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Rasi wise forecast for May, 2022
In the first half of the month, natural calamities, traffic accidents, earth quakes are likely as kuja and shani transit in 8th from the rasi of foundation chart. However, the loss of life is limited or averted by timely action, shani is in own sign in 8th. There will be many issues that are centered on religious and cultural backdrop. The judiciary passes restrictions on the government after 18th May. This does not alter the situation. These expressions of concern are drowned in the religious vehemence of religious and cultural passion. The masses feel that the judiciary is regardless of concerns of majority. Financial position of the country is excellent, shukra is exalted in 9th. The stage artistes steal the limelight. Show business surpasses all the interests.

In the first half of the month, government displays great shrewdness in governance and management particularly regarding strictures of courts of Law. There is a sense of emptiness that comes up suddenly in the ruling party. Some indomitable persons feel the the government should project the progress and should not hinge on emotions only. Government is able to steer clear of any conflicts in the internal scene, as budha is benefic in the 11th. This makes the Indian stance well calibrated and balanced and brings laurels from adversaries like US, UK and Germany. Ketu in the 4th shows that common person is not happy and there are internal squabbles within the ruling party. As budha is both retrograde and combust but in the benefic 11th, inadvertent remarks by some quarters will lead to better discussions. But there is so much noise and frictions in the centers of learning.
During the month of May, Ravi  is exalted till 15th and thereafter enters into vrishabha on 16th May. Kuja transits in kumbha and enters meena rasi on18th.  Budha transits in vrishabha rasi in the whole month.  Budha is retrograde from 11th of May to 3rd of June and combust from 14th to 30th of May.  Shukra is exalted till 23rd of the month and enters mesha on 24th.  Rahu and ketu transit in mesha and tula respectively while guru and shani transit in their own signs meena and kumbha.

For mesha rasi persons a successful and profitable month. You are able to purchase high end properties, luxury things and makes good investments. You have inclination and resources to help others also. Farmers and sports persons have excellent progress till 17th of the month. There is income from various sources.

There may be some friction with family members particularly in the second half of the month.  Many people of this sign may get married. Marital life is excellent, despite heated arguments in the second half! Students have excellent progress. There is always some fear that you may be sidelined or insulted in the work place. Excessive physical stains from 18th of the month.

Vrishabha rasi persons have mixed results for the month. There is contentment, slowness and prudence to control the speed of the events. This works for your benefits. There are competitors and backbiters but these people will contribute to your growth in their own way.

There is stability in job. The assigned task is too much and you feel tense during the first half. You are likely to purchase lands and buildings after 18th of the month. Though the month is not a remarkable one, you do not have problems as God is on your side in his own house!

A bad month for mithuna rasi persons. Expect for material gains that that a rider also, the other things are against you. Only rahu is favorable while benefic ravi in 11th is under check. Towards the end of month shukra becomes good. You will purchase costly things like vehicles and gold from 25th of the month. This is not a good month for investments. You are deeply religious and you will take up recitation of mantras. However, you have strong dislike for rituals.

There is lot of work in the office for you while others can relax at your expense! Take care of this. You have a tendency to spend on tools, books and courses that do not bring in anything at all. Students are more worried about placements than studies. They should just concentrate on their students and leave the rest to parents. You may land in distress due to over dose of food and beverages that you believe brings good health!

For kataka rasi persons a good month but there are challenges and setbacks too, to some extent. There is greater pressure to do your best in the office during the first half. You think such work is literally does not take you anywhere. Take heart, in the second half of the month, you will see the results. There is income from multiple sources but there is inconsistent inflow, budha is retrograde and combust.

You are prone to cuts and wounds but this can be avoided completely with some caution, shani also transits in the 8th, own sign. There will be adverse comments in the work place. You wish to take a pilgrimage but it is not possible. You want to donate huge sums to temples but is not possible. There is deep rooted professional frustrations. Relationship with mother and close relatives is not good.

A good month with considerable shipment of fun and frolic though there are some issues related to family status. There will be some cold war in the family, particularly with your spouse and father. For students this is very rewarding period particularly in the second half. Many people of this sign will get promotions and rewards in the second half. The higher authorities are more demanding and this puts you in the tight spot during the first half of the month. The professional front is not even - there will be sudden challenges and changes in your program.

You will receive arrears of pay and such benefits due to you. You are either hitchhiking to market places, exhibitions or wherever the entry is free. You wish to just to look around even on the web but land up purchasing costly items till 23rd of the month. There is no wastage of money, these were the items you cherished for a long time. This is the happy time for those who were waiting to get married for a long time. You have fascination for many foreign languages and you will make friends with so many people.

Excellent marital life and there are considerable expenditure related to marriage or investments due to wife. You should be careful of government agencies during the first half. You are likely to be fined or punished. During the second half, the boss is more demanding. Of course, the work load is too heavy in the entire month. Sports persons and agriculturists are heavily preoccupied. Lawyers, journalists and teachers should do more home work before they enter the arena.

You are prone to cuts and wounds in the entire month particularly in the first half due to adverse ravi and rahu. You should recite mantras for ravi and rahu during this month. You desire to clear off all your outstanding commitments but it is not possible. There is always some worry regarding finances for tomorrow, next month, next year or next few years. The fear and insecurity predisposes you to worry about financial status. You are only afraid, concerned but not planning.

This is one of the bad patches of life. You are able to take new loans and also clear the old ones after 18th of the month. Those in service sector are likely to get promotion. It brings great joy as you are able to settle the score with many adversaries. Other than this, there is not much hue to this month. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse position of ravi and rahu. Marital discordance runs high during the first half. Most of the clashes are due to ego centric attitude. Just let it go, you will be alright.

You may suffer some humiliations in the second half as ravi is bad in the 8th. You should recite ravi and rahu kavacha s once a day during this month. You tend to abuse plastic cards to purchase the things you do not really need, to beat the boredom. There is good but slow progress of children. Students have good time and are assured of success. You should be outspoken and should shred the layer of shyness and hesitancy.

A good period fro investments till 23rd of the month. But you will not be able to purchase anything during this month. You are able to clear loans in the entire month. Long distance travels will prove to be unrewarding and strenuous. Expected dues are not realized.

There will be some element of marital problems due to adverse ravi and budha. This is more pronounced in the second half. Students have hard time due to sickness, physical strain but are more focused.

Not a good month for investments. You should not search for money spinning schemes, all in one cures and the god men to teach you breathing! It is good to purchase dwelling house, flat, vehicles and gold. It is a bit difficult to purchase dwelling house, guru is adverse in 4th but in own sign. There will be worries about your children. You may loose temper with them during the first half. Do not give in to emotions in your office as well as inside the house. In the spite of anger, you will say something but you may have to munch your words!

This is the time you purchase costly items. You are full of courage and sports persons set new records. The people in service sector particularly in railways, communication and sports are sure to get promotions. You will get ample funds from various sources to all the things you purchase. Students do well in financial subjects and fine arts. Law students have difficulty.


You have lot of courage and it is due to your pockets full of money and also money friends. This courage drives you through during this month. You like friends and adventure sports. Yes, you can take it up after 18th May. Domestic front is not good in the entire month and it is more so during the first half.

There are problems due to and from close relatives and your mother. Relationship with your children is bad. You should control your anger in the second half of the month.

There is lot of money flowing in your pocket. With this influx, you can spend unbridled and also save! Property matters do not take off as you intend. You have friends calling in, all the time. Relationship with close relatives is not at all good in the second half.

You are worried how your are treated by others. There is always a feeling that you are misfit. You need confidence boosting plans. For small setbacks you tend to sulk into your cocoon. Be confident, you are entitled to lead the life, the way you like.

For Meena rasi, this is truly a bad month. Well, you have great amount of courage, focus and determination in the second half, thanks to ravi. But hang on till 15th of the month. You have money to purchase the things you need but you have not decided what to buy. Too much talking to the extent you loose track of what you are talking!

You seem to think everybody is your enemy or every situation is against you. You have good health but you are over conscious of what others take you for. Expected amount do not come in time, though there is no shortage of funds. There is always some fear in the air. There is much interest in occult sciences.
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