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During the month of December 2022, ravi transits in vrischika till 16th and  goes to dhanur rasi  on 17th of the month.  For the entire month  retrograde kuja stays in vrishabha rasi. For first three days of the month, budha is in vrischika rasi.  From 4th to 27th December he transits in dhanur rasi; for next three days in makara to move back to dhanur rasi in retrogression on 31st. Shukra transits in vrischika till 5th of December. From 6th to 29th of December he stays in dhanur rasi and enters makara on 30th. Guru and shani transit in their own signs, meena and makara. Rahu and ketu remain in mesha and tula respectively.
The intelligentsia runs loose the onslaught against the government. The government is able to take control only after 17th of the month. There is happiness in working class as the government is likely to increase deposits schemes and interest rates. The agencies controlled by the government indulges in self destructive talks and mud slinging. Sense of benefits and focuses to help the interests of the country, dawns only after 17th of the month. Some schemes to benefit the formers may be launched. In lunation chart, 7th lord kuja is in 8th retrograde while rahu is in 7th.

A major train tragedy or terror attack is forestalled at a right time. Surprisingly, the oratory skills and lectures on nehruvian history is absent conspicuously. The members are huddled to learn new lessons after munching handful dust. Shani is in 7th his own sign - the opposition has become a pain in the neck. They are not strong to take on the government but nor completely win over in the elections. There will be sudden shocks, blows and jolts to some people due to elections in Gujarat and HP. However, the opposition unity eludes. The BJP will recover from such setbacks. They will succeed but with reduced majority. Due to this elections, a sense of unhappiness, a desire to do 'something decisive' surfaces.
Rasi wise forecast for December, 2022

A month of conflict. In the first half, insults and insufficiencies. The scene will change in the second half; Your dignity and status are restored. The same people who disdained you become your admirers. Marital life is disappointing though you have no time to think about it. Professional challenges are more and you are ill treated. If you want to stay on in the company, it is difficult. If you want to change the company, it is also difficult.

Both the ways you are stuck up. Financial strains come now and then. You have strong resentments about everything in the world. Despite this, you are willing to donate liberally for common causes and religious institutions, though you do not have sufficient money for yourself. There is no dearth for purchase of costly things, pleasure trips, purchase of gold and vehicle! You may take a religious tour also. You feel satisfied with what you have achieved wealth wise. You have happy outings, sizable wealth and spiritual awareness.

In the entire month you are susceptible for cuts and wounds due to adverse ravi, particularly in the first five days. However, as shukra is in 8th benefic position, there is no big danger. No shanti or recitation is required but you should exercise some caution in gymnasium or sports arena. Marital life is very horrible till 5th and it will improve afterwards. You should control your temper. Lot of irregular physical activity and tensions to impress upon your bosses makes you sit on live wire.

Expected judgment in courts cases does not come but the case graduates to next court. You are not able to make investments, best opportunities do not come on your way. There is lot of money for enjoyment of life, purchase of things you want and for sheet pleasure of counting cash! Love and hate relationship with your father. Horrible dreams and sense of insecurity. At times, you have confused emotions that render you out of your wits and make you vulnerable. In case there is need, even your opponents and strangers come to your help.

Not a desirable month, indeed. Only positive things about this month is sudden success in profession, education and sports. Unexpected and written off dues will land on your table all of a sudden. You can not expect help from bankers, your application will bounce back. Marital discord runs high in the entire month and it is even more intensified in second half. You are subconsciously afraid of some hard days and bent upon saving more and more.

This is the time when you should let go old habits so as to regenerate as a beautiful butterfly. You should go to bed in time and avoid any strenuous activity towards night. This will make you restless and violent. You will talk more and more and land in trouble with your spouse. Lot of work in the office and you will surely enjoy the importance given to you. Some disappointments due to children. Expected pilgrimage will not take place.

Be careful in wealth matters during first half. You may be disappointed with your children. In the second half, you are at the centre stage with your boss. Expect a promotion; he recommends your name but actual orders are way off. From 17th, you are able to purchase properties. You are likely to over use plastic cards in anticipation of some arrears. There is love and hate relationship with your father. You swing between an atheist and a theist!

But sure you are more of a socialist, guru is in 9th in own sign but under check. Marital life is stable though the differences will not cease. This is enough to make you dance with joy. Profession has lot of tensions. Time bound projects bother you a lot. Either you will live in the office cafeteria or will have to bring official work home every evening. Relationship with close relatives takes a beating. Old house can not be repaired to your full satisfaction.

Three of the planets who are on your side are checked by other planets. Remaining are absolutely against you. You have to thread carefully. Do not do anything exceptional and significant. You should indulge in only routine activities with lot of room for relaxation and sleep. Call it laziness or hibernation, it is indeed good when the weather is too cold - wait for a good day, seasons will surely change. Wheel of Fortune constantly turns and it is against you at the moment but will in time turn and will bring you good fortune. There are domestic problems like volcanoes ready to blow anytime. You should control your anger when you deal with close relatives. Ensure proper plan and implementation if you are already into building a house.

In the second half, there are problems related to children. Heavy work in the office - you have to do many things all over again - boss has vacillating decision making process. Only his boss has to yell at him to stop his research and development! You try to relax when the boss is sleeping. Property matters do not go well; you are not able to purchase the things you need. To empty your heart, you eagerly await a friend who does not turn up. You are very critical of social systems and religion. Loans are not available and your application is held up. There are failures on most areas of life. A run of bad luck this month, things are not going your way. However, the life will not end, guru is in his own sign but in 8th. You should regularly recite Mahamrutyunjaya mantra or any slokas for Lord Ganesha during this month.

A month of majestic show with all grandeur, pomp and splendid show. Purchase of vehicles, gold and properties are in the air. These do not happen easily; there may be some snags due to changed government policies or a government agent may take a decision against you in the second half. So, if you have to approach a government agency for license, permit or documents, first half is good. Your relationship with higher officer is a bit strained - duly policy matters and implementation. There are no personal clashes. Students do well in their studies. You may purchase high end properties like flats.

Marital life is excellent, many people of this sign are ready to ask a stranger - will you marry me? Romantic feelings and desire for settlement in life is in the air. You are worried about the quantum of budget you require for your children's' upbringings and the scenario with your present thrift fund balance is truly scary. Still there are many years to go, a rupee a day kept aside will do. You need not worry now itself but plan properly. At times, some money is wasted like wrong size spanner you ordered on Amazon. Such small wastage is common even in iron or gold ring. Do not worry about such insignificant episodes. You are prone to cuts, wounds and accidents due to adverse rahu in 8th. Extreme caution is needed while driving or handling movable objects like vacuum cleaner. You MUST  recite Mahamrutyunjaya mantra minimum 21 times a day during this month. When the boat is sinking, there is no time for maths and logic; just do what others do! And they recite Mahamrutyunjaya mantra.

A month where the odds are stalked against you. Almost every things goes wrong. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse kuja in 8th and rahu in 7th.You should be careful in sports area and entertainment halls. There are ebbs and tides in financial sphere. Domestic life is horrible. Money due to you does not come in time and in full - it comes in dribbles. Expected arbitration award is nowhere in sight. Friends and well wishers are not readily at your side. You are able to save few coins for further education or purchase of house property. Marital life has tense situations. Pimples, black spots and acne bother you.

Despite all these, you are able to handled your enemies and competitors with ease. Some times, you are stunned how these people help you out! The only advantage during the second half of the month is your exceptional courage you have. You look royal person designated to win. This expression is able to disarm all the opponents!

This is a good month finance wise. You have good relationship with all. Despite this, there are sudden arguments with spouse due to adverse ravi and kuja. Restlessness, useless long distance travel are seen. Finance is having ebbs and tides but not bad. You are going to get a good job or promotion.

A good period for investment. There are good developments regarding children. You are likely to spend more than your capacity and land in trouble with card cartel. During the first half, you are more cautious on what others say about you. Such inquisitiveness to shape your personality is literally useless. There is so much excitement and sense of happiness.

A great month of financial success. Excellent financial position in the entire month, thanks to shukra. Marital life is good you make the neighbors jealous! If you are not married, it is time to settle down. In the second half of the month, you are unnecessarily bothered about what people think of you! In the first half you are worried about expenditure and savings. Purchase of costly items will sure in the entire month. Loans are available as per your terms.

This is the time when you purchase costly items like flat, dwelling house or vehicles. Purchase of such things do not happen easily, guru is adverse in 5th but in own sign. In haste, you may spend more than required. There will be some misgivings with mother and close relatives. You are bent upon saving more and more and this will help you in a long run. Sudden anger with children. Be careful when you purchase electronic items. Consider purchase of shares in startups with ultra-modern ideas. You are sensing that success is just around the corner but out of sight, you can hear the sound.

The month of December tilts more towards challenges, friction and disappointments. Other than financial problems, you have other kinds of problems. The harvest is here for the first five days of the month. You have abundance, happiness and joy. Your true supportive relatives and own mother may find fault with you. Professional frustrations run constantly day in and out. First half of the month is better; at least you are busy in the office, expecting a rise or a good word of encouragement - which does not come now.

Relationship with children is strained. Better to talk less; the more you talk you attract predictive parrots like insurance agents. Only raw courage and measures carelessness will help you. This is the period of stability - God boils you on simmer to get a stable and thick liquid! While purchasing electronic gadgets, be careful as you may land up buying a defective one.

A very promising month of success, wealth and contentment. You are very happy and it would not register immediately but by the month end you realism, you are upbeat. The month is all about wealth, success in purchasing the things you need, meeting with friends that happens with short notice. However, immovable property transactions do not happen. There are rifts with mother and close relatives. Promotion and such professional leaps do not happen.

A bit of strain in economy, expected amounts do not come in time. Nevertheless you are able to sail through, thanks to benefic shukra. Relationship with elders in the family and higher officers do not go well. You are able to save few coins by the end of the month. You are more rude in imposing your views on others. Ensure you take advice from trust worthy persons and beware of being motivated solely by self-interest in disguise of a well-wisher. You may be shown a way to cheat a tax but this lands in guilt and penalty from government.

An illustrious month of professional success, recognition of your talents and importance in society. You may be selected as a chairperson of some elite club or an NGO. Well, you never knew you were so important! This honor does not come by accident. You were watched and gauged since many months. You will be heading to meet important persons, to meeting to receive an award or to deliver a speech in the second half of the month. Do not go around or be associated with persons of opposite gender or a richer class person. Be always with the people like you.

If you do not know with whom you are moving, just cancel the engagement! A good time to hitchhike around - preferably a day trip. This brings courage, good health and assures you that body is alright. There is great interest in occult sciences and also a fear of unknown spell. Wherever you go, you hear about voodooo; you are exasperated to bring commonsense to others! You are able to make long term investments and you are happy for the investments you have already made - they are going great. But suddenly the monthly income falls during this month, causing some botheration.