The opposition will gain on the government, guru the 7th lord aspects his own sign and house.  Kuja the 8th lord happens to be a good lord for the opposition. There are always problems from the neighbours and also intellectuals as shani is combust in 12th lord. Some elements will be able to turn the lower classes working class and others against the government.  There will be problems to the government - if you give reservation to one community they hurt others.  It is not possible to re-examine (leave alone removal) of reservation. Opposition party does not have any new idea to offer and hence not able to take the opportunity. Congress does whatever BJP does, they too have great Shivbhakts!  Religion, construction of Ram temple etc., is just an eyewash by the BJP government for the present.  It would not try any decree, time is short for any more and the situation is volatile. BJP wants the Congress to make the next move on the chessboard. Something went wrong - statistical data is twisted both ways and to repair, a financial invigoration takes place, 9th lord is placed in 2nd. As usual intellectuals neither give any Prakash or ray of hope but successfully create antagonism. Unrest in educational institutions will reach its high. People have good health and the lifespan increases. There will be natural calamities, fire accidents and train crashes. It is not good to have shani+ravi in the same house. Rahu in the 11th implies some scams again. Somebody is made scapegoat and some heads roll off.

For the Republic, Guru bhukti of chandra dasha till 10-12-2019 covers almost the year. Guru bhukti (10-08-2018 to 10-12-2019), religion, culture and consideration is in abundance. Ayodhya crisis may be solved through negotiations - a win-win situation for all. Guru is the 8th, 9th and 12th lord placed in 7th in the foundation chart. This is the period when the opposition is vanquished and made to disintegrate. The religious mentality, nationalism identical with religious and cultural values will raise.  The religious heads, educationalists and moral tutors have increased influence. In a democratic country, you are within your rights to protect your beliefs and values. Unfortunately, the ethos of secessionists rebound on the walls of JNU and the media is very active.  The feeling of nationalism, culture are weaknesses while liberalization (making exceptions to all kinds of rules and regulations) is the commitment to democracy. If geographical restricts, rulings of courts or high handedness of the government cause suffocation to a cultural identity, they will do away with such restrictions. Freedom was given to colonial India by the British through democratic process (by an Act in their Parliament).  Were any mandate taken from the citizens - whether they wanted freedom or not on this point, like a general election? Whether the country wanted freedom and if they got, how it would be (mis)managed decided by handful Congress!  Freedom was in sight, my grandfather asked Mahatma Gandhi when he came to  Bangalore, about the plans He had for the country after freedom. Gandhi said, "Do not worry, everything will fall in place"  "Everything has fallen into pieces - two pieces on either side. My Narasimha Swamy (our Kuladaiva is Narimha Swamy) is given to Pakistan and He is angered by this partition. This gandhiman has mismanaged" said grandfather. Whether violence or non-violence by the government or the opposition, lack of concern for the  masses results in havoc in the society.  The period of guru is concerned with victory of old values, religions sentiments and also considerations to 'let it go'. All is not well, as it sounds.

Shiv Bhakth Rahul Saheb, Janab-i-Hind bless us all with humour

Transit of guru in the 6th kills the enmity but there are many enemies and to kill them all, huge resources are required. It is likely being happy to receive relatives but forced on loans to entertain them! In Ayodhya crisis, the courts of the country utter disregard to the cultural sentiments - be this Hindu culture or Muslim Culture. Towards the end of the year, there is some happiness to all the parties concerned, when guru moves into dhanur rasi. Watch out, when guru is neecha thereafter, initial exuberance will wear out. Religious values (of all religions), nationalism, ethics, morality and what all you hold close to your heart are insulted, trampled and humiliated by the courts, government and the media. The believers will realize, it was not what they wanted out of Hindu renaissance. These sufferings, guilt and desire will pave way for rejuvenation of these values in 2022-23, when guru is meena rasi, in own sign identical with 10th from rasi of independence chart. That means Ayodhya, Ayyappa or Arokiyacaami (Mathura, Mysore or Mother Cow - Noun is the name of a place, person, animal or anything that is useful!) becomes more prodigious for Loksabha elections in 2024! Transit of shani in the 7th causes heart burns for both ruling and opposition parties. The ruling party will be able to deliver heavy blows to opposition congress.  The government is not able to take the opposition along, always at logger heads.  There will be always infightings within the Congress and BJP is not exception.  Transit of nodes in 2nd-8th as well as rasi-7th implies strained relationship within the partners as well as opposition. It should be noted that all the eclipses during 2019 occur in lagna in 2nd-8th as well as rasi-7th indicate inability of the government  to keep the partners in control. The eclipse during July, 2019 will challenge the very existence of the government.  No confidence motion against BJP will not pull down the government.

Disclaimer: All material on the site,  are for entertainment purposes only and no guarantee is implied as to the accuracy of contents or advertisements contained in or linked to this website. The contents are based on ancient cannons of astrology and should not be interpreted as legal, financial, political, religious, ethical, medical, psychological, psychiatric or any other specialist advice. The user is wholly responsible for his choices, decisions, judgments and risks. In no event shall the site be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages of any kind whatsoever with respect to its service, materials and products. By using the services you confirm that you are over 18 and that you understand and agree with these terms of Disclaimer. If you disagree with any part of these terms and conditions, please egress the website.

 The country is going to polls during April/May of the year, in several phases.  The lunation for Phalguna maasa shows that there will be lot of commotion in the ruling party, as many people do not get the ticket to contest and they secretly work against the party.  Those who got the ticket (this time lady candidates will be more) are not confident of winning - they do not see their offices, chance of winning and policies they would take up. Rahu in 10th shows that another partner in the ruling coalition may walk out. Kuja is placed in own sign in the 8th - indicating the unity of opposition at the 11th hour. Well there is not unity within them but for the time being (of polls) say for one or two months they are together to cause everlasting damage to BJP.  In the polls conducted between 5th April to 5th May, ruling party has considerable edge over the opposition. There is lot of moral and religious courage. Religious practices, temples and cultural practices are hotly debated topics and not economic policies. You will see the BJP leaders at their best. BJP makes a ardent appeal that does another magic. During the polls held after 5th May, greater disappointment awaits BJP, shani and ketu are placed in the 10th house in rapt conjunction. Some of the prepoll alliances boomerang causing heavy toll on the count. Nevertheless the opposition is not able to make inroads to power, 7th lord budha has nothing to do with 10th house or the lord.  However, due to rahu in 4th, minorities will have a greater say in governance. The chart for Jyesta maasa indicates that a successful government is formed by an amalgamation of parties, major stakeholder being BJP. There will not very minimal talks about religious promises made but the common policies for long term projects in engineering agriculture, foreign relationship, modern physics, electronics will be worked out.  Finance does not become important nor its shortage.

Yes, you said something? "Old Man, what are your credentials? Or did you make up the story?" I am not in research nor I can roll out statistics. Nor,  I do examine 24 charts in 24 hours to propound a new formula. Nor  I am wise in spherical astronomy or astrology.  I do not have any proficiency in mundane astrology. Nor I am world famous.  Daniel Craig and other Hollywood stars are not my clients. Nor Indian political bigwigs. I confess, one central minister of prominence had consulted me long back - I have a 'thank you' letter from his private secretary.  I would not show that letter without his consent - it is against professional ethics. This gentleman has not acknowledged consulting me or any astrologers in public. I am like any ordinary plumber, you find countless in street corners. Then, how do I describe myself? A humble astrologer of ordinary intelligence and infinitesimal knowledge but hard working, faithful and deeply religious - here in the web world, to make few coins. Shops, web sites, hospitals, schools and temples are here to make some business.  Have you seen a temple without a hundi (Money box)? There is very little a common men like you and me, can do in national and international events. I am aware you have nothing to do with national events, it was just he curiosity. You are more concerned of your life and there is always room for improvisations.  So, let the show begin......... now

Show presented by astrovidya

By rasi (moon sign), I am not referring to your sun sign, i.e. sun's position in your natal chart.  Sun remains in the same sign for nearly 30 days. For example people born between 15.01.2014 to 12.02.2014 belong to the sun sign Capricorn. This method is followed in Kerala, in some parts of Tamil Nadu and Malabar as well as in portions of  North East India. According to Western astrology which does not consider precession of equinox (ayanamsha) people born between 22.12.2013 to 20.01.2014 belong to sun sign Capricorn. In Hindu astrology the transit effects are considered from the sign occupied by moon (nirayana position) at the time of birth, called rasi. On this page, the predictions are interpreted based on the cannons of Hindu astrology. English notations are used as the site has numerous readers in Latin America and  Western Europe. 

During the year 2018Mesha (Aries):  Shani transits in adverse 9th from mesha rasi persons for the entire year. This causes severe rifts with father, well wishers and elders in the family. You may fall apart from your guru or guide. There will be concerns about father's health condition and also heavy expenditure. You are not keen on taking any advice, will not do any remedial measures or medication. There is lethargic attitude to continue the way you are. Any good events you expect is delayed beyond your imagination.

Till early March, rahu and ketu transit in 4th and 10th from your rasi. This causes problems with or due to mother and close relatives, frequent repairs to house and domestic articles, unhappiness due to no reason, a desire to go away from the house. There will always be some professional frustration running in the background. results of this transit. Thereafter the transit of nodes in 3rd -9th is able to cool down the adverse affects of shani. But you tend to loose courage at the eleventh hour and there will be mild amount of misunderstandings with own brothers and sisters.

Guru transits in the 8th from rasi for most part of the year. Expect failures and humiliations and be prepared to face them. Do not ignore the advise of your family members and elders, even if you do not like their views. There will be great interest in religious and occult matters during this transit and at the same time you have fatalistic mentality. It is good time to change the life style and bring good changes into your life. This transit will bring good health, good habits and enhance life span. There will always be help from providence when you think you are at dead end. No matter whatever the problems, you are able to sleep well and relax. There is some element of resigned attitude, a blessing during this transit. You will be able to save some coins. At times, you have to withdraw from reserve to meet day to day expenditure. Written off amounts will be realised. Inheritance of properties and investments in property matters are good during this transit. When guru transits in dhanur rasi during April and towards for the last two months of the year, you will experience great relief from your problems. Quite unexpectedly, Lady luck smiles on you, despite shani opposing the same!

There are three eclipses in January, July and December in the 9th from your rasi. This will cause sudden rifts with your father, anti-religious feelings, misunderstandings with higher officers, your teachers. Health of your father will be of considerable concern. The eclipse during July also occurs in the 10th casting a cloud of uncertainty, false accusations and fears in the working area. The eclipse in July causes some misunderstandings with own brothers and sisters. The lunar eclipse during January which occurs in the 4th will have property problems, concerns about health of mother and frequent breakdowns of electronic gadgets.

It is advisable for doing shanti for guru and also recite beeja mantra / gayatri mantra for guru, minimum 21 times a day during this transit. Regular visits to places of worship, conducting rudrabisheka and satyanarayana pooja will of great help. It is better to take up some social activities, feeding cows and giving donations to educational institutions and orphanages. You should keep your records and interactions transparent and ensure that somebody is around to stand witness, if needed. 

During the year 2018Vrishabha (Taurus): Shani transits in the adverse 8th (called astama shani transit) for the entire year. Due to this there will be mounting expenditure, humiliations, long distance transfers and consequent separation from the family. Misunderstandings with close relatives and a sense of helplessness prevails in the entire year. In addition to this, there will be problems like delay and disappointments in the matters represented by shani in the natal chart. Severe health problems and expenditure due to this are also seen.

Rahu and Ketu transit in 3rd-9th axis till early March. This causes sudden raptures in relationship with brothers, sisters and friends. There will be fear and uncertainty, mild amount of misgivings with elders are noticed. There will also be some religious interest when ketu transits in the 9th. The transit of rahu-ketu in 2nd and 8th causes acute financial strains and short tempered arguments with family members. There is loss of interest in life and a sense of dejection.

Guru transits in benefic 7th for most part of the year. This reduce the tabulations described above due to shani and nodes. You can expect a happy and successful marriage. Many people of this sign get married during this transit. If your marriage was about to collapse, hold back and withdraw any cases. There is change in scenario and happy marriage begins now on. Eligible couple are blessed with a second child. There is success in all walks of life for everybody belonging to this sign. Your intellectual faculties are at their best. This is the time for expansion of business and social contacts. Pilgrimages to holly places and association with saints is seen. students succeed in all their activities and come out with flying colours. If you are trying to settle abroad, this is the most suitable time. You will be able to save more and turn the extra coins to properties. There are several successful travels in the air. You are well known in your field. During April, 2019 and from Nov. 2019, guru enters the 8th, again the worst position for vrishabha rasi persons. However, this is own sign transit for guru and due to this, there will be some respite at the eleventh hour. You can find rescue from the problems and you will not be let to sink to the bottom. 

The eclipses in January, July and December in the 8th from your rasi. There will be severe health problems, heavy losses in financial transactions. The eclipse during July also occurs in the 9th imply that you will fall out of favour from your guardians. The eclipse in July causes misunderstandings with close relatives due to financial matters. The lunar eclipse during January which occurs in the 3rd indicates loss of courage.

To summarise, we can say that somehow you can pull on during the transit of guru in 7th, vrischika rasi. When guru transits in 8th the problems do not go away but you are given lease and exemptions that you will not decay and fade away. Shanti for shani and guru MUST be done and also recite beeja mantras / gayatri mantras for guru and shani, minimum 21 times a day each. You should be extremely careful while driving and handling perilous instruments. It is better to recite Maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day. No matter whatever happens do not give up.


During the year 2018Mithuna (Gemini): For mithuna rasi borns saptama shani problems is caused due to shani in the 7th in the entire year. Strained relationship with spouse, business partners run throughout the year. If you are not careful the rifts with spouse will cause havoc in life. Patience is required. For many people of this sign, marriage gets either postponed or cancelled. You are prone to cuts and wounds during this transit.

Rahu and ketu in 2nd-8th from your rasi till 07.03.2018 will cause severe misunderstandings with family members. There will also be financial strains. There will be horrible dreams, deception, losses in financial transactions due to ketu in 8th. Thereafter transit of nodes across your rasi and 7th shows friction with spouse and boils, infections and allergy.

Guru in vrischika is the 6th sign transit for mithuna rasi. . You should be extremely careful in your spending habits particularly, when guru is combust. Generally, you have good health and sound sleep. You should take immediate action to restore health as you are susceptible to diseases in lower stomach and feet, when guru is combust. Curing is also at hand. Like malefic planets, guru does not strike you unawares! He gives you sufficient warnings. With these you can gain even more good health or loose health, if you do not care. You can hit a balance between health and ill health or even tilt the balance on your side! Some people are transferred or banished from their place and living becomes most difficult. You are assured of loans for development purposes on easy terms. It is easy to secure loans. Any litigations are settled and you do not loose in the bargain. Though the courts may not agree with you completely, the judgment will not harm you. You will win over your competitors. People in government service receive promotions. There will be great achievements in professional field, you will gain lot of respect and projects that help you in a long run give you good exposure. Your monthly income will also go up, just enough to keep your head floating! Due to sheer manipulation of loans, you are able to save. Suppose you do not have loans or no need to take loans, be careful that you do not fall into false prestige and incur loans. You will, in that case spend more to please somebody which does not serve any purpose. You will have some health problems that will set you to take up exercises and change your life style.

During this year there are eclipse in the 7th/8th during January, July and December. This will further the misunderstandings with spouse and you are prone to cuts and wounds. Eclipses during January causes severe financial strains. Total solar eclipse on 2nd/3rd will tarnish your image. You should be careful about this, particularly if your star is Arudhra. You should recite any sloka of your choice when the eclipses occurs in mithuna, dhanus and makara rasis.

It is better to do shanti for shani and guru at the start of the transit, if you are running adverse dashas / bhuktis. Otherwise, they should recite guru kavacha once a day and shani beeja mantra/ gayatri mantra, minimum 21 times a day. Regular visit to Shiva temple is desirable, in addition to dana, particularly annadana -feeding orphans, cows and needy.

During the year 2018Kataka  (Cancer): During the year 2019, Shani transits in the 6th which is a benefic transit. This transit will render great help in consolidation of your loans and advances. Also, this transit will provided you with much needed long term loans for procurement of properties. Many people of this sign will secure good employment and get promotions. This is not easy, in the new role, you are given the hardest part and you are required to work harder and harder. You will win all the wars, struggles and the like but it takes time. Financially, this is a good transit, there are no strains and also you can not expect windfall. This transit makes you money-wise and economical. You are not deterred by prospects of long term loans. There is considerable improvement in health. However, you should be careful to avoid any fall which may result in fractures. Any health problem particularly related to bones and muscles as well as cold diseases should be attended immediately as like loans the problems may prolong for considerable time.

Rahu and ketu transit over your rasi and the 7th till March of the year. This does not pose any big problems. There will be minor disappointments due to wife. There may be minor losses due to partner. But the transit of nodes in 12th and 6th is capable of causing considerable losses, confinement to bed for some time, sudden loans that will throw you off guard. It is possible that you are unnecessarily dragged into conflicts, try to stay clear of any gossips and ensure that you are not wrongly quoted.

Guru in vrischika rasi is a favourable transit in the 5th. You will turn out to be very orthodox and religious person during this transit. You are initiated in mantras and master the subjects of your choice. Your intellectual faculties are very high. There is good progress of children during this transit, you will be very happy with them. This time is good for students, particularly for students of Indology, law, and social sciences. You have opportunities to interact with eminent people in your field of activity. Investments fetch good results. Many belonging to kataka rasi settle down in life by marriage, job and child birth. There is good progress in your hobbies and your popularity goes up steadily. Your father, teachers and well wishers are of great help, when you are in crisis. All your problems will be solved easily. You will make some money, wealth and properties. You have excellent health. You can look forward for rewards in recognition for your services. When guru is combust, you will not be able to look after your children due to heavy work load. There is some misunderstandings with your father and during combustion, the progress in any field will be halted temporarily. There will be increased expenditure as well as investments, as the cash flow is also good, nothing to worry about. There will be good health, your name and fame will spread far and wide. You will discover new areas where you can excel. Chronic problems, how difficult they may appear, will simply disappear into think air. Very successful and profitable business transactions. This transit promotes religious mentality and you will be fond of frequent worships, pilgrimages and religious discourses. There will be excellent relationship with higher officers, parents and elders in the family. If you are contemplating of furthering your educational accomplishments, this is the best time. During April 2019 and from Nov. 2019, guru transits in adverse 6th but in own sign. This will help you in securing loans. However, you should be careful in your spending habits - you may incur heavy expenditure for purchases due to false prestige.

The occurrence of eclipses during January, July and December of the year in the 6th, 7th, over your rasi and in the 12th. This will cause problems related to loans, sudden health problems due to fall or insect bites or allergy, deception in financial matters. If you are born in the star Puhsya, you should do shanti for ravi and chandra. During the months of eclipses, you should be cautious while driving vehicles and handling sharp objects. As the eclipses are in the 6th, you should ensure that your character is not blemished by your opponent and hidden enemies.

During the year 2018Simha (Leo): For simha rasi persons, shani transits in adverse 5th. This is not much of a botheration. You tend to worry about your children, their future development, the resources very much, particularly during night fall and holidays. This will cause some unhappiness. This is not a good time for investment. You tend to overlook the future needs and you will oversubscribe to saving schemes and insurance. But half way through, you will realise, it is not possible to invest that much. The company will either forfeit or will return a paltry sum! You have a great desire to come out of your problems, particularly health problems and loans. There is also strong will power in you.

Nodes transit in 12th and 6th till March of the year. This will cause lack of proper sleep and will drive you into sudden loans and the consequences. Catching sudden pain in lower back is possible several times but for short periods. Thereafter transit of rahu and ketu in 11th and 6th implies temptations to make fast buck due to which you will victimised by magic beds, beads, magnets and magic carpets! There could some hidden enemies in disguise of cows in the office, watch out.

Transit of guru in 4th is treated as a malefic transit, generally. However, it is practically seen that transit in 4th sign favours excellent education, acquisition of properties and fulfilment of all desires. You will be able to purchase vehicles, ornaments, gold etc., during this transit. You will branch out and start living separately. This is the time when married girls start living with their husbands. Students excel in their academics but they have to put great efforts. Journalists, lawyers and social workers are quite happy. All the success do not come simply on a plate, you have to put extra efforts. The efforts put in towards education will pave the way for a good job later on. Similarly, properties acquired during this transit bring you a position in the society. You are never under pressure or tension to perform better, best performance happens automatically, if you put hard work. Chronic health problems will disappear and litigations, are resolved in your favour. Marital discord will disappear and those whose married was delayed inordinately, will get married. This is an unfavourable transit in the sense the above good results are not served on a plate, ready for your pleasure. You will have to put considerable amount of work and then the success is assured. In the beginning, any task will seem to be impossible. The learning curve is very steep. Despite any problems, you are able to keep your head cool with proper sleep and relaxation. Old and bad habits will die to give way to new beneficial ones. You will take up study of religious scriptures, occult sciences and health promoting hobbies. You will relish giving donations secretly. Transit of guru in dhanur rasi during April and after Nov. 2019, identical with 5th house bring great amount of luck. The children will get settled. This will reduce the impact of shani transiting in the 5th. 

Three eclipses during January, July and December happen in the 5th causing strains in relationship with children. You should be careful in financial matters. There will be hidden enemies lurking in the office due to eclipse in the 6th during July. No remedial measures are required.

During the year 2018Kanya (Virgo): Kanya rasi persons are subjected to problems related to properties, concerns about mother's health and bitter misunderstandings with close family members due to transit of shani in 4th, called ardastama shani transit. Many persons of kanya rasi will be forced to leave their main family with heavy heart. There may be separation due to misunderstandings or requirements of profession. They should be extremely careful in property matters as delays, disappointments and complications are quite common with ardastama shani. You should not jump to conclusions and be slow in investment matters. Ensure that the property is free from any encumbrances. Loss of timely meals and dejection in life are seen during this transit.

Rahu and ketu transit in 5th and 11th from your rasi till 07.03.2019. You are prone to deception in property matters and also there will be disappointments or problems related to children and investments. Thereafter the transit of rahu and ketu in mithuna-dhanur rasi, across 10th-4th axis magnify the domestic problems caused by shani. There will be severe problems in professional area due to rahu which causes tensions and anxiety.

Transit of guru in 3rd for most part of the year comes as a blessing in reducing the evil effects of shani as well as eclipses. Being transit in the 3rd from rasi, guru promotes communication, expansion and acquiring new contacts. I should say, this is not a favourable transit - it causes problems in relationship with brothers, sisters, friends and partners. Expansion of business of influence does not happen easily. Successful tours and business trips are possible. You will strive hard to excel in your life. You come across good friends who are advantageous later on. You develop some religious zeal suddenly and that gives lot of moral courage. You will take up membership of elite clubs and organizations. Writers and broadcasters of travelogues and sports events have good time. When guru is combust, reverse of this happens, close friends pick up quarrels and part their ways with you. Caution is required to play it cool, than picking up fights. It is also possible that your closest friend or god-father goes away from you due his professional reasons. Any marriage discard is settled and you can look forward for happy married life. You will also take up pilgrimage and there are religious functions in your house like brother's or sister's marriage, child birth etc., You are able to save few coins, though the monthly income level stays the same. Financial situation is not a bother at all during this transit. You have lot of expenditure on pilgrimages, religious functions at home or shouldering the expenditure of some distant relative. During April 2019 and after November 2019, the transit of guru in the 4th helps you a great deal in property matters and education. However, these things will not happen easily, you have to put hard work as guru in 4th is not gurubala.

Three eclipses during January, July and December 2019 occur in the 4th heralding the problems related to properties. There will be some bitter misunderstandings within the family and you will be deeply hurt. Total solar eclipse in July causes sudden professional problems and the lunar eclipse during January 2019 is liable to cause losses due to thefts and deception. Partial lunar eclipse in July causes disappointments due to children.

You should recite beeja mantra / gayatri mantra for shani, minimum 21 times a day during this year. Also, you can recite guru related mantras (kavacha, mantra, stotra, sloka etc.,) once a day. During the eclipse times, you should recite ravi and chandra related mantras. If you have not done shanti for shani, it is the time to consider this option. You should be extremely careful in property transactions.

During the year 2018Tula  (Libra): For tula rasi persons shani is transiting in favourable 3rd. Compared to the transit in the 11th from rasi, this is a transit of not much significance. Nevertheless, this transit frees the native from financial problems. Life returns to normal , you will have lot of courage to face the world.

Rahu and ketu transit in 10th and 4h axis from your rasi till 07.03.2019. This has given rise to deep rooted professional frustrations. There may be hidden enemies in the office trying to plot against you. You require diplomatic skills to sort out, loosing coolness is not called for. There are problems related to mother, properties and close relatives. Thereafter transit of rahu and ketu in 9th and 3rd will cause misunderstandings with friends and elders in the family.

For most parts of the year, guru transits in favourable 2nd house. This transit brings increased money power. There is less expenditure and more income. There will be great increase in monthly income. But you should ensure that you save some of it. Familial happiness is assured. Your mind is clear and is always in a happy mood. Many tula rasi people get married or settle in life. This is a good time for initiation to mantras and study of occult subjects. Singers, particularly vocal singers achieve perfection in their endeavours. You will clear old outstanding loans. You can expect for cures for diseases. Service problems, if any, are solved to your satisfaction. There is increase in your influence and popularity. Promotions and all the benefits from the employer sure to happen. During April 2019 and after November 2019, guru transits in his own sign identical with 3rd from your rasi. This will give good amount of courage and help from friends. 

Most of the eclipses occur in 3rd from tula rasi causing mysterious fears. There are eclipses in 10th as well as 4th during this year in January and July. You may have to face false accusations in the office, caution is required. During the eclipses in January and July, you should recite mantras for ravi and chandra, no shanti is required.

During the year 2018Vrischika (Scorpio): Vrischika rasi persons are subjected to the transit of shani in 2nd from rasi, which is the final phase of seven and half years' adverse transit. You should be brave to face financial shortage and also rifts with close family members. The misunderstandings with close persons like mother will hurt you deeply. Such misunderstandings will come as rude shocks in life. You are likely to purchase dwelling house with great difficulty, resulting the financial crunch. Those people who promised help are not nearby - some had just offered lip sympathy and some who actually desire to help you, are not able to do anything. Only solace is that the mind becomes stoic, slow and less responsive and this will act a cushion against problems. Students do not perform well in studies, they are not able to grasp even the basic concepts.

Rahu and ketu transit in in 9th and 3rd till 07.03.2019. This will cause some rifts with elders, parents and higher officers. You seem to be against any acceptable social values. You will not go near God, medicine men to seek cure for your problems. There is doubt about their capabilities. In the mean time, you are taken for a ride by scrupulous magic men! You are highly critical of logic and religion but blinded by miracles. Thereafter rahu and ketu transit in 2nd and 8th. This is more dangerous transit. You are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents. The financial problems will increase.

Transit of guru transits over your rasi acts as an antidote for adverse effects of nodes as well as shani. There are no vedha points for this transit. Many people of this sign get married during this transit. Transit over your rasi merely brings some popularity, good health and status. This is not a favourable position for guru and so these benefic results will not come spontaneously but you have to work hard for these. Also, you are over sensitive towards your name and this causes superfluous tensions and anxieties. And these are not got simply, you have to struggle for them. Also, you are more sensitive towards self respect. You are more conscious of your health due to some fear of impending health disaster. Such health problems are expected when guru is combust. You are prone to certain diseases like muscular pain, circulation problem or eye related problems. Due to this, you will take up various precautions voluntarily like yoga, fitness training, meditation and change of eating habits. You have lot of patience and religious interest. There are good events related to children. Child birth is possible to eligible couple. You are assured of happy married life. You will undertake many religious trips or take interest in doing pooja, learning mantras etc., Guru also transits in dhanur rasi, his own sign during April 2019 and after November 2019. This transit increases money power, mind is peaceful and happy, it is able to sustain the adverse effects of shani. The religious interests will increase further. 

For vrischika rasi persons most of the eclipses occur in 2nd and the total solar eclipse in July in the 8th. Shanti for ravi, chandra and shani must be done. The natives of vrischika rasi should recite mahamrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day during the year 2019.

During the year 2018Dhanus  (Sagittarius): For dhanur rasi persons shani transits over the rasi. This is the second phase of seven and half years' cycle. Out of seven and half years, the actual adverse transits occurs in the first five years only. The effect of transit over rasi is more dreadful compared to the transit in the 12th. Due to this transit, there will be delay in all walks of life. Humiliations, being sidelined and the natives will be slighted in public. Laziness and health problems related to muscles and bones are quite common. Though there is not much of economic problems, even small amount of shortage of funds hurts the prestige. You refuse to take loans or help from others but prefer to suffer in solitude. There is lack of interest in life, nothing pleases you at all.

Transit of rahu and ketu till 07.03.2019, in 8th and 2nd is the worst possible which indicates cuts, wounds and accidents as well as sudden financial shortages. You should be extremely careful while driving and handling hazardous objects. There is mild amount of unhappiness due to family members. Thereafter the transit over rasi and the 7th causes sudden arguments with spouse and business partner. Skin problems and allergy are quite common. Though 7th rahu also is capable of causing cuts and wounds, the possibility and intensity is considerably less compared to 8th rahu.

Guru is transiting in 12th from sign for dhanur rasi. You can expect clearance of outstanding dues, sound sleep and also you will be able to make some savings. You will learn to come out of day to day tensions. You are able to grab some peaceful moments, this way. This period comes as a boon for those recovering from diseases and problems. When guru is combust, you will experience losses in investments, rifts with children and disappointments. Hence, caution is required during the combustion period. The education of children causes deflation of savings. Health is quite good. For students, it is a good period, as they get good co-operation from their teachers. Service problems, if any, is resolved in your favour. There is good development in hobbies. But, you should take care about the company you are in, there is a possibility of over indulgence to escape reality. You are having lot of religious mentality. You can expect small inheritance also. You tend to be busy, but not knowing purpose of it. Guru transits over your rasi in own sign during April 2019 and after November 2019. This transit will save from adverse effects of nodes and shani.

For dhanur rasi persons most of the eclipses occur in the rasi, one each in 2nd, 7th and 8th. Total lunar eclipse on 21.01.2019 is in the 8th. If you are born in the stars Poorvashada, Uttarashadha and Moola, shanti for ravi, chandra and shani must be done. The natives of dhanur rasi should recite mahamrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day during the year 2019.

During the year 2018Makara (Capricorn): For makara rasi persons, shani transits in adverse 12th. For simha and kataka rasi persons it is one of the worst transits but for makara rasi persons it is neutral one. Of course, there will be some elements of discomforts - shani is a strict teacher, he does not give exemptions even to his own sons! This is the period of sacrifice, heavy expenditure, meditation and retrospection. Makara rasi person is not deterred by these things. He knows his Father and also knows his role, shani happens to be well wisher to makara rasi persons. Any problems during this transit will be for the good of the native, it does not come as punishment but apprenticeship. You will become more economical in financial matters and you will try to manage the things without going for loans. There is hard work as well as recoiling through laziness! You will work like a dog and sleep like a log. You will be able to consolidate your finances. There will be delay in expansion of family, like marriage, securing a house, adoption of pets etc., Most of your resources will go towards clearance of loans. Lot of time is spend in office. This is the good time for further studies to improve professional life. There will be some element of strained relationship with elders in the family. One of the well wisher will go away, on whom you depended very much. Best results are obtained when you work alone than in a team. At times, you may think apprenticeship with this boss is very arduous, then recite any mantra / sloka / stotra etc., of your choice for shani, once a day. No shanti etc., are required at all.

Till 07.03.2019, rahu and ketu transits in 7th and over your rasi. This has caused rifts with spouse and business partners. There are possibilities of cuts and wounds too. From 08.03.2019, you should be careful of any sudden health problems related to upper chest and lungs. You should be careful in financial matters as ketu in 12th implies losses due to speculation. You should not lend money to others. Even if there is a loss due to such episodes, the quantum is small.

Guru transits in vrischika rasi for most of the year, the 11th placement of makara rasi persons which gives you many opportunities to prove your talent and capacities. You will have to work hard, you will have to organize, conduct workshops and see till end of it, alone. You will discover you have several hidden talents. Your popularity rises, your knowledge base expands. You are at the centre stage and you are known to many people. All your ventures, negotiations become successful. You will become more intelligent. For students, this is the period when they are at the top of class. Your stamina and enthusiasm would never dry up. By the end of the transit, you will land in good jobs. Financial position is also good as some of your expenditure is met by your employer! This can not be said as increase in monthly income but you will enjoy the extra benefits. This is neither a kick back nor bribery. The extra expenditure spent on you is authorized one. Company is happy to spend for you! You get loans for developmental activities like education, purchase of properties, very easily. You have excellent health and no amount of work will tire you at all. When guru becomes combust, you will suffer lack of respect and humiliations in the professional life. Ensure that you will not shoulder all the work in the office, just to get a good name! Learn to say no, when it becomes difficult. Do not let others enjoy at your cost! Transit of guru in 12th in own sign, dhanus during April, 2019 and after November 2019 give opportunities to save. There will be less work in the office and you are able to enjoy your life. You will take up social service. In addition to meditation, orthodox methods like pooja, pilgrimages appeals to you during this transit. Guru in dhanur rasi will be able to reduce the adverse effects of shani and eclipses that occur in the 12th from your rasi.

There are three eclipsed in 12th from your rasi, one each in 2nd, 6th and 7th. Due to these eclipses, there will be heavy expenditure, losses, financial constraints, sudden health problems and loans (in the month of July) and rifts with spouse during January 2019. You should recite mantras for ravi and chandra during the eclipse times.


During the year 2018Kumbha (Aquarius): For kumbha rasi persons, shani transits in adverse 11th a benefic placement. This will surely help in property matters. Your wealth will grow, there is be remarkable progress in life. You will be able to fulfil all your desires. There is considerable increase in health and your name is wide spread. You will experience greatest contentment in life.

Till 07.03.2019, rahu and ketu transits in 6th and 12th from your rasi. There will be sudden health problems related to chest, lungs and thighs. There will be sudden loan problems when the time available to make manoeuvres is very short. There will be some problems due to secret enemies at the work place. Thereafter transit of rahu and ketu in 5th -11th predisposes you to losses in speculation and business. Caution is required as you are prone for deception. There will be temptations to make fast bucks. There will be worries due to children and misgivings with children.

Guru transits in vrischika rasi for most of the year, the 10th placement of kumbha rasi persons which gives you many opportunities to prove your talent and capacities. You will have to work hard, you will have to organize, conduct workshops and see till end of it, alone. You will discover you have several hidden talents. Your popularity rises, your knowledge base expands. You are at the centre stage and you are known to many people. All your ventures, negotiations become successful. You will become more intelligent. For students, this is the period when they are at the top of class. Your stamina and enthusiasm would never dry up. By the end of the transit, you will land in good jobs. Financial position is also good as some of your expenditure is met by your employer! This can not be said as increase in monthly income but you will enjoy the extra benefits. This is neither a kick back nor bribery. The extra expenditure spent on you is authorized one. Company is happy to spend for you! You get loans for developmental activities like education, purchase of properties, very easily. You have excellent health and no amount of work will tire you at all. When guru becomes combust, you will suffer lack of respect and humiliations in the professional life. Ensure that you will not shoulder all the work in the office, just to get a good name! Learn to say no, when it becomes difficult. Do not let others enjoy at your cost! Transit of guru in 11th in own sign, dhanus during April, 2019 and after Nov. 2019 gives opportunities to save. There will be remarkable progress in wealth matters. There will be less work in the office and you are able to enjoy your life. You will take up social service. In addition to meditation, orthodox methods like pooja, pilgrimages appeals to you during this transit.

There are three eclipsed in 11th from your rasi, one each in 12th, 6th and 5th. Due to these eclipses, there will be heavy expenditure, losses, financial constraints, sudden health problems and disappointments due to children. You should recite mantras for ravi and chandra during the eclipse times.

During the year 2018Meena (Pisces): Shani transits in the adverse 10th for meena rasi persons for the entire year. You should be extremely careful in professional area. You should be very diplomatic and adoptable to the circumstances and should not enter into any ego-centric clashes with others. It is possible you are humiliated in the work place, sidelined with greatest disregard to your talents and expected appointment order does not arrive in time, putting your patience into test. It is almost impossible to change the job, you may be stuck up in whatever you are doing. Under any circumstances, you should not put your papers, until and unless you have another appointment order on hand. Stay away from any proposal to start own business. If you in business, maintain status quo and do not try to branch out - even existing business becomes difficult, footfall into your office falls down drastically. Your position in society, respect from the known relatives and friends is uncommonly less and your are able to reason out the pitfalls in your business or profession. You should weight all the possibilities, future projections, stability and working atmosphere before your decide to change the job.

Till early March, rahu and ketu transit in 5th and 11th from your rasi. Disappointments with children, some misgivings, loss in speculation, confusion are the results of this transit. Thereafter the transit of nodes in 4th-10th causes problems with or due to mother and close relatives, frequent repairs to house and domestic articles, unhappiness due to no reason, a desire to go away from the house. There will always be some professional frustration running in the background.

When guru transits in vrischika rasi the 9th, there all planets in the 10th to stop guru throughout the entire transit, an unfortunate situation. It is even more difficult to get success. Religious functions are not enjoyable, there is some kind of mistrust in God and not being happy the way life goes. There is good health, you will have good name, you are inclined to learn languages, poetry and have inclination for fine arts. You have lot of courage and the relationship with brothers and sisters will improve. There are good events related to children. Many people of this sign are blessed with birth of children. This is a good time for investments.

Transit of guru in dhanur rasi from during April 2019 and during last two months of the year assures professional satisfaction. However, be careful that your Samaritan instincts are not taken undue advantage of! Guru in own sign in 10th is able to bail you out from the problems created by shani and nodes.

Eclipses during January, July and December occur in the 10th from your rasi. Due to this, you may be falsely implicated in thefts, cheating and the like. You are subjected to severe criticisms and humiliations. The eclipse during July will cause heavy loss due to breakdown of domestic articles. The total lunar eclipse in January will cause sudden reputes in relationship with your children or disappointment due to them.

As the transit of shani is adverse and eclipses occur in the 10th from you rasi, you should recite beeja mantra or gayatri mantra for shani, minimum 21 times a day in the entire year. During the months of January, July and December you should recite any mantras of your choice for ravi and chandra. You should keep your records and interactions transparent and ensure that somebody is around to stand witness, if needed.

Well, there is very little a common man like you and me, can do in national and international events. You are more concerned of your life and there is always room for improvisations. उद्दरेदात्मनात्मानम् नात्मानमवसादयेत्। आत्मैव ह्यात्मनो बंधुः आत्मैव रिपुरात्मनः॥ - 5, atma samyama yoga, Srimadbhagawad geeta.  [Let man raise by himself, let him not lower himself, for he alone is his friend, he alone is  enemy of himself]. Running after Shri Sriman,  Shri Srimathi, Durbash Chatri or Jugheads is futile! You are your own guru (durguru or sadguru).  Jiddu krishanma murthy (truly, he is the enlightened and modest) implores to find your own truth. In present day world, it is not merely waste of time, it is wasting your soul and the venture is wrought with dangers. Do whatever possible by yourself, as laid down in your religion and ask for divine help. Remedial measures as mentioned for your moon-sign should be taken up.  Any shanti kriya need not be done every month nor in a particular temple or place. Shanti once in a year will suffice.  Intervention of priests should be kept at the minimum. ಗ್ರಹಗತಿಯ ತಿದ್ದುವನೆ ಜೋಯಿಸನು ಜಾತಕದಿ| ವಿಹಿತವಾಗಿಹುದದರ ಗತಿ ಸೃಷ್ಟಿವಿಧಿಯಿಂ|| ಸಹಿಸಿದಲ್ಲದೆ ಮುಗಿಯದಾವ ದಶೆ ಬಂದೊಡಂ| ಸಹನೆ ವಜ್ರದ ಕವಚ - ಮಂಕುತಿಮ್ಮ|| - DVG. [Does the astrologer change the horoscope? Trends happen as per natural procedures. Whatever the event, one should endure. Patience is the armor of diamond]. First of all, one should not commit sins - there is no excuse when a scholar kills his wife.  As T P Kailasam said, "All the world is the stage but there are no side wings to rest for a while!" If one is in difficulty, one look at the horoscope by an astrologer is ample. Then one should take up remedial measures seriously. There is no point in visiting all the world famous astrologers in Delhi, Noida and Bangalore. Remedial measures for shani, guru, rahu or ketu are indicated for each moon-sign, if need be.  Such remedial measures should be taken up without any delay.

If the eclipses take place in adverse signs from your moon sign,  remedial measures like rudrabhesekha, recitation of mantras for ravi and chandra is desirable. Special pooja for your ista or kula daiva will suffice. There is no need for महारुद्र महाकाळ कालभैरव राहु तथा केतुग्रस्त ग्रहण  विपत्विमोचन सकलश्रेष्ठ होम or any such elaborate measure.  Even if you do not take up remedial measures, no sky will fall down on your head, there will be some discomfort and some sudden snags for some time!

सूर्यशौर्यंथेंदुरिंद्रपदवीं सन्मंगळं मंगळः।

 सद्बुद्धिं च बुधो गुरुश्च गुरुतां शुक्रः शुभं शं शनिः॥


राहुर्बाहुबलं करोतु विजयं केतुः कुलस्योन्नतिं।

 नित्यं प्रीतिकरा भवंतु सततं सर्वेनुकूल ग्रहाः॥

Placement holds the key!

Bhagawan Sri Adishankara bless us all

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