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Calendar is signature of time  and the shows the arrow of time.  A nomadic tribe in  Afghanistan does not have a calendar. Only two incidents mark the differences in their lives - the winter, when they climb down the mountains and  the summer when they go up hill along with their animals. They need not have to plan anything at all and hence there no need of a calendar. They throw away their dead in the icy rivers.  They do not have history, culture (samskara), purana or anything to identify with.Calendars give inheritance and also identity crisis. In my younger days, Yagnavalkya and Maitrei samvada (Brihadaranyaka Upanishad) was enchantingly delightful. I perceived, I belong to the culture of this great rishi.  Then, one day I discovered Yagnavalkya, the eater of soft flesh of cows!  The source can not be disputed - I discovered this through the works of Sanskrit maha mahopadyaya, supreme court lawyer Shri Kane, in his books History of Dharmasutras!
My grandfather wore uattariya and dhoti; he never forgave my father for giving up Brahmanism by wearing shirts, pump shoes and Mysore peta (cap). I identify with my linage but do not wear uttariya, pump shoes or peta. My grandfather proclaimed, there were neither a drunkard, a meat eater, a thief or a cheat in my linage. Of course, there were some references to my ancestors' penchant in eating [ब्राह्मणो भोजन प्रियः - Brahmin likes eating.  There are other versions:  ब्राह्मणो बहुजन प्रियः and  ब्राह्मणो बहु जनप्रियः].  When you say, I  belong to the linage of these purohits - the incarnates of honesty, dignity and devotion, I feel immensely happy.  But when you say,  I belong to the linage of  Yagnavalkya, the meat eater, I am at unease. Yet, Yagnavalkya and maitrei belong to me!  We have given up meat eating since my great great and the greatest grandfather's time. By the way, the liberals quote from selected works only.  There are several dharma sutras that lay down meat eating as we found it to be inappropriate. The liberals obviously suffer selective amnesia. Gregorian calendar causes schizophrenia in me. Am I a British to follow the calendar of our former colonial rulers, who still have not given up their pounds and gallons for kilograms and liters? The national calendar is chandramana and the national gazette only uses this date while souramana system is also followed in India. This is like another North-South or Hindi- No Hindi divide! Hindus take birth and live the whole life in Gregorian calendar. The first death anniversary is on shukla paksha dwiteeya, kartika masa and not on 24th November! Paradox - Eye specialist in partially blind!
National pride is not reflected in celebration of New Years Day.  There is nothing inappropriate in a "Happy New Year" but let us not forget to wish each other on Ugadi too. You can not close your windows, even if you are a fundamentalist or a Marxist. Culture too blows like wind across Atlantic to Asia. There are always cultural collisions, modifications and mutations.  Like the British, let us be proud of our culture, let us not forget  Tolä, Sèr, Ratti and Ugadi.
I would not brag, I practice vedic astrology!  I am engaged in study of Vedas since my childhood. Several times I have gone through Atherva and many mandalas of Rigveda. Nowhere, I could find references to predictive or election astrology. Use of astrology was restricted to fixing the dates of festivals, though there are mentions to predictive astrology and muhurta in puranas.  That means, predictive astrology is not vedic! To be a religious Hindu, you need not have to believe in astrology, it is not a part of vedanga.  Vedanga jyotishya is a calendar with solar months like madhu, madhava etc.,!  Let world famous astrologers in Delhi, Noida and Bangalore say, they practice the sacrosanct vedic astrology (Lord Vinayaka bless their ignorance). Generally, astrology is laced with fatalism. Birth of Jesus is linked to the prophecy, 'This was to fulfil the passage in Prophet Isaiah' (Mathew 4:14).  Ashariravani revealed to Kamsa that the 7th child of his sister would kill him! But the great Greeks were not to accept such fatalistic view and maintained "astra inclinant, non necessitant " (star incline, do not determine). Be Greek heros and not fatalistic ravens. Like school children who have certain restrictions yet are free within the school compound, we are free and also governed by the environment, indicated by the planets. फलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः। को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना॥ - फलदीपिक  "With the help of planetary movements, mortals can only give indications of what is to happen; who else other than BRAHMA can tell with certainty as to what will definitely happen" - Phladeepika. Only God almighty knows for certain and astrological analysis is mere human effort to understand infinitesimally huge uncertainty. Remedial measures help us to improvise on the given birth but will not altogether change the life.
On the last day of the year, mid night strikes and no star falls from the sky leading to Bethlehem. Men and women, without reservation loaded of alcohol are on the ground and nobody is awake when the new year chimes. Mundane charts in ancient India are done for lunation - Hindu month is not merely a numbered day but a day that lives with phases of moon. When poornima (full moon) does not occur in the month, the moth is extended and when poornima happens early, it is cut short. The corrections are done every month and not once in four years as in Gregorian colander.
Yes, you said something? "Man, what are your credentials? Or did you make up the story?" I am not in research nor I can roll out statistics. Nor,  I do examine 24 charts in 24 hours to propound a new formula. Nor  I am wise in spherical astronomy or astrology.  I do not have any proficiency in mundane astrology. Nor I am world famous.  Daniel Craig and other Hollywood stars are not my clients. Nor Indian political bigwigs. I confess, one central minister of prominence had consulted me long back - I have a 'thank you' letter from his private secretary.  This gentleman has not acknowledged consulting me or any astrologer in public.

Then, how do I describe myself? I am like any ordinary plumber, you find countless in street corners. A humble astrologer of ordinary intelligence and infinitesimal knowledge but hard working, faithful and deeply religious - here in the web world, to make few coins. Shops, web sites, hospitals, schools and temples are here to make some business.  Have you seen a temple without a hundi (Money box)?

As seen from the Foundation chart, shani bhukti under chandra dasha is running till 10-07-2021. Shani is 10th and 11th lord placed in 4th house and is in 12/2 relationship with dasha lord, chandra. Shani bhukti is the period of restrictions and shortages. There will be curbs and also majority will have the say in all the matters. The policies of the government is not palatable to many factions in the society. Yet, there is forethought to make long lasting assets and fame. This is the time for disentanglement from chronic problems.  The government is able to pump in more money, pacts and negotiations to boost the economy. The population is happy, as the buying power increases. There is more mudslinging within the ruling party as well as the opposition. There will be some strained relationship with neighboring countries. Some of the friends need to be told firmly to behave properly. No progress whatsoever but many scams of minor kind. Good financial development is seen and government is able to attract considerable foreign investments. This is the time when the prestige of the country will go up.  Leaders make some heedless remarks about woman. Religious fervor is not seen. The population is more bothered about the norms of keeping physical distance (wrongly coined word is social distancing!) than the real hazard. Nobody knows how long and how far, just keep a distance, if at all possible. Educational institutions do not function full time or capacity but they do function to the best possible norms. From 10-07-2021 (till 10-12-2022) Budha bhukti operates in the foundation chart. Budha bhukti causes financial losses particularly due to labor unrest. Much of the income of the country will go towards clearance of loans and defence expenditure. Relationship with friendly countries is not quite friendly. No war situation, as nobody has strength and courage in these troubled days. Lot of money is pumped into construction work, education and domestic market. From July, 2021 we see bacterial effects caused by the viral attack or abuse of sanitization chemicals related to skin, muscles, stomach, heart and neck. The virus or chemicals have weakened these parts, exposing for other infections.  All the claims and counter claims of a vaccine is safely pushed under a carpet. However, there will be increase in the intensity of viral infection from 2-09-2021 to 22-10-2021 and from 25-04-2022 to 12-07-2022. The actual effects of corona virus on economy and general health is felt in 2021. 

During this year, shani transits in makara rasi, his own sign and is retrograde from 24th May to 11th October. Transit of shani in makara rasi which is 7th shows some rifts within the ruling interests but the marriage does not break off. There will be challenges like strikes, labour unrests and pressure from specific sections of society. There will be challenges to life and properties but these are averted at the last moment. When shani is retrograde such problems become submerged. Government will herald new policies towards voting rights and religious freedom. The government policies will benefit poorer classes more. Rahu and ketu transit in 11th and 5th from the rasi of foundation chart. Benefic Rahu in 11th heralds new stake holders in foreign investments. Rich countries offer loans and advances for development. There is sudden surge in market trends. Ketu is mild malefic as compared to rahu and in adverse 5th, he causes confusion in intellectual circles. They will spread their nonconformist attitude to others.   They will question every thing like nationalism, religion, birth of Jesus Christ  Harihara putra, Ayyappa. They have questions in multitude but no single answer.  They can not guide the society but strew waste everywhere.  Ketu in 5th is partial benefic, he causes interest in religion to some extent, at least to dig for the mistakes in almanacs!  Guru in 7th should have given credence to opposition parties but neecha guru can not do so. It is not able to encash the weakness of the ruling party. Similarly, the affinity among the partners of ruling government is also not exemplary. Guru in 8th kumbha rasi, bring failures in all fronts. Yet, it is able to bestow lifespan to the population, particularly elderly persons. Transit of kuja in vrischika rasi from 06.12.2021 to 16.01.2022 will give immunity towards the onslaught of infection. Since, ketu is also involved, it comes with some cost. At the start of the year, kuja transits in his own sign mesha till 22.02.2021 which propels business activities. But the employment scenario is very bad when kuja is neecha over the rasi i.e., from 03.06.2021 to 20.07.2021.
The chart drawn at the start of the new year, we have kanya lagna rising while the rasi is simha. The year is mainly concerned about education, building activities, happiness and somehow acquiring more wealth for short term use. The common man encourage by the government policies is inclined to spend more and increase business activities.
Financial position is great but morality and long term goals are not untended. India is yet another western country placed in the east!  There s jeopardy on how one should deal with the infections. At times there is great fear due to ketu in the 3rd but aspected by own lord (it is own sign aspect), he has great courage too. The element of courage far exceeds the timidity. The health of children is a substantial botheration while elders are relatively safe though day by day the death rate will lessens. Students and faculty are more focused to gain the lost ground. Rahu aspects the 5th house but not 6th.  Virus becomes more manageable and domesticated.  Virus does not make any viral news item but the vaccine does. All the western doctors, homeopaths and ayurvedic specialists propose inconsistent alleviations in good measure. 6th lord in 5th in own sign is a exceptional, the fear of great disease contributes to good health! Kuja 8th lord in his own sign and house assures that the mortality is far less than feared. Ruling party is no more bother about religious issues while the opposition is helplessly tries to encash on the same. They find that alternative to BJP is its mirror image!  Neglected classes and foreign players are more diligently active in religious arena.  Yet, religion and morality is not anybody's first preference. Shukra 9th in 4th implies that the population is busy in worldly matters. Making moollah is the moola mantra for the year! I do not mean this is bad; it is the specialty of the year. Many jobs will be created.  The line between many jobs becomes thinner and thinner.  You will find a goldsmith, part-time blacksmith, a chemist being part-time cremator or a teacher  part-time tailor!  We require multiple skills to survive. Lot of money is pumped into education and building sectors as well as domestic market. Chandra as 11th lord in 11th, people and government are happy for small gains. It is hard to think of long term plans. There is mistrust among neighboring countries that they may throw rotten chicken on us or may steal DNA of our holly cow. Suddenly the country becomes of bio warfare.  Everybody realize it is too costly to wage even a short term war. The chart drawn at the start of the new lunar year should also be examined. I propose to evaluate lunation chart for Plava nama samvat separately on the page devoted to Ugadi 2021.
There is always a misconception created by the popular astrologers on TV that eclipses shadow you down and create havoc. Some astrologers even predict good luck due to eclipses -"ಲಾಭಸ್ಥಾನದಲ್ಲಿ ಗ್ರಹಣ ಆಗಿದೆ. ನಿಮಗೆ ತುಂಬಾ ಧನ ಲಾಭ" [The eclipse is in 11th, you will have lot of money"- yells a Kannada channel. In the astrological classics, no where such results are mentioned. There are another set of scientists who force food down my throat to prove one can dine and wine during eclipse. There is of course, a class of people who abstain food during eclipse. In case you do so on religious grounds because you have to give tarpana, the scientist flocks in all colours like kencha, kariya or the western biliya have no say in that. If you are afraid that eclipse will poison your food, I should say, there is no iota of truth. Similarly, the effects of eclipse are felt only for a few days and then they disappear. Some accidents - like your dress catching fire, could be quite distressing. Eclipses can tarnish your image and cause humiliations. But they simply can not over rule your dasha / bhukti or transit, they will not snatch away your plate of meals. So, four times this year, the two sets of people say the same things again and again and create much noise. Much ado about nothing!  The rituals are observed only if the eclipse occurs in that part of the world, whether physically visible or clouded.  

There are four eclipses during the year 2021 - a solar eclipse on 10.06.2021 (in the star mrigasira) and a lunar eclipse on 19.11.2021 (in the star kritika) occur in vrishabha rasi while a lunar eclipse on 26.05.2021 (in the star anuradha) and another solar eclipse on 04.12.2021 (in the star jyesta) happen in vrischika rasi. Due eclipses in vrishabha rasi there will be financial strains on the economy.  There will be some banking scams and many of the government schemes will flop.  There may be some human rights issues, migratory issues that cause misgivings about the government.  The media and opposition experience strangulation.  In the world scenario, the prestige of the country has a blot due to its wrongly implemented rightful policies. The eclipses in vrischika rasi result in infantile mortality, scams in universities, education standards being eroded. You will come across many street venders with Ph.D. Indian Ph.Ds will not be able to  secure entrance in foreign universities and jobs. The eclipses in vrischika cause severe alienation between the partners in the ruling government. The ever tormenting neighbors have upper hand, a situation for combat exists but is effectively diffused.  On the occasions of eclipses, people born in vrishabha and vrischika rasis particularly born in the stars kritika, anuradha and jyesta should take up recitation of mantras for ravi or chandra (as the case may be) and their ishta daiva during the eclipse, no matter whether it is visible in the country of their residence or not.

It is obvious, you should not to look at the eclipse directly with naked eyes, you are off guard when the bight light will flash into your retina, causing damage. Suppose you know the exact end time and you watch is not deceptive, you just can have a direct look.  Well, nothing happens - I have done that in my college days.  The eclipses are used to measure the bent of space (gravitational pull), density of constituent gasses on the planets, surface temperature, speed and vacillation. Infringement of light occurs when a light source is obstructed - the resulting light is broken into various light rays of different frequencies, that was the hot topic in 70s. Not much research is done in this field.
Food for thought
"Convulsive thresholds were measured in 26 psychiatric patients who were receiving electroconvulsive treatment and in 8 rats subjected to electroconvulsive shocks, during the recent total solar eclipse day (February 16th, 1980) and on control days. Our results showed that there was a significant reduction in the convulsive thresholds of both humans and rats at the time of solar eclipse, probably occurring due to the observed geomagnetic field variation of 19 Gammas". [M.S.Keshavan, B.N.Gangadhar, R.U.Gautam, V.B.Ajit &  R.L.Kapur;  Neuroscience Letters Volume 22, Issue 2, 10 March 1981].

"Both the quantitative and qualitative variations in the airspora were observed during different phases of the eclipse. The number of fungal colonies were higher during the pre- and post-eclipse phase. There was a decrease at contact phase, total/partial or diamond ring eclipse phase. Thus, very minor changes were observed during the eclipse period. Bacterial colonies were higher at the post-eclipse phase. Most of the fungal species are organic matter decomposers, while some of them are known to cause allergies in humans and also cause plant diseases. Aspergillus species were dominant. Both A. fumigatus (causing allergy and asthma) and A. flavus (producing aflatoxin) were the dominant species and they showed a definite trend in their occurrence". [Microorganisms collected during a solar eclipse in India - Jayashree Deshpande & Laxman V. Gangawane; Aerobiologia December 1997].
There are fasting and rituals associated with eclipses. It is advised to be on empty stomach, you will stop eating and drinking (the beverages and juices, water exempted) 3 hours before start of eclipse. Some people start  fasting for 9 hours or 12 hours before eclipse. Three hours is reasonable considering present day life style.  As the food prepared earlier to eclipse is discarded, you should ensure that your fridge is empty.  After eclipse you will have a full bath - head to toes and put light in pooja room.  When the eclipse is in progress water also is not taken.  Little children, patients and old persons are exempted due to inability. Liberated scientifically advanced souls claim immunity! After the eclipse the house and house hold articles as well as clothes that were on the body are washed.  If the eclipse has occurred in your rasi or in 6th, 8th or 12th from your rasi or in your star, then you should recite mantras (any simple mantra will do) for ravi or chandra, depending on whether it is Solar or Lunar eclipse. You may also recite mantra for your favorite God (Istadaiva), Ravi or Chandra as the case may be or use any mantra, instead. Eclipses have effect on your mind and moods than physical body - suppose you eat, drink and dance, you may not find any noticeable effect, immediately. The effects of eclipses are very short lived, that will not override the influences of your natal chart. We can also use this time for mantra siddhi (perfection), take a mantra and recite during eclipse.  If you want to test the effect of of eclipse of mind, just keep quite and observe your thoughts - you will have sound proof. In my younger days, I used to take advantage of eclipses to recite mantras.

Reputed pulmonologists at Buffalo Hospital told that the young boy needs to take medications on daily basis and additional ones when he has spasms. Parents were about to start the treatment but the wise old grandfather prevailed. The refrigerator was shut down, the boy ate and drank only fresh things. He would not eat outside.  Now, the boy is a great singer, he can sing continuously for more than an hour.  Of course, refrigerators preserve food efficiently but we know not of harmful side effects, due to temperature variance. Research into this area may harm refrigerator manufacturers. Research on effects of eclipses on humans will saffronise the country and will render greatest harm to our secular credentials!  Consider recitation of your favorite mantra during eclipse - it worths a try.        ...............As Jesus said this, He called out, "He who has ears to hear, let him hear." [Luke 8:8].

Combustion (also known as astangata or moudhya) of a planet is caused due to nearness to ravi and is deemed to be bad at it would rob away the effects of the planet. Uttara Kalamrita says, " (Natural) Benefic planets if combust, lose their potency, while (natural) malefics become more mischievous. Retrogression merely causes status quo  - it freezes the scenario while result of combustion varies, depending on the role of Sun in the chart. Auspicious events are not conduced when mainly guru and shukra suffer combustion. Budha suffers combustion more frequently as he is the inner planet in the solar system, very close to the earth. The results of this will be covered in monthly predictions.  Combustion of chandra is nothing but Amavasya.

That you should not catch me wrongfoot, you are invited go through the
Disclaimer (and so on, and so forth, and the like) at end of the page.   By Jove, I do not want to land in trouble, my astrologer passed away many many years ago!