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During the month of January 2023, ravi transits in dhanur rasi at the beginning of the month and enters makara rasi from 15th January. Kuja is in vrishabha rasi for the entire month and is retrograde till 13th.  Budha transits in dhanur rasi and is retrograde till 18th. Guru transits in his own sign meena.  Shani transits in makara till 17th and enters kumbha again his own sign from 18th. Rahu and ketu continue their transit in mesha and tula respectively. Shukra transits in makara till 22nd and enters kumbha on 23rd.
Rasi wise forecast for January, 2023

This do not go the way you wished. The only positive factor during the month of January, 2023 is that there is considerable progress in professional area in the second half. But the first half of the months is too bad for the profession, if you are in insurance or finance professions. You wish to change the job but it is not possible. At this juncture, it is not wise to change the job, hold on for some time, situation will ease out. Also, the wealth factor is very good in the second half. This is even more from 23rd of the month. You are able to make long term investments and also you are able to purchase immovable  properties like land and  buildings. Long term loans are easily granted to you without any hurdles. There is purchase of domestic articles, gold and vehicles thanks to shukra. Two of There are conflicts with someone which causes lot of anxiety, a fear that the days are not going to be alright.

There is some clashes with higher officers during in the entire month, particularly in the first half. There are concerns about the health of your parents, particularly father. There are always one or the other financial concerns. This damages relationship with your spouse and children. Despite this, you are inclined to donate liberally for religious causes. Just do not overdo, it hurts your economy. You are predisposed to eye related problems. Relationship with spouse is not up to the mark.

The planets in good positions - budha, guru and shukra are checked by vedha by other planets, while the remaining planets, except ketu are in adverse positions. The brighter side is you have excellent health; help arrives from unexpected corner, if and when you need; loans are granted with little effort. You are in a hurry and will not care about small print. Nevertheless, you will not encounter any complications due to this.

You have to wear shield and be ready to flee the conflict. It is wise to courageously run away from a chasing leopard! You are prone to cuts and wounds in the first half. You should recite beeja mantra for ravi, minimum 21 times a day in the first half of the month. There is so much exertion that you are not able to carry on properly - you feel sudden weakness. You may suffer severe headaches too. You are required to conserve and focus your energy and plan your efforts. You are going through progression towards achievement of some goals or recovery from a devastating situation.

Expected profits and inflow are not seen. Bills get held and are not paid in time. Despite this, there are no serious financial constraints. Purchase of propertie and investments are postponed. Your dues are not paid in time. Religious trips are postponed. You are hard working and you will put lot of efforts to learn new mantras, astrology etc., Professional problems of minor kind are seen from 22nd. Under any circumstances, you should not change your job, unless and until you have a clear appointment order on hand. You suffer lack of sleep and always feel tensed for one or the other reason.

This month sees sudden ebbs and tides in finances. You will receive some old arrears but the same is spent on some other urgent needs like clearing old outstanding loans or investing the whole amount for future needs. You are afraid of future and are in mood to save and save more. Rest of the events of life are gong against you.

Marital discord is high in the entire month due to unnecessary arguments. Heated arguments are seen during the first half. You should be careful in sport arena or while driving. Restlessness and lack of sleep haunt you. You are in good books of your boss but such lavations do not enter into your bank pass book! You will enjoy being a man of knowledge but as the days go on, you feel frustrated to help all the brainless persons around you. You should teach them, it is alright but you should not take over their portion of work. There will be some problems related to your father. You have a propensity for cuts and wounds. Thanks to shani in 8th in own sign, no adverse things happen. You should recite ravi gayatri or beeja mantra, minimum 21 times a day.

By and large, the month of January, 2023 turns out good events for you. There are promotions, good postings and recognition for your work. This happens in the first half of the month. There is lot of talk of how the big boss has recognized your contribution. You believe you may get a rendezvous with him shortly but no such happens during this month. There is lot of time bound assignments that causes severe mental strains and headaches. One or the other close relative will wreak a havoc in your familial matters. You will get restless but drop any idea of confrontation as the irritant are small and infrequent.

A good month to start sports, fitness, gardening activities. You have high energy levels. The time is good to purchase immovable properties. Relationship with your parents is slightly strained. Planned religious trip or a foreign tour does not take off. Marital life has severe strains in the second half. Despite this, the relationship will stabilize - it is a give and take equation.

Most of the planets are in adverse positions. The two planets - shani and ketu in favorable positions are under check. January 2023 is going to be a challenging month for you. There is a silver line - ravi is favorable in 6th during the second half of the month.

You can look forward to promotions and good support from your higher authorities. All old diseases, lapses and setbacks will disappear. Despite any problems, you are upbeat, optimist and have great driving force. There is great demand for physical prowess and this causes professional displeasure. You are in the mood for saving and you are able to save more and more. Another reason is that you are more specific and you will not get the commodities you are looking for, despite having ready cash. This will increase your savings. Relationship with children is not gracious. If you have afflictions related to lifestyle, be on guard particularly in the first half. You have anti religious feelings to maximum extent. You are a nonconformist and find fault with all established values. You should avoid needless arguments, sermons and discussions with your children. Expected friends do not arrive causing some despondency.

The month of January revolves around education, happiness, pleasure trips, purchase of properties, ornaments and vehicles. Some times the tidings are good, in the second half. During the fist half, the tide on similar lines goes against you.

In the first half, you are very unhappy with your mother and close relatives. Property matters see a set back. There may be some problems due to government agencies and policies. You are very short tempered with your family members. In the entire month, you are busy purchasing one or the other thing. There are many tours, meeting people. Marital life is excellent. Many people of kanya rasi will get married during this month.

Relationship with your father and children is not good. You are not anti religious but you feel that you can please God by fasting and such physical restrictions and not merely reciting some mantras or doing pooja. You are prone to cuts, wounds and attacks by dogs or cats due to adverse rahu in 8th. It is better to recite mantras for rahu during this month.

The month of January revolves around education, happiness, pleasure trips, purchase of properties, ornaments and vehicles. Some times the tidings are good, in the first half. During the second half, the tide on similar lines goes against you. It is easy to purchase gold, vehicles and costly dress. But purchase of immovable assets like land and buildings is difficult and the process is slow.
Though there are no drastic implications on finances, expected amount at the time of need does not arrive, benefic budha in 2nd is under check. There is excellent progress of children till 16th. From 17th, it is held up like the results of certain examination becomes overdue. Friend and relatives join you in parties and public functions.

There are purchases of costly things from 22nd of the month. You will enjoy the company of such friends but dependable friends with whom you share your pleasures and pains are nowhere in sight. Loans are available with ease as per your requirements. You should consider availing long terms loans for purchase of land properties or old house. In the entire month, relationship with your spouse is not good.
Financially an excellent period. You are able to purchase anything you like easily. You will start new investments and there is purchase of vehicles etc., People of this sign get married and settle in life. During the second half, you have some element of financial strains due to government policies or penalties. If there are certain issues with government people, be humble (or at least pretend!) to them and do not brush on the wrong side of the Law. Loans and advances are easily available for purchase of land properties, sports tools and vehicles. It is better to talk less as you make quite unwarranted statements. Form 17th of the month, you will gather your courage to meet your friends and enhance your influence.

There are some misgivings with your children. You should be careful in financial matters as you are likely to be cheated. You will meet several persons of different mentality and culture who have great influence on your spiritual leanings.
Religious feelings, the voice for common civil code, citizenship act etc., will grow and grow. This time, there is no venomous teeth to the contention to thrash the people who oppose. The opposition slowly and steadily takes up logical steps and whenever it is not possible, seeks directions from the judiciary - directly or indirectly. Opposition parties, call in any name, are no match to ruling party.  The fortune of ruling party uninterruptedly goes up and up. Affluence and influence of opposition parties will subside. A new national party on the podium goes unnoticed by peasants, comrades and liberal thinkers. The ruling party falls back to its original moral, social and cultural obligations. Despite this, on the global scene, the country sees raise in tech field and overtakes many other countries in the region. New roads, rail routes and buildings and dams are constructed.  Agricultural section improves from 13th.
There are various problems to the government like scaling down value of currency, loans and strained relationship among states. Some more resources is piped into the market to stabilize the situations successfully. Further, the government spokespersons do overtime victoriously. Education  standards become questionable and similar is the building standards. Students are not happy and migrate overseas for greener pastures. Opposition parties have success in calling shots and this causes concerns for the ruling party.  It seems opposition may be able to boot out the ruling party in next ballots. This situation quickly disintegrates and the partners go their own way. Financial strains are seen from 23rd.
In the second half, you are very unhappy with your mother and close relatives. Property matters see a set back. There may be some problems due to government agencies and policies. You are very short tempered with your family members. In the entire month, you are busy purchasing one or the other thing, thanks to benefic shukra in 4th sign from your rasi. There are many tours, meeting people. Marital life witnesses sudden short tempered arguments.

Relationship with your children is not good. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse kuja in 8th and rahu in 7th. It is better to recite mantras for kuja and rahu during this month.

Compared to the persons born in kanya and tula rasis, persons born in vrischika have good time, indeed!

You are full of venturesome attitude and it is time to take up new ventures, tours and meeting VIPs in the second half. There are concerns about finances in the first half.

A mixed period of good and bad. There is lot of physical strains during th entire month. You should stay focused and should not indulge in the matters that are not much important. You should prioritize before you embark your plans. During the first half, you are exposed to not of pressure to keep your name and fame. You are afraid your popularity is at stake.
A good man never lets grief get the upper hand. The mountains are calm even in a tempest.

― Mahakavi Kaalidaasa
Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every New Year find you a better person.

―  Benjamin Franklin
Don't ever feel like your best days are behind you. Reinvention is the purest form of hope. Make today your best yet!

― Phil Wohl
Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start.

―  Nido Qubein

Financially an excellent month of happiness, parties, purchase of gold and vehicles and all the things you need. Many people of this sign get married and settle in their lives.

Expenditure is more than usual and you are not able to cap the leakage. Due to this, you are always angry with family members. Suddenly the trend of expenditure worries you and in a saving mode, you will attack rest of the people. In the second half, you do not approve of interior. Somehow, the whole setup appears to be out dated and shabby. Cleanliness, frankness, honesty and such lofty ideas come up and you do not tolerate any lapses from your family members.

Most of the time, you are angry with your family members, particularly with children. You show a tendency to be violent towards children, which should be avoided.

You have lot of moral courage; expected help and support from your friends does not come up. You are left alone to make decisions. At times, your own people, gurus and well wishes deliberately midsize you. This is the period of stability. You are unmoved to praises and curses. You like to save more and more. Students have to struggle to put their concentration. However, students in electronic courses and artificial languages do well.

Relationship with mother and close relatives is strained. Sudden developments property matters shock you. Mild amount of professional frustration runs in th background.

During the month of January 2023, some planets are against you while the remaining planets (except ravi, in the first half and rahu) yield to vedha This month as a result turns out to be an ordinary one - with a bit of disappointments.

Wealth and property matters are very bright in the first half. You are going to purchase gold and high end shares during this time. In the entire month, there will be expenditure on many areas and you do not know how the money was spent. There are rifts with close relatives regarding property matter. Students have several setbacks. Success in any venture evades for the time being. Expected amount do not arrive in time.

As you are in a saving mode, you refuse to spend forcing shortage of funds on you! There is no harm, you are not gong to starve anyway! This feeling is only till 16th. Thereafter laziness sets and you are not interested to purchase anything. Excellent relationship with friends. Be careful not to fall victim to untrustworthy gurus and friends.

A month of wellness, success and happiness. Yet there is some fear that you may be wiped out by vested interests.

During the entire month, you have great success in your business or profession. Popularity and recognition come searching for you in the first half. In the entire month, you will derive greatest professional satisfaction. You are able to do multi task adding many layers of creativity. Even yourself will not believe how you could do that! There is lot of wealth, ready to be spent. The resources are not wasted. You may also purchase costly yellow metal in good measure!

Friends come calling, you are busy consolidating your status, if you have just relocated. If you are in the same station, kuja in 3rd causes reinvesting in existing friendship. You are vey keen on sporting activities. Let you introduce new tools to your personal gymnasium.

From 17th of the month, you will shift to saving mode and you will not spend for anything but basic needs. If you have not purchased the gold bars by then, you will call off the shots.

In the entire month, some apprehensions that you may be wiped out by vested interests linger in the air. You will get angry with family members as a result.

There is also nervousness that you may be insulted in public gathering. You have a disposition towards allergic reactions, food poisoning as well as insect bites. A bit of caution is required and nothing more. 
Joy, gentle friends! Joy and fresh days of love accompany your hearts!
― William Shakspere