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During the month of September, ravi is in simha, his own sign at the start of the month and on 17th of the month enters kanya. Kuja transits in simha till 5th September and from 6th he is in kanya rasi.  Kuja is combust in the entire month. Budha transits in his exaltation sign kanya and enters tula on 23rd. Budha is retrograde from 28th. Guru is retrograde in the whole month.  In retrogression he reenters makara, his debilitation sign on 15th September. Shukra is neecha in kanya rasi for the first six days and transits in his own sign tula from 7th. Retrograde shani transits in his own sign makara.  Rahu and ketu continue their transits in vrishabha and vrischika respectively.
The During September, we see good market trends in the first half.  There will be wealth building measures.  People will be happy to celebrate festivals and in purchase of gold. Central government will clamp strict rules in taxation and wealth building that have far reaching consequences. The country has very measured responses in foreign relationship and it does not anger anyone at all. In the first half of the month, the country is not able to make any decisions on its policies as there is fear of some terror attacks or being drawn into conflicts.  In the second half the cloud of confusion will go away.  The Indian perspective is unbiased -  it does not favor US, Russia or China. Well, we can not anger them - there will not be any statement that hurts these people. In the first week, intellectuals and some top officials are up in arms with the government.  But these arguments do not catch public attention thereafter. Many factories will start operating and towards the end of the month building activities will go up. Banks may announce various loans for house building and education. Financial position is excellent from 7th of the month. There is constant fear of 3rd (or nth) wave in the first fortnight of the month. In the second half, the will power and desire will take control.  Opposition is very happy in criticizing the government. Government is also in a fix - it does not know whether they have correctly handled the situation. 3rd wave is not expected till January, 2022. Opposition parties are not able to unite, they will go back and much their words - shani is retrograde.  Nevertheless, the seams are being straitened. It is still debated as to whether a certain vaccine is better against certain strand of virus or cocktail is better or cockhead! Some scam may come to light as rahu is in 11th.

Rasi wise forecast for September, 2021
Mesha: Misgiving of severe nature with your children in the first half of the month. Professional advancements - recognition for your service, promotions. And availability of loans as per your terms. You will be able to settle score with your competitors. This is the moment in the sun for you. However, there will be deep rooted feeling that you are under employed considering your capacities.

Substandard leadership causes frustrations. There will be minor misunderstandings with wife that lead to better understanding! Wealth matters are stuck up - you should not spend on impulses. Horrible dreams, unreasonable fears, insect bites and infections. You need to be careful in this regard.
Vrishabha: Everything goes against you. You do not have much fight but it is the period of stagnation and boredom. Expenditure as the close relatives support for purchase of gold and ornaments. For this, you will have to put up a fight with them. In the entire month, there are friction with your children, your are not happy with them. This is more so in the second half.

Professional disappointments till 14th. You will purchase many articles on credit cards, shukra in adverse but in own sign. Wrinkles around the eyes, worried broadly written on your face. Some worries and concerns about your spouse. The most advantageous concept is you will get good advice and support from 15th of the month.

You are upbeat with daring and spirited attitude. This is the time to expand your territory, particularly in the first half. It is not easy but you will surely be successful. There will be domestic problems, ill health to mother and setbacks in property matters. You are happy though, due to importance given to you in the office. There will be physical strains too from 6th of the month. You are not able to take up further studies due to pressure of work.

You will purchase costly things from 17th to 22nd September. There will be inspiration from peers in your field in the first half. Take advantage immediately, do not put it on hold. The same rapport will not be available from 15th of the month. There is fear that you may require lot of money or displacement to a distant land.
This will help you to save more. Professional life goes on well.

At times, it seems you have emptied the lost coin in your wallet. And suddenly there appears few more gold coins. In the first half you have reasonable fears that there is going to be a financial debacle but miraculously you are saved. Some change in policy or consideration as special case will help you out. Good tidings in the second half. There are many friends visiting you.

You are busy on trekking or toning your body and mind. Be careful when you talk to your friends, there may be some conflicts. In the second half, you expect that great things will happen but they do not. Many people of this rasi get married or build house. At least, you will be able to purchase costly things which drain out your pocket. Marriage expenditure is not a problem but paying the milk man is! Sudden gains and profits are expected. There is always some disappointment from children. This is not a good time to speculate. 
Simha: Financial boom beyond your expectation till 22nd of the month. You are able to clear out loans so as to take new ones. Consider taking loans only for investments or immovable properties. You are more conscious of how important you are and what is expected of you. This causes lot of strain on your body and mind. You should be calm and cool. You tend to loose your cool with your subordinates and family members.

If you are purchasing electronic gadgets, take care to check them, they may break down even before you start using them. You are likely to take a pleasure trip or purchase a costly vehicle. Professional frustrations run in the backyard. Do not bring office problems to your home.
Kanya: Heavy expenditure in the first half. It is possible that you will over invest in gold or bonds that leaves less for spending. You are needlessly bother about your social status and prestige in the second half. You tend to talk more and these orations are taken as self-centered and boasting, though you are good at presentation. Just make a humble Japanese bow at the end of the show. Good news from your children is expected from 17th.

You are more concerned about next course of action for them. This may involve considerable resources. Finance is not a problem at all. It rains cats and dogs made of gold and silver! Do not make your godfather, elders and peers your enemies. You should acknowledge they are right; do not pick up arguments, you do not know how and when to stop.
Tula: Excellent finance during the first half of September. Mounting expenditure in the second half. Restlessness, lack of sleep and muscular pains in the second half. Till 22nd of September, there is lot of expenditure on worthless projects. Some misunderstandings with close family members constantly bother you.

This is the time to purchase lands and make long period investments. You are prone to cuts and wounds. Be careful about domestic articles that look like animals and insects. It is better to recite rahu kavacha during this month.
Vrischika: Considerable upward trends in your profession in the entire month. First half will see your hard work and the second will immediately give results in the form of promotions and monetary gains. Success and success and success in whatever you do.

If you have to address a gathering do it after 6th. Deliberate on acquisition of dwelling house or flats. Sudden short tempered arguments with spouse.
Dhanus: During the month of September, you have most remarkable progress in professional area. The complete month is full of such successful professional activities that bring you great glory and financial gains. In the first half of the month, you are pressed hard to mould yourself to the demands of the job. You will very much cringe and cry. But this is how great progress is made! In the second half, the same boss likes you most!

The new job is more demanding and you will feel restlessness and lack of relaxation. Financial position is so-so only. You will get good income but you are not able to save or spend it properly. Commitments and unforeseen expenditure will rob away the fun. Never mind, you are very economical to tide over the situations. Do not expect any loans of financial help. Go to bed in time, cut down all the mental and physical activities towards nightfall.
Makara: Financial position is excellent in the entire month, particularly in the first half. You are likely to purchase some properties. Before any move, you should ensure clear title to avoid risks. In the first half, you will receive some arbitration awards and inheritance. But this is settled against your loans.

Friction with elders and authorities is seen in the entire month, due to adverse ravi and kuja. You should not indulged in unnecessary talks with these people. Profession has more challenges but you will enjoy the go. You do not like traveling. You wish to settle down in life. Some concerns about investments and children in the entire month.
Kumbha: Love and hate relationship with spouse. You will get good amount of wealth. You can expect royalties and good commissions. You are prone to cuts and wounds due to adverse ravi and kuja. Caution sis required. It is better to recite ravi and kuja kavachas during this month.

You will get severe pangs of anger and tend to be violent. You should control your anger. Stay away from risky sports. Written off amounts are realized. You will give secret donations to temples and charities. Mild amount of professional frustrations continue. Rifts with mother and close family members. Purchase of electronic gadgets.
Meena: You have sufficient funds to clear loans. Enemies continue to grow, you are not able to contain them. Yet, your skills and talents are able to out do them. Excellent financial gains from 6th. You can make good profits and investments, thanks to shukra and budha.

Consider purchase of immovable properties than spending on domestic articles. At times, suddenly you loose courage. Some fear haunts to always. You doubt whether God can help you.
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