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The worst period for the government. Similar problems are expected before three months to general elections in 2024. The king is threatened with a severe blow. The very fabric of government will go fragile. The ruling party is not able to properly comprehend the damages done to it, leave alone coming out of the problem. BJP knows when to talk and when to fall silent! Unlike the opposition, it is not a paper tiger. But like a lion it is licking its septic wounds. Nevertheless, the opposition parties - be it BRS or VRS, the communists who are these days sympathetic towards democracy, didis or dadas - are not able to make any use of documentaries or stock market shocks.

Of course, it has an impact on the economy but is overcome. The dignity of the country is brought down, the ruling party is treated as fascist rabid dog  almost till the end of March. BJP will stage a come back to normalcy after 21st March. The country has all the respect and the people of the world (barring few in Thiruvananthapuram, Hyderabad, Delhi and Kolkata) approve the way the government has handled the foreign media and stock market.
This is one of the bad patches for the ruling party. The events make the ruling party solidify in its views and it gets prepared to face the foreign media, self-proclaimed guardians of democracy and billionaire brave boys with pocking noses. The stock market or the wealth of the nation is not affect largely. India still leads the nations, a prominent democratic power to reckon with. It also helps neighbors despite their bad precedents. From 29th of March, one will forget all about documentaries. As budha is debilitated in 9th from the rasi, some of the BJP people make bad notes against the pillars of the nations, father nation, father of constitution or any father of anything. The government is forced to distance itself from such punters. The election in three states in March 2023 yield favorable results for  BJP. BJP has taken the elections seriously and has executed the plans to near perfection. And is all set to enjoy the fruitful results. To summarize, this is the time when the government huddles in anguish to form long term foreign policies and wants to achieve more dependence on its strength. RSS says, "That is what I said since long and you did not listen to me!" The troublesome situations make the ruling party a wise, old solitary monk! 
During the month of March 2023,  Ravi is in kumbha at the start of the month and from 16th moves into meena rasi.  Kuja transits in vrishabha rasi till 13th of March and transits in mithuna thereafter. Budha is in kumbha rasi till 16th March and is debilitated in meena for the rest of the month.  For the whole month budha is combust. Guru transits in own sign meena rasi for the entire month of March.  Further, guru is combust from 29th of the month. Shukra is exalted in meena till 12th March and transits into mesha from 13th. Shani is in his own sign kumbha for the entire month and is combust till 5th. Rahu and ketu continue their transits in mesha and tula rasis during the entire month.
Rasi wise forecast for March 2023

A good month indeed. There are promotions, recognition for your work and favorable trends in the office.  You have excellent financial situations.  You are able to take loans and build fortune.  A good period for purchase of properties. Minor strains are seen in management of day to day financial circumstances till 13th of the month. In the entire month, there is restlessness and a feeling of insecurity. This is more so in second half.

You will purchase many costly articles for a happy life. There is great attraction towards electronic gadgets and western culture.  Marital life has some misgivings in the background. For the first half of the month, you are charged with lot of energy; you have to resist doing anything bad, though you get the opportunity. Your ideology rules your behavior and your life will take your to new horizons during this month.

This month goes on very well.  Entire month has professional success and wealthy status.  You are able to achieve your targets and draw all the accolades in second half. In the first half of the month, you can expect a promotion and in the second half you can expect a wind fall of gold coins! Not all is good in profession, some elements may force you for a long distance transfer. Situations may arise that you wish to quit the job. Impulsive decisions should be avoided. Students have great success particularly those in higher education.

Finance and health are little worrisome.  You excel others in the work place due to your skills.  If you are trying to start a new career in law or journalism, this is the time. Purchase of gold, vehicles etc., is seen. You have to take care of your health.  Minor friction with family members is seen from 14th of the month. The month beings with good note - beautiful dreams and plans. These are realized towards the end of the month that give raise to new ambitions.

Financial position is very good in the entire month and it is more exemplified in second half. Professional life is going good in the second half due to your leadership qualities and communication skills.  But you will experience certain setback in the first half for the same reason. There is a 'hard to please' person who drives you crazy. Yet, he is the one who recommends you to others. It is better to hide your talents and skills in the first half at the time has not come! Lot of activities in the hyper charged situation cause anxiety and lack of sleep. Do not take more work load than you can handled, in the name of knowledge transfer! 

Ensure, your helpful mentality is not misused. You will purchase costly items and gold from 13th of the month. Not a good time for investments.  There are some worries about children running behind the scene. The month begins with negative feelings and resentment for what all has happened. Suddenly, the scene changes and you are upbeat.  By the end of the month, you are well established in reality.

A month of mixed results.  Good amount of finances till 13th of the month and thereafter the expenditure goes up. You are prone to cuts and wounds during the first half.  However, with proper cautions these can be altogether avoided.  Along with ravi shani also transits in 8th in own sign. Relationship with higher authorities is bad during the second half.

You should avoid rubbing shoulders with them. Some considerable amount of arrears  is expected in the first half. A long distance transfer or passing away of a dear old person will throw you off gear. There are sudden tensions in job.  Misunderstandings with mother and close relatives hurts a lot but there is very little you can do about this. Thanks to shani in own sign but in 8th, there is strong willpower and animal instinct that drives you well to the future.

The month of extreme weather. You are sure to inherit or realize your old outstanding dues. Court judgments are delivered in your favour. There are large scale purchases of high value. Friends are very helpful in expanding your business interests. You will also purchase immovable properties in the second half of the month. You are prone to cuts and wounds in the entire month due to adverse shani, ravi and budha. However, these incidents can be avoided with timely caution, thanks to guru in his own sign in 8th.

Nothing to speak of marital life, it is unimaginably horrible in the entire month. Though there is cold war,  there is stability in marriage. There are professional tensions, time bound plans that preoccupy your mind. You are not particularly religious but as a thanks giving, you will secretly donate large sums to temples and needy. Avoid contentious issues with your boss. At the start of the month, you will feel very low, irritated and defensive. Then due to wind fall of gold nuggets, you are full of fertile ideas and nurture dreams. These are put to test run by the end of the month.
Kanya :

A month of happiness as your dreams regarding professional growth, marital happiness, securing long term loans will be realized.  There is also a remarkable gift from you parents towards your project with which you can kick off your plans. Marital life is excellent, many people of this sign get married. However, during the second half, due to your tensions regarding finances you will cause some holes in happiness. Avoid arguments with your spouse in second half. There are some misgivings with parents, elders and higher officers till 13th of the month.

Professional life has some challenges in the second half. Avoid arguments with your spouse in second half. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse rahu; this possibility is more till 11th of March. You should be extremely cautious in this regard.  You should recite rahu kavacha once a day during this month. Though you have lot of money, there is always some fear of financial strains in future, due to ketu in 2nd house. During the month you start with self pity and restlessness due to uncertainties. You need to be patience and sit back and plan. By the end of the month success awaits you.

A very unfortunate month.  Except ravi, all the other planets are not working for you. Budha though benefic in second half is under check while ravi is beneficial only in second half. Be resolute to face the world with plan and patience. Financial position is good, fortunately.  Loans and advances are available in the second half.  Profession goes on very well. In the entire month, there is friction with your children. You are more inclined to give sermons even for small lapses. Due to your own problems, you loose temper with your children; your expectations are not practical. Marital life is bad and there may be loss of considerable amount in financial transactions or you may loose your portion of share in partitions. If you have any chronic health issues like thyroid or blood sugar levels, you should be more cautious.

Due to guru in own sign  but adverse position, these will not go out of control. You should recite slokas related to Vishnu or Krishna for smooth sail during this month. You are aware how bad your life turned out to be, without your fault. There is lack of confidence and self pity. This month brings an end to the relationship with something or somebody. You have lot of painful thoughts hidden within you. But you have kindness to all persons, animals and birds that comes instantly and you will help others.

Education is good in the first half; relationship with children is excellent till 12th and thereafter it is so-so only. There is great progress of your children till 12th March. You are very short tempered with children during the second half. There are some issues related to government policies that has prevented you from acquiring properties. However, this will be resolved during the first half, thanks to benefic budha. Marital life is not good - your concerns for your wife, love and strains cause ebb and tide in relationship. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse kuja in 7th and 8th in the entire month.

You should recite maha mrutyunjaya mantra minimum 21 times a day during this month. Health is excellent. Time is good to make investments till 12th of March. Do not take loans after 13th, as they become a costly. There are struggles in relationship with your mother and close relatives. There is no winning or loosing but the story goes on. Uncertain fears of long distance transfer and relocation haunt you now and then. During this month, you are fully aware that you life hangs in balance. Yet, your inner voice proclaims, there is new life with many choices. You are not sure how  future unfolds and you get lost in fantasy. As the days go on, you are able to focus your energies and put your fight for success. This change of mood comes quite suddenly.

A good month but with small traces of misunderstandings with family members particularly mother.  There are obstacles during second half of the month - changed government policies and changed examination pattern.  There are unforeseen set backs in property matters, benefic budha in 4th is under check. You are unnerved for the time being and are able to plan for success. You are full of courage and friends come calling on you. You should be careful in your communication as some misgivings may creep into relationship with friends in the first half. In the entire month, guru transits in adverse 4th but in own sign. Education and property matters are good but the success does not come ready to eat.

There is acquisition of costly things like gold, vehicles particularly till  12th of March, thanks to shukra in 4th.  Progress of children is good.  From 13th of the month, it is good time for investments. However, you should be careful in financial matters as rahu transits in adverse 5th. Sudden gains are also seen but heap is not big. There are tours, celebration and meeting friends in the whole month. There is unbridled enjoyment of choosy things of life. While making investments you may forgo something to get some thing better. You should ensure, the plans are risk free.

You will experience varied results. This month can be called most happening month! There is lot of money flowing in and the river dries out during the second half. You should be wise in financial matters to sail trouble free. There are lot of events like tours and visits to and from friends.  You are full of strength and you are not deterred by any setbacks. There are furious scenes in the domestic front during this first half.  The cold war continues thereafter.

Education does not go smooth. There are problems to your mother and you are troubled by close relatives.  Professional frustrations continue in the background. There is good amount of savings, you are able to continue your saving schemes. You are not able to purchase the things you want during the second half as shukra is under check. You may go out of your way to help others -doing something unlawful- and may land in trouble.  Sports persons have good time during the second half. Relationship with children is strained in the first half.  The key to make this month successful is in balancing the odds with multitasking, keeping your options open till the last moment and enjoying every moment as it comes.

There is always  pressure to live a life as prescribed others and tensions to check whether you are doing so!  Certain anxiety that people around you may not like you.  You regard your respect, name and status in high infallible place!  You  think that your ideas are strange and are not acceptable to others.  There is a search inside for somebody who can guide you. Such consternations are seen in the second half. There are some misgivings with close relatives as well as your children. You will let out your frustrations in the first half and in the second half you are in a brooding mood. Too much social activities confuse you - you want to avoid them on some small pretexts. 

Financial position is more than excellent. Your mind is clear and you are able to wade through complexities on life. The upheaval you are experiencing are due to adverse ketu and ravi. You are able to purchase all the things you want particularly in the first half, thanks to benefic shukra. You should spend the month in pursuit of your hobbies particularly in fine arts. You will help others and you head encouraging words to keep your mood good. At the start of the month, there are no anticipated events and you will fall back to cautious mood, doubting all sensible things of life. There are certain things you want to forget, like insults you suffered. Due to affluence bestowed by shukra, you will start enjoying the life with lot money and pleasures. The gloomy disposition will give way to delightful life.

The element of pleasures is less than you expect. You are afraid of some demands you have to meet in future. Mounting expenditure in the first half cause lot of anxiety in you. In the second half, you are afraid that you may loose your position or status. Expected help and support from your friends and acquaintances is nowhere to be seen. There is cold war with your close relatives in the second half.  Planned long distance journeys are put off. You are putting lot of efforts to keep yourself fit but at times the tonics and exercises are in excess! Nothing wrong, in such events take some rest. Guru over your rasi, though in adverse position protects you. Attempts to settle down in a foreign country continues.

In the entire month, finances are substantial. In the second half, you are busy in market place or onboard Amazon to make various purchases to beat the boredom. There is possibility of minor wounds and insect bites due to adverse ketu in 8th.  There is boredom as things are not unfolding as you wanted. In the second half, there is speed manifesting in various events promising good days ahead. You will enjoy the importance given to you and you are more focused on the job at hand.