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During the month of April ravi transits in meena till 14th and thereafter he is exalted in mesha.  Kuja is exalted in makara till 7th and kuja moves into kumbha on 8th April.  Budha is neecha for the first eight days of the month. Budha transits in mesha rasi from 9th to 24th of the month.  On 25th April he enters vrishabha rasi. Guru who is in kumbha at the start of the month moves into meena his own sign, on 14th. Shukra transits in kumbha rasi till 27th and he is exalted in meena rasi thereafter. Shani and nodes too change their signs during this month. For most of the days of the month, shani transits in makara  and on the last day enters kumbha rasi.  on the last day of the month. Nodes transit in vrishabha-vrischika axis till 12th. On 13th rahu moves into mesha and ketu into tula rasis.
Mesha: Excellent financial position. You will be able to purchase what all you want. Also, your skills in trade and banking are superb. Due to adverse policies of the government or judiciary some of the dues are not realized till 13th of the month. Sports persons are on the top from 8th of the month itself.

There is minor possibility of cuts and wounds due to adverse transit of rahu This will diminish from 13th. A bit of caution is all you require. There will be lot of drive and tension that makes you achieve your goals. There are minor problems in the office.
Vrishabha: Excellent financial position. You will be able to purchase what all you want and make investments. All your wishes will come true and there is lot of success in various areas of life, particularly profession and education. You will be able to secure loans easily from 13th of April. You will experience success in the first half and in the second half there is peer pressure to excel yourself. You should learn to relax in the second half.

Some strenuous traveling is seen related to your profession. You may land in trouble due to inadvertent talks. Whatever High Court has said and Supreme court has not - is none of your business! Plan your your professional moves with caution. Shani enters 10th from your rasi on the last day of the month. Next month we will talk about this in detail.
Mithuna: A successful and profitable month. There is lot of inflow of money from various sources from 9th of April. Traders and commission agents have wonderful days ahead. You can expect a promotion in the early part of the month. There will be functions to honor you for your achievements but at the last moment, they are postponed. You are prone to cuts and wounds in the first eight days of the month. Nothing to worry, there is no danger.

There is a sense of happiness and unhappiness for the same reasons. So, avoid melancholic moods and stay in touch with reality. Relationship with children is not up to the mark from 13th. Do not be tempted to invest in dubious schemes. Just because of praises showered on you, do not part your trade secrets!
For the country, this is the period good and bad.  The first half of the month is bad - having accidents, failures, misgiving, insults and humiliations.  Government heavily depends on reserves and there will be some financial situations. It is the stroke of luck having excellent people at the helm who maneuver clear of such awkward circumstances. The fame and standing of the country will go up in the second half, ravi is exalted in 10th from rasi. However, there will be some price to pay; Ravi is benefic in 3-6-11th houses but not in 10th! In the first week of the month, the government is at loggerheads with the opposition parties. Thereafter the opposition parties are at each others' throats!  Some accidents and natural calamities will strike after 8th April.  Government people speak sense (but not in the first week) and so will get good name. All the schemes of government will  come to naught till 13th. Due to guru in own sign in 9th, there is renaissance  and the government will run with double speed. There is a good balance between culture, religion, rights and codes. The people will start to become more religious and it is not due to fright that other religious may overpower.  There is severe financial strain on the country till 27th. It has to depend on gold reserves and overdrafts. But from 28th  the scene will completely turn around.  There is affluence of everything, shukra is exalted in 9th. So far, the government manages with different partners and different ideologies.  But now, it has to cast away the guise, it has created suffocation since last year. There will be some backlash by intellectuals, say it the form of so&so files which does not create any response from public.
Kataka: April is a month of more challenges and obstacles. There is sudden inflow of wealth till 12th and you should be careful in financial matters, you should put them all in a safe and assured bank. Rifts with elders and higher officers in the first half, particularly till 8th of April. Do be careful in what you talk to your bosses, you may be wrongly quoted. In the second half there is lot of pressure on you to put your best in the office. Of course, you are recognized.

You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse kuja. There is more of such events from 14th, when guru leaves the 8th from your rasi. From 13th of April financial position sounds very good. You have more to spend, buy costly things and enjoy life. Relationship with your spouse and children is strained a bit. Professional frustrations start from 13th. Students face discouragement and lethargy from the second half of the month.
Simha: A eventful month where you will experience joy and also discomforts. There are failures on various fronts, if you do not plan properly. You may be insulted or sidelined in the first half. In second half, your dignity is restored and doubled. There is greater interest in religious matters.

Marital life is good in the first half only. Travels are seen in the second half. There is windfall of gold coins till 8th of April and with care you should manage rest of the days. Avoid risky sports and arguments with spouse.
Kanya : Very good financial position. Relationship with your spouse is bad in the first half while it is overwhelmingly good in the second half. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse transits of ravi, rahu and budha. You should be careful while driving or in risky sports. You should recite beeja mantras for ravi and rahu to ward of such incidents.

However, there is no danger to life as budha is favorable. You can expect written off wealth, inheritance and arbitration awards from 9th to 24th of the month. You should be careful in your relationship with government persons; otherwise you have to pay heavy penalties and taxes. Loans are easily available from 13th to 24th of the month.
Rasi wise forecast for April 2022
Transit effects of guru, shani, rahu and ketu
Tula:A great time for hobbies, to bring life style changes. Loans are easily available for all your purposes. You will enjoy excellent health. A grat time for investments from 10th to 27th of April. Marital life is but horrible due to adverse ravi exalted in 7th as well as rahu in 8th and 7th. Relationship with children is very good.

There are always some worries regarding children. A good time for property transactions till 7th of April. You tend to be very authoritative towards your kids and this causes resentment. You have burst of energy at the gym but you can not expect the same from others.
Vrischika: There is buying of all the things whether you require or not! You will purchase costly things like vehicles and gold. It is good time to purchase immovable properties like dwelling houses and farm houses. Purchasing of agricultural land is a bit difficult. Due to change in government/bank policy, you will not get expected amount as loan.

You should approach bank from 9th to 24th of the month. There will be strained relationship with children during first eight days. You should avoid elaborate lectures to them. Long distance travel and visits to old people are seen till 12th of the month. There is always a quest for health tonics, yoga mats, protein drinks due to some kind of fear of loosing health!
Dhanus:Costly pleasure trips, purchase of many costly things. You will get lot of investment offers from 13th. But, read the small print and do not be impulsive. Relationship with your children is very bad during the second half. Domestic problems like misunderstandings with mother and close relatives in the first half.

Sports persons will do well from 13th of the month. Such victories will not come only against hard work. There are always some financial botherations.
Makara: One of the trouble some seasons. Other than excellent financial conditions and firm friends, the others things are just below normal. Professional misgivings will run in the background from 13th. You are likely to loose temper with your family members.

You may overdo your fitness regimen and land in severe muscular spasm during first week of the month. All the electronic gadgets will break one after the other from 13th. Be careful, there could be quite stormy clashes in the house during second half, ravi is exalted in adverse 4th.
Meena: There is some fear that you may be chided for no mistake. There is a fear that you may loose your status in society. But in the second half, you are bothered about financial conditions. Not that there are strains, you want to economize. There may be some taxes to pay to government. There will be good returns in property transactions particularly in the first week. You can expect sudden income from various sources from 9th to 24th of the month, thanks to budha.

There is huge expenditure too from 13th to 24th and you will derive happiness from such expenditure. There will be greater interest in spiritual matters and also some bizarre feeling that something may go wrong any time. You should always be in optimistic set of mind and avoid such trains of thoughts.
Kumbha: Very encouraging financial position. You will be on market expedition to purchase whatever you want. There will be income from various sources in the first week of the month. Expected help and co-operation from friends and close relatives is nowhere to be seen. Restlessness; lack of sleep and relaxation.
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