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An astrologer is assumed to be a dreamy detached man, oblivious to science and technology. To hatch an everlasting impression on the minds of the client, astrologer has to show of  his knowledge about Shyaturn (etymology - Saturn in Kannada and Telugu) - his body weight, distance from earth, glow and surface temperature etc., Astrology is concerned about the position of he planet, the longitude.  You have come to this page to know astrological significations otherwise you would be on NASA site.  Rural astrologers use English words sprinkled here and there - Shyaturn and  Markury. The urban astrologers quote from classical texts (खारको भाव नाशाया) to announce their rural roots (to a remote village near Himalaya). One reputed astrologer had told her client, she had swallowed a small silver Ganesh in her teens (when she was in math) that made her an astrologer in later life! That was a prop but she was truly a great astrologer; her sophisticated reasoning and speed were remarkable. This will make any astrologer शानदार  (amazing). How to convince the client about the depths of astrological wisdom? Blame the problem on shani - he is looking at you cruelly and kicking on your behind when retrograde. ಅನಿಷ್ಠಕ್ಕೆಲ್ಲಾ ಶನಿಯೇ ಮೂಲ (Shani is root cause of all the problems). If you can do this, you have already learnt astrology. Shani Bhagwan God of Judgment.  He punishes those who commit bad deeds and blesses those who commit good deeds, however, his judgment is justified. The words Sade Sati, astama shani, ardastama shani and saptama shani cause shivers. He would humble you and when all your faults evaporate, you will realize your worth!
Transit of the planets in Western astrology is considered from the 'orb' and aspects caused to the cuspal mid points as well as to the planets' position in the birth chart. The Hindu method of finding the transit results is from the transit of the planets across moon-sign (rasi). Outer most planets i.e. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are not considered in Hindu astrology. Brihat Jataka declares, "मुख्य सप्तः" (important 7 planets). In this article the transit of rahu and ketu are not explored as the results are similar to the transit of Shani and Mars. Further, they being shadow planets, do not exactly give their 'own' results - but reflect the results of the planets aspecting /conjoining them. 

Shani also known as Manda means slow. It also means to be full of forgiveness, tolerance and peace as in “shankara”, “shanno danti prachodayat”. Shani indicates the solitaire life and  spirituality. He signifies cold diseases, hard work, public office, political success and protracted diseases. Shani is a karaka of anything slow  - be it a disease, a long stay in the office.  A well posited shani gives excellent longevity.  Similarly, Shani would cause delay in the aspects of life he is associated.  Shani indicated stability and if you want to change your job during shani bhukti or during adverse transit of shani, it is futile. May be the couple quarrels a lot but the marriage survives and peace returns due to shani bhukti - he is a cold planet and so takes the heat off the situation. Ravi is no longer king in present day world.  You will find kings in royal regalia in Melody Band Party! The majority, decided through democracy is the king.  If you have have great ravi, you may end up as the Chief Secretary of a minister but if you have a strong shani, you will become Chief Minister!  Shani is in-charge for bones and quality of blood.  Adverse shani would cause fractures, dental problems and anemia.
Shani transits in makara rasi, his own sign from January, 24th 2020 to 28th April 2022 and from 12th July 2022 to 16th January, 2023. One has to be careful while drawing separate and independent conclusions based on the status of a planet.  The effects can not be isolated, the results for the signs get altered due to transit of other planets.  However, results specific to transit of shani as per Hindu astrology is given here. Shani is benefic while he transits in only three houses - 3rd, 6th and 11th from rasi. Out of twelve, nine persons have one or the other problem. T.P. Kilasam, illustrious kannada dramatist [ಕನ್ನಡಕ್ಕೋಬನೇ ಕೈಲಾಸಂ] once said, "It is true all the world is a stage but (unlike a theatre) there are so side-wings to rest". With good Shani or a bad Shani, we have to surge forward - whether you take the bull by its horns or better still fondle the bull and sit on it effortlessly without wounds! Astrology is not ordained. If it is I who acquired a bad 'fate' due to previous karma, it should be I to correct them. My prarabda karma should never ever prevent me from taking good deeds to acquire a good 'fate'.

Shani is combust from 29.12.2019 to 31.01.2020, from 08.01.2021 to 10.02.2021 and from 20.1.2022 to 21.02.2022. Shani parades in retrogression from 12.05.2020 to 29.09.2020, from 24.05.2021 to 11.10.2021 and 06.06.2022 to 23.10.2022. The repercussions of combustion and retrogression will be dealt with discretely in monthly predictions. Retrogression starts when Shani is away by 251° from ravi and the direct motion is resumed when Shani comes close to  ravi, by 109°.  Retrogression is apparent phenomenon, no planets track backwards in its orbit. When your car accelerates, the car beside you seems to recede backwards, though both cars move in the same direction. In my humble experience, the planets in retrogression give 'stay' order! Nothing happens - neither good nor bad - but the issues are kept on low flame. They do not go away either. For those having benefic transit, the results will be withheld.
It would be heretical and inexcusable if I say shani was not a vedic God. Nowhere in all the four vedas we can come across shani.  The avahana mantras for shani are actually the hymns in praise of water seen in Rigveda, Yajurveda and Atherva vedas.  However, descriptions of Yama and Rudra are more identical to shani. Shani is associated with Yama as he is the significator of lifespan. Like Shiva he is slow, unconcerned and detached. Shani is the son of Ravi like yin and yang they support and oppose each other. Shani is cold, defensive and secretive planet; under the influence of shani a person shrinks to isolation, love and joy evaporates. When shani is ill disposed in transit (or that matter badly placed in natal chart)  misfortune, delays, chronic health problems and litigations strike. If shani is good, he will redeem you from such problems - he would give stability, realization of your capabilities and maturity. Under the influence of evil shani one is dirty, withered stupid, cruel and melancholic. Even when shani is benefic in transit/natal chart, there will be some minor problems. Shani said to Hanumanji that his seven-and-a-half-years of misery was about to start. Hanumanji told shani to sit on his head. Hanumanji gleefully started throwing big mountains up into air and slamming  on his head. Shani yelled out  "I'll leave you off" and mumbled "At least I made you hit your head!" If an egg is broken by an outside force, life ends. If it brakes from within life beings! And it depends on shani!
When adverse shani's transit goes on: "I always knew I was good for nothing". And when it ends: "I realize, zero is India's contribution to the world of mathematics."
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