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By rasi (moon sign), I am not referring to your sun sign, i.e. sun's position in your natal chart.  Sun remains in the same sign for nearly 30 days. For example people born between 15.01.2014 to 12.02.2014 belong to the sun sign Capricorn. (makara rasi). This method is followed in Kerala, in some parts of Tamil Nadu and Malabar as well as in portions of  North East India. According to Western astrology which does not consider precession of equinox (ayanamsha) people born between 22.12.2013 to 20.01.2014 belong to sun sign Capricorn. In Hindu astrology the transit effects are considered from the sign occupied by moon (nirayana position) at the time of birth, called rasi.

On this page, the predictions are interpreted based on the cannons of Hindu astrology.  I would not say, Vedic astrology as in times of the vedas, ancient being Rigveda, astrology was used as calendar to perform specific religious duties and was not used for elections or predictive purposes.  However, we can find references to muhurta and predictive nature of astrology in grahya sutras and puranas.
During the month of July, ravi transits into on 17th from mithuna rasi. Kuja transits in his own sign, mesha in the entire month. Guru is in his own sign, meena and assumes retrograde motion from 30th July. Shani in his own sign kumbha and retraces to makara on 13th. Rahu and ketu travel in mesha and tula respectively. Shukra is in own sign vrishabha at the beginning of the month and moves into mithuna rasi on 14th of the month. Budha is in vrishabha for the first two days only. From 3rd to 16th July he is in his own sign mithuna. Budha travels in kataka rasi from 17th. Budha is combust from 5th to 30th of the month.
During the month of July 2022, we have conflicting results - during the first half of the month, the government policies and functions are rebuked and there will be wide spread resentment. There will be some volatile situations but the violence will not go out of hand. Hell will not break loose if some old crows caw! Interest of housing loans and consumer durables may raise and there is lot of discouragement. The education filed does not go well. Financial position is just ok but there will be lot of trading activities.  Covid pandemic does not threaten as the impact is mild. There are no dangers from neighboring countries. Foreigners and those influenced by western culture cause hurdles in functioning of the government.
Rasi wise forecast for July, 2022
During the second half of the month, the policies are clearly understood and all the opponents, opposition parties and distracters fall in line. For some daring policy changes, the government is lauded. There are sudden changes in the working of the government. Judiciary works quite independently and unhindered. There are no headaches from these quarters. Rahu in the 10th causes sudden unexpected actions by the government. There are some tricky situations with the opposing parties till 12th of the month but thereafter it is both win-win situation. People feel let down - they believe nobody is coming clean! This is the testing time for the opposition parties.
Mesha: Good tides till 12th of the month. Thereafter nothing important shapes up. Friends come calling in the first half, they will extent all the support, attend the function. This is good time to open up branches and take for public functions. You will make many new influential friends till 16th of the month. In the second half, these friends do not turn up, even if they are needed. Suppose they turn up, it does not make any difference. There are lot of physical strains in the entire month. This is neither good nor bad.

You look a drunken monkey due to these activities. You better slow down, take stock of the situation and decide how to act. Problems related to properties and concerns about mother's health predominate second half. You are in mood for social activities but this causes some element of expenditure. Financial position is so-so only. During the first half finance is good but expected transactions do not occur as per your plan. You are able to make investments and purchase properties till 12th of the month. There runs mild amount of professional frustrations from 13th of July. Marital life is not up to the mark during July.
Vrishabha: A month full of happy events. There are though some financial strains in the first half, you are guaranteed with funds just pouring down, thanks to budha, guru and shukra. You are looking forward to enjoy life and make investments. There may be some penalties and fines from the government in the fist half. You have excellent relationship with many people - some people join and some drop down, like in a railway journey! This is time to make ground work for your plans - agriculturists and sports persons should make investments of their energies in a planned way.

Students have great progress. You are able to purchase whatever you want. Many people of this sign get job and get married during July. There are some professional frustrations till 12th of July. And thereafter there will be minor issues with parents and elders. But these problems can be easily tackled, shani transits in own sign. You are not able to clear loans, you will simply put off. There will be severe muscular pains and dreadful dreams some times.
Mithuna: Except for days of the month, remaining days are quite troublesome in one or the other way. There is excellent financial condition for first three days and from 6th to 13th of the month. If you are in some financial dealings, these days turn out to be the best days. During the first half there is lot of physical strains, work at feverish pitch. You should control your tempter and impatience during first half. There will be sudden financial strains in the second half.

There will some progress in property matters but at the final stage, you will experience stagnation. The amount due to you are not realized in time. There is lot of work in the office but which you will get good accreditation. There are minor problems regarding parents and elders till 12th of the month. There is some fear of loosing something in life due to shani in the 8th. Constant worries regarding children prevail in the entire month.
Kataka: The month all about property matters, success, profits, happiness and enjoyment of life. There will be purchase of costly things, gold, vehicles etc., in the entire month. You tend to spend without any description during the first half. During the second half, you are subjected to peer pressure to keep your neck about water - there is neck to neck competition in professional area.

Also, you are oversensitive to others' opinions. You wish to take a religious trip but it is not possible due to ill health of your parents or uncertainty in travel plans. There is fear of loosing your position till 12th of July. Marital life has some setbacks nevertheless it is not bad. There are sudden tensions in professional area. You are not happy with domestic environment. Many people change the house or interiors. Students lack interest in studies.
Simha:  This month shows success, recognition and promotions. All these are concentrated in first half of the month. In the second half there are tensions, heat related problems that cause restlessness. There is great professional demand and anxiety due to this. Of course, you will come successful.

There is considerable income from various sources from 3rd to 16th of July. There is a sense of void in life and this is the time to rebuild the life. Marital life is not up to the mark till 12th. There are constant friction with elders, peers and influential persons. Your friends, relatives are on your side when you need them.
Kanya :  An excellent month of success, promotions, conjugal happiness ahead. In the entire month, you are on good beats. Lot of work but your talents and hard work are recognized. You can expect a promotion in the second half. It is not easy, the boss is more demanding! You are prone to cuts and wounds due to kuja and rahu in 8th. Caution is required while driving.

Fortunately, kuja transits in his own sign, the intensity and possibility can be considerably reduced with some caution. You should recite rahu gayatri mantra minimum 21 times and kuja kavacha once a day. Marital life is excellent. Many people of this sign get married. There are pleasures trips as well as religious trips is the first half of the month. There are certain concerns about children from 13th. Financial fears are experienced in the entire month. 
Tula: Professional success in the second half. Love and hate relationship with spouse. Realization of some written off amounts, realization of some deposits or inheritance. There are some setbacks in realization till 13th and thereafter it is easy. There are worries regarding children and investment till 12th and thereafter about property matters.

You are prone to infections, allergic reactions and insect bites during this month. You are able to clear outstanding loans instead you will make deposits regarding this. There is no harm in keeping the loan account floating!
Vrischika: This is the month when you are able to clear old loans and also take new ones for development. There will be insults and humiliations in the first half. It is better to avoid any stage activities and public presence. In the second half there will be friction with peers and influential persons.

You are able to settle your score with enemies and competitors. Favorable judgments are expected and such awards are realized from 3rd to 16th of the month. Expected good news regarding children are held up. You are focused about property matters but nothing moves fast. There is some restlessness and bad dreams due to ketu in 12th.
Dhanus: Except for realization of dues, some unexpected income from 17th of the month, the reaming things are below normal. You have good relationship with friends and relatives. A trekking expedition or venture some activity is expected before 9th of the month. You tend to loose temper with your children. Not a good time for investments.

Suddenly, you will become aware financial commitments in coming days and savings assumes great priority. You may be insulted and humiliated in the second half of the month. Avoid such situations and if they still happen do not react but bid for a good time to come - say after two or three months. There are some health problems due to excess eating and drinking.
Makara: A period to clear loans and take new ones for development purposes. You may change your job for better. There is birth of a child, adoption or expansion of family during the first half. Relationship with mother and relatives is not at all good. You are not happy to be inside the house. You tend to enjoy the life outside.

Mild amount of professional dissatisfaction extends throughout the month. There are minor financial constraints too. There are friends but you are not sure who is for you and who is not. Students are good in studies - they are able to put lot of efforts despite hurdles, thanks to kuja in 4th but in own sign.
Kumbha: A good month, you do not have any problems. You are likely to loose temper with your children during the first half. The relationship with them is not good till 16th of the month. You are able to take loans and also clear the old loans. The second half of the month is favorable for this.

Sports persons and agriculturists have good time particularly in the first half. You are full of courage and it is time to expand your business. Financial positions is excellent. You are sure to purchase gold, vehicles and dwelling house etc., during first half of the month. There are some worries regarding father's health.
Meena: There is happiness of all kinds, acquisition of properties from 14th of the month. There are some problems related to properties during the first half. Financial problems and concerns prevail in the entire month. Of course, they do not sink you, thanks to kuja in own sign. You are somehow afraid that your face value has come down during recent years.

Friends will disappoint you during first half. 13th to 16th of the month are favorable for property transactions. There is some kind of fear of loss of anything precious. But this is just a bad feeling and no events of that kind happen. There is some resigned attitude.
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