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At the start of the month, ravi in meena till 14th and from 15th  ravi is exalted in mesha ravi. Kuja is in mithuna rasi for the entire month.  Shani, rahu and ketu transit in kumbha, mesha and tula rasi respectively. Shani transits in his own sign, kumbha. Guru too transits in his own sign meena till 21st and move to mesha on 22nd. Guru is combust till 27th April. Shukra is in mesha at the start of the month and moves into own sign vrishabha on 7th April. Budha transits in mesha rasi for the entire month.  Budha is retrograde from 22nd and combust from 24th April.

A mixed period of good and bad. In the first half you are bothered about mounting expenditure and possible show down in the office. In the second half, the expenditure is under control.  Fearing that you may be sidelined by the superior authorities, you are full of anxiety to excel your goals. Surely, you are going to make good impression but the relative tensions are more. Expected help or coordination from your friends and co-workers does not come till 23rd. You are full of ideas and some times talk half baked plans which let you down. Your dignity will increase from 22nd when guru moves into mesha. Financial situations is good but can not be called excellent - your dues are not realized in time.

A good time for immovable property transactions - invest in such activities, even if the prospects sound dull. Wrinkles and dark spots on the face. Relationship with spouse is not bad but not up to the mark. There is abundance and no significant worries; your mind is full of future plans.  Women and artists have great time.

First half is very promising.  Success story goes on till 21st of the month. You become restless, if you spend more. Though there are no financial strains, thanks to shukra. Relationship with family members is slightly strained, if they do not heed your financial advises. Despite good income there are considerable expenses and these are not featured in your shopping list. Visiting relatives and dignitaries cause imbalances in finances. There are professional problems in the background. There is no loss of job, fortunately. Be humble and hold your tongue.  If you have to change your job, take extreme caution not to slip and fall between two jobs. Some people may try to go abroad but it may not be a success. Promised promotion, loans and advances are nowhere to be seen.

You feel that everything in your life is falling apart. Unexpected  ends and new starts are possible in career or relationship. Shani in 10th in own sign heralds a brand new beginning, a period of great transformation, particularly in professional front.

A gold rush under your roof. In the entire month of April, there is not of purchases of vehicles, gold and properties. A perfect time for enjoyment of life with costly trips. Professional problems are shortly going to end after 21st. There are minor problems in relationship with your father and elders in the family. Be careful in financial matters and purchases, you may be taken for a ride. Pictures in Amazon may look big and the article when it arrives, may be too small! Your oratory skills are best for six days only at the start of the month. Education is not priority as you are not able to concentrate.

It is said in classical literature that a poor man's wife is spend thrift. The pleasures of life are too hard to resist.  Instead of spending on pleasures, you should concentrate on making wealth using the resources available now. Do not spend more on pleasure trips and entertainment.
Guru transits in mesha rasi, from 22-Apr-2023 to 1-May-2024. While in mesha rasi, guru is combust till 27.04.2023 and is retrograde from 05.09.2023 to 31.12.2023. Guru is overpowered by Ravi during combustion and effects alter, depending on the role of Ravi in birth chart. During moudhya (combustion) period no auspicious functions like vidyarambha are held. But guru moudhya is not given sufficient importance as shukra moudhya. Transit of Guru in 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th from chandra rasi goes under the name, Gurubala which triggers good events provided there are no planets in vedha namely, in 12th, 4th, 3rd, 10th and 8th respectively from chandra rasi. More

In the first half, you have certain issues with your father, elders and peers in the office. But this changes dramatically in the second half. You are focused, full of energy and enthusiasm in the second half.  The officers cooperate with you. There is no immediate benefit with this but these do not go unnoticed. You may indulge in excesses and may have some health upsets. Profession is great, your oratory skills, presentations, diplomatic handiness are great throughout the month, thanks to budha. From 22nd, there is increased workload; take care your skills are not robbed off in the name of knowledge transfer. Rahu in 10th gives short tempered arguments in the office, which should be absolutely avoided. Finances is excellent from 7th of the month.

Not happy with mother and close relatives, they will always bring their problems to you and take their happiness to others. Shani in 8th in own sign makes some people to go away from their places and branch out. There is low esteem and you doubt your abilities. You are lonely at this time of introspection. Answers to your questions come in due course, have prudence and patience. There is always hope at the end of dark tunnel, when shani is in own sign!

Brighter side of life first - excellent financial condition, promotions and purchase of immovable properties of high value.  Parties, association with elite people and successful travels. The cherished dreams of a long time come true. In coming days,  you will enjoy the rewards for your past efforts. During this month, many opportunities open and you will take far-reaching decisions that change your life dramatically.

You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse ravi in 8th.  However, guru in 8th  acts as counterbalance.  A bit of caution is required and that is all. You may be ignored by your higher officer but being of simha rasi, it hurts.  Just ignore and sleep well. Sports persons have good time. Relationship with elders, parents and influential persons in the office is not up to the mark. You tend to loose  your tongue and land in trouble. Do not enter into discussion on controversial subjects. You should be careful in profession particularly if you have a financial role. There is stability in marital life but happiness is yet to dawn. 
Kanya :

By and large a very satisfying month. Written off dues, inheritance and maturity of deposits fetch you large sumps.  Any arbitration is decided in your favor. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse rahu and ravi.  A bit of caution is required as benefic budha protects you. Short tempered arguments with you spouse sabotage, otherwise happy marital life. Thanks to benefic shukra and guru, despite short tempered arguments, you can still be happy! Loans are available as per your need and terms but takes some time. There is always some concern about finances though there is no dearth of money.  Professional life has lot of tensions due to kuja in 10th.

There is immense curiosity about occult sciences. This is the time to learn mantras, futurology or kundalini meditation. If you have already mastered astrology, palmistry of numerology, this is the time to jump start your consultations. Same thing applies to psychologists, priests and insurance dealers. You desire the tried and tested traditional values, so when considering your options, this approach will prove wiser than adopting an unconventional novel approach. Success does not come fluently but money does!
Rasi wise forecast for April 2023

A challenging month, indeed. Let us speak of good first, as it is hard in anybody's life. During first half,  you will win all the competitions and get promotions, clear old dues and also take new ones to purchase costly things. Success in any ventures will come to you from 22nd of the month .You feel there is hope, you have indication in dreams and your mood changes. There is optimism in the air, you can smell but do not understand where it leads.

From 22nd, your are the flying horse; the pessimism of last year just melt away. Also marital life returns to normalcy. Do not contradict your spouse in any way.  You tend to more argumentative and you do not know when to stop! Expected dues do not arrive in time. Investments made for children grows steadily. Those in higher studies have steady progress.  You are prone to infections and allergy.

A month of good and bad in equal proportion. Promotions, clearance of loans, help from others and satisfaction that you have reached a stage in life. Relationship with your children is not good in the first half. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse kuja in 8th. You are going to acquire land property of high value; but there is delay and setbacks.  You will purchase costly things on EMIs.

Marital life is not up to the mark. Fears, horrible dreams and uncertainty are due to ketu in 12th.  You should recite kuja beeja mantras, minimum 21 times a day during this month. There is temptation of easy money and pleasure is too hard to resist. Desist from such thoughts, you will land in trouble. Do not go on loans to enhance your false prestige.

The item that outshines during April is - immense courage, tolerance and hard to give up attitude.  There are always old friends visiting you. Sports persons have excellent days ahead. Domestic problems  till 21st of the month and it is more fiery in the first half. You may have to pay some penalties, fines or additional taxes for a lapse in property transactions. Do not brush on the wrong side of the law. In the entire month, relationship with your children is not good. Your domestic life undergoes turmoil and you fear they could be dreadful. It is also true you wanted such changes and you should be able to accept minor changes in the final result. There could be problems relating to your property, or if considering a new property or move, progress will be thwarted.

Due to lot of information cramped, you have become quite suspicious of abilities of your children. However, from 22nd, there is considerable improvement regarding children, thanks to guru in 3rd.  Financial position is excellent in the entire month. In the first week, there is purchase of costly items.  Thereafter the purchase will not stop- the items are not costly but varied. Be careful to read small prints when the items are being financed. Your mind is not clear about investment matters; better to avoid them. There is some misgivings with close relatives. Marital life is quote violent as kuja is in 7th. There is always profits and success in foreign trade or trade in electronics and chemicals.

In the entire month of April you have excellent financial situation. There is also stability in financial matters; the expenditure is under perfect control and you are able to save few more coins by the end of the month. Excellent relationship with brothers, sisters and friends in the first half. Marital life is excellent; eligible people get married. There is success in life from 8th of April particularly in financial and romantic matters.

There is happiness and also it does not come without obligations.  There will be increased income but planned holidays need to be cut short. You will be able to purchase land properties.  Sports persons have excellent days. Property transactions and purchase of vehicles are seen after 23rd of the month. You are very short tempered with family members. There are some bitter tiffs are going on with mother and close relatives. You are not happy with professional matters - you are somewhat unhappy now and then.

Well, sit back and talk - you have your friends, relatives, students and all those who have ears (with and without hearing aids!) assemble to listen to you.  You are elaborate with precise examples and sharper and critical as well as brief! A fine blend of true oratory skills. You are noticed - but do not shy away. You are eager to purchase land property but it does not happen that way.

You feel this is an end certain phase of your life - you are taking stock and looking where you want to go next.  Due to this in personal matters you have become blunt and ruthless judge. Just keep your judgments reserved and do not reveal to others.  Exercise prudence when you speak personal matters. Just mind your business  guided by final decisions you have arrived at. Many new options present themselves and the choice you make will change your life.

Excellent finances - your fingers get tired of counting currency! Not happy with mother and close relatives You will consider of increasing your savings schemes - this is a temporary phase and so just keep the excess fruits and nuts aside. It is not prudent to embark long term financial plans! Ketu in 8th causes rashes, allergies and insect bites.  You may also suffer some unreasonable fears.

You will become aware of purpose of your life and feel strong willpower to get things done. New chapter in love and career shows great potential. Financial success, lot of money than you can spend! Sure, you are going to make costly purchases like vehicles, gold and immovable properties. You may exceed your budget and thereby loose your temper with family members.

You are full of courage and friends stand by, in case needed. But some friends brake away. Avoid contentious issues and gossips. All through the month, you enjoy good health and you will become slow and relaxed.  Relationship with elders and your parents is so-so only. Severe strains are seen in relationship with children.