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During February 2022
During February 2022, ravi transits in makara till 12th and  moves into kumbha rasi on 13th. kuja in dhanur rasi at the start of the month and on 27th moves to exaltation sign makara. For the entire month budha transits in makara.  Budha is retrograde for first four days of the month. Shukra is in dhanur rasi till 27th and moves to makara on 28th.  Guru, rahu and ketu continue their transits in kumbha, vrishabha and vrischika respectively. Guru is combust from 20th of the month. Shani transits in his own sign makara and is combust till 21st. .
February 2022 is very disheartening to the ruling party. The heat is on and the BJP will try hard to keep this things going. It will experience the disappointment of masses.  Though there is no opposition unity, the ruling party also does not have any credentials to show.  But it will make a show off and it turns out to be damp squib. If the trend continues the same way, BJP has to search for exit doors in parliament house. In all the five states BJP will make unimpressive performance. And the same with rahul and his parivar. Rahul can not quit parivar, it is his and parivar can not bear his weight and the story goes on.  Nobody knows who is who in congress. But the BJP depends nowadays not on RSS, not on individual supporters but on big names who have lost their names!  TMC and AAP turn out to be just bye-standers. SP in Uttar pradesh makes ripples but  falls short to form the government. That is the direct fight between SP and BJP. Independents and small factions call the shots.

Goa has the same story of uncertainty.  Still there is time, people may start thinking. All energy, money (personal, public and governmental) will go towards polls. In the mean time, the epidemic will make a grand show in the first half of the month. Governments have to strive hard to control till 26th of the month. Sudden loss of life also concerns, thanks to guru in the 8th, the death rate is under control. However, guru in 8th indicates failures of the government on all fronts.  people start to any attempts towards confinement and lock down. People take pride on their culture, achievements and possessions; In that, they consider no more of their duties and responsibilities. There is an under current of mistrust among each other. People are fond of making quick money through racing gambling.  Well, this month is far more better than March in all matters of governance.
Rasi wise forecast for February, 2022
Mesha: This month turns out to be good compared to previous two months. You have good influence in the office and your charisma increases. The problems related to profession and properties may see some hope. A clear success is still far away, as guru and shukra though in benefic positions are under check. You are at the best in your diplomatic skills, thanks to budha.

This is the time you should negotiate for your benefits. Strained relationship with your father, teacher and higher authority will continue. In fact at times, they will reach boiling point as kuja is exalted in adverse 9th. There are concerns about finances and also fear of loss of face and properties due to adverse position of nodes. Though there is no bad luck, luck seems to evaporate into think air.
Vrishabha: Except for financial prosperity, the other areas of life are not promising. Professional life goes on well in the second half while in the first half has problems. The boss is more demanding. In the entire month, the boss will send you on wild goose chase and you are not good in communication skills. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to exalted kuja in adverse 8th. Professional frustration run high and you have not figured a way out.

For the sake of good name, knowledge transfer and high ideals, you have volunteered to put extra efforts for no financial gain. You will purchase properties, vehicles, gold and enjoy pleasure trips. At times there are some discordance in marital life due to adverse ketu. But, it would not turn into a major fight. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day during February to limit the possibility and intensity of cuts and wounds.
Mithuna:  An unpleasant month. You may have to face insults, humiliations and adverse comments particularly during the first half of the month, due to adverse ravi and shani. Marital life sways a lot and you start feeling resentment towards your spouse. You need to control your temper so as to protect your marital life. There is excellent inflow of wealth and you will enjoy life very much. This has the protective nature for marital life, thanks to shukra.

Whenever you are in problem, there is always helping hand when you feel too much load due to guru in 9th. Many people have long distance transfers and delays as well as uncertainty. Loans are available as and when you need. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day during February to limit the possibility and intensity of cuts and wounds.
Kataka: Other than professional growth a sudden favorable developments in property matters. the remaining concepts of life are big zeros during January. There is marital discord int he entire month, particularly in the fist half. Sports persons have excellent time. Loans are available as per your needs whenever you want. Sudden developments in property matters. Though marital life is bad, it is not going to end. You should avoid talking more with anybody.

Do not go for consumer loans or abuse your cards. You are pone to cuts and wounds in the second half. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day during February to limit the possibility and intensity of cuts and wounds. 
Simha: A good month ahead. There will be minor clashes with your spouse in the second half. However, thanks to guru in 7th, by and large it does not affect the relationship. Loans are available as per your requirements. There will be promotions, important meetings and favorable postings in the entire month, particularly in first half. Some sudden developments about children and investments may upset your plans.

A good time for investments and relationship with children is excellent. Just you need to control your impulsive behavior with them. There will be problems related to properties and concerns about mother's health. Students need lot of efforts to stay focused on studies. Sudden professional frustrations run in the background. 
Kanya :  The days are not as good as they used to be in previous months. This is a mixed month of good and bad. The main feature of the month is purchase of vehicles, gold and dwelling house/flat. Students have outstanding success. Many people will land up in good jobs and build houses.

Loans are available to meet your expenditure in the second half. You should not get entangled with investments though there is lot of temptation. Anti religious feeling goes up. Students have to put extra efforts. Relationship with your children is not up to the mark.
Tula: This month is not bad, but all the good things get postponed for new few months. Stay away from purchase of properties, vehicles or gold. The time is not mature yet. There may be some riders in policy matters of government. Students have horrible time. Sports personalities will excel in their fields. There is raw courage that gives gut feeling that you can do wonderful things, somehow! You will get more and more money and that is the source of courage as well as physical stamina.

You have been lazy, this is the time to kick start your racing. Property matters get postponed for reasons beyond your control. There is always one or the other kind of financial worries. You tend to worry, though there is no sufficient reasons. Rahu in 8th is likely to cause cuts and wounds. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day during February to limit the possibility and intensity of cuts and wounds.
Vrischika:   Not a good month by any standards. Rifts with spouse and partners. Worries written on your face - wrinkles, black spots and unshaven. Financial strains, lot of friends trying to guide you but finally contributing to confusion. Financial position is not up to the mark, expected amounts do not come in time. Students have problems in studies. Raw courage and curiosity will keep you ticking!
Dhanus: Hyper activities like shifting of the office, sports and trekking. You will enjoy the importance given to you. Excellent health though there could e sudden brief problems like sore throat and catching pain in lower abdomen. Finance has frequent ups and downs. You do not have money when you want and have loads when the required thing is not available.

Friends come calling in the second half. Do not get entangled with so called holly word friendship. Mind your business and always think what you give and what you get! There is income from various sources in small dribbles. You should go to bed in time, otherwise, you will not be able to sleep.
Makara:  You are more bothered about your image in public, particularly in the first half. The more you talk, you will cut a sorry figure. There is always financial ebbs and tides but you are not going to sink. Expected money does not come in time. Nevertheless, thanks to shukra in 12th, you have lot of money, opportunities and inclination to enjoy life.

This will surely overshadow all the other problems. Physical strains are more and so is lethargy. Stay away from gambling, risky investments, quacks and cult gurus! Whenever you are in need or trouble there is sudden shower of help and blessings from the sky.
Kumbha: This month is all about financial affluence. You have great progress in wealth matters and this is the highlight of the month. Purchase of vehicles, gold, properties top the incidents of the month. Restlessness, heavy expenditure, confusion in your decisions top this month. It is better not to make any investments.

You should talk less and should not get involved in controversial topics. Good health but laziness and lack of sleep. Sudden problems related to properties and strained relationship with close relatives. Professional frustrations run in the background.
Meena: Stability in financial matters. You have good name and able to build a fortune in the first half. There is heavy work in the entire month. Purchase of properties, sale for good returns so as to acquire new ones.

You have a tendency to be liberal beyond your abilities. Long distance travel is possible. You are full of courage and this is the time to expand your business.
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