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During the month of February 2023, Ravi is in makara at the start of the month and moves to kumbha rasi on 14th.  Kuja continues his journey  in vrishabha in the entire month. Budha transits in dhanur rasi. From 8th and 27th of the month he transits in kumbha and on the last day of the month moves into meena rasi.  Guru transits in his own sign meena during the entire month of February 2023. Shukra is in kumbha at the start of the month;  From 16th February, he is exalted for the rest of the month. Shani transits in kumbha rasi, his own sign for the entire month and is combust. Rahu and ketu continues their transits in mesha and tula rasis respectively.
The government enters into a zone of conflicts in the month of February. The dissensions with partners, members and general public will make the government shiver with the possibility of gloomy perspective. This will make the ruling party to rethink the ideology, implementations and structural building. In due course, the party is able to breath fresh air. This month is the period of nation building with long term plans for the country despite stiff resistance. In the meantime, the ruling party is already enjoying rewards of the past and there is greater awareness of its efficacy.

In the second half of the month, there are insults hurled at the country from all the neighbors and even the India opposition parties in international levels. A policy matter causes aversion by other countries on the world scene. Considering the future expectations and estimations, not being able to work out a solution becomes advantageous. This is a calculated risk India takes.

There is good growth in agricultural sector, engineering and sports during the month. New industries will come up and people in armed forces, railways and sports are in high spirits. It is better for the government spokespersons to talk less as these will lead to bitter arguments. Nation building with great amount of resources - like increase in funding, new catalogue of objectives and goals are drawn up in financial matters and most of these are veiled from public domain.

There is some element of restlessness and minor domestic problems. Some oppositions parties try to encash the resentment in minorities to leverage their benefits. The government is piqued but clueless on how to tackle the issue.
Rasi wise forecast for February, 2023

A good month of great professional success and fulfillment of all desires.  You will purchase costly articles, vehicles and properties worth its name. In the first half of the month, you have lot of work related success and there are events that give due credence and importance to you. The entire month of February is favorable for property transactions of high value as well as investments.  Investments are more fetching from 16th of the month. Despite affluence for enjoyment, pleasure trips and celebrations, there is concern when it comes to monthly finances.

The month of February is all about profession, properties and success.  Some fruits are good while you will not be able to pluck some. There are mixed results.  This is a period of activities to achieve your targets. There are rifts with higher officers and your parents on one or the other concerns.  You are frustrated and loose temper quickly.  Such disposition will not resolve the disputes - as a matter of fact there are no such serious topics.  Just let it go and you feel better.

There will be sudden and unexpected gains in financial transactions. The gains were not unexpected but you anticipated much more delay in realizing such dues!  The arbitration awards, maturity of long awaited funds, arrears due to promotions of pay scale revisions make you immensely happy. You will immediately gallop full speed to a shopping centre - to pick up latest electronic gadgets.  Ultra modern electronic gadgets are important but not the usage to you!  You are prone to cuts and wounds in the first half of the month, particularly in the first week, due to adverse ravi in the 8th and budha in 7th. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra during first half of the month.  Windfall of gold coins are expected from 8th of February.

A month of excellent progress in the matters of wealth.  Surely you will purchase high value immovable properties like agricultural land.  Also, you are able to purchase properties like buildings, flats, vehicles and gold. Those who are waiting for visa, will be safely landing in the countries of their destination by 13th of February. You will be able to purchase all the things you want till the middle of the month. However, the whole month favors purchase of immovable properties. You are prone to cuts and wounds, a bit of caution is required. 

The more you fight for a cause, you feel happy.  You will enjoy such scuffles, particularly if you are in legal profession or inclined towards legal contemplation.  So, make up your mid and give a good fight and you are going to win.
Kanya :

There is nothing more to speak of, except a very happy marital life, a good professional go. Marital life is on a happy tune as never before.  If you are not yet made you nest, you will meet a person who you care much and who inspires you. In case of need loans and advances are available in the second half. For that also, there are some back and forth official process and you are not happy about that.  But finally you will get your advance!  Finance becomes a constant worry, if you do not manage properly. Even if you have a million dollars, you experience uncertainty in finances.

Though there are hindrance in education as well as acquisition of properties, you are going to be triumphant in the whole month, except first week. There are ebbs and tides in relationship with your children. It is excellent from 5th to 13th and worse in the remaining time. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse kuja and rahu.  It is also possible that an existing health issue - like soaring parameters for diabetes or some glandular malfunction - may result in hospitalization. You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra, minimum 21 times a day during this month.

A good month with small amount of discomforts.  Nevertheless, you will fully enjoy this month.  In the first half of February, friends come calling you and you have venturesome attitude.  You will make many lot of friends who will help you a lot (and it is not a help from rich to poor - it is the help from one king to another!) to establish yourself in elite society and in business. If you are in constant acquaintance with government persons, this is the time to seek help. Some close friends will depart from you from 8th of the month.  If you can handle them deftly, it is better.

Monthly finances are on rocks in the first half.  Some of your dues does not arrive in time, budha though benefic in 2nd is under chedk. You are forced to spend more and that causes fear and you will transfer such fears to your family members. Favorable shukra in 3rfd and 4th gives you lot of wealth to spend, to save and to enjoy!  Excellent relationship with friends; you will make friendship with influential people in the entire month particularly in the second half. Sports persons have excellent progress.  You are fond of sports and you will meet your targets easily. Loans are available for development purposes.  Many people in government job may expect promotions.

You feel discontent or uneasy and feel a need for a change in your life, a new direction, perhaps even an adventure. You might not know where you want to go, just that you don't want to stay where you are. It's a time for optimism and major decisions - unexpected influences could have a powerful effect on your decision-making. Ask yourself, 'is what I desire really the right thing for me'?

Do not try to help strangers in property matters nor stand surety.  Do not get entangled in domestic disputes, even if it is between your brothers/sisters and your mother. Nobody asks your frank opinion and so do not disclose your thoughts.  Mind you, "Well, everybody is right" and "have a right to their thoughts" but "there has been a minor misunderstanding" - are the key words that save you. Do not bank on anything, standing on quicksand. It is not the time to take further education now.  You better read any books of your choice to increase your knowledge, though. Expected good news from the children does not arrive. You are sure of good progress but the results are not on hand.

This is a period of total fulfillment, wholeness and satisfaction.  Yet you are aware of your future needs for the expansion of family.  A time of happy outcomes, material wealth and greater spiritual awareness.

The month is mainly on financial front. There is good amount of income as well as expenditure, particularly in the second half. Domestic harmony is nowhere to be seen. In the first half, there are high voltage activities in  the office and to keep your name in a high place, you will put extra efforts. Relationship with your children is not good. You are not focused and so all your energy and activities start misfiring. Particularly students should draw a plan of priorities. You will spend more time and money on friends just to get a good name. Instead of this take up some social service like caring for animals, you will gain some punya; do not go on trying to please others.

Financial position is excellent in the first half. Despite this, you are aware that you need to keep few coins aside for a rainy day or a sowing day like purchase of some immovable properties. This will force you to be economical and that is good. The weakness is that you are carried away by modern electronic gadgets. You choice are not good and you will settle for a costly useless deal! Mild amount of professional frustration transpires in the background.

Lot of activities indeed to keep you upbeat and happy. You are well established in a foreign land, away from your people. You will enjoy the credence built by yourself. A self made man but stop pondering what the people are thinking about you! Actually, you are not altered by public opinion but during February and March, you tend to bother a bit!

Domestic problems - never ending rifts with close relatives particularly mother. Students have horrible time ahead. Physical strains, tensions are more than mental agility. Financial position is so-so only but there are no dearth of funds for your little joyful purchases now and then, shukra is benefic over your rasi. Expected pay revision, arrears of some kind does not come now. You wish to be alone and you do not relish attending public functions. Yet, you wish to enjoy a lone picnic at a spectacular place. Good relationship with friends, they will come at your door with short notice. Fatalistic attitude - a sudden visit for spiritual and futuristic advice to a baba, you visited long ago is possible.  Happy, you are with this and you will purchase some Lina bazar pede for celebration!

A time for motherhood - you may already be pregnant or thinking about motherhood. For gentleman flock, this is a period of joy and abundance. You too are carrying great ideas for future development of all kinds. For artists, the time is excellent to embark a new project.

You have to equate your success, social importance and material gains you obtain in the first half with the opposites in the second half.
At times you may feel that everything is falling apart. The graph tends to me upwards. There is fear due to unexpected changes in life such as end of a career, and of a relationship or recovering from a bereavement. As the days go on, you will realize reassuring life begins.

Try not to worry too much: this time of absolute endings heralds a brand new beginning, a period of great transformation. You are more economical than needed and this causes some strains in relationship.  You are fond of sporting activities. There are some issues related to parents, particularly father in the first week. You should control your impulses to help others. You should use discretion to find the proper and deserving persons than advertising you a a fund to donate! Marital life is excellent though some minor worries with spouse is possible.  There are some concerns about dark patches and receding hairline.

You feel a need for advice but you are not able to put your thoughts across to your parents and well wishers. Someone will provide moral and practical guidance. If you are considering to change your job profile to that of a teacher, counselor or a guru, consider such a shift from the second week of the month.  However, watch out for shani in 10th - You should not put your papers in impulsive manner.

You desire the tried and tested traditional values, so when considering your options, this approach will prove wiser than adopting an unconventional novel approach. For example, marriage is more likely to be your desire than a living together situation.

Excellent professional growth in the second half.  In the first half there are some friction with you boss. If you hold a financial position, you should be extremely careful. There is lot of interest in physical activities, it is good but do not overdo - consider your strength and weaknesses. Due to hyperactivities in your mind, you will damage relationship with anybody close to you. Expected amounts due to your do not come in the first week of the month, you have to change your plans. Whole month is a good period for investments and purchases.  But read the small print and stay away from untrustworthy schemes. All that glitters more and more are not surely gold nuggets! It is easy to cheat you, watch out for strangers and quick friends. Whatever you expect to buy are not available on e-shops from 16th of February.  Due to adverse shani in 10th, there is a constant fear of loosing the job or unsuccessful attempts to change the job. You should not put your papers unless and until you have another clear job order on hand. Second half of February is the best time to change the job - if you are well guarded. Loans and advances are available as per your needs. Restlessness, fear and horrible dreams rob your sleep, particularly, if you are trying to go abroad.
You are feeling that the temptation of a certain relationship or a hobby is too hard to resist. Be strong and avoid such incitements. Some times you suffer low self-esteem that there's not much hope in future. At times you are totally blind folded optimist, missing a bit pothole. Think carefully, and change your direction, in time.

Avoid any strenuous exercises set a cap on your sit-ups! Persistency is important and you have it;  do not jump into fast track goals. You may be tempted to make investments in agricultural field but it is not the time.  Marital life is not good (and it is your own making due to your gossiping nature!) in the first week. In an attempt to become even more important in the society or office, you will venture to shoulder all the responsibilities to guide others. Mind your own business - other will throw their garbage of undone work on you. You have lot of concentration and dedication to your task.  You have unwavering faith in God and in yourself.  Be your guru than running after some dur-guru.  Even if you find another sad-guru, you will not see eye to eye with him! Don not yield to temptations of gullible fund raisers or 'send one rupee by Money Order and receive one lakh' methods. Mild amount of resentment with children continues in the entire month.
There are bitter fallout from your father or your boss. You make embark on great savings plan who you are not able to sustain, you are afraid. However, shani in the 8th in own sign will give you sufficient resoluteness and continue. There are various problems that you never thought.  The nature of such problems depend on the lordship and placement of shani in your chart.

During the entire month, there are severe strains in relationship with your spouse due to adverse ravi and budha. Relationship with your close family members, mother and intimate friends. Many articles in the house break down, one by one.  You feel restless in your house as well as office. You feel none of your co-workers are trustworthy. It is better to recite ravi and shani kavachas one time each during this month. Due to extremeness of events, you need to keep calm, careful control and patience with a sense of humor.
Relationship with your children is not good during the first half of the month. There are no financial strains but if you fall short, you have to move hell and earth for few coins!  Plan you expenditure in phased manner. You will get a windfall from 16th but all these are spent on exhaustive shopping list of costly items. This proposition was already decided and would not alter your financial position at all, go ahead full speed. There is some anti-religious and anti-social feelings and you tend to find fault with all the established values. It is not bad you are searching for true meanings within conventional ways of life. You feel a need for wise council but it is difficult to find one. And when you find, you will out rightly dismiss their suggestions! Relationship with your friends, neighbors and brothers/sisters is good except for the first week.
But you should not fight with your spouse as it becomes a never ending love (less) song! There is some cold war like situation in the relationship due to adverse shani.  This is more amplified in second half of the month due to adverse ravi. You should eliminate any friction between your father and wife. There is lot of official work - like official tours, shifting of the office, site inspections or brain storming workshop. You are very happy about your profession - how important you are in the organization and how the organization, during a World War.
Horrible dreams and fear that something is going to happen, any minute - haunts. However, there is firm belief in God and moral courage. You are very religious and inclined to take a pilgrimage with some difficulty. If you want to purchase anything - like a laptop, a costly course etc., first week is best suited.  You should not exceed your limit as shukra is bad in 67th and 7th - purchase the things you need most. Relationship with your children is not good.
You have a sense of purpose, willpower and patience to get things done. Something is boiling inside which compels you to think hard and choose your options carefully. But this month, you are deterred and unnerved and you are considering of retracing your steps. Time to believe in yourself and go for it!

You are likely to purchase properties like flat, vehicles or bonds and shares from 8th of the month. You can make good investments during this time.  You will surely purchase domestic articles and tools for your children till 15th of the month. However, a deep rooted resentment prevails in the background.  You do not approve the ways of your children. It should be noted that they are on right track though the selection of their course may not please you. The very sight of your spouse makes you angry!  You should control such outbursts. Even with strangers also, you are easily provoked. Sudden bouts of viral infection, fevers and forgetfulness are experienced in the entire month.
You may talk a wrong thing which may result in break of long standing friendship.  In the entire month, you are busy purchasing various things (any thing under the sun - you name them!) and the amount is not the criteria. Some may be as cheap as colorful wrapping gift paper or as costly as a house itself!  The color, texture, social status, comfort are the benchmarks for such purchases!  But pay your taxes or duties on such purchases promptly, do not make the government angry in the second half. There are some financial concerns in the first week of the month.

Expected good news from the children does not arrive. You are sure of good progress but the results are not on hand. There will also be some progress in purchase of old house, barren land and such high end immovable properties. But this purchase takes time and goes on very slowly. Those who are away from their people or abroad undergo longing to return home.
Second half is not bad but the trend noticed in the first half abruptly ends. Enjoy when it comes and do not flinch when it disappears. Expected visits to your friends is postponed. You are full of various activities during the first half. Expected dues are not realized. You are over cautious that your name should be held high by others but unfortunately it does not make rounds to the extent you wish. But it does! You will notice that your reputation is building slowly. You are experiencing a bit of good luck.

There is enough money to make fancy purchases, fruits, costly dry fruits and a dress or two. Not much money flows nor there is a need for more money. Whatever extra you get, you wish to keep aside for some future goals. There is a fear that your empire may collapse - a period of uncertainty which does not yield to logic. Do not think of future - as your perception is quite distorted. Watch out when you clean your garden or garage; there could be a millipede, a centipede or a horrid harmless spider!