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During the month of January 2022, ravi transits in dhanur rasi till 14th and moves into his enemy sign makara on 15th. Kuja transits in his own sign vrischika till 16th of the month and thereafter movies into dhanur rasi on 17th.  Budha is in makara rasi for the entire month and is retrograde from 15th.  Budha is also combust from 18th to 29th of the month. Shukra is in the sign dhanus for the entire month and is combust from 5th to 14th of January.  Shukra is retrograde in dhanur rasi till 29th. Guru, rahu and ketu continue their transits in kumbha, vrishabha and vrischika rasis respectively. Shani transit in his own sign makara and is combust from 20th of January.
Rasi wise forecast for January, 2022
Mesha: This month is not as bad as previous two months. There will be great achievements in professional area, thanks to ravi and budha.  But avoid any self centered arguments. Your concern for your children may  influence your profession, budha and shani are combust. You will meet the targets and get a very good name, though there are mild amount of frustrations due to shani in 10th. There is stability if job, you are not able to change your job, even if you want to. Misunderstandings and clashes with higher authorities, father and elders in the family in the entire month due to adverse ravi and kuja. Ensure that your misgivings do not take hold of your emotions.

Fear of losses, accidents and such unfortunate circumstances haunt you in the entire month. There are no such bad events actually, kuja is in own sign. These fears will lead to more knowledge and maturity. Financial position is very fluid. Frustrations, anger, horrible dreams and pessimistic nature are due to ketu in 8th. During this month, it is better to recite durga sukta or mahishasura mardhini stotra every day.
Vrishabha: A month of challenges on many fronts. Brace ahead to avoid the situations that results in insults and humiliations, most of the planets other than shukra are not on your side. Avoid any friction with higher authorities in the second half of the month, you may loose your fight and face as budha and shani are combust. There will be some element of resentment with wife but this does not affect the marital life largely, kuja is in his own sign. You are prone to cuts and accidents from 17th of the month a bit of caution is required. You should be extremely careful in financial matters, you are likely to be taken for a ride.

Do not talk much about your beliefs, religious and political views. You are easily misunderstood. There is good image in the office but lot of work in the name of your Samaritan attitude. Learn to say no before it becomes too late. There will be huge amount of inheritance, gains, arrears of your dues and you will enjoy the life of luxury. Purchase of costly things like ornaments, vehicles or all kinds of gadgets are on the card. 
Mithuna:  A mixed month of good luck and bad luck. There is huge influx of wealth, money and pleasures. You should be careful that people do not flock around you in the name fo friendship and take advantage of your wealth. You till take up pilgrimage as thanks giving. There are religious functions. Many people of this sign will settle in life with good job and marriage. You are able to make huge investments. Marital problems and short tempered behavior with your spouse during the first half. Though you can clear off all the loans, you will not because you are not sure.

There is some friction with close relatives but there is help from unexpected quarters. Some people will get long distance transfer and experience fear due to this. But this proves to be a good opportunity to branch out. You are not in the middle of a war zone. Do not unnecessarily think of your projections and fears towards night fall. Minor cuts, wounds, electric shocks due to ravi and shani in adverse positions. A bit of caution is all you required to avoid such events.
Kataka:  A month of discordance, discouragement and disappointments. It is difficult to hold your head and spirit high. First half of the month is great, you have good tiding in the office. The problems start in the second half. Finance is not the problems at all, fortunately. Your love for money will adversely impact your relationships, budha and shani are combust.  Plan slowly with a lot of patience, you can come out of problems, shani in 7th though bad is in his own sign.

Luck seems to have vanished. There is more confusion and perplexities in your mind than in real life. Be thick skinned and sleep well. You are not totally helpless. You can expect help and support from unexpected corner! You must recite any sloka or stotra for any family guru like sri raghavendra swamy, saibaba etc.,
Simha: For simha rasi persons, this is the a good month with minor problems. Second half of the month is even more gracious. There is lot of inflow of money, you will also get credits, discounts and subscriptions. Loans are easily available but you are in two minds as budha and shukra are retrograde. Excellent marital life, many people of this sign may get married. A good period for investments. Excellent relationship with children and good news from them but not in the first half.

There are lot of professional tensions. Relationship with close relatives, mother and people from your land is strained. You will not be successful in purchase of properties. But farm lands, plots, barren lands can be purchased with some difficulty, kuja is in adverse 4th but in own sign. Budha and shani are combust; Hence, there is a possibility that loans will not be put into proper use.
Kanya: A period of stress in all respects - nothing comes easily and nothing is done with ease. Government policies will cause setbacks in property transactions. Excellent relationship with friends, brothers and sisters though relationship with children is severely strained. There will be minor misgivings with these people as ketu yields to vedha. You may suffer some fear complex quite suddenly. Loans and advances are hard to come by.

You will be able purchase vehicles, gold and all domestic articles of high value, thanks to shukra. As budha and shani are combust, you should be very careful in financial matters. Children may loose valuables and money.
Tula: A time of complexities. You do not know whether you are going on well or going to let the shutters down. Finance is not the trouble; there are good friends around and you have lot of money to buy you out of situations. Monthly finance is strained, money is not at your disposal when you want. You are not happy due to adverse shani and budha under check.

You will enjoy the company of government officials, elite and all the enjoyment money can bring. You regard such associations and help as greatness of your life. Combustion of budha and shani prove to be good in some respects. There is always fear of some kind due to rahu in adverse 8th.
Vrischika:  A time of complexities. You do not know whether you are going on well or not. Finance is not the trouble, somehow you can make it, kuja is in 2nd till 16th of the month. ;there are good friends and bad ones around to keep you engaged. Monthly finance is strained, your dues are not paid in time. There is no success in property matters.

Students find it difficult to focus on academics. You are very courageous in the second half due to your social status. You may over do your generosity or advertisements to get a good name or keep your business steady. There is lot of running around, footfalls are more but most of these are nothing but noise.
Dhanus: There will be excellent professional growth but at times you face lot of hurdles and sudden turn of events for better. Finance is excellent in the first half and it is bad in the second half. You are able to make investments in land properties. Sports persons have good progress and most of this goes under wraps and not revealed. There are lot of enjoyments, pleasure trips, happy events due to shukra over your rasi.

Loans and advances are available in case you need. Lot of friends and events cause confusion. You are bothered about your image. It is possible that a guru, higher officer or political person will mesmerize you and make his errand boy. If you come across such person, ensure you are practical and properly grounded.
Makara: A month of various ordeals. However, you can expect help at the time of need from unexpected persons, ketu is benefic. Finance is not problem, you have enough to spend and also purchase costly things. Property transactions may not be fully successful.

You are full of ideas and you do not know how to prioritize them. Expected amounts do not come in time. Frictions with children are frequent. Not a good month for investments. Time to sit back and enjoy hot coffee, old movies and go round. In public functions do not speak much, you can not draw attention of others. 
Kumbha: You are upbeat as many of your desires and long term ambitions are realized regarding profession and wealth. Particularly in the first half of the month, you will achieve goals, promotions and get lot of accolades. Your desire for luxury and comforts are easy. Many people of this sign hit jackpots, thanks to ravi and shukra. Profession has some challenges but they work for your betterment, kuja is in adverse 10th but in own sign till 16th of the month.

There are problems related to mother, close relatives. Students do not fare well in their studies. Mild amount of professional frustrations run in the background due to ketu. You should have fondness for human relationship and should not be carried away by riches. 
Meena:  This month is all about popularity, professional success and wealth. There public events and you will meet old friends. There is also purchase of costly things, gold and vehicles. You are religious but not firm believer! Somehow you feel, you have been given a hard patch of land by God. Lot of work that cause physical strains.

Sense of disorientation prevails in the entire month. You feel that everybody and everything is against you; this world is not a place for you, as budha and shani are combust. Let such arguments go on in your solitude. Get engaged in religious work, sports, gardening or at least house cleaning, kuja is in 9th own sign till 16th of the month. In the second half of the month just relax.
In January 2022,  educational institutions, cinema halls and financial institutions are open; There will not be any drastic lockdown though restrictions in movements and working hours may prevail. It is true that they do not function efficiently due to restrictions, but the country does not crank, shukra is retrograde.  There will be great collective efforts, the experts are on the mark in the first half of the month, kuja transits in his own sign.  This is able to contain the new variant to a large extent. The death rate is under check as guru transits in 8th from rasi.

The opposition still moves on all fours; has not come out of its infancy. On the other hand, the  graph of ruling party also has a dip. They are no more favorite lead actors. There is good progress of governmental polices in the first half and it is more focused in beating the oppositions to the bush in the second half which casts apprehensions on its intensions. There are many enemies, challenges and setbacks to the government, budha transits in the 7th. The government will handle covid situation deftly and earns endorsements on the international stage but in the domestic front the popularity of the government is down.  As 7th lord shani is combust from middle of the month, opposition suffers burnt marks on its face.
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