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IIफलानि ग्रहचारेण सूचयन्ति मनीषिणः। को वक्ता तारतम्यस्य तमेकं वेधसं विना॥        - फलदीपिक        
"With the help of planetary movements, mortals can only give indications of what is to happen; who else other than BRAHMA can tell with certainty as to what will definitely happen" - Phladeepika.

Only God almighty knows for certain and astrological analysis is mere human effort to understand infinitesimally huge uncertainty. Remedial measures help us to improvise on the given birth but will not altogether change the life.
In the foundation chart, chandra dasha - ketu bhukti is going on from 10.12.2022 to 11.07.2023. Rahu and ketu give shudder to astrologers! As our Mysore maestro said regarding Dooms Day in 2000 "Any thing and very thing is possible"! They represent many planets and concepts, as they are shadow planets aka not real planets. One foremost concept is ketu causes confusion, uncertainty, fear and a fluid situation. That is why people experiencing ketu bhukti frequently say, "I do not know", "can not say" "may be" "not sure" and the like.

In the foundation chart ketu is in the 7th and this causes surely suspicion among partners in the government. There will be rifts within the government agencies. Relationship with neighbors is not good. Ketu surely indicate an ultimate success.  Ketu is in the star Anuradha. There will not be any instability in the government. Financial position is good, there will be creation of new job opportunities in large employers like railways, LIC, ONGC, post, engineering, metallurgy and mining. The process is slow and does not come to notice easily. The epidemic still lingers in the side wings till the end of ketu bhukti. Most advanced and effective vaccines and medicines will be established during ketu bhukti. This is the final battle against the spate. You can assuredly forget covid worm; an efficient medication for all n number of variants is round the corner in shukra bhukti.  There will be more more scams and money making frauds. But these are only hearsays - common man does not know what is truth, he an not make an iota of this. There will be domestic problems; education institutions do not function properly. There is wide spread unhappiness about ruling government as ketu aspects dasha lord chandra, the 4th lord. Ruling party will not fare well in any elections during ketu bhukti. It has to forego its position to opposition parties. Oppositions parties suffer skepticism and lack of trust among themselves.
Not literally; There are no ideal time & space in anybody's life. Annoyances keep going - shukra is placed in the star Aslesha and is combust. Intellectuals make confusing statements that are hurtful and make situations difficult to control. There will be increase in health problems like obesity, life style disorders, skin problems and mental problems. Press may create disorientation and unease. After I found Deccan Herald, I gave up Al Jazira. They are going a great job!
Not all the things are alright to BJP, many of the people will collapse due to heavy luggage. There will be loss of a prominent person in BJP, quite suddenly, that sends shock to all the rank and file. Their performance in any elections is considerably challenged. Such events are possible when kuja is neecha (10.05.2023 to 30.06.2023) identical with janma rasi transit on foundation chart. This transit of kuja in kataka may mark violent incidents like collapse of college building, hostages being taken from a college or government office or a place of entertainment. An educational institution may revolt again the republic. This period may also witness mass movements against the government regarding loans, inflation, sports, language barriers and agricultural needs. By and large the financial condition is good; Loan position and financial credibility increases unexpectedly. Government spends lot of money on education and will streamline syllabus. Many interested parties are consulted and there is clean take off. Religious and cultural conflicts do not continue for a long time, though they are violent. People get easily hurt but are not inclined to inflict damage on others.
The year 2023 hinges on new blueprints for next generation - like environmental issues, international conflicts, national building like common civil code, health schemes and welfare measures. The government will function in grand scale and meets success. It is always busy doing good things - religious, cultural and welfare that totally outwits all the opposition parties and persons. They appear - all of them Cong, King Kongs, CPI, CPM (communists can not unite themselves though with the same principles), BRYes BREx, JDYes, JDNo, Pappu, Appu, Lallu, Bhallu et al - work in microscopic levels.  Not to ignored they are gifted with efficiency to cause dysentery to ruling government. As budha is 8th lord in the 5th neecha (cancelled by guru) also in ugadi chart, there are some elements deliberately kindle problems aiming at some ulterior goals. It seems they have blessings and amnesty by the supreme authorities. There are always some people, good at heart who mean peace and happiness. They are on both sides of conflict. Guru in 5th will help in this regard.
Shani in 7th in own sign somehow kept the Cong -I floating but his transit in kumbha causes poor attendance in the office! There could be further cong variants like Con-J, Con-K. Shani transits in his own sign kumbha which is 8th from rasi. This is a challenging transit as the country has to reinvest and reinvent its goals. This is also a painful time as it has to deviate from its conventional thought process. This is not a bad transit; Shani has 4 bindus in his astakavarga in this sign. The country will invest in very long drawn projects - which seem to be mere waste of time and money but the plans are more fetching at a future point. It is like two people laying a railway line from Malad to Munich! When shani is retrograde from 18.06.2023 to 4.11.2023, such projects are halted and feasibility questioned by the opposition.

Transit of rahu and ketu in mesha- tula axis is a blow to ruling government. This is the time to replace putrid elements or else BJP will be replaced in next elections! Till 21.04.2023, it is testing time for BJP. Solar eclipse on 20.04.2023 and lunar eclipse 28/29.10.2023 will render leverage to such episodes. Lunar Eclipse on 5/6.05.2023 may result in an exodus of leaders from BJP, Swamis watch in the side wings. Educational institutions play spoil sport. The possibility of religious conflicts are more from 30th October when rahu and ketu transit into meena-kanya axis. Solar eclipse 14/15.10.2023 will result in friction with neighboring countries. There will be lot of hot bytes; media will go gong with warnings, fear and scarcity of cloth, paper and peas. Yet, no big harm will come, it is only fear. 
You should not to look at the eclipse directly with naked eyes, you are off guard when the bight light will flash into your retina, causing damage. Suppose you know the exact end time and you watch is not deceptive, you just can have a direct look.  Well, nothing happens - I have done that in my college days.  The eclipses are used to measure the bent of space (gravitational pull), density of constituent gasses on the planets, surface temperature, speed and vacillation. Infringement of light occurs when a light source is obstructed - the resulting light is broken into various light rays of different frequencies, that was the hot topic in 70s. Not much research is done in this field.

Food for thought - "Convulsive thresholds were measured in 26 psychiatric patients who were receiving electroconvulsive treatment and in 8 rats subjected to electroconvulsive shocks, during the recent total solar eclipse day (February 16th, 1980) and on control days. Our results showed that there was a significant reduction in the convulsive thresholds of both humans and rats at the time of solar eclipse, probably occurring due to the observed geomagnetic field variation of 19 Gammas". [M.S.Keshavan, B.N.Gangadhar, R.U.Gautam, V.B.Ajit &  R.L.Kapur;  Neuroscience Letters Volume 22, Issue 2, 10 March 1981]. "Both the quantitative and qualitative variations in the airspora were observed during different phases of the eclipse. The number of fungal colonies were higher during the pre- and post-eclipse phase. There was a decrease at contact phase, total/partial or diamond ring eclipse phase. Thus, very minor changes were observed during the eclipse period. Bacterial colonies were higher at the post-eclipse phase. Most of the fungal species are organic matter decomposers, while some of them are known to cause allergies in humans and also cause plant diseases. Aspergillus species were dominant. Both A. fumigatus (causing allergy and asthma) and A. flavus (producing aflatoxin) were the dominant species and they showed a definite trend in their occurrence". [Microorganisms collected during a solar eclipse in India - Jayashree Deshpande & Laxman V. Gangawane; Aerobiologia December 1997].
सूर्यशौर्यंथेंदुरिंद्रपदवीं सन्मंगळं मंगळः।  सद्बुद्धिं च बुधो गुरुश्च गुरुतां शुक्रः शुभं शं शनिः॥
राहुर्बाहुबलं करोतु विजयं केतुः कुलस्योन्नतिं।  नित्यं प्रीतिकरा भवंतु सततं सर्वेनुकूल ग्रहाः॥
Oxytocin (known as hug hormone) causes social bonding, empathy and joy in social behavior. Distancing, face masks, closure of cinema halls and tourist spots can not go on forever. It is against evolutionary principles. These are purely temporary necessities.  I am a die hard optimist - oxytocin can not be put down. Earlier influenza epidemic began in February 1918 but ended in April 1920.  We had forgotten of Spanish flu till his brother came up on the scene. Some of the lung material were extracted from the bodies of victims of Spanish flu - the virus was but dead wood!  Some experiments were done to bring them back to life for research purposes.  There is no life in them (if Wuhan has not made a copy of DNA!) Recovery of permanent kind without sanitizers and masks begins with the transit of guru into meena rasi (14-Apr-2022). Virus looses the venomous teeth and effective procedures are established during late July to early September, 2021. By the time guru comes into kataka rasi (19-Oct-2025), Mr.Carona will be totally dead - kick him, pour water on him, remove your mask and spit of his face; Do not be afraid, he will not come back to life!  (say, for next hundred years!).
Shukra bhukti from 11.07.2023 to 11.03.2025 is the best period for the country. There is lot of business activities and wealth will grow. The citizens enjoy good health, wealth and happiness. Monumental movies are released. Most of the people own houses, vehicles and gold easily. The country is not more a developing country but developed country! To cater the needs, BPO may be opened abroad! People do not relish foreign jobs when it is so peaceful and assuring in India. This period makes India a beacon for other countries. No body is bothered about religious supremacy and are busy making money. Religious feelings, patriotism, culture and such lofty notions do not go on.
There are fasting and rituals associated with eclipses, if the eclipses actually appear in the geographical area. Nevertheless, Brihat Parashara Hora does not distinguish between visible or invisible eclipses to draw astrological elucidation. It is advised to be on empty stomach, you will stop eating and drinking (the beverages and juices, water exempted) 3 hours before start of eclipse. Some people start  fasting for 9 hours or 12 hours before eclipse. Three hours is reasonable considering present day life style.  As the food prepared earlier to eclipse is discarded, you should ensure that your fridge is empty.  After eclipse you will have a full bath - head to toes and put light in pooja room.  When the eclipse is in progress water also is not taken.  Little children, patients and old persons are exempted due to inability. Liberated scientifically advanced souls claim immunity! After the eclipse the house and house hold articles as well as clothes that were on the body are washed.  If the eclipse has occurred in your rasi or in 6th, 8th or 12th from your rasi or in your star, then you should recite mantras (any simple mantra will do) for ravi or chandra, depending on whether it is Solar or Lunar eclipse. You may also recite mantra for your favorite God (Istadaiva), Ravi or Chandra as the case may be or use any mantra, instead. Eclipses have effect on your mind and moods than physical body - suppose you eat, drink and dance, you may not find any noticeable effect, immediately. The effects of eclipses are very short lived, that will not override the influences of your natal chart. We can also use this time for mantra siddhi (perfection), take a mantra and recite during eclipse.  If you want to test the effect of of eclipse of mind, just keep quite and observe your thoughts - you will have sound proof. In my younger days, I used to take advantage of eclipses to recite mantras.
Transit of guru in his own sign meena gives religious mentality, wisdom and patience to the masses and rulers. Transit into mesha from 22.04.2023 till the end of the year will resist the evil influence of rahu in mesha transit. This will help the ruling party to mend the mistakes and continue Delhi Darbar.

During the year, shani retrograde in kumbha 18.06.2023 to 04.11.2023; Guru is subjected to retrogression in mesha from 05.09.2023 till year end; Guru is combust from 01.04.2023 to 03.05.2023 while shukra is in same condition from 03.08.2023 to 19.08.2023.  Retrogression merely causes status quo  - it freezes the scenario while result of combustion varies, depending on the role of ravi in the chart.  Auspicious events are not conduced when guru and shukra suffer combustion. Budha suffers combustion more frequently. Combustion of chandra is nothing but Amavasya.  The results  transit, retrogression, combustion are  dealt with in monthly predictions.