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During August 2022, ravi transits  in kataka at the start of the month and moves into simha his own sign on 17th.  Kuja is in his own sign, mesha but moves to vrishabha on 11th August.  Budha is in simha rasi and he transits into his own sign kanya on 21st.  Shukra transits from mithuna to kataka rasi on 7th. Guru, shani, rahu and ketu transit in meena, makara, mesha and tula rasis. Guru and shani are retrograde in own signs.

During the month of August, the economy is bad in the first half but there is considerable improvement in second half. The assets of the government will not increase by any way. However, the government is able to acquire more deposits in foreign banks. Most of such activities will go in secrecy. There is deep resentment in working force till 10th August but they are not able to do anything. Government will make daring statements about gold, bank deposits and real estate. Government has an upper hand when it comes to media projection. It will quell divisive forces and is supported by the judicial decisions.
There are good decisions regarding agricultural section. Sports personalities will come hit the show till 10th of the month. Fertilizers, road transport and real estate bring huge amount of tax revenue to government. From 21st of the month, government ministers will be able to convey the progress to public. The new schemes like Agnipath garner more support and dissenting voices simply become feeble and less frequent. There is lot of religious sentiment but this does not lead to intolerance. There are no problems from judiciary side at all. Opposition become so mild, its voice is not heard anywhere. There are no issues they can rally for. All the opposition factions make honest attempts to take on the government, united. Nevertheless, the unity stands frozen, guru and shani are retrograde in own signs.
Rasi wise forecast for August, 2022

A month of disturbances in relationships - in the first half it is with close relatives and in the second half it is with children. Relationship with children is not bad but it has some awkward moments. You are more imposing your ideas on them and hence there is resentment. There will be some religious ceremonies in second half and you are in the lead role but you do not like the way it shapes out. You should control your temper. This is the time to start new course of action. Property matters are bad, government departments and agencies are not co-operative. As the faculty is unforgiving, the progress in education is difficult but success assured.

There are achievements in sports arena till 10th of the month. There are financial constraints from 11th of the month. Financial side is not much bright in this month. You should not embark on investment plans till 20th of the month, you are in a confused state. Budha in favorable 6th promotes investments and procurement of loans for development purposes. Professional life is good from 21st though there are underlying factors for your frustration. You are undecided whether you should change your job, shani is retrograde in 10th. You are more inclined to make donations; but do not go beyond your capacity! Acnes, skin problems and short tempered behavior with spouse in the entire month.

Largely a good month. You are full of courage and there is ample financial to support your wishes. Old and influential friends come calling. Excellent relationship with friends and government persons. Students have problems in the second half because of strict faculty. These correction are much needed for educational development. You may involve in physical activities more than your capacity till 10th of the month and this will have a telltale effect on your health thereafter. You should adhere to graduated instructions by your coach. Students may get carried away with pastimes, extra curricular activities and hobbies from 21st. This is beneficial to life in general but are not timely till the examinations are over. There is success and recognition. You will learn ancient languages and mantras.

Samaritan in you wakes up to help others. Take up religious duties and social services. Brush up your oratory skills. Financial position is excellent till 10th of the month. Your dues are not realized in time thereafter. Religious trips get postponed. Horrible dreams, fear of coming days haunt you in bed. Despite this, you are able to consolidate your position with competitors.

A period of mixed results is the month of August for you. In the entire month, finance is excellent, thanks to shukra. But due to some compulsions, some miscalculations you have to pay heavy price during the first half. The penalty or permit fee is enhanced as if it was meant to hurt you! Even for a trifling traffic offence, you are imposed high penalty! Do not argue with the king till 16th of the month. Be careful in your dealings with government babus. This problems stops after 18th. Friends come calling and you have happy time again. Do not involve in gossips and do not talk about the person not there. He will surely come to know and you are put into graceless disposal! Shani in 8th retrograde in own sign prevents you from taking up cleaning action about anything. You have plans in you grey cells but they do not transcribed on paper.

Property matters do not go on well, there are many glitches, you are unaware of. Profession goes on well but at your cost! You are called upon to help others and teach your skills. Have some professional secrets up your sleeve - or else you will be disposed off! Learn to say 'no' on some pretext than a blunt nope. If some body approaches you with purusha mani (than turns iron to gold) be wary. All the days you feel, your children are not up to the mark and you have all bad luck in the world.

Financial side it is more than OK - gold coins rain almost everyday. There is income from various sources. You are ready to purchase lands and building after 11th of August, thanks to kuja. Professional life is good but very strenuous in the entire month. Courageous but risky decisions you took till 10th of the month are worth. Your honesty and bravery are lauded by the higher officers. Nevertheless, your subordinates will continue to create problems to you. You should solve such problems by tactful dialogues and should not loose temper. Relationship with friends, brothers and sisters is strained but it also brings them closer to you - budha is adverse in 3rd but in own sign.

Marital life is good but has some undercurrents of misapprehensions. Sudden workload in the office causes disturbances in domestic sphere. This is not the time to purchase vehicles, gold or dwelling house. In your hurry, you are indiscrete in your decisions.

Except for financial gains in last ten days, the month turns out to be a fiasco. You should be careful in financial matters, expected amounts are not realized in time. Nevertheless, you are full of boldness, come what may. But is it so? The more you think, you will loose courage! That comes as and when required in right proportion. Lot of physical stains and second half is better. You are able to save and also purchase some gold on installment basis.

You will take up some religious penance till 10th of the month. You are not exactly religious - you are highly critical of religious beliefs. There will be lot of peer pressure in the office from 11th August. Do not talk too much and land in trouble. Even when you frank opinion is required, you should clothe it properly. You will hear that you are short listed for promotion. But nothing happens for months to come. This is the period of resurrection. Plan what you want to do or what you want to be and surge ahead.

Purchase of properties, investments and fulfillment of long time desires. Even then, there is imbalance in financial matters due to ketu in 2nd. Many people of this sign, get married, start careers and settle in life. Marital life is excellent. There is huge amount of gains in the form of arrears or arbitration settlement. You are expected to get some dues before 10th august. Anti-religious feelings run high for the rest of the month.

There are some problems in the office during the first week. Then onwards, professional advancement is not your preference! You are busy counting cash and adding your various deposits, thanks to shukra. Consider of making long term deposits or availing long term loans. There are hurdles but you should keep a plan ready and await for shani to shine directly on your rasi. You are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents due to adverse nodes. You should recite rahu kavacha during the month.

This is the month of acquisition of properties, vehicles and gold. There will be income from various sources till 20th of August. Due to over spending, you feel the crunch during month end. However, there are ample funds for investments and shopping.

You can expect a promotion in the first half of the month. Marital life is good, despite many fireworks! Transit of kuja in 8th, coupled with rahu in 7th is likely to cause cuts and wounds from 11th of August. You should recite kuja kavacha once a day during this month. Purchase of immovable properties is held up for the time being.

A great month, you remember for a long time. There is some minor adverse attributes - marital life is not up to the mark from 11th of August. There is love and affection towards spouse and children but it so happens you tend to heighten the fault lines. You should ignore small things and you will be very happy.

There are strains in relationship with your father and elders in the family during the first half of the month. Ravi in 10th in own sign is a sure insignia of promotions. You will hear the good news before 10th and assume charges from 18th. Good progress of children, but the curtain is raised in due course. There is cold war with brothers, sisters and friends. This will lead to reconsolidation of relationships. Despite all these good tidings, you have some fears that appear in the form of dreams. You should recite or listen to Ameevaha /Sarpa sukta  or ketu kavacha before going to bed.

During this month, just concentrate on your profession and leave rest to God. You will set new records from 22nd of August. Students have to put extra efforts than helping others! Financial position is not daunting but distressful. You can over come such problems with proper planning, shani is in own sign. Marital life is not up to the mark.

Property matters do not take off well. Relationship with elders and peers is not good in second half. You are prone to cuts and wounds in the entire month, particularly in the first half due to adverse ravi. Should be careful while handling electrical and hot objects. You should recite ravi kavacha during first half of the month.

A built intense desire not to abandon your post. This is the only thing that ticks your life during the month of August. There are no friends but you have the competence to beat your opponents and impress your friends. This desire to vanquish the adversities keeps you going. Depend on the gods you worship and strength and sustenance. If you have any health problems, see your doctor in time. Prestige and dignity are important to you but it is likely that you are slighted by your own people in the second half of the month.

During first week of the month, you will get a clear indication that - your life will change, you will acquire properties in due course. Relationship is bad and students have horrible time. Professional frustration prevails. During this month, you should recite maha mrutyunja mantra, minimum 21 times a day.

A mixed month of good and bad results. Marital life is not good in the entire month. Heated arguments prevail in second half which can not be avoided. But this does not drive a nail in relationship! The anger goes away like fog. Till 20th of the month, you should avoid unnecessary and conflicting subjects while you to talk to your wife.

Relationship with close relative is bad from 11th. You can expect realization of old dues from 21st. This is a fabulous amount but you do not have any plans so it is kept under some mutual funds or fixed deposits. There is plentiful interest in religious matters. This is a good time to learn mantras, astrology and the like.

Predominantly, this month is going to be a good one with minor lines of bad luck. There are concerns and anguish about investments and children. Financial position is good in the first half. You will come across new friends and acquaintances. You are able to consolidate your position in society after 18th of the month. There will be help from various persons till 20th of August. You are aware that you moves should be calculated and timely. And this causes some worries - suppose somebody upsets your plan. There is purchase of properties, gold, vehicles and you name them in the first week of the month.

Be careful about wasps, honey bees, canines and cats. Do not take any over the counter pills and ointments.  They may cause allergic reactions. Then on whatever your purchase will be for the benefit of your children. Consider of making deposits/investments for or in the name of your children. There is lot of interest in religious things, astrology, mantra and tantra. Take initiative to learn these.
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